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  1. w:ab:Аҧсны Жәлар Реизара links to Category:People's Assembly of Abkhazia [Search]
  2. w:ab:Валерии Маиромиан links to Category:Valery Mayromyan [Search]
  3. w:ab:Иурии Ҷҟадуа links to Category:Jury Chkadua [Search]
  4. w:ab:Сухран Гәмба links to Category:Sukhram Gumba [Search]
  5. w:ab:Павел Лешьук links to Category:Pavel Leshchuk [Search]
  6. w:ab:Ҳуанг Хианфан links to Category:黄现璠 [Search]
  7. w:ab:Роман Бениа links to Category:Roman Benia [Search]
  8. w:ab:Европа ақалақьтә трамваитә системқәа рсиа links to Category:Trams in Charleroi [Search]
  9. w:ab:Зураб Гыцба links to Category:Zurab Gitsba [Search]
  10. w:ab:Асҭамыр Бениа links to Category:Astamur Benia [Search]
  11. w:ab:Алиас Миха-иҧа Лабахәуа links to Category:Alias Labakhua [Search]
  12. w:ab:Маҳмуд Сакалов links to Category:Makhmud Sakalov [Search]
  13. w:ab:Ҳасан Ҳаразиа links to Category:Hassan Kharazia [Search]
  14. w:ab:Манучар Бешир-оглы links to Category:Manuchar Beshir-ogly [Search]
  15. w:ab:Тимур Џьопуа links to Category:Timur Dzhopua [Search]
  16. w:ab:Виачеслав Михаил-иҧа Цыгәба links to Category:Viacheslav Tsugba [Search]
  17. w:ab:Гәдиса Гергиа links to Category:Gudisa Geria [Search]
  18. w:ab:Андреи Погосов links to Category:Andrei Pogosov [Search]
  19. w:ab:Беслан Џьопуа links to Category:Beslan Jopua [Search]
  20. w:ab:Анатолии Алҭеиба links to Category:Anatoli Alteiba [Search]
  21. w:ab:Валерии Аршба links to Category:Valery Arshba [Search]
  22. w:ab:Ирена Кәлаа links to Category:Irena Kulava [Search]
  23. w:ab:Рашид Гаисанов links to Category:Rashid Gaisanov [Search]
  24. w:ab:Виктор Висилиов links to Category:Viktor Vasilyev [Search]
  25. w:ab:Сулҭан Баикәлов links to Category:Sultan Baikulov [Search]
  26. w:ab:Нани Қардаа links to Category:Nani Kardava [Search]
  27. w:ab:Виачеслав Ҩардан links to Category:Viacheslav Vardania [Search]
  28. w:ab:Олег Етлухов links to Category:Oleg Etlukhov [Search]
  29. w:ab:Лауренс Коҕониа links to Category:Lawrence Kogonia [Search]
  30. w:ab:Жәыргьыҭ links to Category:Zugdidi, Georgia [Search]
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  31. w:ab:Сонер Гогәуа links to Category:Soner Gogua [Search]
  32. w:ab:Нодар Гәцати links to Category:Nodar Gutsati [Search]
  33. w:ab:Иурии Зыхәба links to Category:Yuri Zukhba [Search]
  34. w:ab:Нури Кәарҷиа links to Category:Nuri Kvarchia [Search]
  35. w:ab:Алықьса Ноча-иҧа Гогәуа links to Category:Alexei Gogua [Search]
  36. w:ab:Михаил Сангәлиа links to Category:Mikhail Sangulia [Search]
  37. w:ab:Едуард Дауров links to Category:Eduard Daurov [Search]
  38. w:ab:Алексеи Бекшоков links to Category:Alexei Bekshokov [Search]
  39. w:ab:Заур Адлеиба links to Category:Zaur Adleiba [Search]
  40. w:ab:Алиса Гыцба links to Category:Alisa Gitsba [Search]
  41. w:ab:Саҭбеи Ҭраҧшь links to Category:Satbei Trapsh [Search]
  42. w:ab:Емма Гамсаниа links to Category:Emma Gamsonia [Search]
