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  1. w:ast:Capa d'ozonu links to Ozone layer [Search]
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      2. page was deleted at 2006-03-05T20:11:44Z; comment: Nonsense
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    • note: Category:Ozone layer exists
  2. w:ast:Jefferson City (Missouri) links to Jefferson City, Missouri [Search]
  3. w:ast:Florida links to Categoría:Florida [Search]
  4. w:ast:Salem links to Categoría:Salem, Oregon [Search]
  5. w:ast:Albania links to Categoría:Albania [Search]
  6. w:ast:Boise links to Categoría:Boise, Idaho [Search]
  7. w:ast:Cheyenne (Wyoming) links to Categoría:Cheyenne, Wyoming [Search]
  8. w:ast:Curva links to Curves [Search]
  9. w:ast:Xudea links to Categoría:Judean Desert [Search]
  10. w:ast:Las Cruces links to Las Cruces, New Mexico [Search]
  11. w:ast:Baton Rouge links to Baton Rouge, Louisiana [Search]
  12. w:ast:Triángulu rectángulu links to Right triangles [Search]
  13. w:ast:Little Rock links to Categoría:Little Rock, Arkansas [Search]
  14. w:ast:Ubuntu Studio links to Ubuntu Studio [Search]
  15. w:ast:Saint Paul (Minnesota) links to Saint Paul, Minnesota [Search]
  16. w:ast:Xuntanza Metropolitana d'Alta Silesia links to Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-01-23T20:22:09Z; comment: content was: '{{delete|Bad name}}'
  17. w:ast:Hoplita links to Categoría:Hoplita [Search]
  18. w:ast:Kolomna links to Kolomna [Search]
  19. w:ast:Chuck Berry links to Chuck Berry [Search]
  20. w:ast:Homero links to Homeros [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-01-14T15:29:45Z; comment: content was: '#REDIRECT Category:Homer'
  21. w:ast:Wushu (deporte) links to Category:Wushu (deporte) [Search]
  22. w:ast:Estadiu Giuseppe Meazza links to Category:Stadion Giuseppe Meazzy [Search]
  23. w:ast:Hagerstown links to Category:Category:Hagerstown, Maryland [Search]
  24. w:ast:Annapolis links to Category:Category:Annapolis, Maryland [Search]
  25. w:ast:Thomas Gleb links to Category:Thomas Gleb [Search]
  26. w:ast:Provincia de Concepción (Chile) links to Category:Concepción Province, Chile [Search]
  27. w:ast:Frederick links to Category:Category:Frederick, Maryland [Search]
  28. w:ast:Llaviana links to Category:Llaviana [Search]
  29. w:ast:Ipheion links to Category:Ipheion [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-07-31T18:18:50Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Tristagma
  30. w:ast:Ricardo Montalbán links to Category:Ricardo Montalban [Search]
  31. w:ast:Seminariu de Málaga links to Category:Seminariu de Málaga [Search]
  32. w:ast:San Carlos (Chile) links to Category:San Carlos [Search]
  33. w:ast:Presa d'Asuán links to Category:Aswan Dam [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-07-22T13:58:40Z; comment: content was: '{{bad name|Category:Aswan High Dam}}'
  34. w:ast:Vollègues links to Category:Vollègues [Search]
  35. w:ast:Yin y Yang links to Category:Yin Yang [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2007-08-24T00:12:50Z; comment: empty category
    • note: Yin Yang exists
  36. w:ast:Buque de carga xeneral links to Category:Xeneral cargu ships [Search]
  37. w:ast:Faru de Camarinal links to Category:Faru de Punta Camarinal [Search]
  38. w:ast:Testil links to Category:Testiles [Search]
  39. w:ast:Acanthiza inornata links to Category:Acanthiza inornata [Search]
