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Small Area UK Maps[edit]

Having been working on a number of wikipedia nature reserve articles etc, I am producing some maps to cover such features - generally no more than 4km across, to show the specific site details. I do not have the facility to use vector GIS mapping, so am trying to develop the use of Ordnance Survey OS OpenData raster files. My theory is that potentially there are thousands of villages, parks, nature reserves and other small area features that would benefit from a detailed map, so the ability to produce these needs to be in the hands of as wide a pool of editors as possible.

Until a better solution comes along, and to avoid the huge and clunky downloads and logins of the OS OpenData Download site, I have been using the OpenData viewer. Using IE8 (Firefox and Chrome don't seem to have a right-click copy on the site), it is possible to copy and paste a sequence of 1km squares generated by OS OpenData Viewer. (The VectorMap District version is shown with the magnification scale '4-from-top'). These can be rapidly clipped together in Inkscape and then copied and pasted to Gimp. After cropping back to the required size, the colours can be shifted to get close to Nilfanion's standard (eg Waltham_Forest). My Method: Gimp [Color] [Levels...] 'Input Levels' min=195, max=253. The resulting png imported/copied into Inkscape, where additional text, boundary lines, and other details can be added, and saved as an svg.

As I understand it, Nilfanion produces the superb range of county, district and other location maps using GIS vector data, so they link in with the red location buttons etc. He is clearly willing to produce maps on request, but there is only so much one person can do. This is an attempt to widen the pool of people who can create their own maps, now that the OS maps are available for such purposes. I would welcome contact on my talk page if you are working to similar aims, so a consistent style can be arrived at for maps of this sort.

Maps I have produced by this method include: