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  1. w:an:Lamia links to Category:Lamia [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-05-11T17:08:43Z; comment: exists as Lamia (Greece)
      2. page was deleted at 2010-01-08T09:17:25Z; comment: Empty category
  2. w:an:Lacerta bilineata links to Category:Lacerta bonnali [Search]
  3. w:an:Sistema Iberico links to Category:Sistema Iberico [Search]
  4. w:an:Dolina links to Category:Sinkhole [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-01-20T13:41:59Z; comment: Moved to Category:Sinkholes.
  5. w:an:Ermita d'a Virchen de la Vella links to Category:Category:Ermita de la Virgen de la Bella [Search]
  6. w:an:FC Bayern de Múnich links to Category:F.C. Bayern de Múnich [Search]
  7. w:an:1. FC Kaiserslautern links to Category:1.FC Kaiserslautern [Search]
  8. w:an:Mercato Central de Budapest links to Category:Grand Market Hall [Search]
  9. w:an:Ostryopsis links to Category:Ostryopsis [Search]
  10. w:an:Monesterio de Studion links to Category:Hagios Ioannes Prodromos en tois Stoudiou [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-10-19T19:19:25Z; comment: Empty category
  11. w:an:The African Queen (cinta) links to Category:The African Queen [Search]
  12. w:an:Tracktor Bowling links to Tracktor Bowling [Search]
  13. w:an:Aníbal Barca links to Hannibal [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-12-03T17:26:31Z; comment: Out of project scope -- Commons galleries are for collections of images, not text: content was: "Hannibal is de gene die een hele lange trektocht gemaakt heeft" (and the only contributor was "")
      2. page was deleted at 2012-11-12T18:37:09Z; comment: Test page or page with no valid content: content was: "i am cool an monty python is cool" (and the only contributor was "")
      3. page was deleted at 2012-03-22T14:46:01Z; comment: Out of project scope -- Commons galleries are for collections of images, not text: Test page.
    • note: Category:Hannibal exists
  14. w:an:Charles Édouard Guillaume links to Charles Edouard Guillaume [Search]
  15. w:an:Biarn links to Béarn [Search]
  16. w:an:Luciano Floridi links to Luciano Floridi [Search]
  17. w:an:George A. Romero links to George A. Romero [Search]
  18. w:an:La República (Uruguai) links to La República [Search]
  19. w:an:Basalto links to Basalto [Search]
  20. w:an:Parets del Vallès links to Parets del Vallès [Search]
  21. w:an:Latrás links to Category:Latrás [Search]
  22. w:an:Blackburn Rovers Football Club links to Category:Blackburn Rovers Football Club [Search]
  23. w:an:Corral links to Category:Pen (enclosure) [Search]
  24. w:an:La Cistérniga links to Category:Cistérniga [Search]
  25. w:an:Cartachena links to Category:Cartagena [Search]
  26. w:an:Zapo links to Category:Toad [Search]
  27. w:an:Carl Friedrich Gauss links to Category:Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß [Search]
  28. w:an:Imachen por resonancia magnetica links to Category:Magnetic Resonance Imaging [Search]
  29. w:an:Theodor Philipsen links to Category:Theodor Esbern Philipsen [Search]
  30. w:an:La Jonquera links to Category:La Jonauera [Search]
  31. w:an:Formachería links to Category:Production of cheese [Search]
  32. w:an:Stoke City Football Club links to Category:Stoke City Football Club [Search]
  33. w:an:OPEP links to Category:OPEP [Search]
  34. w:an:Gran Concepción links to Gran Concepción [Search]
  35. w:an:Bolton links to Bolton [Search]
  36. w:an:Democrito links to Democritus [Search]
  37. w:an:Robert Donat links to Robert Donat [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-11-19T15:54:13Z; comment: Empty category or gallery
  38. w:an:Masiela Lusha links to Masiela Lusha [Search]
  39. w:an:Norwich links to Norwich [Search]
  40. w:an:Dios links to Category:Dios [Search]
  41. w:an:Paradas links to Category:Paradas [Search]
  42. w:an:Maurice de Vlaminck links to Category:Maurice de Vlaminck [Search]
  43. w:an:Val de l'Aragón links to Category:Val de l'Aragón [Search]
  44. w:an:Pol links to Category:Pol [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-08-29T05:28:55Z; comment: Moved to Category:Pol, Lugo.
