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Photo of me reading programming books!


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Welcome to my user page! My name is Ruben Schade and I've been a member of Wikimedia Commons since 2006, and of Wikipedia since 2004. I've been a lurker most of this time, though recently I've started editing Wikipedia more seriously.

My focus (I'm sorry, that's a bad photographic pun even by my terrible standards) on Wikipedia is currently improving their jazz album catalogue, which unfortunately means I'm [necessarily] uploading fair use cover art to Wikipedia only. I'm also interested in public transport over there though, so I hope to have photos and vector art for that uploaded to my account here soon.

In the meantime, I dedicate my user page here to showing my favourite images here on the Commons :)

I'm in the process of globally changing my username from Rubenerd to RubenSchade, starting here.

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