  40. w:ast:Tabernaemontaneae links to Category:Tabernaemontaneae [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-02-24T19:05:04Z; comment: empty category - ReinDeel33t
  41. w:ast:Bruxeles links to Category:Bruxelles - Brussel [Search]
  42. w:ast:Weldon Spring (Misuri) links to Category:Weldon Spring, Missouri [Search]
  43. w:ast:Ursus arctos links to Category:Ursus Arctos [Search]
  44. w:ast:Agries hewitsonius links to Category:Agries hewitsonius [Search]
  45. w:ast:Turtmann links to Category:Turtamann [Search]
  46. w:ast:Santu Adrianu links to Category:Santu Adrianu [Search]
  47. w:ast:Guantes de boxéu links to Category:Guantes de boxéu [Search]
  48. w:ast:Cheroqui links to Category:Chérokee [Search]
  49. w:ast:Simboloxía del franquismu links to Category:Simboloxía del franquismu [Search]
  50. w:ast:Hochwald links to Category:Hochwald [Search]
  51. w:ast:Perú links to Category:Perú [Search]
  52. w:ast:Muséu del Pueblu d'Asturies links to Category:Muséu del Pueblu d'Asturies [Search]
  53. w:ast:Raúl links to Category:Raúl González Blanco [Search]
  54. w:ast:Požega links to Category:Požega [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-14T21:21:12Z; comment: Empty category
  55. w:ast:Microtus oregoni links to Category:Microtus oregoni [Search]
  56. w:ast:Acueductu links to Category:Aqueduct [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2011-03-16T08:27:15Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Aqueducts
    • note: Aqueduct exists
  57. w:ast:Morihei Ueshiba links to Category:Morihei Ueshiba [Search]
  58. w:ast:Cuentu de faes links to Category:Fairy tal [Search]
  59. w:ast:Cystodiaceae links to Category:Cystodiaceae [Search]
  60. w:ast:Muséu de la Guerra d'Atenes links to Category:War Museum in Athens [Search]
  61. w:ast:Rascacielos links to Category:Skycrapers [Search]
  62. w:ast:Castala links to Category:Castala, Almería [Search]
  63. w:ast:Comunes de Suiza links to Category:Municipalities of Switzerland [Search]
  64. w:ast:Xunque links to Category:Anvil [Search]
  65. w:ast:Gy (Xinebra) links to Category:Gy GUE [Search]
  66. w:ast:Eopsaltria xeorxana links to Category:Eopsaltria xeorxana [Search]
  67. w:ast:Jiu-jitsu brasileñu links to Category:Jiu-jitsu brasileñu [Search]
  68. w:ast:Dover (Delaware) links to Categoría:Dover, Delaware [Search]
  69. w:ast:Pólvora links to Gunpowder [Search]
  70. w:ast:Bubalus bubalis carabanesis links to Bubalus bubalis carabanesis [Search]
  71. w:ast:Uraniu links to Archivu:Electron shell 092 Uranium.svg [Search]
  72. w:ast:Tamerlán links to Timur [Search]
  73. w:ast:Cabilia links to Kabylie [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2007-02-28T18:00:04Z; comment: content was: 'j'aime lounés' (and the only contributor was User:
    • note: Category:Kabylie exists
  74. w:ast:Pexe links to Categoría:pisces [Search]
  75. w:ast:Octave Mirbeau links to Octave Mirbeau [Search]
  76. w:ast:Armada de Chile links to Chilean Navy [Search]
  77. w:ast:Eslovaquia links to Categoría:Slovakia [Search]
  78. w:ast:Congresu links to Legislatures [Search]
  79. w:ast:Cereal links to Cereals [Search]
  80. w:ast:Farmacia links to Farmacia [Search]
  81. w:ast:Aequorea links to Aequorea [Search]
  82. w:ast:Michigan links to Categoría:Michigan [Search]
  83. w:ast:Cardiocrinum giganteum links to Cardiocrinum giganteum [Search]
  84. w:ast:Cardamine bulbosa links to Cardamine bulbosa [Search]