    • note: Pol exists
  45. w:an:Queens Park Rangers Football Club links to Category:Queens Park Rangers Football Club [Search]
  46. w:an:Villa d'Osal links to Category:Bielle [Search]
  47. w:an:Nassau links to Category:Nassau [Search]
  48. w:an:Sant Hadrián de Sasau links to Category:Church of San Hadrián de Sásabe, Borau [Search]
  49. w:an:Sant Just Desvern links to Category:San Just Desvern [Search]
  50. w:an:Karrantza links to Category:Carranza [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-02-17T20:58:25Z; comment: category moved to the correct name
  51. w:an:Ibarrangelu links to Category:Ibarrangelua [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-03-18T18:12:49Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Ibarrangelu
  52. w:an:Amygdalus links to Category:Amygdalus (subgenus) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-10T00:41:59Z; comment: content was: 'The subgenus Amygdalus includes peaches and almonds. Category:Prunus' (and the only contributor was 'Erin Silversmith')
  53. w:an:Premio Nobel de Fisica links to Category:Nobel Prize in Physics winners [Search]
  54. w:an:Güesa (Navarra) links to Category:Güesa - Gorza [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-02-04T22:40:17Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Güesa-Gorza
  55. w:an:Chuegos Olimpicos de Helsinki 1952 links to Category:Category:1952 Summer Olympics [Search]
  56. w:an:West Bromwich Albion Football Club links to Category:West Bromwich Albion Football Club [Search]
  57. w:an:Liverpool Football Club links to Category:Liverpool Football Club [Search]
  58. w:an:Lu Palau links to Category:Palau (Sardegna) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-28T08:24:59Z; comment: Unused and implausible, broken, or cross-namespace redirects: content was: "{{Category redirect|Palau (Sardinia)}}"
    • note: Palau (Sardegna) exists
  59. w:an:Chis links to Category:Chris [Search]
  60. w:an:Petronio links to Category:Petronius [Search]
  61. w:an:Solsona links to Solsona [Search]
  62. w:an:Alytes dickhilleni links to Alytes dickhilleni [Search]
  63. w:an:Francisco II de Bretanya links to François II de Bretagne [Search]
  64. w:an:Hualqui links to Hualqui [Search]
  65. w:an:Stendhal links to Stendhal) [Search]
  66. w:an:Mikhail Bakunin links to Mihaíl Bakunin [Search]
  67. w:an:The Grapes of Wrath (cinta) links to The Grapes of Wrath (film) [Search]
  68. w:an:Brunyola links to Brunyola [Search]
  69. w:an:La Llagosta links to La Llagosta [Search]
  70. w:an:Cordoba links to Category:Córdoba (Spain) [Search]
  71. w:an:Zebra links to Category:Category:Zebras [Search]
  72. w:an:Rinyón links to Category:Kidney [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-01-31T18:46:17Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{tlx|Translation table|inline=o|hidetitle=o|width=100% |af=Nier |an=Riñón |ar=كلية |az=Böyrəklər |bg=Бъбрек |bn=:
    • note: Kidney exists
  73. w:an:Los Angles (Altos Pireneus) links to Category:Les Angles (Hautes-Pyrénées) [Search]
  74. w:an:El Port de la Selva links to Category:Port de la Selva [Search]
  75. w:an:Naso links to Category:Nose [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-10-06T17:49:24Z; comment: Moved to Category:Noses.
