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  1. w:be-x-old:Rattus giluwensis links to Category:Rattus giluwensis [Search]
  2. w:be-x-old:Хірацэфалюс жазэфіна links to Category:Chirocephalus josephinae [Search]
  3. w:be-x-old:Рэдніц links to Category:Category:Rednitz [Search]
  4. w:be-x-old:Rattus andamanensis links to Category:Rattus andamanensis [Search]
  5. w:be-x-old:Мошкаедныя links to Category:Eulipothyphla [Search]
  6. w:be-x-old:Франсвіль links to Category:Franceville [Search]
  7. w:be-x-old:Трыест links to Category:Triest [Search]
  8. w:be-x-old:Апэ links to Category:Apė [Search]
  9. w:be-x-old:Аўцэ links to Category:Apė [Search]
  10. w:be-x-old:Rattus villosissimus links to Category:Rattus villosissimus [Search]
  11. w:be-x-old:Базыліка сьвятога арханёла Міхаіла (Кракаў) links to Category:Category:Church of St. Stanislaus in Kraków [Search]
  12. w:be-x-old:Rattus bontanus links to Category:Rattus bontanus [Search]
  13. w:be-x-old:По (горад у Францыі) links to Category:Pau [Search]
  14. w:be-x-old:Ломэ links to Category:Lomé [Search]
  15. w:be-x-old:Rattus hainaldi links to Category:Rattus hainaldi [Search]
  16. w:be-x-old:Соевыя бабы links to Category:Soybean [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-04-19T14:51:48Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: 'Soybeans (US) or soya beans (UK) (Glycine max) are a high-protein legume (Family Fabaceae) grown as food for both humans and livestock. The word soy comes from Japanese shoyu. Category:Crops Category:Beans [[:
    • note: Soybean exists
  17. w:be-x-old:Алігатаравыя links to Alligatoridae [Search]
  18. w:be-x-old:Mark I links to Mark I tank [Search]
  19. w:be-x-old:Сэксард links to Szekszárd [Search]
  20. w:be-x-old:Пангаліны links to Pholidota [Search]
  21. w:be-x-old:Краслаўка links to Krāslava [Search]
  22. w:be-x-old:Вампіры (кажаны) links to Desmodontinae [Search]
  23. w:be-x-old:Бакашыйныя чарапахі links to Pleurodira [Search]
  24. w:be-x-old:Нова-Горыца links to Nova Gorica municipality [Search]
  25. w:be-x-old:Камянец-Падольскі links to Kamyanets Podilsky [Search]
  26. w:be-x-old:Янікова links to Janikowo [Search]
  27. w:be-x-old:Кечкемэт links to Kecskemét [Search]
  28. w:be-x-old:Татабанья links to Tatabánya [Search]
  29. w:be-x-old:Дэбрэцэн links to Debrecen [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2006-04-11T09:16:59Z; comment: text only
    • note: Category:Debrecen exists
  30. w:be-x-old:Афіюры links to Ophiuroidea [Search]
  31. w:be-x-old:Керч links to Kerch [Search]
  32. w:be-x-old:Акула-вялікарот links to Megachasma pelagios [Search]
  33. w:be-x-old:Вішня links to Cerasus [Search]
    • 2 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-11T07:21:40Z; comment: Broken or orphaned redirect: content was: '#REDIRECT Category:Cerasus (subgenus)'
      2. page was moved to Cerasus (subgenus) at 2006-02-23T03:27:42Z; comment: To avoid confusion with the species name
    • note: Category:Cerasus exists
  34. w:be-x-old:Кляшчэлі links to Kleszczele [Search]
  35. w:be-x-old:Пячора (горад) links to Pechora [Search]
  36. w:be-x-old:Новарасейск links to Novorossiysk [Search]
  37. w:be-x-old:Шэрыя акулы links to Carcharhinidae [Search]
  38. w:be-x-old:Сытатунга links to Category:Tragelaphus spekei [Search]
  39. w:be-x-old:Базыліка сьвятога Крыжа (Варшава) links to Category:Category:Church of Holy Cross in Warsaw [Search]
  40. w:be-x-old:Талінская ратуша links to Category:Category:Tallinn Town Hall [Search]
  41. w:be-x-old:Катэдральны Сабор Сьвятога Марціна (Браціслава) links to Category:Category:Katedrála Sv. Martina, Bratislava [Search]
  42. w:be-x-old:Эйфэлева вежа links to Category:Category:Eiffel Tower [Search]
  43. w:be-x-old:Кальварыя (горад) links to Category:Kalvarija, Lithuania [Search]
  44. w:be-x-old:Паўзуны links to Category:Reptile [Search]
  45. w:be-x-old:Eresus cinnaberinus links to Category:Eresus cinnaberinus [Search]
  46. w:be-x-old:Францішак (папа рымскі) links to Category:Pope Francis I [Search]
  47. w:be-x-old:Rattus korinchi links to Category:Rattus korinchi [Search]
  48. w:be-x-old:Лельчыцкі раён links to Category:Lelčycy district [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-15T00:02:07Z; comment: Empty category
  49. w:be-x-old:Жлобінскі раён links to Category:Category:Zhlobin district [Search]
  50. w:be-x-old:Буча (горад) links to Category:Bucha, Ukraine [Search]
