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From flickr/Wikimedia projects, unless specified otherwise. If the links for individual musicians don't take you anywhere on the English Wikipedia please click the band name :) <gallery> Image:Minnie Driver.jpg|Minnie Driver Image:Xzibit Adelaide 2007.jpg|Xzibit (my brother's photography) Image:Savage Deceptikonz 2007.jpg|Savage (my brother's photography) Image:JessicaMauboy DamienLeith.jpg|Jessica Mauboy and Damien Leith Image:Dean Geyer.jpg|Dean Geyer Image:Idol 2006 finalists.jpg|2006 Australian Idol finalists - Bobby Flynn, Jessica Mauboy and Damien Leith Image:Guy Sebastian cropped.jpg|Guy Sebastian Image:IceCube Toronto2006.jpg|Ice Cube Image:MarthaWainwright Roskilde2006.jpg|Martha Wainwright Image:DashboardConfessional 2006 cropped.JPG|Dashboard Confessional Image:JohnLefler 2005.jpg|John Lefler (Dashboard Confessional) Image:ScottShoenbeck 2005.jpg|Scott Shoenbeck (Dashboard Confessional) Image:ChrisCarrabba 2005.jpg|Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) Image:BrittaPhillips 2007.jpg|Britta Phillips Image:DeanWareham 2007.jpg|Dean Wareham Image:ColdWarKids NY07.jpg|Cold War Kids Image:NathanWillett NY07.jpg|Nathan Willett (Cold War Kids) Image:MattMaust NY07.jpg|Matt Maust (Cold War Kids) Image:MattAveiro NY07.jpg|Matt Aveiro (Cold War Kids) Image:JonnieRussell NY07.jpg|Jonnie Russell (Cold War Kids) Image:NicCester Chicago04.jpg|Nic Cester (Jet) Image:ScottOwen Chicago04.jpg|Scott Owen (The Living End) Image:ChrisCheney Chicago04.jpg|Chris Cheney (The Living End) Image:CraigNicholls Chicago04.jpg|Craig Nicholls (The Vines) Image:JoeySantiago SanDiego.jpg|Joey Santiago (Pixies) Image:JoeEscalante Indianopolis04.jpg|Joe Escalante Image:Modest Mouse UPT.jpg|Modest Mouse Image:Isaac Brock Modest Mouse.jpg|Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) Image:Death Cab for Cutie Nokia.jpg|Death Cab for Cutie Image:Beverley Knight.jpg|Beverley Knight Image:John Butler Cambridge.jpg|John Butler Image:Michael Barker Cambridge.jpg|Michael Barker Image:Wolfmother closeup.JPG|Wolfmother Image:Mark Hoppus 1.jpg|Mark Hoppus (blink-182)