    • note: Nose exists
  76. w:an:Granera links to Granera [Search]
  77. w:an:Basilica de Sant Esteban de Budapest links to Saint Stephen's Basilica (Budapest) [Search]
  78. w:an:El País (Uruguai) links to El País [Search]
  79. w:an:Alytes cisternasii links to Alytes cisternasii [Search]
  80. w:an:Jean Dujardin links to Jean Dujardin [Search]
  81. w:an:Monesterio de Dag Shang Kagyü links to Dag Shang Kagyü [Search]
  82. w:an:Cardedeu links to Cardedeu [Search]
  83. w:an:Gustave Garrigou links to Gustave Garrigou [Search]
  84. w:an:Charles Chaplin links to Charles Chaplin [Search]
  85. w:an:Río Saona links to Saône [Search]
  86. w:an:George Gissing links to George Gissing [Search]
  87. w:an:Calocybe links to Calocybe [Search]
  88. w:an:Fogars de Montclús links to Fogars de Montclús [Search]
  89. w:an:Os Simpson links to The Simpson [Search]
  90. w:an:Universidat de Salamanca links to Universidad de Salamanca [Search]
  91. w:an:Étienne Mourrut links to Étienne Mourrut [Search]
  92. w:an:Sukhumi links to Sukhumi [Search]
  93. w:an:Burgas links to Burgas [Search]
  94. w:an:Idioma vasco links to Basque language [Search]
  95. w:an:Chillán links to Chillán [Search]
  96. w:an:Bild links to Bild [Search]
  97. w:an:Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana links to Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana [Search]
  98. w:an:My Man Godfrey links to Category:My Man Godfrey (cinta) [Search]
  99. w:an:Friedrich von Schiller links to Category:Friedrich von Schiller [Search]
  100. w:an:José Ferrer (actor) links to Category:Jose Ferrer [Search]
  101. w:an:Antoine Lavoisier links to Category:Antoine Lavoisier [Search]
  102. w:an:Massy (Essonne) links to Category:Massy [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-09-07T07:39:44Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content before blanking was: 'Category:Massy (Essonne)'
  103. w:an:Arsenal Football Club links to Category:Arsenal Football Club [Search]
  104. w:an:La Unión (Murcia) links to Category:La Unión (Espanya) [Search]
  105. w:an:Universidat Hebrea de Cherusalem links to Category:Universidat Hebrea de Cherusalem [Search]
  106. w:an:Sant Francisco Xabier links to Category:Saint François Xavier [Search]
  107. w:an:Rudolf Christoph Eucken links to Category:Rudolf Christoph Eucken [Search]
  108. w:an:Swansea City Association Football Club links to Category:Swansea City Association Football Club [Search]
  109. w:an:Everton Football Club links to Category:Everton Football Club [Search]
  110. w:an:Futebol Clube do Porto links to Category:Futebol Clube do Porto [Search]
  111. w:an:Coelodonta antiquitatis links to Category:Coelodonta antiquitatis [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-10-05T18:44:59Z; comment: Redundant, monotypic
  112. w:an:Premios d'o Cine Europeu links to Category:European Film Awards [Search]
  113. w:an:Bayer 04 Leverkusen links to Category:Bayer 04 Leverkusen [Search]
  114. w:an:Galera links to Category:Galley [Search]
  115. w:an:Luciano de Samosata links to Category:Lucian [Search]
  116. w:an:Fulham Football Club links to Category:Fulham Football Club [Search]
  117. w:an:Carlos XVI Gustavo de Suecia links to Category:Kung Carl XVI Gustaf av Sverige [Search]
  118. w:an:Meta (Campania) links to Category:Meta (NA) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-04-13T12:37:01Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Meta, Italy
  119. w:an:SC Beira-Mar links to Category:SC Beira-Mar [Search]
  120. w:an:Dakar links to Category:Category:Dakar [Search]
  121. w:an:H. Jon Benjamin links to H. Jon Benjamin [Search]
  122. w:an:Giacomo Matteotti links to Giacomo Matteotti [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-11-16T04:06:06Z; comment: Empty category or gallery
    • note: Category:Giacomo Matteotti exists
  123. w:an:Charles Cornwallis links to Cornwallis [Search]
  124. w:an:Raymond Massey links to Raymond Massey [Search]
  125. w:an:Ilesia de Matías de Budapest links to Matthias Church (Budapest) [Search]
  126. w:an:Pomarés links to Pomarez [Search]
  127. w:an:Natrix maura links to ''Natrix maura'' [Search]
  128. w:an:Pío Baroja links to Pío Baroja [Search]
  129. w:an:Steffi Graf links to Steffi Graf [Search]
  130. w:an:Hanna Reitsch links to Hanna Reitsch [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2006-05-04T23:58:41Z; comment: Article without media
    • note: Category:Hanna Reitsch exists
  131. w:an:Ixugadera links to Category:Clothes dryer [Search]
  132. w:an:Constancio Cloro links to Category:Constantius Chlorus [Search]
  133. w:an:Forno links to Category:Furnace [Search]
