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  1. w:be:Торэ-Сан-Джорджа links to Category:Torre San Giorgio [Search]
  2. w:be:Палац дожаў links to Category:Doge’s Palace (Venice) [Search]
  3. w:be:Перлета links to Category:Perletto [Search]
  4. w:be:Горад Аўбары links to Category:Awbari [Search]
  5. w:be:Ламбецкі мост links to Category:Category: Lambeth Bridge [Search]
  6. w:be:Спіс гісторыка-культурных каштоўнасцей Мінскага раёна links to Category:Cultural heritage monuments in Minsk District [Search]
  7. w:be:Сан-Бернардзіна-Вербана links to Category:San Bernardino Verbano [Search]
  8. w:be:Горад Балу links to Category:Болу [Search]
  9. w:be:Марэнціна links to Category:Marentino [Search]
  10. w:be:Будынак Стакгольмскай фондавай біржы links to Category:Borshuset [Search]
  11. w:be:Сталон links to Category:Plant stolons [Search]
  12. w:be:Фрыдрых V Вітэльсбах links to Category:Friedrich V von der Pfalz [Search]
  13. w:be:Строна links to Category:Strona [Search]
  14. w:be:Кастэль-Ракера links to Category:Castel Rocchero [Search]
  15. w:be:Кандэла, муніцыпалітэт links to Category:Candela [Search]
  16. w:be:Горад Кізілюрт links to Category:Kizilyurt [Search]
  17. w:be:Аляксандр Ян Трыцыус links to Category:Category:Jan Tricius [Search]
  18. w:be:Леон Батыста Альберці links to Category:Leone Battista Alberti [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2007-04-10T13:15:30Z; comment: content was: '{{tlx|badname|:Category:Leon Battista Alberti|The man's name is "Leon" in all but the Dutch and Polish Wikipedias - i.e. even the Italians spell him so. T...'
    • note: Leone Battista Alberti exists
  19. w:be:Славацкі чувач links to Category:Slovensky cuvac [Search]
  20. w:be:Сільюс links to Category:Silius [Search]
  21. w:be:Ватыньяска links to Category:Vottignasco [Search]
  22. w:be:Горад Новасібірск links to Category:Category:Novosibirsk [Search]
  23. w:be:Батанічны сад Падуі links to Category:Orto botanico di Padova [Search]
  24. w:be:Нізкія Татры links to Category:Category:Low Tatras [Search]
  25. w:be:Сан-Марчэла links to Category:San Marcello [Search]
  26. w:be:Горад Крынкі links to Category:Category:Krynki [Search]
  27. w:be:Латэранская базіліка links to Category:Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano [Search]
  28. w:be:Рывальта-Барміда links to Category:Rivalta Bormida [Search]
  29. w:be:Вальстрона links to Category:Valstrona [Search]
  30. w:be:Правінцыя Арэльяна links to Category:Orellana [Search]
  31. w:be:П'едзімулера links to Category:Piedimulera [Search]
  32. w:be:Акварэль links to Category:Watercolor painting [Search]
  33. w:be:Георг Рафаэль Донер links to Georg Raphael Donner [Search]
  34. w:be:Эшлін Брук links to Ashlynn Brooke [Search]
  35. w:be:Баснійская марка links to Coins of Bosnia and Herzegovina [Search]
  36. w:be:Кардзінале links to Category:Cardinale [Search]
  37. w:be:Родзіна links to Category:Roddino [Search]
  38. w:be:Мамбальдонэ links to Category:Mombaldone [Search]
  39. w:be:Камерана-Казаска links to Category:Camerano Casasco [Search]
  40. w:be:Астан Казвін links to Category:Qazvīn Province [Search]
  41. w:be:Горад Ізяслаў links to Category:Iziaslav (city) [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2011-09-09T09:39:29Z; comment: Renamed category: content was: "{{tlx|uk|Ізяслав, Заслав - одне з ключових міст Погорини, історичний центр [[uk:Заславщина|
  42. w:be:Софія Грэчаская, каралева Іспаніі links to Category:Queen Sofia of Spain [Search]
  43. w:be:Скарнафіджы links to Category:Scarnafigi [Search]
  44. w:be:Скуола Сан-Рока links to Category:Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice [Search]
