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My real name is Stefan Krause.
I live in the state of Saarland in Germany.
Photography is my passion.
All started in 1981 with the purchase of a Canon AE1.
The fascination of photography has not left me to this day.

For work as a photographer, I use a Nikon D700 with
different lenses, with focal lengths of 12-500mm.
I always make my shots in Nikon RAW format (NEV).
for image management and RAW processing, I use the program "Adobe Lightroom"

Instructions for use:
My pictures here on Wikimedia-Commons are all published under a free license, but that does not mean that they can be used as Public Domain.
The free of charge usage of my picture, outside the Wikipedia projects, compellingly requires compliance with the license conditions.
The basic requirements for a free of charge usage of my pictures are:

  • The Attribution of the author (Photograph: Stefan Krause) and the license used, preferably in a prominent location near the image.
  • Linking my name to the following user page: or a hyperlink to the picture source website at Wikimedia Commons is sufficient for a usage in online media.
  • A violation of the license conditions is a clear offense of the copyright and could be prosecuted.
  • Other license agreements can be discussed upon request.

If you are in doubt whether you are using my picture correctly, please contact me by E-Mail.

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This user has uploaded 23 featured pictures to Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a selection of my favorite pictures
(All images available by me can be found here)

"Light" Tomatoes
Das Ende einer Glühlampe
Kontra Schwerkraft
Schwappender Wein
"Light" Erdbeere
Highspeed Photography

Audi TT VLN Serie 2012
SLS AMG Roadster
AMG Mercedes-Benz C204
Porsche 997 GT3

Festival "Rocco Del Schlacko" 2012
Greg Hetson von Bad Relgion
Mike Ness von Social Distortion
Thomas Blug
Alexander Dietz, Headbangen
Eric Bischoff, Heaven Shall Burn

Antonov AN-2, Sonntag Morgen beim Oldtimer-Fliegertreffen auf dem Flugfeld Hahnweide.

Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk und Mustang NA P-51 auf dem Taxiway zum Start.

Boeing PT 17 Stearman
North American P-51D Mustang
North America B25 Mitchell Bomber
Front view of a P-51 Mustang
Lockheed P-38 Lightning Sunset
Fokker DR.1

Eiffelturm bei Nacht
Schloss in Saarbrücken

Eilean Donan Castle, Schottland

Isle Of Skye A863

El Golfo Charco de los Clicos

Quiraing Isle of Skye Pano

Bealach na Ba, Scotland