  134. w:an:Senyes links to Category:Senyes [Search]
  135. w:an:Dioclecián links to Category:Diocletian [Search]
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    • note: Diocletian exists
  136. w:an:Nuraga links to Category:Nuraghes [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-07-31T18:15:42Z; comment: Empty category: content was: '{{speedydelete|wrong category name, Italian plural is "Nuraghi". Category "Nuraghi replaces this one.}}'
  137. w:an:Dublín links to Category:Dublin - Baile Átha Cliath [Search]
  138. w:an:Barca links to Category:Boat [Search]
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      2. page was deleted at 2007-05-08T13:29:16Z; comment: content was: '{{category redirect |Boats}}Boat'
    • note: Boat exists
  139. w:an:Michaelerplatz links to Category:Michaelerplatz [Search]
  140. w:an:Épinay-sous-Sénart links to Category:Épinay-sous-Senart [Search]
  141. w:an:Stoke-on-Trent links to Stoke-on-Trent [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-11-15T21:37:57Z; comment: Page is test, spam, vandalism or bot created: content was: '{{speedydelete|Out of scope}}'
    • note: Category:Stoke-on-Trent exists
  142. w:an:The Times of India links to The Times of India [Search]
  143. w:an:Ingrid Thulin links to Ingrid Thulin [Search]
  144. w:an:Front de Gauche links to Front de Gauche [Search]
  145. w:an:Alamedilla links to Alamedilla [Search]
  146. w:an:Batalla d'Eylau links to Battle of Eylau [Search]
  147. w:an:Unión metropolitana de l'Alta Silesia links to Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-01-23T20:22:09Z; comment: content was: '{{delete|Bad name}}'
  148. w:an:Alytes links to Alytes [Search]
  149. w:an:Alytes maurus links to Alytes maurus [Search]
  150. w:an:Octave Lapize links to Octave Lapize [Search]
  151. w:an:Armata de Chile links to Chilean Navy [Search]
  152. w:an:Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente links to Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-03-12T20:00:54Z; comment: User intended to create a category but did not use "Category:" as the prefix
    • note: Category:Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente exists
  153. w:an:Castellán chileno links to Chilean Spanish [Search]
  154. w:an:Front National (Francia) links to Front National [Search]
  155. w:an:Hierophis viridiflavus links to ''Hierophis viridiflavus'' [Search]
  156. w:an:Manchester United Football Club links to Category:Manchester United Football Club [Search]
  157. w:an:Darmstadt links to Category:Darmstadt, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-06-28T09:51:23Z; comment: Robot: Category was moved to Darmstadt
  158. w:an:Gori links to Category:Gori [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-09T09:17:58Z; comment: Category:Gori moved to Category:Gori, Georgia
  159. w:an:Hamburgo links to Category:Hamburg, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-05-08T19:55:53Z; comment: useless category, see Category:Hamburg. content was: '#REDIRECTCategory:Hamburg' (and the only contributor was User:GeorgHH)
      2. page was deleted at 2007-03-06T20:38:36Z; comment: moved
  160. w:an:John Cale links to Category:Johe Cale [Search]
  161. w:an:Villabuena de Álava links to Category:Villabuena de Álava/Eskuernaga [Search]
  162. w:an:Uncastiello links to Category:Uncastiello [Search]
  163. w:an:Chelsea Football Club links to Category:Chelsea Football Club [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-10-02T13:39:31Z; comment: content was: '{{delete|wrong name}}'
  164. w:an:Chang Taeksang links to Category:Chang Taeksang [Search]
  165. w:an:Genetta cristata links to Category:Genetta crestata [Search]
  166. w:an:Miguel Serveto y Conesa links to Category:Miguel Serveto [Search]
  167. w:an:Lerma links to Category:Lerma [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-07T09:14:56Z; comment: Category:Lerma moved to Category:Lerma (Burgos)
    • note: Lerma exists
  168. w:an:Club Atlético de Madrid links to Category:Club Atlético de Madrid [Search]
  169. w:an:Brevìe links to Category:Belvi [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-05-05T13:22:23Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Belvì
  170. w:an:Timon lepidus links to Category:Lacerta lepida [Search]
  171. w:an:Saint-Savin (Altos Pireneus) links to Category:Saint-Savin (Hautes-Pyrénées) [Search]
  172. w:an:Chuegos Olimpicos d'Amsterdam 1928 links to Category:Category:1928 Summer Olympics [Search]
  173. w:an:Pierre Teilhard de Chardin links to Category:Pierre Teilhard de Chardin [Search]
  174. w:an:Aeropuerto de Beauvais Tillé links to Category:Aéroport de Beauvais-Tillé [Search]