  45. w:be:Мезэ, горад links to Category:Mese [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-08-22T08:13:50Z; comment: empty category
  46. w:be:Спінета-Скрывія links to Category:Spineto Scrivia [Search]
  47. w:be:Скурэле links to Category:Scurelle [Search]
  48. w:be:Прыёла links to Category:Priola [Search]
  49. w:be:Рымскі музей сучаснага мастацтва links to Category:Museo di Arte Contemporanea in Roma (MACRO) [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-04-06T21:34:22Z; comment: Improperly named: content before blanking was: "MACRO"; moved its content to Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma
  50. w:be:Горад Селібабі links to Category:Selibaby [Search]
  51. w:be:Трэцца-Тынела links to Category:Trezzo Tinella [Search]
  52. w:be:Авідзій links to Category:Publius Ovidius Naso [Search]
  53. w:be:Горад Валі links to Category:The Valley, Anguilla [Search]
  54. w:be:Вёска Галубічы links to Category:Category:Hałubičy [Search]
  55. w:be:Вілараманьяна links to Category:Villaromagnano [Search]
  56. w:be:Баніта links to Category:Bonito [Search]
  57. w:be:Ферэрэ links to Category:Ferrere [Search]
  58. w:be:Кастаньета-По links to Category:Castagneto Po [Search]
  59. w:be:Горад Арба links to Category:Arba [Search]
  60. w:be:Ізола-Сант'Антоніа links to Category:Isola Sant'Antonio [Search]
  61. w:be:Кастэлінальда links to Category:Castellinaldo [Search]
  62. w:be:Горад По links to Category:Pau [Search]
  63. w:be:Паў, правінцыя Арыстана links to Category:Pau [Search]
  64. w:be:Жазеф Банапарт links to Category:Giuseppe Bonaparte [Search]
  65. w:be:Каньё, правінцыя Трэнта links to Category:Cagnò [Search]
  66. w:be:Горад Заволжа links to Category:Zavolzhye [Search]
  67. w:be:Скурцаленга links to Category:Scurzolengo [Search]
  68. w:be:Маліна-дэй-Торці links to Category:Molino dei Torti [Search]
  69. w:be:Мамбаркара links to Category:Mombarcaro [Search]
  70. w:be:Флюгер links to Category:Weather vane [Search]
    • 2 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2008-12-14T11:41:46Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: 'Category:Measuring instruments (wind)'
      2. page was deleted at 2005-11-17T14:01:34Z; comment: content was: '{{d}}no need --Saperaud 12:16, 17 November 2005 (UTC)' (and the only contributor was 'Saperaud')
    • note: Weather vane exists
  71. w:be:Вёска Іказнь links to Category:Category:Ikazn [Search]
  72. w:be:Віга-Рэндэна links to Category:Vigo Rendena [Search]
  73. w:be:Граверэ links to Category:Gravere [Search]
  74. w:be:Гучнагаварыцель links to Category:Loudspeaker [Search]
  75. w:be:Вільнеў, Італія links to Category:Villeneuve [Search]
  76. w:be:Паньё links to Category:Pagno [Search]
  77. w:be:Альфонса II Астурыйскі links to Category:Alfonso II de Asturias [Search]
  78. w:be:Торэ-Мандові links to Category:Torre Mondovì [Search]
  79. w:be:Вінк'ё links to Category:Vinchio [Search]
  80. w:be:Шкіў links to Pulleys [Search]
  81. w:be:Англсі links to Anglesey [Search]
  82. w:be:Людовік II Заіка links to Louis II of France [Search]
  83. w:be:Крэпасць Суаменліна links to Suomenlinna [Search]
  84. w:be:Манастыр Студзеніца links to Studenica Monastery [Search]
  85. w:be:Понтэ Актавія Фрыяс дэ Алівейра links to Category:Ponte Octávio Frias de Oliveira [Search]
  86. w:be:Чэзіа links to Category:Cesio [Search]
  87. w:be:Горад Фамбоні links to Category:Fomboni [Search]
  88. w:be:К'юзана-д'Асці links to Category:Chiusano d'Asti [Search]
  89. w:be:Віланова-д'Асці links to Category:Villanova d'Asti [Search]
  90. w:be:УПА links to Category:Ukrainian Insurgent Army, UPA [Search]
  91. w:be:Тупалеў Ту-91 links to Category:Tupolev Tu-91 [Search]
  92. w:be:Себасцьян I links to Category:Sebastião de Portugal [Search]
