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Fazle Rezowan Karim
BornKushtia District
NationalityBangladesh Bangladesh
Years active10 October, 2009 - present
Home townNatore District

Hi, this is Fazle Rezowan Karim and my nickname is Rocky. Writing is my hobby & Photography my passion. I like to play Guitar


I was born in 28th November 1984 in the district Kushtia. I passed my Childhood at Natore. My first school was Green Academy(KG). Here I study from class 1 to class 3 in the year from 1990 to 1993 and then I admitted myself in Natore Government Boy's High School in 1994 from class 4 to 10 (2000). After passing Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) from Jinnah School with 1st division and one letter marks in chemistry, I admitted in to Nowbab siraj-Ud-Doula College Natore in 2001 & passed Higher Secondary (School) Certificate|HSC]] with 2nd division in 2003. In 2004 I admitted myself in Northern University, Bangladesh|Northern University for the purpose of getting graduate degree BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and passed in the year 2008 having CGPA 3.25 out of 4.00 then completed MBA from same University.

In March 1997 I started to learn how to sing a song Under Sadi Sir. First started to with Bilaval|Bilabol (বিলাবল) Rag simply Do-Re-Me-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do (সা রা গা মা পা ধা না সা) and first playing song was Dur Dipo Basini (দুর দ্বীপ বাসিনি চিনি তোমারে চিনি) a Nazrul Song (নজরুল গীতি). Sadi sir was my private teacher and music teacher. When I was in class 10 at that time Ayub Bachchu, James, Hasan, Prince Mahmud, Partha, Khalid and other bands' song attract my heart so much, as a result after passing SSC I stared to learn Guitar under Swopon Vai. His friendly mind help me to love Guitar and understand music & rhythms. After coming Dhaka I started to learn Guitar in BAFA (বুলবুল ললিতকলা একাডেমী)

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Natore-Monument.jpg Village of Bangladesh by Rezowan.jpg Evening Sky Rezowan.JPG Shahid Buddhijibi Koborsthan-Rezowan.JPG Red Sky Rezowan.JPG
Natore Monument Goalbaria of Sthapondeghi Thana Sky at Evening Shahid Buddhijibi Graveyard at Mirpur Evening at Mirpur 10

