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{{Potd description|1=|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=01}}
| E20140101 = {{Potd description|1=Touratech BMW F800GS, BMW Welt, Munich, Germany.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=01}}
| E20140102 = {{Potd description|1=Wabash County Courthouse, Wabash, Indiana, USA|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=02}}
| E20140103 = {{Potd description|1=Market Hall, Gdansk, Poland|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=03}}
| E20140104 = {{Potd description|1=Bridge Gobernador Nobre de Carvalho, Macau.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=04}}
| E20140105 = {{Potd description|1=Chicago Skyline, Chicago, Illinois, USA.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=05}}
| E20140106 = {{Potd description|1=Ordination Hall with Yaksha guardians in the Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok, Thailand.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=06}}
| E20140107 = {{Potd description|1=Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral, Finland.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=07}}
| E20140108 = {{Potd description|1=Guan Yin Statue, Macau.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=08}}
| E20140109 = {{Potd description|1=BMW 4 Cylinders, Munich, Germany.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=09}}
| E20140110 = {{Potd description|[[w:Macau Science Center|Macau Science Center]] in [[w:Macau|Macau]], China at night.|en|2014|01|10}}
| E20140111 = {{Potd description|[[:en:Griffon vulture|Griffon vulture]] (''Gyps fulvus'')|en|2014|01|11}}
| E20140112 = {{Potd description|The lighthouse of the citadel of [[:en:Ajaccio|Ajaccio]], Southern Corsica, France. Its range is 16 nautical miles (30 km). At sea, in front of the citadel, stands a complementary light with a range of 7 miles (13 km).|en|2014|01|12}}
| E20140113 = {{Potd description|View on Panamint Butt / Panamint Valley from SR190 (at the end of Death Valley) with flash floods and reflections in the water.|en|2014|01|13}}
| E20140114 = {{Potd description|1=Tivoli Bridge (bascule bridge), in closed position, Sète, Hérault, France.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=14}}
| E20140115 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Forum Romanum|Forum Romanum]] in [[:en:Rome|Rome]], [[:en:Italy|Italy]]. HDR panoramic view out of 9 pictures (3 exposures at 3 different angles). Picture taken from the [[:en:Capitoline Museums|Capitoline Museums]].|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=15}}
| E20140116 = {{Potd description|1=Example of [[:en:Groin vault|groin vault]] in medieval architecture: the portico to the church of Santa Maria Maggiore at [[:en:Guardiagrele|Guardiagrele]] in the [[:en:Abruzzo|Abruzzo]], [[:en:Italy|Italy]].|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=16}}
| E20140117 = {{Potd description|High resolution panoramic overview over Yosemite Valley photographed from Glacier Point|en|2014|01|17}}
| E20140118 = {{Potd description|Joshua Tree National Park with approaching thunderstorm front|en|2014|01|18}}
| E20140119 = {{Potd description|1=View from observation tower on [[:en:Suur Munamägi|Suur Munamägi]] in [[:en:Haanja Upland|Haanja Upland]] during winter.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=19}}
| E20140120 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Tallinn Town Hall|Tallinn Town Hall]], built in 1402–1404, is the oldest town hall in Scandinavia and the Baltic states.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=20}}
| E20140121 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Gulf Fritillary|''Agraulis vanillae'']] (Linnaeus, 1758) in [[:en:Isla Margarita|Isla Margarita]] |2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=21}}
| E20140122 = {{Potd description|1=Fangtooths are beryciform fish of the family Anoplogastridae (sometimes spelled "Anoplogasteridae") that live in the deep sea. |2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=22}}
| E20140123 = {{Potd description|1=Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá (Venezuela) Interior. |2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=23}}
| E20140124 = {{Potd description|1=A 9-year-old boy's face, [[:en:Isla Margarita|Margarita Island]], Venezuela.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=24}}
| E20140125 = {{Potd description|1=Typical street in Maracaibo city and Ford Custom 1958, Venezuela.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=25}}
| E20140126 = {{Potd description|1=Feral Charolais bull at 4600 meters above sea level, in Sierra Nevada de Mérida, Venezuela.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=26}}
| E20140127 = {{Potd description|1=''Chlosyne lacinia'' (Bordered Patch) from Margarita island.  Its wingspan ranges from 1¼ to 1⅞ inches.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=27}}
| E20140128 = {{Potd description|1=El Guamache Bay, Margarita island, Venezuela.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=28}}
| E20140129 = {{Potd description|1=Old house typical of the San Juan Bautista, island of Margarita. Built in the 1880s.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=29}}
| E20140130 = {{Potd description|1=Lake Aalupi in [[:en:Põlva County|Põlva County]], Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=30}}
| E20140131 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Marble Palace|Marble Palace]] in Saint Petersburg, Russia|2=en|3=2014|4=01|5=31}}
| E20140201 = {{Potd description|1=First launch of [[w:Space Shuttle Columbia|Space Shuttle ''Columbia'']] during [[STS-1]]. ''Columbia'' [[w:Space_Shuttle_Columbia_disaster|disintegrated]] upon reentry this day in 2003, killing all seven crew members.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=01}}
| E20140202 = {{Potd description|Sun rays at Grand Canyon photographed from Hopi Point|en|2014|02|02}}
| E20140203 = {{Potd description|1=[[w:Electrolysis|Electrolytically refined]] pure (99.9 %) [[w:Nickel|nickel]] nodules, and a high purity (99.99 % = 4N) 1 cm<sup>3</sup> nickel cube for comparison. Crystallized nickel-electrolyte salts (green) can be seen in the pores of the nodules.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=03}}
| E20140204 = {{Potd description|1=Wartime hiding place "Nabessaar" (Nabe island), [[:en:Lohusalu|Lohusalu village]], Northwestern Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=04}}
| E20140205 = {{Potd description|1=A SCAC/Alenia Aermacchi '''Sukhoi Superjet 100''' (RA-97004) flying off the coast of [[:en:Italy|Italy]] near [[:en:Sanremo|Sanremo]].|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=05}}
| E20140206 = {{Potd description|1=Aerial view of [[Goetheanum]]|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=06}}
| E20140207 = {{Potd description|1=Berlin Television Tower.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=07}}
| E20140208 = {{Potd description|Typical view of Joshua Tree National Park with impressive rocks and Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia). The photo is taken from the parking lot close to the Banana Cracks Formation.|en|2014|02|08}}
| E20140209 = {{Potd description|1=Skyline at night of [[Toronto]], Canada.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=09}}
| E20140210 = {{Potd description|1=Aerial view of vineyards at Markgräflerland|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=10}}
| E20140211 = {{Potd description|High resolution panoramic view of Bryce Canyon Amphitheater photographed from the Sunrise Point|en|2014|02|11}}
| E20140212 = {{Potd description|1=Facade of [[:en:St. Peter's Basilica|Saint Peter's Basilica]] in [[:en:Rome|Rome]] ([[:en:Italy|Italy]]), beginning of the evening. Vatican City.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=12}}
| E20140213 = {{Potd description|1=A [[w:Cordwainer|Cordwainer]] [[w:Shoemaking|making shoes]] in [[w:Capri|Capri]], [[w:Italy|Italy]].|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=13}}
| E20140214 = {{Potd description|Grand Canyon South Rim photographed from Powell Point with warm evening light|en|2014|02|14}}
| E20140215 = {{Potd description|1= Building in Ljungris, Ljungdalen, Berg Municipality, Jämtland County. Ljungris is owned by the Sámi community and used especially for Reindeer calf marking in the summer.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=15}}
| E20140216 = {{Potd description|1=Sunrise in Viru bog at [[:en:Lahemaa National Park|Lahemaa National Park]].|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=16}}
| E20140217 = {{Potd description|1=President [[w:Barack Obama|Barack Obama]] jokingly mimics U.S. Olympic gymnast [[w:McKayla Maroney|McKayla Maroney]]'s "[[w:McKayla_Maroney#.22McKayla_is_not_impressed.22|not impressed]]" look while greeting members of the [[w:Gymnastics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's artistic team all-around|2012 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team]] in the [[w:Oval Office|Oval Office]], November 15, 2012. (Official [[w:White House|White House]] photo by [[w:Pete Souza|Pete Souza]].)|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=17}}
| E20140218 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Tycho (crater)|Tycho crater's]] central peak complex casts a long, dark [[shadow]] near local [[sunrise]] in this spectacular lunar-scape.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=18}}
| E20140219 = {{Potd description|1=A [[:en:Burrowing Owl|Burrowing Owl]] near [[Goiânia]], Goiás, Brazil. It is standing on one leg.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=19}}
| E20140220 = {{Potd description|1=Early morning in [[:en:Endla Nature Reserve|Endla Nature Reserve]].|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=20}}
| E20140221 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Ponte Sant'Angelo|Sant'Angelo Bridge]] over the [[:en:Tiber River|Tiber River]] with the [[:en:St. Peter's Basilica|St. Peter's Basilica]] in the background from the Umberto I Bridge.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=21}}
| E20140222 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:NGC 4565|NGC 4565]] is an edge-on spiral galaxy about 30 to 50 million light-years away in the constellation [[:en:Coma Berenices|Coma Berenices]].|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=22}}
| E20140223 = {{Potd description|1=A Blue-crested lizard ([[:en:Calotes mystaceus|''Calotes mystaceus'']]) in [[:en:Keibul Lamjao National Park|Keibul Lamjao National Park]], [[:en:Bishnupur district|Bishnupur district]], [[:en:Manipur|Manipur]], India.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=23}}
