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Contributions to "Wiki loves monuments"[edit]

Göteborgs universitet, University of Göteborg, main administration building:

Ostindiska huset, building of the old Swedish East India Company in Göteborg:

Stadshuset, the city hall in Göteborg:

Rådhuset, a house of the district court in Göteborg:

Göteborg C, Göteborg central railway station, the old building:

Bergslagsbanans fd station, a former railway station building in Göteborg:

Televerket, the old telegraph house in Göteborg:

Stora saluhallen, the main market hall in Göteborg:

Domkyrkan, the Göteborg cathedral, and its well:

Tyska kyrkan, a church in Göteborg:

Kv Rydboholm, a block in Göteborg:

Avenyn 16-22, a building at the main Avenue in Göteborg:

Norra hamngatan 4, a building in Göteborg:

Tomtehuset, a house in Göteborg:

Wernerska villan, the Werner house in Göteborg:

Other monuments in Göteborg:

... and that was the last contribution to "Wiki loves monuments".

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