02.Cox's Bazar (19).JPG Flood Dhaka Rezowan.jpg Sthapandighi, Singra, Natore.jpg Sunset by Rezowan.JPG পূর্নিমা রাত by Rezowan.JPG
Cox's Bazaar Floods in Bangladesh Sthapandighi of Singra Upazila Sunset at Chalan Beel Sky with the Moon
A Village of Bangladesh by Rezowan.jpg Fakir Lalon Shah's Mazaar by Rezowan.JPG Rayer Bazar Boddho Bhumi by Rezowan.jpg Sadar-Ghat-Dhaka-Rezowan.jpg Jahaz Bari-Rezowan.jpg
Dhamrai Dhaka Mazar of Lalon Fakir Martyred Intellectuals Memorial Buriganga River at Sadarghat Jahaz Bari at Dhanmondi
Bangladeshi Dahlia.jpg Dahlia Sam Huston.jpg Dahlia by Rezowan.jpg Tagetes by Rezowan.jpg Tagetes erecta by Rezowan.JPG
Dahlia Flower Dahlia Flower Dahlia Flower Tagetes Flower Tagetes Flower
Tagetes by Rezowan Karim.JPG Macro Rose by Rezowan.JPG Rose by Rezowan.JPG Touch the Sky by Rezowan.jpg Supreme Court by Rezowan.JPG
Tagetes Flower Scarlate Rosa Red Rose Canvas Supreme Court of Bangladesh
Panam Nagar by Rezowan.JPG Sunārgāon by Rezowan.JPG Lalbagher Kella-Rezowan.jpg House Gecko by Rezowan.jpg সন্ধ্যার আকাশ-Rezowan.JPG
Panam Nagar Sonargaon Lalbag Kella Gecko সন্ধ্যার আকাশ
Taqiyah Rezowan.jpg Clay Modelling by Rezowan.jpg Clay Model by Rezowan.jpg Ilish portrait by Rezowan.jpg Ilish by Rezowan.jpg
Tupi Matir Murti Caruaru Ilish Hilsa
Goat portrait.jpg খড়ের গাদা.jpg Peacock by Rezowan.jpg Oryx by Rezowan.jpg কলস by Rezowan.jpg
Goat Portrait Haystacks in Bangladesh Peacock peach Oryx at Dhaka Zoo Pitchers
বেঁচে থাকার সংগ্রাম by Rezowan.jpg Flower with Sorrow by Rezowan.jpg Childhood by Rezowan.jpg A Lonely Child by Rezowan.jpg Tragedy of life Rezowan.JPG
বেঁচে থাকার সংগ্রাম বেঁচে থাকার সংগ্রাম Boyhood Lonely Life Tragedy of Life
Lalbagher Durgo-Rezowan.jpg Lalbagh Fort-Rezowan.jpg Ahsan-Monzil-Dhaka--Rezowan.jpg Ahsan-Monzil-Dhaka-Rezowan.jpg Lalbagh Fort by Rezowan.jpg
Lalbag Kella Lal Bagh Fort Ahsan Manjil Ahsan Manjil Lalbagh Fort
Mohona Television Rezowan.jpg Newsroom Mohona Television Rezowan.jpg Editing Panel PC Mohona TV Rezowan.jpg News Studio Mohona-TV-Rezowan.jpg News Studio Mohona TV-Rezowan.jpg
Mohona TV Newsroom of Mohona TV Editing Panel News Studio News Studio
News Studio camera Mohona TV-Rezowan.jpg MCR Mohona TV-Rezowan.jpg A producer working in Mohona TV-Rezowan.jpg Earth Station.jpg Mohona Television Newsroom-Rezowan.jpg
News Studio MCR MCR Earth Station Newsroom
Newsroom of Mohona Television-Rezowan.jpg Newsroom of-Mohona-Television-Rezowan.jpg Newsroom of Mohona-Television-Rezowan.jpg Newsroom-of-Mohona-Television-Rezowan.jpg Mohona-Television-Newsroom-Rezowan.jpg
Newsroom Newsroom Newsroom Newsroom Newsroom
MohonaTVNewsroom-Rezowan.jpg MohonaTV-Newsroom-Rezowan.jpg MohonaTVNewsroomRezowan.jpg National-Desk-MohonaTV-Rezowan.jpg Mohona-TV-Newsroom-Rezowan.jpg
MohonaTV Newsroom Newsroom Newsroom PCR Newsroom
MohonaTVNewsroomRezowan-1.jpg MohonaTVNewsroomRezowan-2.jpg National-Desk-Mohona-TV-Rezowan.jpg Reception of Mohona TV.jpg News Presenter of Mohona TV.jpg
News Room National Desk Desk of Rezowan Reception of Mohona TV News Presenter of Mohona TV
Program Presenter of Mohona TV.jpg Northern-University-2013-Falze-Rezowan-Karim.JPG Northern University-2013-Falze-Rezowan-Karim.JPG Lalbag Fort Museum Rezowan5.jpg Lalbagh Fort Rezowan2.jpg
Program Presenter of Mohona TV Northern University, Bangladesh Northern University, Bangladesh Lalbager Kella Lalbag Fort
Lalbagh Fort Rezowan1.jpg Lalbag Fort Museum Rezowan3.jpg Lalbag Fort Museum Rezowan6.jpg Lalbag Fort Museum Rezowan7.jpg Lalbag Fort Pari Bibi Rezowan4.jpg
Lalbag Fort Lalbag Museum Lalbag Museum Lalbag Museum Grave of Pori Bibi
Deer Rezowan.jpg Pond Heron Rezowan.jpg Rhinoceros by Rezowan.jpg Mustard plant Rezowan.jpg Grape Mango Rezowan.JPG
Deer Heron Rhinoceros Mustard plant Grape and Mango
An Old Man by Rezowan.jpg Sindur Mango-Rezowan.JPG Sidur Mango-Rezowan.JPG Ripe Mango Rezowan.JPG Ripe Mango Close Rezowan.JPG
Old Man Mango Mango Mango Mango
Green-Mango Rezowan.JPG Green Mango Rezowan.JPG Mango-Slice-Rezowan.JPG Mango Rezowan.jpg Lemon-Rezowan.JPG
Green Mango Green Mango Mango Slice A Busket of Mango Lemon
Grape Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Rezowan (2).JPG Kitchenware Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Rezowan (3).JPG Kitchenware Rezowan (4).JPG
Grape Kitchenware Kitchenware Kitchenware Kitchenware
Kitchenware China Mud Plate Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Glass Rezowan (1).JPG Kitchenware Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Glass Rezowan (2).JPG Kitchenware Kodi Plate Rezowan.JPG
Grape Kitchenware Kitchen utensils Kitchen utensils Kitchenware
Kitchenware Kori Plate Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Melamine Bati Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Melamine Plate Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Melamine Dish Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Dish Rezowan.JPG
Grape Kitchenware Kitchen utensils Kitchen utensils Kitchenware
Kitchenware Tea Plate Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Glass Dish Rezowan (1).JPG Kitchenware Tea Cup Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Tea Cup Rezowan (2).JPG Kitchenware Tea Cup Rezowan (3).JPG
Grape Kitchenware Kitchen utensils Kitchen utensils Kitchenware
Kitchenware Tea Cup Rezowan (1).JPG Kitchenware Steel-Spoon Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Steel Spoon Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Steel-Plate Rezowan.JPG Kitchen-ware Steel Plate Rezowan.JPG
Grape Kitchenware Kitchen utensils Kitchen utensils Kitchenware
Kitchenware Steel Plate Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Silver Plate Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Steel Mug Rezowan.JPG Kitchenware Melamine Spoon Rezowan.JPG Sonargaon by Rezowan.JPG
Grape Kitchenware Kitchen utensils Kitchen utensils Sonargaon