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  1. w:be:Віла-Сан-Секонда links to Category:Villa San Secondo [Search]
  2. w:be:Эдмунд Жалезнабокі links to Category:Edmund Ironside [Search]
  3. w:be:Кастэлета-Уцонэ links to Category:Castelletto Uzzone [Search]
  4. w:be:Трансэпт links to Category:Transept [Search]
  5. w:be:Ян II Казімір Ваза links to Category:John II of Poland [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-02-09T10:28:44Z; comment: content was: '{{seecat|John II Casimir of Poland}}' moved to new correct category John II Casimir of Poland
  6. w:be:Бачэнага links to Category:Bocenago [Search]
  7. w:be:Санта-Марыя-дэі-Міраколі, Венецыя links to Category:Santa Maria dei Miracoli in Venice [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2007-08-16T22:25:29Z; comment: content was: '{{badname|:Category:Santa Maria dei Miracoli (Venice)}}' (and the only contributor was User:G.dallorto)
  8. w:be:Сан-Бенедэта-Бельба links to Category:San Benedetto Belbo [Search]
  9. w:be:Сан-Паала-Сальбрыта links to Category:San Paolo Solbrito [Search]
  10. w:be:Мадонна Бругэ links to Category:Мадонна Бругэ [Search]
  11. w:be:Санта-Стэфана-Раера links to Category:Santo Stefano Roero [Search]
  12. w:be:Філіп II Аўгуст links to Category:Philipp II of France [Search]
  13. w:be:Дэна links to Category:Denno [Search]
  14. w:be:Тэтрык II links to Category:Tetricus II [Search]
  15. w:be:Горад Вазін links to Category:Wazin [Search]
  16. w:be:Вода-Кадорэ links to Category:Vodo Cadore [Search]
  17. w:be:Серавале-Лангэ links to Category:Serravalle Langhe [Search]
  18. w:be:Уільям Кэвендзіш, 6-ы герцаг Дэваншырскі links to Category:Category:William Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire [Search]
  19. w:be:Карбанара-Скрывія links to Category:Carbonara Scrivia [Search]
  20. w:be:Прэорэ links to Category:Preore [Search]
  21. w:be:Сабор Святога Януарыя links to Category:Duomo di Napoli [Search]
  22. w:be:Аўгуста Вікторыя links to Category:Auguste Viktoria [Search]
  23. w:be:Ф'юмара links to Category:Fiumara [Search]
  24. w:be:Альта links to Category:Alto [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-29T13:17:03Z; comment: Improperly named: content was: "{{ComuneItaly|CN}}" (and the only contributor was "Nuada")
  25. w:be:Селестын IV, Папа Рымскі links to Cathegory:Celestinus IV [Search]
  26. w:be:Роберт Смёрк links to Buildings of Robert Smirke [Search]
  27. w:be:Спіс аб'ектаў Сусветнай спадчыны ЮНЕСКА ў Аўстрыі links to World Heritage Sites in Austria [Search]
  28. w:be:Меір Ланскі links to Meyer Lansky [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-06-21T09:14:56Z; comment: Empty gallery
    • note: Category:Meyer Lansky exists
  29. w:be:Баргара-Тарынезэ links to Category:Borgaro Torinese [Search]
  30. w:be:Сан-Нацарыа links to Category:San Nazario [Search]
  31. w:be:Балдуін III Іерусалімскі links to Category:Baldwin-III [Search]
  32. w:be:Кастэльнуова-дзі-Чэва links to Category:Castelnuovo di Ceva [Search]
  33. w:be:Царква Святога Олафа, Талін links to Category:Category:St Olav Tallinn [Search]
  34. w:be:Працільёнэ links to Category:Pratiglione [Search]
  35. w:be:Горад Аюн-эль-Атрус links to Category:Ayoun el Atrous [Search]
  36. w:be:Гансала Хіменес дэ Кесада links to Category:Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada [Search]
  37. w:be:Чынальё links to Category:Cinaglio [Search]
  38. w:be:Правінцыя Кансэпсьён (Чылі) links to Category:Concepción Province, Chile [Search]
  39. w:be:Капрыльё links to Category:Capriglio [Search]
  40. w:be:Заходнія Альпы links to Category:Western Alps [Search]
  41. w:be:Сан-Вінчэнца links to Category:San Vincenzo [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-13T00:22:00Z; comment: Empty category
  42. w:be:Мазіа links to Category:Masio [Search]
  43. w:be:Горад Прахладны links to Category:Prokhladney [Search]
  44. w:be:Горад Магта-Лахджар links to Category:Magta-Lahjar [Search]
  45. w:be:Анус links to Category:Animal anus [Search]
  46. w:be:Сяло Гiмры links to Category:Гімры [Search]
  47. w:be:Кастаньёле-П'емонтэ links to Category:Castagnole Piemonte [Search]
  48. w:be:Кермадэк links to Category:Category:Kermadec Islands [Search]
  49. w:be:Правінцыя Сан-Луіс links to Category:San Luis [Search]
  50. w:be:Востраў Сан-Нікалау links to Category:Sao Nicolau (Cape Verde) [Search]
  51. w:be:Замак Кронбарг links to Category:Helsingør municipality [Search]
  52. w:be:Дыяна-д'Альба links to Category:Diano d'Alba [Search]
  53. w:be:Уолтэр Шыра links to Category:Walter Marty Schirra [Search]
  54. w:be:Алексіс дэ Таквіль links to Category:Charles Alexis Henri Clérel de Tocqueville [Search]
  55. w:be:Графства Лестэршыр links to Leicestershire [Search]
  56. w:be:Жан Тама дэ Тамон links to Jean-François Thomas de Thomon [Search]
  57. w:be:Графства Норфалк links to Norfolk, England [Search]
  58. w:be:Канстанцін Андрэевіч Тон links to Konstantin Thon [Search]
  59. w:be:Антыкітэрскі механізм links to Linkage (Antikythera Mechanism) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-13T02:21:58Z; comment: Commons:Deletion requests/Linkage (Antikythera Mechanism): It contains nothing the category it is inside doesn't have and seems to have been created for no reason. If anything links here it should be redirected to the main category.