| E20140224 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Scanning electron microscope|SEM]] image of ''[[:en:Tradescantia|Tradescantia]]'' pollen and stamens from [[:en:Tallinn University of Technology |Tallinn University of Technology]].|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=24}}
| E20140225 = {{Potd description|1=Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá (Venezuela) Exterior.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=25}}
| E20140226 = {{Potd description|1=A [[:en:Rhaetian Railway|RhB]] [[:en:Rhaetian Railway Ge 4/4 II|Ge 4/4 II]] with a [[:en:Push–pull train|push–pull train]] crosses the [[:en:Wiesen Viaduct|Wiesen Viaduct]] between [[:en:Wiesen, Switzerland|Wiesen]] and [[:en:Filisur|Filisur]], Switzerland.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=26}}
| E20140227 = {{Potd description|1=On July 19, 2013, in an event celebrated the world over, NASA's Cassini spacecraft slipped into Saturn's shadow and turned to image the planet, seven of its moons, its inner rings -- and, in the background, our home planet, Earth.|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=27}}
| E20140228 = {{Potd description|1=Polychromed woodcarved statue of [[:en:Ecce homo|"Ecce homo"]] in the [[:en:Saint Maurice|Saint Maurice]] church in [[:en:Villandro|Villandro]] ([[:en:Italy|Italy]])|2=en|3=2014|4=02|5=28}}
| E20140301 = {{Potd description|1=Ponta de São Lourenço, Madeira, Portugal. |2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=01}}
| E20140302 = {{Potd description|1=Banded garden spider (''[[Argiope trifasciata]]''), ventral view.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=02}}
| E20140303 = {{Potd description|1=Library building of the [[:en:Vienna University of Technology|Vienna University of Technology]].|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=03}}
| E20140304 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Galeopsis tetrahit|Common hemp-nettle]] in [[:en:Keila|Keila]].|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=04}}
| E20140305 = {{Potd description|1=The Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny Embankment and the Canal of La Peyrade. Sète, Hérault, France.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=05}}
| E20140306 = {{Potd description|1=Letter from [[:en:Michel de Montaigne|Michel de Montaigne]] to the Marechal de Matignon, 26 January 1585.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=06}}
| E20140307 = {{Potd description|1= Makedonium monument, dedicated to the [[w:Ilinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising|Ilinden Uprising]], [[w:Kruševo|Kruševo]], [[w:Republic of Macedonia|Macedonia]].|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=07}}
| E20140308 = {{Potd description|1=Mong Bridge, [[:en:Ho Chi Minh City|Ho Chi Minh City]], [[:en:Vietnam|Vietnam]].|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=08}}
| E20140309 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Saint Isaac's Cathedral|Saint Isaac's Cathedral]] on Saint Isaac's Square in [[:en:Saint Petersburg|Saint Petersburg]].|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=09}}
| E20140310 = {{Potd description|1=[[:w:Autignac|Autignac]], [[:en:Hérault|Hérault]], France.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=10}}
| E20140311 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Sydney Harbour Bridge|Sydney Harbour Bridge]] from Circular Quay, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=11}}
| E20140312 = {{Potd description|1=''{{w|Caesio teres}}'' in {{w|Fiji}}|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=12}}
| E20140313 = {{Potd description|1=A man sweeping ash from the road during the 2014 eruption of [[:en:Kelud|Kelud]], [[:en: Indonesia| Indonesia]]|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=13}}
| E20140314 = {{Potd description|1=''[[Eristalinus quinquestriatus]]'' is a species of [[w:Hoverfly|hoverfly]]. Most [[w:Eristalinus|Eristalinus]] species have very distinctive eye marking in the form of spots or banding, though these features may fade on some preserved specimens. Most are stout flies, and are nimble flyers, even compared to other hoverfly species.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=14}}
| E20140315 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Dominostein|Dominosteine]] noble bitter chocolate coating. Size ca. 25x25x23mm.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=15}}
| E20140316 = {{Potd description|1=McPherson Square station, Metro, Washington, D.C.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=16}}
| E20140317 = {{Potd description|1=Hong Kong; View from Victoria Peak to Victoria Harbour and Kowloon|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=17}}
| E20140318 = {{Potd description|1=Lemons from organic farming.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=18}}
| E20140319 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Purekkari neem|Purekkari neem]], northernmost point in mainland [[:en:Estonia|Estonia]] at the end of October.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=19}}
| E20140320 = {{Potd description|1=The Mayflowers, eel fishing boat (''civellier''), port of Mortagne-sur-Gironde, Charente-Maritime, France.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=20}}
| E20140321 = {{Potd description|1=Pol-e Dokhtar Bridge, Meyaneh, Iran.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=21}}
| E20140322 = {{Potd description|1=The Brazilian model, actress and television presenter [[:en:Fernanda Lima|Fernanda Lima]] with her six medals of nominations to the [[:en:International Emmy Award|International Emmy Awards]] in 2012.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=22}}
| E20140323 = {{Potd description|1=Science [[library]] of Upper Lusatia in [[Görlitz]], Germany.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=23}}
| E20140324 = {{Potd description|1= Island Neuwerk near Hamburg in the german wadden Sea; View from ESE and a high of 4600 feet and distance of 20.000 feet.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=24}}
| E20140325 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens|Temple of Olympian Zeus]], Athens, Greece|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=25}}
| E20140326 = {{Potd description|1=A panorama of the Great Court of the [[British Museum]] in [[London]], [[United Kingdom]].|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=26}}
| E20140327 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Kuwait Towers|Kuwait Towers]], Kuwait City, Kuwait|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=27}}
| E20140328 = {{Potd description|1=Variability in the shells of [[:en:land snail|land snail]]s of the species ''[[:en:Theba|Theba geminata]]''. Seven shells of diameter 1.7&nbsp;– 2.0&nbsp;cm; collected at the Cactus garden of the Centro de Artesanía Molino de Antigua, Antigua, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=28}}
| E20140329 = {{Potd description|1=Photo flight over the North Frisian Wadden Sea, view from SSW (200°), 1 km altitude and 4 km distance to Sylt|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=29}}
| E20140330 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Vao, Lääne-Viru County|Vao]] [[:en:Tower house|tower house]] in Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=30}}
| E20140331 = {{Potd description|1=[[:w:Mercedes-Benz Museum|Mercedes-Benz Museum]] in Stuttgart, Germany, during blue hour.|2=en|3=2014|4=03|5=31}}
| E20140401 = {{Potd description|Eastern span of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. The old and the new bridge, as seen at night from Yerba Buena Island to Oakland.|en|2014|04|01}}
| E20140402 = {{Potd description|1=''[[:en:Trifolium arvense|Trifolium arvense]]'' in [[:en:Keila|Keila]], Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=02}}
| E20140403 = {{Potd description|1=A swing high above Saturn by NASA's Cassini spacecraft revealed this stately view of the golden-hued planet and its main rings. The view is in natural color, as human eyes would have seen it. This mosaic was made from 36 images in three color filters obtained by Cassini's imaging science subsystem on Oct. 10, 2013.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=03}}
| E20140404 = {{Potd description|1=Stars similar to our Sun — “solar proxies” — enable scientists to look through a window in time to see the harsh conditions prevailing in the early or future Solar System, as well as in planetary systems around other stars.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=04}}
| E20140405 = {{Potd description|1={{w|NGC 6960}} or the Veil Nebula is a cloud of heated and ionized gas and dust in the {{w|Cygnus (constellation)|constellation Cygnus}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=05}}
| E20140406 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Fountains Abbey|Fountains Abbey]] ruins seen from West, looking East and South. This abbey in North Yorkshire, England, is a ruined Cistercian monastery, founded in 1132 and operating until 1539.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=06}}
| E20140407 = {{Potd description|1=The white eggshell has been removed by dipping a normal chicken egg into vinegar for 48 hrs.  |2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=07}}
| E20140408 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Squacco Heron |Squacco Heron ]](''Ardeola ralloides''). Adult in perfect breeding plumage|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=08}}
| E20140409 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:St. Nicholas' Church, Tallinn|St. Nicholas' Church, Tallinn]].|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=09}}
| E20140410 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Kiipsaare lighthouse|Kiipsaare Leaning Lighthouse]], Saaremaa, Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=10}}
| E20140411 = {{Potd description|1="Self-Portrait, Yawning" by {{w|Joseph Ducreux}} (French - Google Art Project)|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=11}}
| E20140412 = {{Potd description|1=Fishermen in Acapulco, Mexico.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=12}}
| E20140413 = {{Potd description|1=Once a powerful Super Typhoon, Parma crossed over the northern tip of Luzon Island, the Philippines, on October 3, 2009, as a Category 1 typhoon. The storm battered the island with damaging winds and heavy rain before moving over the South China Sea, where it stalled, spinning more or less in place for about a day and a half.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=13}}