  175. w:an:Numancia links to Numancia [Search]
  176. w:an:Ron Perlman links to Ron Pearlman [Search]
  177. w:an:Felipe III d'Aragón links to Felipe IV de Espanya [Search]
  178. w:an:Santa Rosa de Lima links to Saint Rose of Lima [Search]
  179. w:an:Gamarde links to Gamarde-les-Bains [Search]
  180. w:an:Peter Ustinov links to Peter Ustinov [Search]
  181. w:an:Pero I de Portugal links to Peter I of Portugal [Search]
  182. w:an:Dacs links to Dax, Landes [Search]
  183. w:an:Pitagoras links to Phytagoras [Search]
  184. w:an:Plovdiv links to Plovdiv [Search]
  185. w:an:Avena (chenero) links to Category:Avena (chenero) [Search]
  186. w:an:Von Ryan's Express links to Category:Von Ryan's Express [Search]
  187. w:an:Guant de boxeyar links to Category:Boxing Gloves [Search]
  188. w:an:Aston Villa Football Club links to Category:Aston Villa Football Club [Search]
  189. w:an:Casas tipicas de Santana links to Category:Santana typical houses [Search]
  190. w:an:Frederico III de Dinamarca links to Category:Frederik III of Denmark [Search]
  191. w:an:Laren (Holanda Septentrional) links to Category:Laren [Search]
  192. w:an:Costa-Gavras links to Costa-Gavras [Search]
  193. w:an:Carrera de Sant Chaime links to Milky Way Galaxy [Search]
  194. w:an:Sant Celoni links to Sant Celoni [Search]
  195. w:an:Angol links to Angol [Search]
  196. w:an:Wilhelm Emil Meerwein links to Wilhelm Emil Meerwein [Search]
  197. w:an:Castellterçol links to Castellterçol [Search]
  198. w:an:Klaus Kinski links to Klaus Kinski [Search]
  199. w:an:Equus ferus links to Equus ferus ferus [Search]
  200. w:an:Vicepresident d'Estatos Unitos links to Vicepresident of the United States [Search]
  201. w:an:Teulada (Alicant) links to Teulada (Marina Alta) [Search]
  202. w:an:Sunderland links to Sunderland [Search]
  203. w:an:David Villa links to David Villa [Search]
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    • note: Category:David Villa exists
  204. w:an:Parti Socialiste (Francia) links to Parti Socialiste [Search]
  205. w:an:Rana pyrenaica links to Rana pyrenaica [Search]
  206. w:an:Trujillo (Cáceres) links to Trujillo [Search]
  207. w:an:Caravaca de la Cruz links to Caravaca de la Cruz [Search]
  208. w:an:Ezra Pound links to Ezra Pound [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-10-30T19:32:48Z; comment: Empty gallery
    • note: Category:Ezra Pound exists
  209. w:an:Río Guadalop links to Category:Category:Guadalope river [Search]
  210. w:an:Foces links to Category:Foces [Search]
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  211. w:an:Islas Balears links to Category:Islas Baleares [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2006-05-07T06:25:51Z; comment: content was: '{{category redirect|Illes Balears}}{{delete}}Incorrect name{{tlx|ca|Avís:Aquesta pàgina ha d'estar buida, i tots els seus articles es mouran a [[:...'
    • note: Islas Baleares exists
  212. w:an:Pieris brassicae wollastoni links to Category:Pieris brassicae wollastoni [Search]
  213. w:an:Montastruc (Altos Pireneus) links to Category:Montastruc, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-12-24T12:24:03Z; comment: Unused and implausible, broken, or cross-namespace redirect
  214. w:an:Associação Académica de Coimbra links to Category:Académica de Coimbra [Search]
  215. w:an:Wigan Athletic Football Club links to Category:Wigan Athletic Football Club [Search]
  216. w:an:Norwich City Football Club links to Category:Norwich City Football Club [Search]
  217. w:an:Carelia links to Category:Kerlia [Search]
  218. w:an:Manchester City Football Club links to Category:Manchester City Football Club [Search]
  219. w:an:Albin Stenroos links to Category:Albin Stenroos [Search]
  220. w:an:Alfama de Murcia links to Category:Alfama de Murcia [Search]
  221. w:an:The Ramones links to The Ramones [Search]
  222. w:an:Cynops wolterstorffi links to Hypselotriton wolterstorffi [Search]
  223. w:an:Jim Carrey links to Jim Carrey [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-10-06T05:53:17Z; comment: Empty category or gallery
    • note: Category:Jim Carrey exists
  224. w:an:Alto Galligo links to Alto Gállego [Search]
  225. w:an:Felipe I d'Aragón links to Felipe II de Espanya [Search]
  226. w:an:Melvin Calvin links to Melvin Calvin [Search]
  227. w:an:Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club links to Category:Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club [Search]
  228. w:an:Premio Nobel de Literatura links to Category:Nobel Prize in Literature winners [Search]
  229. w:an:Universidat de Galas links to Category:Wales University [Search]
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