  60. w:be:Ордэн links to Orders [Search]
  61. w:be:Эрпельданж links to Category:Erpeldange [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-01-21T19:45:58Z; comment: empty category. All files moved to category:Erpeldange (Ettelbruck). There are 3 Erpeldange s in Luxembourg
  62. w:be:Вае links to Category:Vaie [Search]
  63. w:be:Манале links to Category:Monale [Search]
  64. w:be:Вёска Забрэззе links to Category:Category:Zabreźzie [Search]
  65. w:be:Горад Сан-Луіс-Патасі links to Category:San Luis de Potosi [Search]
  66. w:be:Маці, камуна links to Category:Mathi [Search]
  67. w:be:Сабор Антверпенскай Божай Маці links to Category:Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris [Search]
  68. w:be:Сант'іпаліта links to Category:Sant'Ippolito [Search]
  69. w:be:Рэджа-нель'Эмілія links to Category:Reggio nell'Emilia [Search]
  70. w:be:Горад Альмерыя links to Category:Almeria [Search]
  71. w:be:Мілаўш Якеш links to Category:Miloš Jakeš [Search]
  72. w:be:Тэраньёла links to Category:Terragnolo [Search]
  73. w:be:Паўночны вакзал, Парыж links to Category:Gare du Nord [Search]
  74. w:be:Готы links to Category:Goth [Search]
  75. w:be:Горад Гожаў links to Category:Chorzow [Search]
  76. w:be:Сен-Венсан, Італія links to Category:Saint-Vincent [Search]
  77. w:be:Фрам links to Category:Fram [Search]
  78. w:be:Агінскі канал links to Category:Oginsky [Search]
  79. w:be:Масіёла links to Category:Massiola [Search]
  80. w:be:Т-72 links to Category:T-72 [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-10-15T09:31:51Z; comment: Moved to: 'Category:T-72 tanks'
    • note: T-72 exists
  81. w:be:Марцыа links to Category:Marzio [Search]
  82. w:be:Правінцыя Эль-Баха links to Category:Al Bahah Province [Search]
  83. w:be:Горад Пфорцхайм links to Category:Pforzheim, Germany [Search]
  84. w:be:Ружанскі палац links to Category:Category:Palace of Sapieha (Ruzhany) [Search]
  85. w:be:Алтар Віта Ствоша links to Category:Altar of Veit Stoss [Search]
  86. w:be:Лардара links to Category:Lardaro [Search]
  87. w:be:Сант'Агосціна links to Category:Sant'Agostino [Search]
  88. w:be:М'яцціна links to Category:Miazzina [Search]
  89. w:be:Санта-Марыя-Нуова links to Category:Santa Maria Nuova [Search]
  90. w:be:Рывароса links to Category:Rivarossa [Search]
  91. w:be:Рэгіён Арэкіпа links to Category:Region of Arequipa [Search]
  92. w:be:Чымонэ links to Category:Cimone [Search]
  93. w:be:Каралеўскі палац, Брусель links to Category:Category:Royal Palace, Brussels [Search]
  94. w:be:Аграгарадок Алекшыцы links to Category:Category:Alekšycy [Search]
  95. w:be:Горад Крк links to Category:Krk [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-01-09T07:45:41Z; comment: Moved to Category:Krk (town).