| E20140414 = {{Potd description|1=Egyptian locust (''{{w|Anacridium aegyptium}}'').|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=14}}
| E20140415 = {{Potd description|1=Entrance to {{W|Kowloon Station}} within the [[:w:Union Square (Hong Kong)|Union Square]], West Kowloon, Hong Kong.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=15}}
| E20140416 = {{Potd description|1=The fortress of [[:en:City of San Marino|Città di San Marino]] view from the side of torre Guaita on [[:en:Monte Titano|Monte Titano]] ([[:en:Apennine_Mountains#Central_Apennines|Appennino tosco-romagnolo]]), [[:en:Central Italy|Central Italy]].|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=16}}
| E20140417 = {{Potd description|1=Publicity photo from [[:en:Charlie Chaplin|Charlie Chaplin]]'s 1921 movie "[[:en:The Kid (1921 film)|The Kid]]".|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=17}}
| E20140418 = {{Potd description|1="Neque illic Mortuus", lower part of monument to [[:en:Giovanni Battista Gisleni|Giovani Baptista Gisleni]] (1670) in the [[:en:Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo|Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo]], [[:en:Rome|Rome]], [[:en:Italy|Italy]].|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=18}}
| E20140419 = {{Potd description|1=Pärispea peninsula, [[:en:Lahemaa National Park|Lahemaa National Park]], Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=19}}
| E20140420 = {{Potd description|1= Three month old iberian ibex ([[:en:Spanish ibex|''Capra pyrenaica victoriae'']]) in Sierra de Gredos, Spain.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=20}}
| E20140421 = {{Potd description|1=Top of [[:en:Berlin Victory Column|Berlin Victory Column]]|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=21}}
| E20140422 = {{Potd description|On [[w:Earth Day|Earth Day]], a view of most of North America taken from a low orbit of about 826 km altitude aboard NASA's Earth-observing research satellite, [[w:Suomi NPP|Suomi NPP]].|en|2014|04|22}}
| E20140423 = {{Potd description|1=A view to Geiranger and Geirangerfjorden from Flydalsjuvet in Stranda municipality, Møre og Romsdal, Norway in 2013 June.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=23}}
| E20140424 = {{Potd description|Fortress in Bač, Vojvodina, Serbia|en|2014|04|24}}
| E20140425 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Schloss Buldern|Schloss Buldern]] (in Buldern, [[Dülmen|Dulmen]], North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=25}}
| E20140426 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Spoil tip|Spoil tip]] in [[:en:Rummu|Rummu]], Estonia. Hillside is covered with rills and gullies due to erosion processes caused by rainfall.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=26}}
| E20140427 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Sandhamn}}, {{w|Stockholm archipelago}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=27}}
| E20140428 = {{Potd description|1=Steppe Eagle (''[[Aquila nipalensis|Aquila nipalensis orientalis]]'') in the falconry Falkenhof Feldberg, Germany.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=28}}
| E20140429 = {{Potd description|1=Sunrise at Viru Bog, Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=29}}
| E20140430 = {{Potd description|1=The ceiling of the [[:en:Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque|Sheikh-Lotf-Allah mosque]] in Isfahan, Iran.|2=en|3=2014|4=04|5=30}}
| E20140501 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Tower Bridge}} at night|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=01}}
| E20140502 = {{Potd description|1=Bog lake in Suru Bog, [[:en:Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve|Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve]], Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=02}}
| E20140503 = {{Potd description|1=Giant Sequoias photographed into the sky|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=03}}
| E20140504 = {{Potd description|1=Scaly Wood Mushroom (''[[Agaricus silvaticus]]'')|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=04}}
| E20140505 = {{Potd description|1=The [[:en:river Alzette|river Alzette]] in Luxembourg [[:en:Pfaffenthal|Pfaffenthal]], as seen from the bridge called ''Béinchen''.|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=05}}
| E20140506 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Basking shark|Basking shark]] (''Cetorhinus maximus'')|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=06}}
| E20140507 = {{Potd description|1=Common spotted orchid (''[[:en:Dactylorhiza fuchsii|Dactylorhiza fuchsii]]'') on Pakri Peninsula, Northwestern Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=07}}
| E20140508 = {{Potd description|1=The [[:en:Dome_of_the_Chain|Dome of the Chain]] (Arabic: قبة السلسلة, Qubbat al-Silsila)  in front of [[:en: Dome_of_the_rock|The Dome of the Rock]] (Arabic: مسجد قبة الصخرة‎,  Hebrew: כיפת הסלע), on the [[:en: Temple_Mount|Temple Mount]] in the [[:en: Old_City_of_Jerusalem|Old City of Jerusalem]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=08}}
| E20140509 = {{Potd description|1=The [[:en:Heart Nebula|Heart]] and [[:en:Soul Nebula|Soul nebulae]] are seen in this [[:Category:Infrared|infrared]] [[:Category:Mosaics|mosaic]] from [[NASA|NASA's]] Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. |2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=09}}
| E20140510 = {{Potd description|1=An aerial shot of the [[:w:Rodovia dos Imigrantes|Rodovia dos Imigrantes]] from the [[:w:Rodovia Anchieta|Rodovia Anchieta]] in [[Brazil]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=10}}
| E20140511 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Haus Osthoff (Dülmen)|Manor Osthoff]] (Detail of South Front) in [[Dülmen|Dulmen]], North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=11}}
| E20140512 = {{Potd description|1=View from [[:en:Palace of Culture and Science|Palace of Culture and Science]] towards [[:en:Świętokrzyska Street, Warsaw|Świętokrzyska Street]] in Warsaw, Poland|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=12}}
| E20140513 = {{Potd description|1=[[:w:Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia|Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia]], Bulgaria.|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=13}}
| E20140514 = {{Potd description|1= {{w|Namaqua chameleon}} (''Chamaeleo namaquensis'') near {{w|Swakopmund}}, {{w|Namibia}}|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=14}}
| E20140515 = {{Potd description|1=Jõesuu watchtower on the northern shore of [[:en:Võrtsjärv|Lake Võrtsjärv]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=15}}
| E20140516 = {{Potd description|1=Colonnade in front of [[:en:Alte Nationalgalerie|Alte Nationalgalerie]] in [[:en:Berlin|Berlin]], [[:en:Germany|Germany]]. |2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=16}}
| E20140517 = {{Potd description|1=View of the cathedral and city walls of the middle age town of [[:w:Albarracín|Albarracín]], Teruel, Aragon, Spain.|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=17}}
| E20140518 = {{Potd description|1=Flower of ''[[Tigridia pavonia]]'' at [[:Category:Conservatoire botanique national de Brest|Conservatoire botanique national de Brest]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=18}}
| E20140519 = {{Potd description|1=Tuscan countryside in June after the wheat harvest, [[:en:Tuscany|Tuscany]], [[:en:Central Italy|Central Italy]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=19}}
| E20140520 = {{Potd description|1=The south facade of the [[W:Luxembourg Palace|Luxembourg Palace]], seat of the [[W:French Senate|French Senate]], located in [[W:Paris|Paris]]. The palace was built from 1615 to 1631 by architect [[W:Salomon de Brosse|Salomon de Brosse]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=20}}
| E20140521 = {{Potd description|1="'''Italian Landscape with Umbrella Pines'''": oil on canvas, Rome 1807. Author: [[:en:Hendrik Voogd|Hendrik Voogd]] ([[:en:Amsterdam|Amsterdam]] 1768 - [[:en:Rome|Rome]] 1839). Preserved in the [[:en:Rijksmuseum|Rijksmuseum]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=21}}
| E20140522 = {{Potd description|1=Fishermen huts by the Suitsu river in [[:en:Matsalu National Park|Matsalu National Park]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=22}}
| E20140523 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Saint Barbara|Saint Barbara]] in a 15th century fresco on the apsidal arch of the "St. Jacob church" in [[:en:Ortisei|Ortisei]], in [[:en:Val Gardena|Val Gardena]], [[:en:Italy|Italy]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=23}}
| E20140524 = {{Potd description|1=Bridge of Ceps under the [[:en:Orb (river)|Orb River]]. [[:en:Roquebrun|Roquebrun]], [[:en:Hérault|Hérault]], [[:en:France|France]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=24}}
| E20140525 = {{Potd description|1="Civitas Dei" (the City of God), [[w:Byzantine architecture|Neo Byzantine]] style [[w:Mosaic|mosaic]] of the ceiling at the entrance of the [[w:Aachen Cathedral|Cathedral of Aachen]], [[w:North Rhine-Westphalia|North Rhine-Westphalia]], [[w:Germany|Germany]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=25}}
| E20140526 = {{Potd description|1=Inflorescence of [[:en:Oregano|Oregano]] in [[:en:Humala, Estonia|Humala]], Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=26}}
| E20140527 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Roy's Motel and Cafe|Roy's Cafe & Motel]] in [[:Category:Amboy, California|Amboy]] (California, USA)|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=27}}
| E20140528 = {{Potd description|1=Scanning electron micrograph of a [[:en:Trichome|trichome]] from [[:en:Tallinn University of Technology|Tallinn University of Technology]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=28}}
| E20140529 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Ponte Sant'Angelo|Sant'Angelo bridge]] (Ponte Sant'Angelo), [[:en:St. Peter's Basilica|Saint Peter's Basilica]], at dusk, from Umberto I bridge, [[:en:Rome|Rome]], [[:en:Italy|Italy]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=29}}
| E20140530 = {{Potd description|1=Bas-relief of a [[:en:Dvarapala|Dvarapala]] at [[:en:Banteay Kdei|Banteay Kdei]] in [[:en:Angkor|Angkor]], [[:en:Cambodia|Cambodia]].|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=30}}
| E20140531 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Madeira Airport|Madeira Airport]] Runway. The concrete pillars of the 2000 extension completed to extend the runway, winning the 2004 IABSE Outstanding Structure Award|2=en|3=2014|4=05|5=31}}
| E20140601 = {{Potd description|1=Panoramic view of Oia, Santorini island (Thira), Greece.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=01}}
