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Greetings from Robert of Ramsor[edit]

When I tried making a Wikipedia account I found my first choice of User Name was unavailable. Having people from Ramsor in my ancestry, I decided to use this as being less likely to be in use by someone else.

My main interest (for Wiki) is Methodist History and I run a web site with some old (and out of copyright) books copied for wider use. My particular interest relates to North Staffordshire, where Rams(h)or(n) is to be found. I have created an article on Wikipedia on Ramsor, so take a look at where one branch of my ancestors lived.

Robert of Ramsor 15:43, 2 March 2008 (UTC)


The aquiliegia is one of my more recent flower photos. For those who may be interested, it was taken in evening sunlight, but adding flash to lighten the shadows, since the version without flash was both too dark and had shadows which make the detail of the flower more difficult to see.

This is not my best version of the bees on my hollyhocks. I have one which has been my computer wallpaper for years. It is just one example, though, of something which I think makes flower photography a bit more challenging and interesting. And the bee does give some idea of the size of the flower. This is the last of a sequence of three, just before the bee flew to the next flower.

The centre picture is similar, in another colour. Arguments against this for Featured Picture status are a) the distracting background, which I would have to blank out; b) the saturated white where it should be yellow in the centre of the flower behind the bee.

The picture on the right is a little better as portrayal of hollyhock flowers in general. But there are probably more than enough already on Wikimedia. Robert of Ramsor (talk) 19:30, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

More pics.