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My pictures[edit]


25 Pair Color Code Chart Pair 1 Wire 1
Pair 1 Wire 2
Pair 2 Wire 1
Pair 2 Wire 2
Pair 3 Wire 1
Pair 3 Wire 2
Pair 4 Wire 1
Pair 4 Wire 2
Pair 1 Wire 1 Old
Pair 1 Wire 2 Old
Pair 2 Wire 1 Old
Pair 2 Wire 2 Old
Four Twisted Pairs

Traffic lights[edit]

3-state traffic lights 4-state traffic lights


zn+1 = zn2 + c

Calm Mandelbrot Cool Mandelbrot Hot Mandelbrot Shot Mandelbrot


Flag of Poland with Coat of Arms Flag of Poland Flag of Warsaw Transparent flag with a question mark


Copyright symbol Red copyright symbol Copyleft symbol


ALU half adder ALU half adder 2 ALU full adder

Other pictures[edit]

[[:Image:]]===Coats of arms=== Coat of Arms of Poland


Debian Baby GNU Tux GNU Head

Creative Commons Attribution icon Creative Commons Noncommercial icon Creative Commons No Derivative Works icon Creative Commons Share Alike icon


GNUstep Mozilla GIMP GNUstep GNUstep

Picture of the day[edit]

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Template:Potd/Day 20

Miscellaneous pictures[edit]

Pavo cristatus by Monika Betley

Paw nietypowy aż do bólu

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