  43. w:ab:Бежан Убириа links to Category:Bezhan Ubiria [Search]
  44. w:ab:Магомеҭ Исаев links to Category:Mahomet Isaev [Search]
  45. w:ab:Иурии Кереселидзе links to Category:Yuri Kereselidze [Search]
  46. w:ab:Хьыбла Герзмаа шәналыҧхьоит… links to Category:Hibla Gerzmava invites… [Search]
  47. w:ab:Европа ақалақьтә трамваитә системқәа рсиа links to Category:Coastal tram [Search]
  48. w:ab:Альберт Овсепиан links to Category:Albert Ovsepyan [Search]
  49. w:ab:Амра Агрба links to Category:Amra Agrba [Search]
  50. w:ab:Ахра links to Category:Akhra [Search]
  51. w:ab:Ҭалих Ҳәатышь links to Category:Talikh Khvatysh [Search]
  52. w:ab:Диана Чалиан links to Category:Diana Chalyan [Search]
  53. w:ab:Владимир Начач links to Category:Vladimir Nachach-ogly [Search]
  54. w:ab:Ибрагим Иаганов links to Category:Ibrahim Iaganov [Search]
  55. w:ab:Геликон-Опера links to Category:Helicon Opera [Search]
  56. w:ab:Ҭемыр Кәыҵниа links to Category:Temur Kvitsinia [Search]
  57. w:ab:Лев Аҩыӡба links to Category:Lev Avidzba [Search]
  58. w:ab:Виачеслав Апарин links to Category:Vyacheslav Aparin [Search]
  59. w:ab:Валерии Кондаков links to Category:Valery Kondakov [Search]
  60. w:ab:Гаррик Саманба links to Category:Garik Samanba [Search]
  61. w:ab:Џьорџь Хиуит links to Category:George Hewitt [Search]
  62. w:ab:Омар Кәарҷиа links to Category:Omar Kvarchia [Search]
  63. w:ab:Ирина Ракитина links to Category:Irina Rakitina [Search]
  64. w:ab:Валпараисо links to Category:Валпараисо [Search]
  65. w:ab:Инал Кетиа links to Category:Inal Ketia [Search]
  66. w:ab:Џьансыхә Бениа links to Category:Inal Ketia [Search]
  67. w:ab:Осман Џьуҕьелиа links to Category:Osman Dzhugelia [Search]
  68. w:ab:Арҭвин links to Artvin [Search]
  69. w:ab:Фанипаль links to Fanipol [Search]
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  70. w:ab:Подольск links to Podolsk [Search]
  71. w:ab:Анҭақиа links to Antakya [Search]
  72. w:ab:Биҭлис links to Bitlis [Search]
  73. w:ab:Архави links to Arhavi [Search]
  74. w:ab:Адыяман links to Adıyaman [Search]
  75. w:ab:Ардешен links to Ardeşen [Search]
  76. w:ab:Баҭман links to Batman [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-08-11T14:45:00Z; comment: Out of project scope: content was: "{{speedy|off-scope}} batman je super junak iz dc uneverziuma možete pogledati stranice batman gotham knight batman i robin i batman protiv drakule na"
      2. page was deleted at 2009-04-01T22:18:14Z; comment: Test page, please use the sandbox: content was: 'Batman: Gotham Knight' (and the only contributor was '')
      3. page was deleted at 2009-03-12T10:26:33Z; comment: Test, please use the sandbox
    • note: Category:Batman exists
  77. w:ab:Балықесир links to Balıkesir [Search]
  78. w:ab:Касҭамону links to Kastamonu [Search]
  79. w:ab:Ҟарс links to Kars [Search]
  80. w:ab:Адаҧазары links to Adapazarı [Search]

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