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Edit Client State OS/Subversion
Firefox 4-20 ✓OK Windows/Ubuntu
Firefox 3 ✓OK
Firefox 2 Symbol question.svg unknown
Internet Explorer 10 ✓OK Windows
Internet Explorer 8 ✓OK Windows
Internet Explorer 7 few rendering issues Windows
Internet Explorer 6 Symbol question.svg unknown
Konqueror Symbol question.svg unknown
Chrome ✓OK Ubuntu(Chromium)
Opera (new versions) ✓OK Windows
Safari 5/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 4/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 3/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 2/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 3/Win Symbol question.svg unknown
  • Q: I am using an old or non-standard, vulnerable Browser and I am unable to update and the gallery look really weird or does not work. What can I do?
    • A: I won't spend my spare-time to think about a solution for old browsers, sorry. This script should work for modern browsers. If you have a suggestion how to fix for your browser, you can report it as a code-improvement.
  • Q: The tool claims, that a file is deleted but it was just moved/renamed.
    • A: The tool traces one file movement. If there is more than one or a deletion in-between, I can't do anything, sorry.
  • Q: The tool claims, that a file is a deleted revision. What the hell is that?
    • A: This is due to the nature of the tool. It tries to find all your uploads consequently using the upload log. There are now three cases possible:
      • It is, indeed, a deleted file version. An administrator deleted this specific version. Click on the icon to see who and why. (Log)
      • The complete file was deleted and a user recreated it with totally different content. Click on the icon to see why it was deleted.
      • MediaWiki (the servers) were to slow and the log-timestamp differs too much from the file-version timestamp: Yes that is stupid but nothing I can change, sorry. Each file version should have a stable ID that is logged but MediaWiki did not implement that. You could also request a new API module there, that allows listing all user uploads directly at Bugzilla.
  • Q: Do you need help?
    • A: Yes. If you have ideas or just want to improve the tool, don't hesitate to ask me.
  • Q: Can I export a list of my files so I can download them with, for example wget?
    • A: Sure. Load click through your gallery to load as many files as you like to download later, then tap the Farm-Fresh table export.png export icon, select “custom” and insert %URL% in the first text box.


You can add these to your common.js to alter the default behavior.

Explanation Option Example
Add camera model to the thumb JSONListUploadsShowModel
window.JSONListUploadsShowModel = true;
Highlight a special category below thumbnail -
// Highlight a special category below thumbnail
// Reference path: [[User:Rillke/Gallery tool/FAQ]]
$(document).bind('scriptLoaded', function(e, name, obj) {
   if (name && 'JSONListUploads' === name && obj) {
         // Regular expression, letters to show below thumb,
         //  color (optional; RGB in HEX; 3 or 6 digits)
         [/Media with locations/, 'loc', 'e8b']