  93. w:be:Казальграса links to Category:Casalgrasso [Search]
  94. w:be:Ла-Саль, Вале-д'Аоста links to Category:La Salle [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2010-06-08T17:50:03Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{otheruses|the Italian comune (municipality)|:Category:La Salle (Italy)}}'
  95. w:be:Эльва links to Category:Elva [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-09-22T06:21:00Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{category redirect|Elva, Estonia}} en:Elva'
  96. w:be:Касцёл Святога Аляксея, Івянец links to Category:Category:Church of Saint Alex, Ivyanets [Search]
  97. w:be:Аўгсбургская ратуша links to Category:Category:Town Hall of Augsburg [Search]
  98. w:be:Брыялья links to Category:Briaglia [Search]
  99. w:be:Кварк links to Category:Quark [Search]
  100. w:be:Імерэція links to Category:Imereti, Georgia [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2010-09-13T23:20:06Z; comment: Moved to Category:Imereti.
  101. w:be:Мелоца да Форлі links to Category:Melozzo da Forli [Search]
  102. w:be:Флейта links to Category:Flute [Search]
  103. w:be:Пенанга links to Category:Penango [Search]
  104. w:be:Нарцоле links to Category:Narzole [Search]
  105. w:be:Мантэцэмола links to Category:Montezemolo [Search]
  106. w:be:Мамперонэ links to Category:Momperone [Search]
  107. w:be:Храм Партуна links to Category:Templum Portunus [Search]
  108. w:be:Тайна links to Category:Taino [Search]
  109. w:be:Сок links to Category:Juice [Search]
  110. w:be:Горад Э links to Category:Eu, Seine-Maritime [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-06-06T04:05:01Z; comment: Empty category
  111. w:be:Горад Няўянск links to Category:Невьянск [Search]
  112. w:be:Горад Дагестанскія Агні links to Category:Dagestanskiye Ogni [Search]
  113. w:be:Лорыя links to Category:Loria [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-04-19T23:16:31Z; comment: content was: '{{Speedydelete| verschoben nach Loria}}'
    • note: Loria exists
  114. w:be:Кастэлера links to Category:Castellero [Search]
  115. w:be:Грын-парк links to Category:Green Park [Search]
  116. w:be:Сабор Санці-Джавані э Паола links to Category:Category:Santi Giovanni e Paolo (Venice) [Search]
  117. w:be:Эдгар Этэлінг links to Category:Ēadgār Æðeling [Search]
  118. w:be:Гарадскі пасёлак Воранава links to Category:Category:Voranava [Search]
  119. w:be:Горад Плоцк links to Category:Plock [Search]
  120. w:be:Аграгарадок Вязынь links to Category:Category:Viazyń [Search]
  121. w:be:Горад Мура, Швецыя links to Category:Mora [Search]
  122. w:be:Моры, правінцыя Трэнта links to Category:Mori [Search]
  123. w:be:Традэна-нель-парка-натурале links to Category:Trodena nel parco naturale [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2010-01-02T19:42:49Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{Category redirect|Truden im Naturpark}}' (and the only contributor was 'DenghiùComm')
  124. w:be:Сероле links to Category:Serole [Search]
  125. w:be:Валун links to Category:Glacial erratic [Search]
  126. w:be:Сцяг Партугаліі links to Category:Ancient portuguese flags [Search]
  127. w:be:Джэрман'ё links to Category:Germagno [Search]
  128. w:be:В'яле links to Category:Viale [Search]
  129. w:be:Музей традыцыйнага ручнога ткацтва Паазер'я links to Category:Museum of traditional weaving Lakeland (Polotsk) [Search]
  130. w:be:Горад Дангхоі links to Category:Donghoi [Search]
  131. w:be:Ла-Магдэлен links to Category:La Magdeleine [Search]
  132. w:be:Таверна, правінцыя Катандзара links to Category:Taverna [Search]
  133. w:be:Вёска Дукора links to Category:Category:Dukora [Search]
  134. w:be:Адаленга-Грандэ links to Category:Odalengo Grande [Search]