  51. w:be-x-old:Рэспубліка Комі links to Category:Komi Republic [Search]
  52. w:be-x-old:Красны links to Category:Krasny [Search]
  53. w:be-x-old:Нукуалофа links to Category:Nukuʻalofa [Search]
  54. w:be-x-old:Царква прытулку сьвятога Яна (Талін) links to Category:Church of St John’s almshouse [Search]
  55. w:be-x-old:Rattus hoogerwerfi links to Category:Rattus hoogerwerfi [Search]
  56. w:be-x-old:Rattus stoicus links to Category:Rattus stoicus [Search]
  57. w:be-x-old:Rattus leucopus links to Category:Rattus leucopus [Search]
  58. w:be-x-old:Rattus burrus links to Category:Rattus burrus [Search]
  59. w:be-x-old:Амазонка links to Category:Category:Amazon River [Search]
  60. w:be-x-old:Rattus mordax links to Category:Rattus mordax [Search]
  61. w:be-x-old:Rattus montanus links to Category:Rattus montanus [Search]
  62. w:be-x-old:Хуанхэ links to Category:Category:Huang He [Search]
  63. w:be-x-old:Брусэльскі сталічны рэгіён links to Category:Bruxelles – Brussel [Search]
  64. w:be-x-old:Аральская шамая links to Category:Chalcalburnus chalcoides aralensis [Search]
  65. w:be-x-old:Конга (рака) links to Category:Category:Congo River [Search]
  66. w:be-x-old:Rattus colletti links to Category:Rattus colletti [Search]
  67. w:be-x-old:Rattus annandalei links to Category:Rattus annandalei [Search]
  68. w:be-x-old:Галавень links to Category:Leuciscus cephalus [Search]
  69. w:be-x-old:Rattus xanthurus links to Category:Rattus xanthurus [Search]
  70. w:be-x-old:Rattus jobiensis links to Category:Rattus jobiensis [Search]
  71. w:be-x-old:Вуліца Пралетарская (Гомель) links to Category:Proleterskaya Street [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-12-13T11:11:17Z; comment: The category is empty
  72. w:be-x-old:Хаім Суцін links to Category:Category:Chaim Soutine [Search]
  73. w:be-x-old:Люіза Буржуа links to Category:Category:Louise Bourgeois [Search]
  74. w:be-x-old:Берасьцейская крэпасьць links to Category:Category:Brest Fortress [Search]
  75. w:be-x-old:Касьцёл Сьвятога Тамаша Аквінскага і кляштар дамініканаў (Менск) links to Category:Category:Catholic Church of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Monastery of Dominican [Search]
  76. w:be-x-old:Вялейскі раён links to Category:Vialejka district [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-02-17T13:51:44Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{delete}}' (and the only contributor was 'Kazimier Lachnovič')
  77. w:be-x-old:Касьцёл Сьвятых апосталаў Пятра і Паўла (Іўе) links to Category:Category:Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Iuje [Search]
  78. w:be-x-old:Білятэральныя links to Bilateria [Search]
  79. w:be-x-old:Аўгустоў links to Catergory:Augustów [Search]
  80. w:be-x-old:Макееўка links to Makiivka [Search]
  81. w:be-x-old:Водарасьці links to Algae [Search]
  82. w:be-x-old:Дарагічын links to Catergory:Drohiczyn [Search]
  83. w:be-x-old:Ласасін links to Łasasin [Search]
  84. w:be-x-old:Бяслан links to Beslan [Search]
  85. w:be-x-old:Мікунь links to Mikun [Search]
  86. w:be-x-old:Блакітная акула links to Rodentia [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-19T04:55:17Z; comment: Empty Gallery
    • note: Category:Rodentia exists
  87. w:be-x-old:Грызуны links to Rodentia [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-19T04:55:17Z; comment: Empty Gallery
    • note: Category:Rodentia exists
  88. w:be-x-old:Амяла links to Viscum [Search]
  89. w:be-x-old:Амяла белая links to Viscum [Search]
  90. w:be-x-old:Ньірэдзхаза links to Nyíregyháza [Search]
  91. w:be-x-old:Вуктыл links to Vuktyl [Search]
  92. w:be-x-old:Мёдасмокі-мао links to Gymnomyza [Search]
  93. w:be-x-old:Рукакрылыя links to Chiroptera [Search]
  94. w:be-x-old:Вараны (сямейства) links to Varanidae [Search]
  95. w:be-x-old:Кураўка links to Category:Category:Kurówka [Search]
  96. w:be-x-old:Метлюжковыя links to Category:Gramíneae [Search]
  97. w:be-x-old:Бобра links to Category:Biebrza River [Search]
  98. w:be-x-old:Індыгірка links to Category:Category:Indigirka River [Search]
  99. w:be-x-old:Касьцёл Сьвятой Маргарыты Антыёхейскай (Копчаны) links to Category:Category:Church of St Margaret of Antioch, Kopčany [Search]
  100. w:be-x-old:Нацыянальная бібліятэка Беларусі links to Category:National Library, Minsk [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-08-21T09:22:04Z; comment: Empty category.
