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The best way to process dupes is use this tool:

  • CommonsDupes tool
  • This is the process:
    • 1. identify the duped (triple etc) images
    • 2. decide which image to delete
    • 3. tag the image to delete with {{duplicate|Image:NameToBeKept.png}}
    • 4. use commons dupes: CommonsDupes tool
    • 5. click universal replace to update with the desired image, but there are things to check...
    • 6. check if orphaned--click "check usage".
      • If it already has a "This image has been universally replaced by Image:name.jpg by CommonsDelinker." tag and clicking "checkusage" reveals no new usage, you can just click the delete button on the "universally replaced" tag.
    • 7. If no: manual replace
    • 8. if orphaned: delete using commons dupes
NOTE: 1-3, 4-5, 6-8 can be done as seperate processes, also--tagging 50, orphaning 50, deleting 50 is probably more efficient than going through 1-8 in order. It helps to use a browser with tabs for this.
    • 9. If in the third column, "Usage", all you see is "Usage on wikimedia projects: (details)", with no information thereunder, it is unused. Just click 'delete' in column 1, confirm deletion, close the tab that opened, and go to the next image.
    • 10. If an image has been universally replaced, you'll see "universally replaced|new_image=name.jpg|user=name|comment=Was in category "Duplicate ", exact duplicate|not_ok=" in column 2. But it may still have usage in column 3. CLICK or SHIFT+CLICK 'details' in column 3 to show details of usage.
    • 11. Click on '' (or whatever language) to go to its image page. Copy the name of the image to be kept, go to User:Dec... and replace the image with the new name. Close obsolete tabs, delete the image, go to next image.
    • 12. If an image shows 1 usage on Commons in namespace Image, it has been orphaned. Delete it, go to next image.
    • 13. If an image shows usage on a dupes page on another wiki, delete it.
    • 14. If it shows a dupe on, tag it {{subst:ncd|Image:name.jpg}}. On other wikis is it usually {{NowCommons|Image:name}} or {{NowCommons|name}}. Check the link in the template after editing the page.
    • 15. Clicking on 'details' leads to its usage page
  • If you forgot to replace an image with its kept copy, use this url (replacing the image name) to find where you goofed, but you can only fix it by manually fixing each one: [1]

General rules on which to keep[edit]

  • Diff fmts == keep both.
    • But sometimes common sense takes over, gif -> png converted==Delete the gif. Same often for when svg is available, except when you have png and svg, keep both. Can use {{SupersededSVG|svg}}
    • Use {{superseded|better}} when in doubt.
    • When to keep JPG and PNG
  • Same fmt but some non size differences (one is retouched or color/brightness adjusted etc) == keep both.
  • Same fmt and the ONLY difference is resolution, no other difference at all == keep larger.
  • Are the same but one has no license or source info, keep the one with the proper info

Same author rules of thumb[edit]

  • If one of the images is uploaded by the image's author, then keep that one (regardless of which was uploaded first). This helps validate the image licensing and maintains the image in the authors upload gallery.
  • If both are uploaded by the image's author, then keep the latest UNLESS it has been changed to a more restrictive license.
  • If neither are uploaded by the image's author then keep the one with the best trail to the original image.
  • If all others things are the same and one file has a higher resolution but smaller file size, keep that one--it means it has better compression. This is true for pngs, less likely to be so for jpgs.