  135. w:be:Эмірацкая карона links to Category:Emirates Crown [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2010-08-14T13:32:05Z; comment: empty cat
  136. w:be:Кастэлета-Мерлі links to Category:Castelletto Merli [Search]
  137. w:be:Марыя Тэкская links to Category:Prinzessin Maria von Teck [Search]
  138. w:be:FN Herstal links to Category:Category:FN Minimi [Search]
  139. w:be:Крода, горад links to Category:Crodo [Search]
  140. w:be:Горад Казань links to Category:Category:Kazan [Search]
  141. w:be:Востраў Луйтла-Дуймун links to Category:Litla Dimun [Search]
  142. w:be:Ян Непамуцкі links to Category:Saint John Nepomucene [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2006-02-27T06:03:42Z; comment: content was: '{{delete}} redundant --Fb78 18:04, 26 February 2006 (UTC)' (and the only contributor was 'Fb78')
    • note: Saint John Nepomucene exists
  143. w:be:Горад Дыхіл links to Category:Dikhil [Search]
  144. w:be:Лаўры Крысціян Рэландэр links to Category:Lauri Relander [Search]
  145. w:be:Праска links to Category:Prasco [Search]
  146. w:be:Марта, правінцыя Вітэрба links to Category:Marta [Search]
  147. w:be:Маранцана links to Category:Maranzana [Search]
  148. w:be:Юань Шыкай links to Category:Category:Yuan Shikai [Search]
  149. w:be:Лекуё-Берыя links to Category:Lequio Berria [Search]
  150. w:be:Сан-Джэрмана-Кізонэ links to Category:San Germano Chisone [Search]
  151. w:be:Кастэль-Сант'Анджэла links to Category:Castel Sant'Angelo [Search]
  152. w:be:Номі, правінцыя Трэнта links to Category:Nomi [Search]
  153. w:be:Лінія электраперадачы links to Power line [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-07-27T20:46:23Z; comment: Page got moved to Overhead power lines
  154. w:be:Паала Фантана links to Paolo Antonio Domenico Fontana [Search]
  155. w:be:Алег Уладзіміравіч Блахін links to Oleg Blokhin [Search]
  156. w:be:Лабараторыя links to Category:Laboratory [Search]
  157. w:be:Мармора links to Category:Marmora [Search]
  158. w:be:Ян Караль Хадкевіч links to Category:Ян Караль Хадкевіч [Search]
  159. w:be:Біб'яна links to Category:Bibiana [Search]
  160. w:be:Фауле links to Category:Faule [Search]
  161. w:be:Тарчэньё links to Category:Torcegno [Search]
  162. w:be:Баніа-Анцына links to Category:Bannio Anzino [Search]
  163. w:be:Кастэль-Бальёнэ links to Category:Castel Boglione [Search]
  164. w:be:Гарадскі пасёлак Обаль links to Category:Category:Obal [Search]
  165. w:be:Паўвостраў Бакасі links to Category:Bakassi [Search]
  166. w:be:Капенгагенская ратуша links to Category:Category:Town hall of Copenhagen [Search]
  167. w:be:Рэнтгенаўскае выпраменьванне links to Category:X-ray [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2005-01-12T05:52:02Z; comment: Alter Inhalt: '{{delete}}redundant, Category:X-rays exists (sorry, my bad) -- Duesentrieb 09:40, 8 Jan 2005 (UTC)'
    • note: X-ray exists
  168. w:be:Горад Паўлаград links to Category:Pavlograd [Search]
  169. w:be:Ланд'ёна links to Category:Landiona [Search]
  170. w:be:Востраў Райхенау links to Category:Reichenau (Baden-Wurttemberg) [Search]
  171. w:be:Спера links to Category:Spera [Search]
  172. w:be:Горад Герцлія links to Category:Herzeliya [Search]
  173. w:be:Брандэла links to Category:Brondello [Search]
  174. w:be:Джовэ links to Category:Giove [Search]
  175. w:be:Кастыльёнэ-Тынела links to Category:Castiglione Tinella [Search]
  176. w:be:Прэцца links to Category:Prezzo [Search]
  177. w:be:Тубрэ links to Category:Tubre [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-06-01T15:29:37Z; comment: empty category
  178. w:be:Ультыма links to Category:Ultimo [Search]