| E20140602 = {{Potd description|1=Glowing [[:en:Noble gas|noble gases]] in glass vials with low pressure inside. |2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=02}}
| E20140603 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Torre Agbar|Torre Agbar]] in Barcelona, Spain. |2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=03}}
| E20140604 = {{Potd description|1=The Party House, [[:en:Largo, Sofia|Largo, Sofia]], Bulgaria.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=04}}
| E20140605 = {{Potd description|1=Panoramic view of Istanbul: Yeni Cami (The New Mosque) and Galata Bridge. Turkey, Southeastern Europe.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=05}}
| E20140606 = {{Potd description|1=Ruins of the [[:en:Hermitage (religious retreat)|Hermitage]] Saint-Antoine. [[:en:Castelnau-de-Guers|Castelnau-de-Guers]], [[:en:Hérault|Hérault]], [[:en:France|France]].|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=06}}
| E20140607 = {{Potd description|1= Indian python albino (''[[:w:Python molurus|Python molurus]]''), Ho Chi Minh City Zoo, Vietnam|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=07}}
| E20140608 = {{Potd description|1=Drainage ditch (Kettbach) at sunrise in morning mist near [[Dülmen|Dulmen]], North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=08}}
| E20140609 = {{Potd description|1=Ruddy Kingfisher (''[[:en:Halcyon coromanda|Halcyon coromanda]]'') at [[:w:Kaeng Krachan National Park|Kaeng Krachan National Park]], Thailand.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=09}}
| E20140610 = {{Potd description|1=Historic [[:Category:U.S. Route 66 in California|Route 66]] near [[:Category:Amboy, California|Amboy]] (California, USA)|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=10}}
| E20140611 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Gunnar Sønsteby|Gunnar Sønsteby]] (born January 11, 1918, deceased May 10, 2012) was a Norwegian resistance fighter during World War II.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=11}}
| E20140612 = {{Potd description|1=View from watchtower to Männikjärve Bog, Endla Nature Reserve, Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=12}}
| E20140613 = {{Potd description|1=Mausoleum to a husband and benefactor in [[:en:Pavlovsk Park|Pavlovsk Park]], St Petersburg, Russia.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=13}}
| E20140614 = {{Potd description|1=[[:w:Wheel hub|Wheel hub]] of a carriage at the [[:w:Piazza della Rotonda|Piazza della Rotonda]] in Rome, Italy|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=14}}
| E20140615 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge|General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge]] on the [[:w:Lake Maracaibo|Lake Maracaibo]]. The bridge was projected by [[:Category:Riccardo Morandi|Riccardo Morandi]].|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=15}}
| E20140616 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Kamenny Monastery|Kamenny Monastery]], Kamenny Island in [[:en:Lake Kubenskoye|Lake Kubenskoye]], [[:en:Vologda Oblast|Vologda Oblast]], [[:w:Russia|Russia]]|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=16}}
| E20140617 = {{Potd description|1=Valley View in [[Yosemite National Park]].|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=17}}
| E20140618 = {{Potd description|1=A [[:en:greylag goose|greylag goose]] (''Anser anser'') in Bonn, Germany|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=18}}
| E20140619 = {{Potd description|1=Office building of the [[:Category:Westdeutsche Lotterie|Westdeutsche Lotterie]] in [[:Category:Münster (Westfalen)|Munster (Westphalia)]], Germany|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=19}}
| E20140620 = {{Potd description|1=Renaissance portal in Demerthin ([[:en:Gumtow|Gumtow]]), Germany|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=20}}
| E20140621 = {{Potd description|1=The [[:en:Hohenzollern Castle|Hohenzollern Castle]] under a [[:en:Rainbow|rainbow]]. The castle is about 50 km south of [[:de:Stuttgart|Stuttgart]], [[:en:Germany|Germany]]. It is the ancestral seat of the [[:en:House of Hohenzollern|Hohenzollern]] family, which emerged in the Middle Ages and eventually became [[:en:Kaiser|German Emperors]].|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=21}}
| E20140622 = {{Potd description|1=The [[W:Rouen Cathedral|Rouen Cathedral]] as seen from the [[W:Gros Horloge|Gros Horloge]] tower. The church was the [[W:History of the tallest buildings in the world|tallest building in the world]] from 1876-1880 with a height of 151m.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=22}}
| E20140623 = {{Potd description|1=Mirrors Gallery, a section graved in the rock of the [[:w:Roman aqueduct|roman aqueduct]] near [[:w:Albarracín|Albarracín]], Teruel, Aragón, Spain.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=23}}
| E20140624 = {{Potd description|1=“[[:Category:Las Vegas Strip|The Strip]]” (part of the Las Vegas Boulevard) in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA).|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=24}}
| E20140625 = {{Potd description|1=Hellamaa bay in [[:en:Hiiumaa|Hiiumaa]].|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=25}}
| E20140626 = {{Potd description|1=Sunrise landscape in [[:w:Huitzila (Zacatecas)|Huitzila]], Hidalgo, Mexico.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=26}}
| E20140627 = {{Potd description|1=Scene in Długa Street with the Main Town Hall in the background, Gdansk, Poland.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=27}}
| E20140628 = {{Potd description|1=Ko Tapu is a 20 m tall islet in front of the [[:w:Khao Phing Kan|Khao Phing Kan]] islands, in the [[:w:Phang Nga Bay|Phang Nga Bay]], in Thailand. The island belongs to the [[:w:Ao Phang Nga National Park|Ao Phang Nga National Park]] and since 1974 is also known as ''James Bond Island'', because the James Bond movie ''[[:w:The Man with the Golden Gun|The Man with the Golden Gun]]'' was filmed there.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=28}}
| E20140629 = {{Potd description|1=Golden Barrel Cactus (''[[:en:Echinocactus grusonii|Echinocactus grusonii]]''), Munich Botanical Garden, Germany.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=29}}
| E20140630 = {{Potd description|1=The [[:w:Església de Sant Miquel d'Engolasters|St Michael Church of Engolasters]], located in Engolasters, Andorra, is a [[:w:Romanesque architecture|Romanesque]] church from end of 11th or beginning of the 12th century. The church, one of the most popular in Andorra, is part of its Cultural Heritage and is characterized by a disproportionally high bell tower.|2=en|3=2014|4=06|5=30}}
| E20140701 = {{Potd description|1=The [[:en:Dome_of_the_Chain|Dome of the Chain]] (Arabic: قبة السلسلة, Qubbat al-Silsila), on the [[:en: Temple_Mount|Temple Mount]] in the [[:en: Old_City_of_Jerusalem|Old City of Jerusalem]].|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=01}}
| E20140702 = {{Potd description|1=Basaltic Prisms, [[:en:Huasca de Ocampo|Huasca de Ocampo]], Hidalgo, Mexico.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=02}}
| E20140703 = {{Potd description|1=Office building of the [[:Category:LVM Versicherung|LVM Insurance]] in [[:Category:Münster (Westfalen)|Munster (Westphalia)]], Germany|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=03}}
| E20140704 = {{Potd description|1=Unusual view of the glass roof of the courtyard of the religious art museum, [[:en:Teruel|Teruel]], Spain.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=04}}
| E20140705 = {{Potd description|1=Door surrounded by roots of ''Tetrameles nudiflora'' in the [[:w:Khmer|Khmer]] temple of [[:w:Ta Phrom|Ta Phrom]], [[:w:Angkor|Angkor temple complex]], located today in Cambodia. The temple Ta Phrom, of [[:w:Bayon|Bayon]]-style, was erected in the 12th century as a Buddhist monastery and university.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=05}}
| E20140706 = {{Potd description|1=Long-tail boat in the turquoise water bay of Phi Phi Lay Island, Thailand.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=06}}
| E20140707 = {{Potd description|1=View of the Victoria Harbour from the [[:w:Sky100|Sky100]], the 100th floor of the [[:w:International Commerce Centre|International Commerce Centre]] skyscraper in Kowloon, Hong Kong, China.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=07}}
| E20140708 = {{Potd description|1=View of the ''Railway Bridge'' from Saint Peter's church, an iron bridge over the Duagava river in Riga, capital of Latvia. The current bridge of a length of 328m was inaugurated in 1914 and rebuilt after the World Wars.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=08}}
| E20140709 = {{Potd description|1=Night view of Ho Chi Minh City from [[:en:Bitexco Financial Tower|Bitexco Financial Tower]], Vietnam.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=09}}
| E20140710 = {{Potd description|1=Long-tail boats in Maya Beach, [[w:Ko Phi Phi Lee|Ko Phi Phi Lee]], [[w:Thailand|Thailand]].|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=10}}
| E20140711 = {{Potd description|1=Porto City Hall, Portugal.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=11}}
| E20140712 = {{Potd description|1=Detail of the [[:en:Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn|Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn]], Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=12}}
| E20140713 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Jay Pritzker Pavilion|Jay Pritzker Pavilion]], Downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=13}}
| E20140714 = {{Potd description|1=Orb River and Valley from the bridge of Ceps (XIXth century), [[:en:Roquebrun|Roquebrun]], [[:en:Hérault|Hérault]], [[:en:France|France]].|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=14}}
| E20140715 = {{Potd description|1=Map over [[w:Petit Trianon|Petit Trianon]] and the surrounding park, part of the gardens of Versailles.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=15}}
| E20140716 = {{Potd description|1=The {{w|Eiffel Tower}} in November 1888, approximately four months before its completion|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=16}}
| E20140717 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Benjamin Compaoré}} competes in the men's triple jump final during the French Athletics Championships 2013 at Stade Charléty in Paris, 13 July 2013.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=17}}
