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  • Column "Comment":
    • missing: Category is missing and will be created
    • ignore: Category is missing, will not be created and not used
    • main: Category is missing and will not be created, main category will be used instead
    • move to: Variety name will be changed to name in column "Move category to", and this category will be used for categorization
    • move category to: Variety name will not be changed, but category in column "Move category to" will be used for categorization
Main Category Comment Move category to Category Count Comment Move category to
Quartz Amethyst 784 move category to Amethysts
Beryl Aquamarine 714
Quartz Smoky Quartz 656 move to Smoky quartz
Albite Cleavelandite 170 missing
Beryl Emerald 167
Calcite Manganoan Calcite 141 move to Manganocalcite
Quartz Rose Quartz 133 move to Rose quartz
Beryl Morganite 129
Microcline Amazonite 126
Corundum Ruby 125
Spodumene Kunzite 121
Gypsum Selenite 116
Calcite Cobaltoan Calcite 111 move to Cobaltocalcite
Tourmaline Rubellite 103
Tourmaline Indicolite 101
Corundum Sapphire 89
Quartz Chalcedony 76
Smithsonite Cuprian Smithsonite 72 missing
Adamite Cuprian Adamite 70 missing
Franckeite Potosíite 68 missing
Andradite Demantoid 65
Beryl Goshenite 60
Smithsonite Cobaltoan Smithsonite 57 missing
Dolomite Cobaltoan Dolomite 56 missing
Zoisite Tanzanite 56
Beryl Heliodor 53 move to Golden beryl
Topaz Imperial Topaz 52 move to Topaz
Grossular Hessonite 48
Opal Opal-AN 47 move to Hyalite
Forsterite Peridot 40
Cuprite Chalcotrichite 40 missing
Aragonite Plumboan Aragonite 35 missing
Adamite Manganoan Adamite 34 missing
Quartz Herkimer Diamond 33 move to Herkimer diamond
Beryl Red Beryl 31 move to Red beryl
Quartz Citrine 26
Chlorargyrite Bromian Chlorargyrite 24 missing
Chalcedony Agate 19
Quartz Rutilated Quartz 18 move to Rutilated quartz
Clinochlore Chromian Clinochlore 16 missing
Mimetite Campylite 16
Grossular Tsavorite 16
Actinolite Byssolite 16
Smithsonite Cadmian Smithsonite 14 missing
Iron Kamacite 13
Vesuvianite Manganoan Vesuvianite 13 missing
Quartz Milky Quartz 13 move to Milk quartz
Sodalite Hackmanite 13 missing
Skutterudite Smaltite 12
Chrysoberyl Alexandrite 11
Spodumene Hiddenite 11
Opal Precious Opal 11 move to Opal
Vanadinite Endlichite 10 missing
Cerussite Chrome-Cerussite 10 missing
Chalcedony Petrified Wood 9
Andradite Melanite 9
Descloizite Cuprian Descloizite 9 missing
Quartz Ametrine 9
Adularia Valencianite 9 missing
Quartz Jasper 9
Vanadinite Arsenatian Vanadinite 9 move to Endlichite
Tremolite Hexagonite 7 missing
Austinite Cuprian Austinite 7 missing
Diopside Chromian Diopside 7 missing
Albite Pericline 6
Aragonite Zincian Aragonite 6 missing
Siliceous sinter missing Geyserite 6
Siderite Sphärosiderite 6 missing
Cassiterite Wood Tin 6 missing
Galena Plumbeine 6 missing
Variscite Ferrian Variscite 6 missing
Calcite Plumboan Calcite 6 missing
Dolomite Zincian Dolomite 5 missing
Amphibole Group missing Uralite 5 missing
Agate Fire Agate 5 move to Fire agate
Gold Electrum 5
Andradite Topazolite 4
Quartz Rock Crystal 4 move to Rock crystal
Quartz Gwindle Quartz 4 move to Gwindle quartz
Tetrahedrite Mercurian Tetrahedrite 4 missing
Chabazite Phacolite 4 missing
Nickelskutterudite missing Chloanthite 4
Quartz Prase 4
Muscovite Fuchsite 4
Tourmaline Verdelite 4
Aragonite Flos Ferri 4 missing
Grossular Rosolite 4 missing
Dolomite Teruelite 4 missing
Clinochlore Ripidolite 3 missing
Zoisite Thulite 3
Vesuvianite Chrome-Vesuvianite 3 missing
Tektite Moldavite 3
Calcite Glendonite 3 missing
Riebeckite Crocidolite 3
Roméite missing Atopite 3 missing
Andalusite Chiastolite 3
Precious Opal move to Opal Boulder Opal 3 missing
Diaspore Mangan-diaspore 3 missing
Albite Oligoclase 3
Augite Jeffersonite 3 missing
Rutile Sagenite (of Saussure) 2 move to Sagenite
Silver Kongsbergite 2
Rutile Strüverite 2 missing
Arfvedsonite missing Juddite 2 missing
Annabergite Magnesian Annabergite 2 missing
Gold Palladian Gold 2 missing
Baryte missing Hokutolite 2 missing
Sphalerite Marmatite 2 missing
Siderite Zincian Siderite 2 missing
Rutile Ilmenorutile 2 missing
Muscovite Lithian Muscovite 2 missing
Adamite Cobaltoan Adamite 2 missing
Elbaite Cuprian Elbaite 2 missing
Pyrite Arsenian Pyrite 2 missing
Hematite Martite 2 missing
Carbonate-rich Apatite-(CaF) missing Francolite 2
Tourmaline Achroite 2
Opal Fire Opal 2 move to Fire opal
Opal Wood Opal 2 missing
Chalcopyrite Blister Copper 2 missing
Andalusite Viridine 2 missing
Amalgam Arquerite 1 missing
Agate Youngite 1 missing
Agate Onyx 1
Anorthite Bytownite 1
Turquoise Rashleighite 1 missing
Uraninite Pitchblende 1
Zircon Cyrtolite 1 missing
Tourmaline Chrome-Tourmaline 1 move to Chromdravite
Copper Whitneyite 1
Grossular Chromian Grossular 1 missing
Fluorite Yttrocerite 1 missing
Fire Opal move to Fire opal Precious Fire Opal 1 move to Fire opal
Enstatite Bronzite 1
Elbaite Siberite 1 missing
Halite Huantajayite 1 missing
Dolomite Taraspite 1 missing
Hematite Iron Rose 1 missing
Boulangerite Falkmanite 1 missing
Lechatelierite Fulgurite 1
Apatite-(CaF) missing Carbonate-rich Apatite-(CaF) 1 missing
Clinochlore Pennine 1
Clinochlore Diabantite 1 missing
Pyrope Rhodolite 1
Quartz Chert 1
Quartz Star Quartz 1 move to Star quartz
Scapolite Wernerite 1 missing
Augite Fassaite 1
Apatite-(CaF) missing Mn-bearing Apatite-(CaF) 1 missing
Diopside Schefferite 1 missing