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In the (slow) process of gathering information and photos of Greek athletic statues (front, back, and from the sides- a rarity) for a page called... Greek Athletic Statues. This page will allow people to view several of the statues in close proximity; this will hopefully allow the commonalities and differences of the statues to be better observed, and the overall 'genre' to be better understood. It will be a 'genre' page, so to speak, and I think it will be appreciated by a lot of people who take an interest in archaeology, history and physical fitness. I will link to any main/individual pages for the statues as well, as they will likely go into more depth in their specific textual descriptions of them.

Candidates include: Doryphorus, Discobolus, Apoxyomenos, Diadoumenos, The Victorious Youth, Agias, The Oil Pourer, Charioteer of Delphi, The Motya Charioteer, Victress of the Heraean Games. Of these examples, only Apoxyomenos links succcessfully to a Wikimedia Commons gallery.

Plausibly a Greek Athletic Exercises page could also be made. There are a fair amount of textual references in academic literature to particular exercises: descriptions of jumping up powerfully and landing, running, and running and jumping, seem fairly common. There are also references to running carrying halteres, running in heavy sand, and performing 'drill' type exercises. In terms of images, there are quite a few vases and mosaics which show exercises being performed- these often seem interspersed with live contests or events. Something to consider for the future.