| E20140718 = {{Potd description|1=[[w:Humanist Library of Sélestat|Sélestat library]], with statue of [[w:Jean Mentel|Jean Mentel]], printer and publisher (1410-1478), signed Sichler SC, 1842.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=18}}
| E20140719 = {{Potd description|1=Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull (''[[Larus michahellis]]''), [[:gl:Portosín, Porto do Son|Portosín]], [[Porto do Son]], [[Galicia (Spain)|Galicia]], [[Spain]].|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=19}}
| E20140720 = {{Potd description|1=An [[w:Emperor Penguin|Emperor Penguin]] (''[[Aptenodytes forsteri]]'') in [[w:Antarctica|Antarctica]] jumping out of the water.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=20}}
| E20140721 = {{Potd description|1=The [[w:Torii Gate|''torii'' gate]] at [[w:Itsukushima Shrine|Itsukushima Shrine]] on the island of [[w:Itsukushima|Itsukushima]] (popularly known as Miyajima) in [[w:Hiroshima Prefecture|Hiroshima Prefecture]], [[w:Japan|Japan]]|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=21}}
| E20140722 = {{Potd description|1=Male {{w|goat}} (''Capra aegagrus hircus'') [[:en:Estrous cycle|animal in heat]], isla Margarita, Venezuela|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=22}}
| E20140723 = {{Potd description|1=The roman castra [[Aquis Querquennis]], in [[Bande]], [[Ourense]], [[Galicia (Spain)|Galicia]].|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=23}}
| E20140724 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Birdy (musician)|Birdy]] at the SWR3 New Pop Festival in Baden-Baden 2013|2=en|3=2014|4=07 |5=24}}
| E20140725 = {{Potd description|1={{w|United States Capitol}}, west side|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=25}}
| E20140726 = {{Potd description|1=The western part of the [[W:Pont de Bir-Hakeim|Pont de Bir-Hakeim]] seen at night. Buildings of the [[W:16th arrondissement of Paris|16th arrondissement of Paris]] are visible in the background.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=26}}
| E20140727 = {{Potd description|1=Bell-Boeing [[V-22 Osprey]] at the [[:Category:Royal International Air Tattoo|RIAT 2012]].|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=27}}
| E20140728 = {{Potd description|1=A 360 degree panorama of a unique cloudscape over [[:Category:La Silla Observatory|La Silla Observatory]], in the southern edges of the [[:Category:Atacama Desert|Atacama Desert]], Chile.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=28}}
| E20140729 = {{Potd description|1= Puffin (''[[Fratercula arctica]]'') at Latrabjarg, Iceland.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=29}}
| E20140730 = {{Potd description|1=Boats in Aguiño, {{w|Ribeira, Galicia}}, {{w|Spain}}|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=30}}
| E20140731 = {{Potd description|1=Historical wooden house in Konstantinovo ([[:en:Rybnovsky District|Rybnovsky District]]), {{w|Ryazan Oblast}}, {{w|Russia}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=07|5=31}}
| E20140801 = {{Potd description|1=Night view of Shirakawa-go, a traditional Japanese village showcasing a building style known as gasshō-zukuri.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=01}}
| E20140802 = {{Potd description|1=The {{w|Hôtel de Ville, Paris|Paris Town Hall}}, after the great fire of the Commune in 1871.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=02}}
| E20140803 = {{Potd description|1=Diagram of the internal structure of [[w:Ganymede (moon)|Ganymede]]. |2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=03}}
| E20140804 = {{Potd description|1=Pol-e Dokhtar Bridge, Meyaneh, Iran, by [[:en:Eugène Flandin|Eugène Flandin]], 1840.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=04}}
| E20140805 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Temple of Friendship (Pavlovsk)|Temple of Friendship]] in Pavlovsk Park in Saint Petersburg.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=05}}
| E20140806 = {{Potd description|1=Aircraft Rescue Firefighting training (U.S. Marine Corps).|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=06}}
| E20140807 = {{Potd description|1=[[w:Common Kingfisher|Common Kingfisher]] (''[[Alcedo atthis]]'').|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=07}}
| E20140808 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Ferronor|Ferronor]] GR12U 412 on the gradient between Montadon and Codelcos Potrerillos plant, Chile.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=08}}
| E20140809 = {{Potd description|1=Indian streetseller hands displaying green [[Cicer (chickpea) seeds|chickpeas]].|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=09}}
| E20140810 = {{Potd description|1= [[:Category:Cologne Cathedral|Cologne Cathedral]] at night in [[Köln]], Germany. |2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=10}}
| E20140811 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Basteibrücke|Bastei]] bridge in the [[:Category:Elbe Sandstone Mountains|Elbe Sandstone Mountains]] in [[:Category:Saxony|Saxony]], [[Deutschland|Germany]]|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=11}}
| E20140812 = {{Potd description|1=[[w:Mongolian gerbil|Mongolian gerbil]] (''[[Meriones unguiculatus]]'') in [[Wilhelma Zoo]], [[Stuttgart]], [[Germany]].|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=12}}
| E20140813 = {{Potd description|1=This broad panorama of the {{w|Carina Nebula}}, a region of massive star formation in the southern skies, was taken in infrared light using the HAWK-I camera on ESO’s {{W|Very Large Telescope}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=13}}
| E20140814 = {{Potd description|1=A European Wildcat (''[[Felis silvestris silvestris]]'')|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=14 }}
| E20140815 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Long-tailed tit}}  (''Aegithalos caudatus'')|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=15}}
| E20140816 = {{Potd description|1=French actress [[Sarah Bernhardt]], by [[Félix Nadar]], around 1864.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=16}}
| E20140817 = {{Potd description|1=The tungsten filament burning with a flame in the light bulb.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=17}}
| E20140818 = {{Potd description|1=New Downtown ([[:Category:Bunker Hill, Los Angeles|Bunker Hill]]) in Los Angeles (California, USA)|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=18}}
| E20140819 = {{Potd description|1=Former [[:en:Dairy|dairy]] in [[:en:Peitz|Peitz]], Brandenburg, Germany|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=19}}
| E20140820 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Palacio de Bellas Artes|Palace of Fine Arts}}, Mexico City,  Mexico|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=20}}
| E20140821 = {{Potd description|1= The VLT Survey Telescope (VST) at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile has captured this richly detailed new image of the {{w|Lagoon Nebula}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=21}}
| E20140822 = {{Potd description|1=Office building of the [[:Category:Westdeutsche Lotterie|Westdeutsche Lotterie]], [[:Category:Münster (Westfalen)|Munster (Westphalia)]], Germany|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=22}}
| E20140823 = {{Potd description|1=[[Tabanus sudeticus|Dark giant horsefly]] (''[[:Category:Tabanus sudeticus|Tabanus sudeticus]]''), taken at [[:en:Fronton, Haute-Garonne|Fronton, Haute-Garonne]] France.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=23}}
| E20140824 = {{Potd description|1= Spring rose (''{{w|Helleborus|Helleborus orientalis}}'').|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=24}}
| E20140825 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Deutsche Bank Twin Towers}}, headquarters of {{w|Deutsche Bank}} in {{w|Frankfurt|Frankfurt am Main}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=25}}
| E20140826 = {{Potd description|1=The Île de la Cité in Paris, France, shortly before sunrise|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=26}}
| E20140827 = {{Potd description|1=Audience hall of {{w|Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater|Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater}} in {{w|Ukraine}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=27}}
| E20140828 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Grey crowned crane}} (''Balearica regulorum'') in captivity|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=28}}
| E20140829 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:All Saints Church, Odiham|All Saints Church]], [[:en:Odiham|Odiham]].|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=29}}
| E20140830 = {{Potd description|1=''[[Macrocranion tupaiodon]]''; [[:Category:Eocene|Eocene]], [[:Category:Messel|Messel]], Germany; [[:Category:Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe|Staatliches Museum fur Naturkunde Karlsruhe]].|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=30}}
| E20140831 = {{Potd description|1=A [[:en:Barn swallow|swallow]] (''Hirundo rustica'') drinking while flying over a swimming pool|2=en|3=2014|4=08|5=31}}
| E20140901 = {{Potd description|1={{w|European Robin}} (''Erithacus rubecula'')|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=01}}
| E20140902 = {{Potd description|1=[[:W:Antelope Canyon#Upper Antelope Canyon|Upper Antelope Canyon]] near [[:W:Page, Arizona|Page]], heart formation|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=02}}
| E20140903 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Tamme-Lauri Oak|Tamme-Lauri oak]], the oldest tree in Estonia. |2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=03}}
| E20140904 = {{Potd description|1=The {{w|Mount Rushmore}} Monument as seen from the viewing plaza.|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=04}}
| E20140905 = {{Potd description|1=Nightly view of [[:W:Duisburg Inner Harbour|Duisburg Inner Harbour]] with office building "Five Boats" and marina|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=05}}
| E20140906 = {{Potd description|1=Night view of Maly Krasnokholmsky Bridge over [[:en:Vodootvodny Canal|Vodootvodny Canal]] in Moscow, Russia|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=06}}
| E20140907 = {{Potd description|1=On {{w|Independence Day (Brazil)|Independence of Brazil's Day}}, the painting ''{{w|Independence or Death (painting)|Independence or Death!}}'' (The Ipiranga Shout), by {{w|Pedro Américo}}, 1888, {{w|Museu Paulista}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=07}}
| E20140908 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Klara Church}}, {{w|Stockholm}}|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=08}}
