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You might wonder...

...why I´ve thrown an unfitting file into a category that you try to keep tidy

Sorry for that. I enjoy categorizing files that are still uncategorized. It´s fun, because due to a lack of descriptions most of these pictures require googling, guessing and some detective work to even get a rough idea what they might show. And you get to meet all kinds of stuff like obscure italian sects, even obscurer argentinian muscians and most obscure vietnamese would-be nobility within just a few clicks. This means, some of this initial categorizations are just "best guesses" of someone who neither speaks the language nor knows anything about the topic. The basic idea is to put the file somewhere where someone with better knowledge might find and more aptly categorize it. My apologies if that someone is you. I feel that unsatisfiying method being still better than leaving many, sometimes valuable pictures in the limbo of an undescribed, uncategorized and therefore unfindable maintenance category. Right now, Category:Media needing categories has a backlog of around 15 months and 200,000 pictures.

...why my own uploads are less than perfect pictures

There are too many buttons and wheels on my camera and I don´t consider myself a talented photographer. My uploads are mostly pictures of cultural heritage monuments in Bavaria, taken in a joint effort to have documented them all some day . Compared to having no picture at all I feel it is better to have an unsatisfying picture until someone with more photographic aptitude comes along. You never know how long the specific building will stand the test of time (or more often the test of rising real estate prices). Feel free to request deletion as soon as a better picture is available.

...why I requested your file to be deleted

I consider myself really inventive concerning the possible educational use of any picture and would not request a deletion as long as I can think of any application at all. But if neither file name nor description nor category nor the picture itself give any clue about the content of the file, I can´t see much use for it. If a message about my deletion request pops up on your talk page, be assured that I really didn´t like to do that.

...why it takes me so long to answer questions on my talk page

Well, it is a hobby. Sometimes real life comes along and takes it´s due. I´m not yet so commons-addicted that there wouldn´t be a few days that I´m offline or otherwise commited. But I´m an "active user" in the sense of coming along from time to time (at the moment at least once a week), so earlier or later I´ll answer for sure.

...why I dare to contribute to commons although I´ve got the language abilities of a four year old

Sorry about that too. English as a lingua franca is fine for me as long as none of the native speakers expects us non-natives to really master it. Feel free to correct any mistake on this page. And don´t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help with a Germany-related question on Commons.

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