  179. w:be:Чахціцкі замак links to Category:Čachtický hrad [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-07-14T16:57:21Z; comment: Category:Čachtický hrad moved to Category:Čachtice Castle
  180. w:be:Рэфранкорэ links to Category:Refrancore [Search]
  181. w:be:Трыніта links to Category:Trinità [Search]
  182. w:be:Медаль «За ўзяцце Кёнігсберга» links to Category:Medal For the Capture of Konigsberg [Search]
  183. w:be:Кафасэ links to Category:Cafasse [Search]
  184. w:be:Рэгіён Куска links to Category:Region of Cusco [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-09-21T19:18:45Z; comment: Incorrect name: now Category:Cusco Region
  185. w:be:Маўзалей Аўгуста links to Category:Mausoleum of Augustus [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2008-09-03T01:32:07Z; comment: Empty category or gallery
    • note: Mausoleum of Augustus exists
  186. w:be:Баргарата-Алесандрына links to Category:Borgoratto Alessandrino [Search]
  187. w:be:Сабор Санці-Марыя э Даната links to Category:Category:Santa Maria and San Donato (Murano) [Search]
  188. w:be:Прэзідэнцкія выбары ў Беларусі, 2006 links to Category:Belarusian presidential election, 2006 [Search]
  189. w:be:Востраў Гарэ links to Category:Category:Goree [Search]
  190. w:be:Dulle Griet links to Dulle Griet [Search]
  191. w:be:Франц II links to Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor [Search]
  192. w:be:Катарскі рыял links to Category:Qatari riyal [Search]
  193. w:be:Горад Уладзімір-Валынскі links to Category:Volyn [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-14T21:14:43Z; comment: Empty category
  194. w:be:Сан-Каэтану-ду-Сул links to Category:Sao Caetano do Sul [Search]
  195. w:be:Сан-Кастанца links to Category:San Costanzo [Search]
  196. w:be:Кардамон links to Category:Cardamom [Search]
  197. w:be:Форум Нервы links to Category:Nerva's forum [Search]
  198. w:be:Дон, правінцыя Трэнта links to Category:Don [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2006-05-27T14:49:55Z; comment: content was: '{{speedydb|Replaced by Category:River Don.}}'
  199. w:be:Сен-Нікола links to Category:Saint-Nicolas [Search]
  200. w:be:FN Herstal links to Category:Category:FN vehicles [Search]
  201. w:be:Фейзольё links to Category:Feisoglio [Search]
  202. w:be:Вялікі млын links to Category:Category:Great Mill in Gdańsk [Search]
  203. w:be:Мааска links to Category:Moasca [Search]
  204. w:be:Паўднёваафрыканскі ранд links to Category:Rand (currency) [Search]
  205. w:be:Рэспубліка Косава links to Category:Kosovë [Search]
  206. w:be:Сан-Наццара links to Category:San Nazzaro [Search]
  207. w:be:Мантабонэ links to Category:Montabone [Search]
  208. w:be:Базалуцца links to Category:Basaluzzo [Search]
  209. w:be:Горад Мюнстэр links to Category:Münster [Search]
  210. w:be:Сацага links to Category:Sozzago [Search]
  211. w:be:Горад Бельцы links to Category:Category:Bălţi [Search]
  212. w:be:Горад Александрыя links to Category:Category:Alexandria [Search]
  213. w:be:Рабілантэ links to Category:Robilante [Search]
  214. w:be:Камб'яна links to Category:Cambiano [Search]
  215. w:be:Казале-Кортэ-Чэра links to Category:Casale Corte Cerro [Search]
  216. w:be:Эль-Худуд эш-Шамалія links to Category:Northern Borders Province [Search]
  217. w:be:Венаўс links to Category:Venaus [Search]
  218. w:be:Гарадскі пасёлак Карэлічы links to Category:Category:Karelichy [Search]
  219. w:be:Галікана links to Category:Gallicano [Search]
  220. w:be:Фрэнк Білінгс Келаг links to Category:Category:Frank B. Kellogg [Search]
  221. w:be:Верва links to Category:Vervò [Search]
  222. w:be:Палангера links to Category:Polonghera [Search]
  223. w:be:Сан-Дзідэра links to Category:San Didero [Search]
  224. w:be:Плошча Іспаніі, Рым links to Category:Piazza di Spagna (Roma) [Search]
