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Notice Favicon is an experimental tool. Use with caution, at your own risk.

This script is User:Ricordisamoa/Favicon.

Works on:

  • Wikipedia
  • Commons
  • Wikisource
  • Wikiquote


  • jQuery[[Category:Scripts that use jQuery]]

IMHO, the default broswser favicons in Wikipedia & Wikisource sucks: they are low-res, blurry, not-transparent.

Favicon.js replaces them with transparent, good-resolution ones. It also replaces the normal Commons icon with a thumbnail of the current image, allowing you to get a quick view directly from your browser, even with many open tabs.


Copy this in your common.js or vector.js:

importScript("User:Ricordisamoa/Favicon.js");//User:Ricordisamoa/FaviconCheck here who's using this script.


  • transparent icon in:
    • Wikipedia
    • Wikisource
    • Wikiquote
  • image as icon in Commons


  • transparent icon in