| E20140909 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Lar gibbon}} (''Hylobates lar''), also called the white-handed gibbon, Kaeng Krachan National Park, Phetchaburi, Thailand.|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=09}}
| E20140910 = {{Potd description|1=[[:W:Cómpeta|Cómpeta]] - panoramic view at Golden Hour shortly before sunset|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=10}}
| E20140911 = {{Potd description|1=''Ascalaphus sinister'', male|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=11}}
| E20140912 = {{Potd description|1=''Ascalaphus sinister'', female|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=12}}
| E20140913 = {{Potd description|1=Cityscape of {{w|Rouen}}, taken from "La Corniche" showing the {{w|River Seine}}|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=13}}
| E20140914 = {{Potd description|1=Temple of Poseidon on [[:en:Sounion|Cape Sounion]], Attica, Greece|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=14}}
| E20140915 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Jagdschloss Glienicke}}, a small hunting lodge in {{w|Wannsee}}, Germany|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=15}}
| E20140916 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Kalmius}} river in {{w|Ukraine}}, {{W|Кальміуський заповідник|Kalmius|uk}} {{W|zapovednik}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=16}}
| E20140917 = {{Potd description|1=[[:w:Spanish ibex|Spanish ibex]] (''Capra pyrenaica hispanica'') at rocks in [[:w:Torcal de Antequera|El Torcal]], Andalusia|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=17}}
| E20140918 = {{Potd description|1=The parasol mushroom (''{{w|Macrolepiota procera}}'') in its natural environment.|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=18}}
| E20140919 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Longhorn beetle}}s (''{{w|Agapanthia pustulifera}}'') copulating. Taken in Nahal Shikma Reserve, {{w|Israel}}, February 1, 2014.|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=19}}
| E20140920 = {{Potd description|1=Building of the [[:en:Russian Academy of Sciences|Russian Academy of Sciences]] in [[Saint Petersburg]], Russia (by [[:en:Giacomo Quarenghi|Giacomo Quarenghi]])|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=20}}
| E20140921 = {{Potd description|1=[[:W:Amargosa Opera House and Hotel|Amargosa Opera House and Hotel]] at [[:W:Death Valley Junction|Death Valley Junction]] near [[W:Death Valley|Death Valley]]|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=21}}
| E20140922 = {{Potd description|1=The ''[[:Category:Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture|Petite Ceinture]]'' railway line ("Little Belt railway") passing through the [[:Category:Parc Montsouris|parc Montsouris]], 14th arrondissement of Paris, France..|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=22}}
| E20140923 = {{Potd description|1=Fog in the valleys seen from [[:Category:Blassenstein|Blassenstein]] mountain ([[:Category:Lower Austria|Lower Austria]])|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=23}}
| E20140924 = {{Potd description|1=High resolution panorama of [[:W:Trevélez|Trevélez]] in the [[:w:Alpujarras|Alpujarras]], a part of [[:W:Sierra Nevada (Spain)|Sierra Nevada]] in [[:W:Andalusia|Andalusia]], one of the highest located villages in Spain|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=24}}
| E20140925 = {{Potd description|1=Posing girl at [[:W:Glacier Point|Glacier Point]] in [[:W:Yosemite National Park|Yosemite National Park]] with [[:W:Half Dome|Half Dome]] in the background|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=25}}
| E20140926 = {{Potd description|1=Female {{w|Anthophorini|digger bee}} (''{{w|Anthophora}}'' sp.) approaching an inflorescence of ''{{w|Anchusa}} undulata''. Taken on {{w|Mount Carmel}}, Israel, February 28, 2013.|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=26}}
| E20140927 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Sergei Rachmaninoff|Sergei Rachmaninoff]] ([[:Category:1 April|1 April]] [[:Category:1873 births|1873]] – [[:Category:28 March|28 March]] [[:Category:1943 deaths|1943]]), [[:Category:People of Russia|Russian]] [[:Category:Composers|composer]], [[:Category:Pianists|pianist]], and [[:Category:Conductors|conductor]].|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=27}}
| E20140928 = {{Potd description|1=Sõrve lighthouse, [[:en:Saaremaa|Saaremaa]], Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=28}}
| E20140929 = {{Potd description|1=View from Hopi Point over [[:W:Grand Canyon|Grand Canyon]] with rainbow|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=29}}
| E20140930 = {{Potd description|1=The [[:en:Vespa orientalis|Oriental hornet]] (''Vespa orientalis'') is an important [[:en:pollination|pollinator]] of the autumn-flowering [[:en:Drimia maritima|sea squill]] (''Drimia maritima'') in Israel.|2=en|3=2014|4=09|5=30}}
| E20141001 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Scots pine|Scots pine]] forest in Meenikunno Landscape Reserve, Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=01}}
| E20141002 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Durga|Durga]] idol during [[:en:Durga Puja|Durga Puja]]. Taken at {{w|Burdwan}}, {{w|West Bengal}}, {{w|India}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=02}}
| E20141003 = {{Potd description|1=Male [[:en:Eucerini|longhorn bee]] (''Eucera cinnamomea'') sleeping on a thistle (''{{w|Carduus}} argentatus''). Taken on {{w|Mount Carmel}}, Israel, April 14, 2013.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=03}}
| E20141004 = {{Potd description|1=Nightly view of [[:W:Duisburg Inner Harbour|Duisburg Inner Harbour]] at [[:W:Blue hour|blue hour]]|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=04}}
| E20141005 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Antarctica|Antarctica]]. An [[:en:Orthographic projection|orthographic projection]] of [[:Category:Blue Marble Next Generation images|NASA's Blue Marble data set]]. |2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=05}}
| E20141006 = {{Potd description|1=''{{w|Allium rothii}}'', a {{w|bulbous}} plant native to the {{w|Levant}}. Taken in {{w|Arad, Israel|Arad}}, Israel, March 26, 2012.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=06}}
| E20141007 = {{Potd description|1=Cloister garden courtyard and [[:Category:Klosterkirche St. Marien (Kloster Lehnin)|St. Marien church]] (rear) of the [[:Category:Kloster Lehnin|Kloster Lehnin]] (Lehnin abbey, a [[:Category:Brick Gothic in Germany|German Brick Gothic]] era monastery near Brandenburg/Havel, in Landkreis Potsdam-Mittelmark, Brandenburg)|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=07}}
| E20141008 = {{Potd description|1=Candy Cane Snail (''[[Liguus virgineus]]); Originating from [[:Category:Hispaniola|Hispaniola]].|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=08}}
| E20141009 = {{Potd description|1=Lake Laanemaa at Orkjärve Nature Reserve, Estonia.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=09}}
| E20141010 = {{Potd description|Fire lily (''Lilium bulbiferum var. bulbiferum'') found near Hagengut, Lower Austria|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=10}}
| E20141011 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Tomb of Humayun}}, Delhi, India. Western façade as viewed from the main entrance|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=11}}
| E20141012 = {{Potd description|1=Las [[:en:Fallas|Fallas]], Valencia Spain Spring Festival, the building and burning of the Falla 15th to 19th March. Europe's largest and longest street party, an exuberant, anarchic, round the clock swirl of fireworks, music, explosions and fire that brings an estimated two million visitors to the city.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=12}}
| E20141013 = {{Potd description|1=Overview of [[:w:Tarfala Valley|Tarfala Valley]], where the [[:w:Tarfala research station|Tarfala research station]] is located. [[:w:Kebnekaise|Kebnekaise]], Sweden's highest mountain, is in the center of the image.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=13}}
| E20141014 = {{Potd description|1=A large sample of [[:en:glassy carbon|glassy carbon]] with a weight of ca. 570 g, as well as a 1 cm<sup>3</sup> graphite cube for comparison.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=14}}
| E20141015 = {{Potd description|1=Water Betony (''[[:en:Shargacucullia scrophulariae|Shargacucullia scrophulariae]]'') - caterpillar|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=15}}
| E20141016 = {{Potd description|1=Print shows the {{w|6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons|Enniskillen Dragoons|en}} and the {{w|5th Dragoon Guards|5th Dragoon Guards|en}} engaging the Russian cavalry in the midst of the camp of the light cavalry brigade which is being plundered by the Russian troops during the {{w|battle of Balaclava}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=16}}
| E20141017 = {{Potd description|1=Borgund Stave Church in Lærdalen in Lærdal municipality, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway, in June 2013.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=17}}
| E20141018 = {{Potd description|1=[[W:Karpovka River|Karpovka River]] embankment in [[W:Saint Petersburg|Saint Petersburg]]. |2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=18}}
| E20141019 = {{Potd description|1=Interior of [[:en:Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church|Estonian Orthodox Church]] Reomäe Andrew the Apostle Church, [[:en:Reo, Estonia|Reo]],  [[:en:Pihtla Parish|Pihtla Parish]], [[:en:Saare County|Saare County]], Western [[:en:Estonia|Estonia]].|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=19}}
| E20141020 = {{Potd description|1=Furnace No 5 at [[:W:Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord|Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord]] (Landscape Park Duisburg North) at night|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=20}}
| E20141021 = {{potd description|1=Facade of the [[:Category:Conjunto Nacional|Conjunto Nacional]] building, situated in the {{w|Paulista Avenue}}, {{w|São Paulo City}}, {{w|Brazil}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=21}}
| E20141022 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Biały Słoń|White Elephant|en}}, Polish Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory, located on the peak of {{w|Pip Ivan (Chornohora)|Pip Ivan|en}}, {{w|Carpathian Biosphere Reserve}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=22}}
| E20141023 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Black-headed Gull}} (''Chroicocephalus ridibundus''), Södra Hammarbyhamnen, Stockholm, Sweden.