  225. w:be:Аэрапорт Берлін-Тэмпельхоф links to Category:Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof [Search]
  226. w:be:Бертранж links to Category:Bertrange [Search]
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  230. w:be:Горад Выру links to Võru [Search]
  231. w:be:Летні сад links to Летні сад [Search]
  232. w:be:Якуб Кубіцкі links to Jakub Kubicki [Search]
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  245. w:be:Джыразоле links to Category:Girasole [Search]
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  248. w:be:Гісторыя герба Расіі links to Category:Historical images of the coat of arms of Russia [Search]
  249. w:be:Франкавіла-Бізіа links to Category:Francavilla Bisio [Search]
  250. w:be:Горад Люр links to Category:Lure [Search]
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  254. w:be:Галерэя прыгажунь links to Category:Schonheitengalerie [Search]
  255. w:be:Віньёла-Фалезіна links to Category:Vignola-Falesina [Search]
  256. w:be:П'еа links to Category:Piea [Search]
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  258. w:be:Людовік III Малодшы links to Category:Ludwig III der Jungere [Search]
  259. w:be:Сан-Джорджа-Скарампі links to Category:San Giorgio Scarampi [Search]
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  268. w:be:Горад Санкт-Пёльтэн links to Category:Sankt Pölten [Search]
  269. w:be:Фрэзанара links to Category:Fresonara [Search]
  270. w:be:Луі Лево links to Louis Le Vau [Search]
  271. w:be:Джозеф Пікфард links to Joseph Pickford [Search]
  272. w:be:Этэльрэд Неразумны links to Category:Æthelred the Unready [Search]
  273. w:be:Вёска Кублічы links to Category:Category:Kubličy [Search]
  274. w:be:Гамалера links to Category:Gamalero [Search]
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  276. w:be:Ісо links to Category:Isso [Search]
  277. w:be:Талінская ратуша links to Category:Category:Tallinn Town Hall [Search]
  278. w:be:Салангелао links to Category:Solonghello [Search]
  279. w:be:Азамкірхэ links to Category:Asamkirche München [Search]
  280. w:be:Горад Ханіяра links to Category:Category:Honiara [Search]
  281. w:be:Льежскі сабор links to Category:Category:Cathedrale Saint-Paul de Liege [Search]
  282. w:be:Соз-дзі-Чэзана links to Category:Sauze di Cesana [Search]
  283. w:be:Дыгранескірк'я links to Category:Digraneskirkja [Search]
  284. w:be:Бейнетэ links to Category:Beinette [Search]
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  299. w:be:Праза links to Category:Praso [Search]
  300. w:be:Джэнола links to Category:Genola [Search]
  301. w:be:Спіс гісторыка-культурных каштоўнасцей Ляхавіцкага раёна links to Category:Cultural heritage monuments in Lachavičy District [Search]
  302. w:be:Рэнэ Зелвегер links to Category:Renee Zellweger [Search]
  303. w:be:Ніела-Танара links to Category:Niella Tanaro [Search]
  304. w:be:Старая ратуша, Бамберг links to Category:Category:Altes Rathaus (Bamberg) [Search]
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  306. w:be:Біялагічная сістэматыка links to Category:Biological classification [Search]
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  308. w:be:Рытана links to Category:Rittana [Search]
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  310. w:be:Росана links to Category:Rossana [Search]
  311. w:be:Уільям Джон Кофі links to William John Coffee [Search]
  312. w:be:Новасібірскі метрапалітэн links to Новасібірскі метрапалітэн [Search]
  313. w:be:Рака Вуокса links to Vuoksa [Search]
  314. w:be:Анастасій III, Папа Рымскі links to Cathegory:Anastasius III [Search]
  315. w:be:Правінцыя Мекка links to Category:Provincia de La Meca [Search]
