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Thank you Mr. ‘birdy’ for pointing me to the Commons rules, which I would like to quote here for everybody to see and hopefully adhere to (in particular you, Mr. ‘TwoWings’):

1_“Photographs taken in a private place” without consent of the models

2_”Legal issues”_ “use of pictures may be problematic if the depicted person does not agree”

3_”Acceptability”_ “an image is DEFINITELY UNACCEPTABLE to Commons if it is illegal, or arguably illegal, in any one or more of: (a) the country in which the photograph was taken (in KENYA it is!); (...); (c) the USA (where Commons images are stored)-(in the USA pictures of minors are illegal).

4_”Moral issues” The following types of image are normally considered by the community to be unacceptable: Those that unfairly demean or ridicule the subject (HOW ABOUT THE PICTURE OF THE AFRICAN LADY PEEING?); Those that are unfairly obtained (ALL OF THEM WERE TAKEN FROM POOR PROSTITUTES WHO WERE NOT IN A POSITION TO SAY NO!); Those that unreasonably intrude into the subject's private or family life (ALL OF THEM, SINCE THEY ARE BEING EXPOSED TO THE WORLD AS PROSTITUTES WHO HAVE TO SLEEP WITH THE LIKES OF PETER KLASHORST).

5_Moreover, the page gives an example of a photograph requiring consent: it shows a middle-aged, FULLY DRESSED white man. Should the same consent not be required of young, nude, black girls?

In view of the above, and according to Commons established rules, I must insist that Peter Klashorst’s photos be removed on the grounds that (1) some were taken in private places without consent; (2) they are illegal because depicted persons did not agree to their posting; (3) they are unacceptable because they are illegal in Kenya and (if there are minors) in the USA; (4) they raise moral issues in that they ridicule the subjects, were unfairly obtained, and intrude on the subject’s private life; and (5) they are much more intrusive than the picture used as an example of pictures requiring consent.

Fellow discussants (and in particular you Mr. ‘TwoWings’): PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING and support the removal of Peter Klashorst’s pics of powerless black and asian girls. signed RIBI