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Hello there!im Rhiannon.I dont have any photos on this page cause im not a special user.not even a aprentice uploader.uploaders upload pictures and photos online.or puting photos on your computer.

Please read this space


I live on planet Earth.a plantet where people called humans im a Human.Not an alien or a dog or a hippopotimas.Im a 7 years old.I live in surprise,AZ.and I do go to school.The reason why im telling you I go to school is beacause some kids dont go to school.


Well...I have no signs of death,illness,ingury,or disesess.I dont have any disiesess but I think I have a cold.I have a loose tooth but several day ago I got a fever beacause of my loose not jokeing.


Yes,yes,yes,I do go to school.if I did not,I would not be so smart afterc all.School can be an important place to me but to others there too smart to go to can learn so much from going to schools.theres five different kinds of can take lots of pressing the buttons on my keyboard to tell you right now.So not right now I can tell you.OK....Thank you for looking and viewing and reading my page.

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