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Ronja's To Do list[edit]


  • upload the rest of the Young hare photos
  • write captions for Algal bloom gallery
  • crop both Ice Forming photos, then ask for opinions
  • crop Heather, then ask for opinions
  • Vuosaari harbor: nominate for QI
  • crop Golden cantharelle picked, if result good, nominate for QI
  • redo the tilt compensation on Hole in Ice (saw down), then crop. Goal: as similar composition as possible in both saw up and saw down versions. When accomplished
  • make up my own mind about the not-yet uploaded Ice forming photos - if result is four (or more) uploaded, ask for opinions

Elsewhere - copy over ASAP[edit]

  • make own interwikilink workpage on WP en. When accomplished
    • document problem, sort it out, document solution with "riding", "horse" et co. (fi-sv iwlink mixup in particular). When accomplished
      • use Learning to mount where appropriate ("riding school" most likely)
    • check if Swedish in Finland related articles still have crossed iwlinks (problems were in de or fr or both). If problems
      • document problem, sort it out, document solution