| E20141024 = {{Potd description|1=The Musée d'Orsay and the Seine river during sunrise|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=24}}
| E20141025 = {{Potd description|1=Chronophotograph at high speed. Johnnie Walker splash without any montage!|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=25}}
| E20141026 = {{Potd description|1=Common spotted orchid (''Dactylorhiza fuchsii''), found near Mariazell, Styria|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=26}}
| E20141027 = {{Potd description|1=Dalian, Liaoning, China: Two elderly Chinese men enjoying the sea at Xinghai Bay.|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=27}}
| E20141028 = {{Potd description|1=View of the [[:en:Acropolis of Athens|Acropolis]] from the Philopappos Hill in Athens, Greece|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=28}}
| E20141029 = {{Potd description|1=Fishermen huts by the southern shore of [[:en:Gulf of Finland|Gulf of Finland]] in [[:en:Altja|Altja fishermen village]] at [[:en:Lahemaa National Park|Lahemaa National Park]].|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=29}}
| E20141030 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary|Visitation Order Church]] in Warsaw, Poland|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=30}}
| E20141031 = {{Potd description|1=Paralympic athlete {{w|Iris Pruysen||nl}} in the long jump event at Athletics Paralympic Meeting in Paris at [[:w:Stade Sébastien Charléty|Stade Sébastien Charléty]] on 4 June 2014|2=en|3=2014|4=10|5=31}}
| E20141101 = {{Potd description|Wrought iron cross on [[:Category:Blassenstein|Blassenstein]] mountain ([[:Category:Lower Austria|Lower Austria]]), with fog over Erlauf valley and Danube|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=01}}
| E20141102 = {{Potd description|1=Two [[:Category:Bernina ABe 4/4 III|Rhaetian Railways ABe 4/4 III]] multiple units with a local train traversing the spiral viaduct near [[:Category:Brusio|Brusio]], Switzerland.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=02}}
| E20141103 = {{Potd description|1=Evening at the {{w|Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle}}, [[Ukraine]]. |2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=03}}
| E20141104 = {{Potd description|1=Old diesel locomotive TEM2M-063 in [[:en:Vinnytsia|Vinnitsa]] railway station, [[:en:Ukraine|Ukraine]].|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=04}}
| E20141105 = {{Potd description|Cow at Flumserberg (near [[:en:Walensee|Walensee]], Switzerland)|en|2014|11|05}}
| E20141106 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Forest bug|Forest bug]] (''Pentatoma rufipes'') at a cherry leaf.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=06}}
| E20141107 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:St.-Johannes-Nepomuk-Kapelle (Hiddingsel)|Saint John of Nepomuk chapel]] in [[:Category:Hiddingsel|Hiddingsel]] near [[:Category:Dülmen|Dülmen]] (Germany).|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=07}}
| E20141108 = {{Potd description|1=White female crab spider (''{{w|Misumena vatia}}'').|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=08}}
| E20141109 = {{Potd description|1=Conical [[:en:cereal|cereal]] silos near [[:en:Acatlán, Hidalgo|Acatlán]], [[:en:Hidalgo (state)|Hidalgo]], Mexico.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=09}}
| E20141110 = {{Potd description|1=Interior view of St Peter's church in [[:w:Teruel|Teruel]], Aragón, Spain. The church, of [[:w:Mudéjar Architecture of Aragon|mudéjar]] style was built in the 14th century and was declared World Heritage in 1986. The decoration, performed between 1896-1902, is a [[:w:Neo-Mudéjar|neo-mudéjar]] style.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=10}}
| E20141111 = {{Potd description|1=In the foreground the  [[:w:Baroque|baroque style]] St Michael fountain, located in the Main Square of [[:w:Puebla, Puebla|Puebla]], dates from 1777. In the background the spectacular [[:w:Puebla Cathedral|Cathedral]], build in 1649 and of [[:w:Herrerian|Herrerian]] style, Puebla, Mexico.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=11}}
| E20141112 = {{Potd description|1=View from [[:en:Berlin Victory Column|Berlin Victory Column]] to [[:en:Großer Tiergarten|Großer Tiergarten]], [[:en:Brandenburg Gate|Brandenburg Gate]], and [[:en:Fernsehturm Berlin|Berlin TV Tower]]|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=12}}
| E20141113 = {{Potd description|1=Sunrise in morning mist near [[Dülmen|Dulmen]], North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=13}}
| E20141114 = {{Potd description|1=The baroque church of Our Lady of the Sign in Dubrovitsy Estate to the South of Moscow, Russia|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=14}}
| E20141115 = {{Potd description|1=Panoramic view of the [[:w:middle-age|middle-age]] town of [[:w:Albarracín|Albarracín]], Teruel, Aragon, Spain.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=15}}
| E20141116 = {{Potd description|1=[[:w:Theatro Municipal (São Paulo)|Municipal Theatre of São Paulo]]  is a [[:w:theatre|theatre]] in [[:w:São Paulo|São Paulo]], Brazil. It is regarded as one of the landmarks of the city, significant both for its architectural value as well as for its historical importance, having been the venue for the [[:w:Week of Modern Art|Week of Modern Art]] in 1922, which revolutionised the arts in Brazil.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=16}}
| E20141117 = {{Potd description|1=Waterfall over the Basaltic Prisms of Santa María Regla, [[:en:Huasca de Ocampo|Huasca de Ocampo]], [[:en:Hidalgo (state)|Hidalgo]], Mexico.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=17}}
| E20141118 = {{Potd description|1=The leisure fishing boat {{c|Maagen (ship, 1935)|Maagen (1935)}} {{c|Beaching|beached}} at {{c|Nørre Vorupør Strand|Nørre Vorupør}} by the {{c|Coasts_of_the_North_Sea_in_Denmark|North Sea Coast of Denmark}}, {{c|November_2012_in_Denmark|November 18, 2012}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=18}}
| E20141119 = {{Potd description|1=Way over a pond to reach the [[:w:Khmer|Khmer]] temple of [[:w:Neak Pean|Neak Pean]], an artificial island that belongs to the [[:w:Angkor|Angkor temple complex]], located today in Cambodia. The buddhist temple Neak Pean, part of the temple [[:en:Preah Khan|Preah Khan]] was erected by order of [[:en:Jayavarman VII|Jayavarman VII]] in the 12th century.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=19}}
| E20141120 = {{Potd description|1=View  of the small village of [[:en:Moros, Zaragoza|Moros]], province of Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain. The whole village of Moros lies on a hill, with the most relevant buildings in the top (church and former town hall), the residences in the middle and the sheep pens at the bottom. The current population of Moros is 441 people (35% of the population one century ago, that's why many houses are abandoned).|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=20}}
| E20141121 = {{Potd description|1=The [[:en:Church of St. John at Kaneo|Macedonian Orthodox church of Saint John at Kaneo]], located on the cliff over the Kaneo Beach at the [[:en:Ohrid Lake|Ohrid Lake]] nearby the city of [[:en:Ohrid|Ohrid]], Republic of Macedonia, is a pilgrimage iman in the country. The age of the cruciform-shaped temple is uncertain but it was probably erected in the middle of the 14th century.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=21}}
| E20141122 = {{Potd description|1=Winter scene of the watching tower, dam and [[:en:Mavrovo Lake|Mavrovo Lake]], [[:en:Mavrovo National Park|Mavrovo National Park]], Republic of Macedonia.  The park, founded in 1949, is the largest (of the three existing) in the country with 780 km<sup>2</sup>, while the lake has a length of 10 km and a width of 5 km.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=22}}
| E20141123 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Art Pavilion in Zagreb|Art Pavilion]], [[:en:Zagreb|Zagreb]], capital of Croatia. The building was finished in 1898 and is located in the heart of the city, in the [[:en:Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square|Nikola Šubić Zrinski]] Square, opposite to the [[:en:Zagreb Glavni kolodvor|Central Station]]. The pavilion, oldest gallery in the Southeast Europe, is used for exhibitions of contemporary art.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=23}}
| E20141124 = {{Potd description|1=Alexandrino Manor, the estate of [[W:Ivan Chernyshyov|Ivan Chernyshyov]], in [[W:Saint Petersburg|Saint Petersburg]]|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=24}}