  101. w:be-x-old:Вешвіле links to Category:Viešvilė [Search]
  102. w:be-x-old:Вэнта (горад) links to Category:Wenta [Search]
  103. w:be-x-old:Rattus tawitawiensis links to Category:Rattus tawitawiensis [Search]
  104. w:be-x-old:SAAB 90 links to Category:Category:Saab 90 [Search]
  105. w:be-x-old:Rattus everetti links to Category:Rattus everetti [Search]
  106. w:be-x-old:Шэрбур-Актэвіль links to Category:Cherbourg-Octeville [Search]
  107. w:be-x-old:Касьцёл Найсьвяцейшай Тройцы (Воўчын) links to Category:Category:Church of Holy Trinity, Voŭčyn [Search]
  108. w:be-x-old:Rattus lugens links to Category:Rattus lugens [Search]
  109. w:be-x-old:Вена links to Category:Vienna, Austria [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-01-11T01:44:10Z; comment: content was: 'dude these things R AWSOME even though they were built by the are enemys' (and the only contributor was User:
      2. page was deleted at 2007-02-10T16:47:57Z; comment: empty category - ReindDeel33t
  110. w:be-x-old:Сабор усіх сьвятых (Дэрбі) links to Category:Category:Derby Cathedral [Search]
  111. w:be-x-old:Малпы-равуны links to Category:Aloautta [Search]
  112. w:be-x-old:Lockheed U-2 links to Category:U-2 Dragon Lady [Search]
  113. w:be-x-old:Вежа Гедыміна links to Category:Category:Gediminas Tower [Search]
  114. w:be-x-old:Rattus enganus links to Category:Rattus enganus [Search]
  115. w:be-x-old:Малаяраславец links to Maloyaroslavets [Search]
  116. w:be-x-old:Усінск links to Usinsk [Search]
  117. w:be-x-old:Бранск links to Bryansk [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-19T20:30:44Z; comment: broken redirect
    • note: Category:Bryansk exists
  118. w:be-x-old:Бэкешчаба links to Békéscsaba [Search]
  119. w:be-x-old:Народычы links to Narodychi [Search]
  120. w:be-x-old:Чырванашыйны ляляк links to Caprimulgus ruficollis [Search]
  121. w:be-x-old:Сьмілавічы links to Smilavichy [Search]
  122. w:be-x-old:Вірус links to Viruses [Search]
  123. w:be-x-old:Трынідад (Балівія) links to Trinidad, Bolivia [Search]
  124. w:be-x-old:Кукуруза links to Zea [Search]
  125. w:be-x-old:Пірасомы links to Pyrosomida [Search]
  126. w:be-x-old:Вікісховішча links to Commons:Шаблёны ліцэнзій [Search]
  127. w:be-x-old:Брацлаў links to Category:Brazlav [Search]
  128. w:be-x-old:Бурос links to Category:Borås [Search]
  129. w:be-x-old:Rattus adustus links to Category:Rattus adustus [Search]
  130. w:be-x-old:Емва links to Category:Yemva [Search]
  131. w:be-x-old:Алоя links to Category:Aloja, Latvia [Search]
  132. w:be-x-old:Кнышын links to Catergory:Knyszyn [Search]
  133. w:be-x-old:Пшаніца links to Triticum [Search]
  134. w:be-x-old:Сьвяцілавічы (Гомельская вобласьць) links to Svetilovichi [Search]
  135. w:be-x-old:Бактэрыі links to Bacteria [Search]
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      3. page was deleted at 2006-04-11T08:12:41Z; comment: text only
    • note: Category:Bacteria exists
  136. w:be-x-old:Касьцістыя рыбы links to Teleostei [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-19T04:56:06Z; comment: Empty Gallery
    • note: Category:Teleostei exists

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