  316. w:be:Санта-Марыя-дэла-Салютэ links to Category:Category:Santa Maria della Salute (Venice) [Search]
  317. w:be:Гамбаска links to Category:Gambasca [Search]
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  319. w:be:Сан-Ларэнца-фуоры-ле-Мура links to Category:Basilica di San Lorenzo fuori le Mura [Search]
  320. w:be:Чэрэта-Ланге links to Category:Cerretto Langhe [Search]
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  325. w:be:Санфронт links to Category:Sanfront [Search]
  326. w:be:Рэданж-сюр-Атэрт links to Category:Redange-sur-Attert [Search]
  327. w:be:Сан-Джорджа-ла-Малара links to Category:San Giorgio la Molara [Search]
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  330. w:be:Рыхард Крафт-Эбінг links to Category:Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing [Search]
  331. w:be:Баніфацый III, Папа Рымскі links to Category:Boniface III [Search]
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  334. w:be:Фантан Чатырох рэк links to Category:Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi [Search]
  335. w:be:Аляксандр Міхал Сапега links to Category:Aleksander Michal Sapieha [Search]
  336. w:be:FN Herstal links to Category:Category:FN motorcycles [Search]
  337. w:be:Мальбаргета-Вальбруна links to Category:Malborghetto Valbruna [Search]
  338. w:be:Рыс Іванс links to Category:Category:Rhys Ifans [Search]
  339. w:be:Горад Сейны links to Category:Category:Sejny [Search]
  340. w:be:Руанскі сабор links to Category:Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Rouen [Search]
  341. w:be:Каніёла links to Category:Coniolo [Search]
  342. w:be:Манастэрола-Казота links to Category:Monasterolo Casotto [Search]
  343. w:be:Лоршскі кляштар links to Category:Abbey and Altenmunster of Lorsch [Search]
  344. w:be:Карл IV Тэадор links to Category:Karl Theodor, Kurfürst von der Pfalz und Bayern [Search]
  345. w:be:Горад Мутарэ links to Category:Mutare [Search]
  346. w:be:Марана-Тычана links to Category:Marano Ticino [Search]
  347. w:be:Карл Эмануіл III links to Category:Carlo Emanuele III di Savoia [Search]
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  353. w:be:Роберт I, герцаг Бургундыі links to Category:Robert I le Vieux [Search]
  354. w:be:Санта-Сесілія-Акатытлан links to Category:Santa Cecilia Acatitla'n [Search]
  355. w:be:Мантальда-Тарынезэ links to Category:Montaldo Torinese [Search]
  356. w:be:Рааскія links to Category:Roaschia [Search]
  357. w:be:Масімена links to Category:Massimeno [Search]
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  359. w:be:Траян links to Category:Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus [Search]
  360. w:be:Сокэ Кубота Такаюкі links to Soke Kubota Takayuki [Search]
  361. w:be:Размеркавальны вал links to Camshafts [Search]
  362. w:be:Джавані Санці links to Giovanni Santi [Search]
  363. w:be:Замак Чэрвены Камень links to Červený Kameň [Search]
  364. w:be:Стоп-кран links to Category:Emergency brake [Search]
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  369. w:be:Вюрцбургскі сабор links to Category:Category:St. Kilian's Cathedral (Würzburg) [Search]
  370. w:be:Сен-Крыстоф, Італія links to Category:Saint-Christophe [Search]
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  383. w:be:Музей рымскай цывілізацыі links to Category:Museo della civilta romana (Rome) [Search]
  384. w:be:Гаральд II Годвінсан links to Category:Harold II Godwinson [Search]
  385. w:be:Сан-Джорыя-дзі-Суза links to Category:San Giorio di Susa [Search]
  386. w:be:Сен-Бартэльмі links to Category:Saint Barthélemy [Search]
  387. w:be:Ронца-К'еніс links to Category:Ronzo-Chienis [Search]
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  394. w:be:Кадэрцонэ links to Category:Caderzone [Search]