| E20141125 = {{Potd description|1=Church of Santiago Tlatelolco, host of the [[:en:Colegio de Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco|Colegio de Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco]] (first European school of higher learning in the Americas), [[:en:Mexico City|Mexico City]], Mexico.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=25}}
| E20141126 = {{Potd description|1=View of [[:en:Teruel|Teruel]] at dusk from the [[:en:Tower of Iglesia de San Salvador|tower of the Church of St. Salvador]], Aragón, Spain.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=26}}
| E20141127 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Roque de Agando|Roque Agando]] (Agando rock) belongs to the [[:en:Garajonay National Park|Garajonay National Park]] ([[:en:World Heritage Site|UNESCO World Heritage Site]]) and is not far from [[:en:San Sebastián de la Gomera|San Sebastián de la Gomera]], capital of the island of [[:en:La Gomera|La Gomera]], [[:en:Canary Islands|Canary Islands]], [[:en:Spain|Spain]]. This 1251 m high [[:en:volcanic plug|volcanic plug]] is one of the landmarks of the island and has a prominence of 180 m (220 m from the south side).|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=27}}
| E20141128 = {{Potd description|1={{W|Bojnice Castle}}, [[:en:Slovakia|Slovakia]]|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=28}}
| E20141129 = {{Potd description|1=Night view of the illuminated fountain in front of Teatro Principal, [[:en:Puebla, Puebla|Puebla]], Mexico.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=29}}
| E20141130 = {{Potd description|1=The [[:en:Hill of Crosses|Hill of Crosses]] is a site of pilgrimage near [[:en:Šiauliai|Šiauliai]], in the north of Lithuania. It is believed that the first crosses were placed after the [[:en:November Uprising|November Uprising]], in the first half of the 19th century. According to an estimation the amount of crosses and crucifixes reached 100,000 back in 2006.|2=en|3=2014|4=11|5=30}}
| E20141201 = {{Potd description|1=The Arslanagić Bridge is a 80 m long and 6 m high [[:en:Ottoman Empire|Ottoman]] bridge built originally in 1574 by order of the Grand Vizier [[:en:Sokollu Mehmed Pasha|Sokollu Mehmed Pasha]], and rebuilt in 1972 in the city of [[:en:Trebinje|Trebinje]], [[:en:Bosnia and Herzegovina|Bosnia and Herzegovina]]. The bridge was an important trading link over the [[:en:Trebišnjica|Trebišnjica river]] between Novi ([[:en:Herceg Novi|Herceg Novi]] in [[:en:|Montenegro]]) and Ragusa ([[:en:Dubrovnik|Dubrovnik]] in [[:en:Croatia|Croatia]]).|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=01}}
| E20141202 = {{Potd description|1=Le sculpteur, by [[:en:Camille Lefèvre|Camille Lefèvre]].|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=02}}
| E20141203 = {{Potd description|1=Double guitar from the luthier Alexandre Voboam, Paris, 1690.
| E20141204 = {{Potd description|1=[[:Category:Mäusescheune (Kirchspiel)|Mice barn]] in Rödder ([[:Category:Kirchspiel (Dülmen)|Kirchspiel]]), [[Dülmen]], North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=04}}
| E20141205 = {{Potd description|1=Actors in the makeup process of a Koothu-P-Pattarai theater perfomance, India.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=05}}
| E20141206 = {{Potd description|1=German captain Kevin Karschau goes forward with the ball while Italian captain Davide Motaran tries to stop him, Germany vs Italy, 2014 Roller Hockey European Championship.
| E20141207 = {{Potd description|1=Red-stalked evening primrose ({{w|Oenothera rubricaulis||sv}}), flowers. {{w|Ukraine}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=07}}
| E20141208 = {{Potd description|1=Reinaldo Melián, trumpeter of Chucho Valdés & The Afro-Cuban Messengers, at a concert in Teatro Circo Price, Madrid, Spain.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=08}}
| E20141209 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Šášovský hrad|Šášovský Castle|sk}} near {{w|Žiar nad Hronom}}, {{w|Slovakia}}|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=09}}
| E20141210 = {{Potd description|1=The {{w|Church of the Savior on Blood|Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ}}, informally called ''Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood'', {{w|Saint Petersburg}}, Russia|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=10}}
| E20141211 = {{Potd description|1=Frescos of dome and ceiling in [[:en:Melk Abbey|Melk Abbey Church]] by [[:en:Johann Michael Rottmayr|Johann Michael Rottmayr]] (born on 11<sup>th</sup> December 1654)|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=11}}
| E20141212 = {{Potd description|1=''Dancing Girls Bath'' located on the ancient Courtesan Street at {{w|Hampi}}, India|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=12}}
| E20141213 = {{Potd description|1=A man with his grandson in {{w|East New Britain Province|East New Britain|en}}, {{w|Papua New Guinea}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=13}}
| E20141214 = {{Potd description|1={{c|LED Christmas lighting}} in {{c|Sct. Mathias Gade}}, {{c|Viborg|Viborg}}, {{c|Denmark}} on {{c|December 2010 in Denmark|December 14, 2010}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=14}}
| E20141215 = {{Potd description|1=Interior of the Christmas Tree, {{w|Puerta del Sol}}, {{w|Madrid}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=15}}
| E20141216 = {{Potd description|1=[[:en:Swallow's Nest|Swallow's Nest]], [[:en:Crimea|Crimea]].|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=16}}
| E20141217 = {{Potd description|1=''[[:Category:Tripedalia_cystophora|Tripedalia cystophora]]'' is a small species of  [[:Category:Carybdeida|box jellyfish]] in the family [[:en:Tripedaliidae|Tripedaliidae]]. It is native to the [[Caribbean Sea]] and the Central Indo-Pacific. Box jellyfishes are quick swimmers, and able to see, as they can have up to 24 eyes in their [[:en:Rhopalium|rhopalia]].|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=17}}
| E20141218 = {{Potd description|1=Dutch men-o'-war and other shipping in a calm by [[Willem van de Velde (II)|Willem van de Velde II]] (Baptized December 18, 1633). |2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=18}}
| E20141219 = {{Potd description|1=Bronze bead necklace ([[:Category:Bronze Age|Bronze age]], 1800-1500 BC) from the cave called "Le Cuzoul d'Armand" in [[:en:Penne, Tarn|Penne]], [[:Category:Tarn|Tarn]], France.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=19}}
| E20141220 = {{Potd description|1=Mushroom and a half, result of wind erosion, in [[:en:Timna Valley|Timna Park]], Southern Israel.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=20}}
| E20141221 = {{Potd description|1=Hills and vineyards in the [[:en:Orb (river)|Orb River]] Valley, France.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=21}}
| E20141222 = {{Potd description|1=Gatherers in a [[:en:saffron|saffron]] farm, [[:en:Torbat-e Heydarieh|Torbat-e Heydarieh]], Razavi Khorasan province, Iran.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=22}}
| E20141223 = {{Potd description|1=Pure (99.9 %) [[w:Cobalt|cobalt]] chips, [[w:Electrolysis|electrolytically refined]], as well as a high purity (99.8 % = 2N8) 1 cm<sup>3</sup> cobalt cube for comparison.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=23}}
| E20141224 = {{Potd description|1=Typical Christmas table in Serbia. |2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=24}}
| E20141225 = {{Potd description|1=Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz, Berlin.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=25}}
| E20141226 = {{Potd description|1=The construction of [[:en:Moscow International Business Center|Moscow International Business Center (Moscow-City)]] at night, March 2008.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=26}}
| E20141227 = {{Potd description|1=A [[:en:red squirrel|red squirrel]] (''[[Sciurus vulgaris]]'').|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=27}}
| E20141228 = {{Potd description|1=The Windmills of [[:w:en:Consuegra|Consuegra]] ([[:w:en:Castilla-La Mancha|Castilla-La Mancha]], Spain), seen at dusk in the image, were built in the first half of the 19th century and were proclaimed as Spanish Historical Site in 2008.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=28}}
| E20141229 = {{Potd description|1={{c|Breaking water waves|Waves breaking}} and {{c|couples at the beach|a couple}} {{c|walking people|walking}} at {{c|Sunsets of Denmark|sunset}} {{c|December 2013 in Denmark|December}} 29, 2013 at {{c|Nørre Vorupør Strand|the beach of Nørre Vorupør}}, {{c|Denmark}}.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=29}}
| E20141230 = {{Potd description|1=A [[:en:Plasma ball|Plasma ball]] photographed from above.|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=30}}
| E20141231 = {{Potd description|1={{w|Black-and-white}} photograph of {{w|Luz Station}} in {{w|São Paulo}}, Brazil|2=en|3=2014|4=12|5=31}}