  85. w:ast:Universidá pa la Paz links to University for Peace [Search]
  86. w:ast:Musée de l'Armée links to Musée de l'armée [Search]
  87. w:ast:Arabis kennedyae links to Arabis [Search]
  88. w:ast:Gran Concepción links to Gran Concepción [Search]
  89. w:ast:Islles Chafarines links to Chafarinas [Search]
  90. w:ast:Phoenix links to Categoría:Phoenix, Arizona [Search]
  91. w:ast:Santa Llucía links to Categoría:Saint Lucia [Search]
  92. w:ast:Boechera crandallii links to Boechera [Search]
  93. w:ast:Rombu links to Rhombus [Search]
  94. w:ast:Tallahassee links to Categoría:Tallahassee, Florida [Search]
  95. w:ast:Pigazzano links to Pigazzano [Search]
  96. w:ast:Juneau links to Categoría:Juneau, Alaska [Search]
  97. w:ast:Dario Fo links to Dario Fo [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2007-10-21T09:14:29Z; comment: content was: '#REDIRECT [[:[[:Media:Deutsch: Du bearbeitest unangemeldet (anmelden). Statt eines Benutzernamens wird die IP-Adresse in der Versionsgeschichte aufgezei...' (and the only contributor was User:
    • note: Category:Dario Fo exists
  98. w:ast:Bimenes links to Bimenes [Search]
  99. w:ast:Louis-Ferdinand Céline links to Louis-Ferdinand Céline [Search]
  100. w:ast:Hexágonu links to Hexagon [Search]
  101. w:ast:1 de setiembre links to 1 September [Search]
  102. w:ast:Camín de Santiago links to Camín de Santiago [Search]
  103. w:ast:Teoría del Big Bang links to Big bang [Search]
  104. w:ast:Estadiu Santiago Bernabeu links to Santiago Bernabéu [Search]
  105. w:ast:Llave links to Keys [Search]
  106. w:ast:Mecanismu d'Antikythera links to Linkage (Antikythera Mechanism) [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-13T02:21:58Z; comment: Commons:Deletion requests/Linkage (Antikythera Mechanism): It contains nothing the category it is inside doesn't have and seems to have been created for no reason. If anything links here it should be redirected to the main category.
  107. w:ast:Plauto links to Plautus [Search]
  108. w:ast:Acteón links to Categoría:Actaeon [Search]
  109. w:ast:Olivier Estoppey links to Category:Olivier Estoppey [Search]
  110. w:ast:Sobriu links to Category:Sobriu [Search]
  111. w:ast:Kosovu links to Category:Kosova [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2006-05-23T19:43:47Z; comment: content was: '{{delete}}{{category redirect|Kosovo}}'
    • note: Kosova exists
  112. w:ast:Montes Wudang links to Category:Montes Wudang [Search]
  113. w:ast:Ponferrada links to Category:Category:León [Search]
  114. w:ast:Universidá Niccolò Cusano links to Category:Universities degli Studi Niccolò Cusano [Search]
  115. w:ast:El Bierzu links to Category:El Bierzo [Search]
    • 2 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2010-11-14T15:42:49Z; comment: empty category
      2. page was deleted at 2010-07-29T16:40:28Z; comment: empty category
  116. w:ast:La Neña links to Category:Neña (ship) [Search]
  117. w:ast:Ríu Andalién links to Category:Andalién River [Search]
  118. w:ast:Xaronca (xuegu) links to Category:Xuegu de la xaronca [Search]
  119. w:ast:Reñaca links to Category:Reñaca [Search]
  120. w:ast:Zancarru links to Category:Zancarru [Search]
  121. w:ast:Avalanch links to Category:Category:Avalanch [Search]
  122. w:ast:San Fabián links to Category:San Fabián [Search]
  123. w:ast:Gaspar Melchor de Xovellanos links to Category:Gaspar Melchor de Xovellanos [Search]

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