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Requested moves (all) 78 PD tag needs updating 29 Panoramio review needed 10
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  • Abuse filter rate limit for audio-visual-works

Why copyvios are a problem for Commons, but not only for Commons (including stats for one day):

Well-ordered and structured drafts that could be finished

  • Create templates for processfilemover and beautify layout
  • new DelReqHandler
  • modulizing CatALot
  • splitting AjaxQuickDelete, investigate errors on User:Sreejithk2000/JustReplace.js
  • AbuseLink
  • Improve bigChunkedUpload
  • Template LangLinks
  • Using SHA1, filetimestamp an JSONListUploads and VisualFileChange
  • Hauptseite, "Commons Abroad"
  • Main page layout
  • Bawolff's comment at Help talk:Purge
  • Investigation: How could an IP create a page despite AbuseFilter: [1] vs. Special:Contributions/
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  • User talk:AlgaeGraphix - RecentChanges seeking

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