  395. w:be:Валарыятэ links to Category:Valloriate [Search]
  396. w:be:Вальфларыяна links to Category:Valfloriana [Search]
  397. w:be:Ламаза links to Category:Lomaso [Search]
  398. w:be:Базіліка Максенцыя links to Category:Basilica of Maxentius [Search]
  399. w:be:Вальда links to Category:Valda [Search]
  400. w:be:Манастэра-дзі-Васка links to Category:Monastero di Vasco [Search]
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  406. w:be:Сант'Апалінарэ links to Category:Sant'Apollinare [Search]
  407. w:be:Горад Бандырма links to Category:Bandırma [Search]
  408. w:be:Сан-Паала, Італія links to Category:San Paolo [Search]
  409. w:be:Бойніцкі замак links to Bojnice Castle [Search]
  410. w:be:Станцыя метро Кастрычніцкая, Мінск links to Oktyabrskaya (Minsk Metro station) [Search]
  411. w:be:Тэадаліт links to Тэадаліт [Search]
  412. w:be:Горад Сахівал links to Category:Sahiwal [Search]
  413. w:be:Ка' Пезара links to Category:Category:Ca' Pesaro (Venice) [Search]
  414. w:be:Вірле-П'емонтэ links to Category:Virle Piemonte [Search]
  415. w:be:Пралорма links to Category:Pralormo [Search]
  416. w:be:Алжырскі дынар links to Category:Coins of Algeria [Search]
  417. w:be:Тэльвэ-дзі-Сопра links to Category:Telve di Sopra [Search]
  418. w:be:Чэле-Энамонда links to Category:Celle Enomondo [Search]
  419. w:be:Вецца-д'Альба links to Category:Vezza d'Alba [Search]
  420. w:be:Пула, Італія links to Category:Pula [Search]
  421. w:be:Шуфляда links to Category:Drawers, furniture [Search]
  422. w:be:Мост Ватэрлоа links to Category:Category: Waterloo Bridge [Search]
  423. w:be:Вітэнагемот links to Category:Witenagemot [Search]
  424. w:be:Горад Квебек links to Category:Category:Quebec City [Search]
  425. w:be:Воксхальскі мост links to Category:Category:Vauxhall Bridge [Search]
  426. w:be:Чэрэзоле-Альба links to Category:Ceresole Alba [Search]
  427. w:be:Лейні links to Category:Leinì [Search]
  428. w:be:Амблар links to Category:Amblar [Search]
  429. w:be:Валь-Мазіна links to Category:Val Màsino [Search]
  430. w:be:Пецяявесійская царква links to Category:Petajavesi Old Church [Search]
  431. w:be:Кастэльнуова links to Category:Castelnuovo [Search]
  432. w:be:Берсонэ links to Category:Bersone [Search]
  433. w:be:Лааццола links to Category:Loazzolo [Search]
  434. w:be:Стрэмба links to Category:Strembo [Search]
  435. w:be:Сагрон-Міс links to Category:Sagron Mis [Search]
  436. w:be:Ракабруна links to Category:Roccabruna [Search]
  437. w:be:Маццын links to Category:Mazzin [Search]
  438. w:be:Царква Святой Марыі, Любек links to Category:St. Marien Lubeck [Search]
  439. w:be:Горад Мель links to Category:Mel [Search]
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  441. w:be:Сан-Пракопіа links to Category:San Procopio [Search]
  442. w:be:Музей Пікаса, Парыж links to Category:Musée Picasso, Paris [Search]
  443. w:be:Энв’е links to Category:Envie [Search]
  444. w:be:Вёска Лукомль links to Category:Lukoml [Search]
  445. w:be:Яўген Багарнэ links to Category:Eugene de Beauharnais [Search]
  446. w:be:Сан-Крыстафора, Італія links to Category:San Cristoforo [Search]
  447. w:be:Каведага links to Category:Cavedago [Search]
  448. w:be:Дамбель links to Category:Dambel [Search]
  449. w:be:Рака Ціміш links to Tamis [Search]
  450. w:be:Томас Херэманс links to Thomas Heeremans [Search]
  451. w:be:Спіс аб'ектаў Сусветнай спадчыны ЮНЕСКА ў Азербайджане links to World Heritage Sites in Azerbaijan [Search]
  452. w:be:Канозіа links to Category:Canosio [Search]
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  454. w:be:Картандонэ links to Category:Cortandone [Search]
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