  96. w:be:Горад Ібагэ links to Category:Ibague [Search]
  97. w:be:Дзмітрый Анатолевіч Чыгрынскі links to Dmytro Chygrynskyi [Search]
  98. w:be:Ронта-Кінан-Тав links to Rhondda Cynon Taff [Search]
  99. w:be:Горад Сомбар links to Sombor [Search]
  100. w:be:Аляксей Віктаравіч Шчусеў links to Alexey Shchusev [Search]
  101. w:be:Спіс аб'ектаў Сусветнай спадчыны ЮНЕСКА ў Балгарыі links to World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria [Search]
  102. w:be:Горад Кызыл links to Kyzyl [Search]
  103. w:be:Кацярына II links to Catherine II of Russia [Search]
  104. w:be:Сар links to Category:Sarre [Search]
  105. w:be:Палац Флавіяў links to Category:Domus Flavia [Search]
  106. w:be:Марцініяна-По links to Category:Martiniana Po [Search]
  107. w:be:Мантэлупа-Альбезэ links to Category:Montelupo Albese [Search]
  108. w:be:Старадаўнія чэшскія легенды links to Category:Staré pověsti české [Search]
  109. w:be:Тонка links to Category:Tonco [Search]
  110. w:be:Горад Брэда links to Category:Breda [Search]
  111. w:be:Правінцыя Рыяд links to Category:Riyadh Province [Search]
  112. w:be:Б'ена links to Category:Bieno [Search]
  113. w:be:Пшэмысл II, кароль Польшчы links to Category:Przemysl II of Poland [Search]
  114. w:be:Камянецкая вежа links to Category:Tower of Kamyanets [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-12-26T20:36:47Z; comment: Category:Tower of Kamyanets moved to Category:Tower of Kamianiec
  115. w:be:Спіс гісторыка-культурных каштоўнасцей Камянецкага раёна links to Category:Tower of Kamyanets [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-12-26T20:36:47Z; comment: Category:Tower of Kamyanets moved to Category:Tower of Kamianiec
  116. w:be:Вёска Лыскава links to Category:Category:Łyskaŭ [Search]
  117. w:be:Горад Глубока-над-Влтавай links to Category:Category:Hluboká nad Vltavou [Search]
  118. w:be:Горад Аль-Хумс links to Category:Al Khums [Search]
  119. w:be:Горад Зуэрат links to Category:Zouérat [Search]
  120. w:be:Самора Машэл links to Category:Category:Samora Moises Machel [Search]
  121. w:be:Чэларэнга links to Category:Cellarengo [Search]
  122. w:be:Сацыяльны рэалізм links to Category:Social Realism [Search]
  123. w:be:Сеп'яна links to Category:Seppiana [Search]
  124. w:be:Валюта, архітэктура links to Category:Volute [Search]
  125. w:be:Раверэ-дэла-Луна links to Category:Roverè della Luna [Search]
  126. w:be:Павет Тарту links to Category:Tartu maakond [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-26T12:46:17Z; comment: empty
  127. w:be:Рока-д'Арацца links to Category:Rocca d'Arazzo [Search]
  128. w:be:Монта links to Category:Montà [Search]
  129. w:be:Пертузія links to Category:Pertusio [Search]
  130. w:be:Куаранці links to Category:Quaranti [Search]
  131. w:be:Сале-Сан-Джавані links to Category:Sale San Giovanni [Search]
  132. w:be:Мантакута links to Category:Montacuto [Search]
  133. w:be:Спармінорэ links to Category:Sporminore [Search]
  134. w:be:Вацлаў Гавел links to Category:Vaclav Havel [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-07-28T22:04:19Z; comment: Empty category
  135. w:be:Старая Ратуша, Браціслава links to Category:Category:Stará radnica, Bratislava [Search]
  136. w:be:Сетымэ links to Category:Settime [Search]
  137. w:be:Вёска Пухавічы links to Category:Category:Puchavičy, Minsk province [Search]
  138. w:be:Понт-Канавезэ links to Category:Pont-Canavese [Search]
  139. w:be:Сан-Віта links to Category:San Vito [Search]
  140. w:be:Нацыянальны музей віла Джулія links to Category:Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia [Search]
  141. w:be:Спецыяльная тэорыя адноснасці links to Category:Category:Theory of relativity [Search]
  142. w:be:Трана links to Category:Trana [Search]
  143. w:be:Фрабоза-Сапрана links to Category:Frabosa Soprana [Search]
  144. w:be:Політэхнічны інстытут перадавой навукі links to Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-10-13T17:23:23Z; comment: Empty or single image gallery, please see Commons:Galleries: content was: "== Logo == <gallery> File:Logo-ipsa.gif‎|IPSA Logo </gallery>" (and the only contributor was "")
  145. w:be:Алег Анатолевіч Гусеў links to Oleh Husyev [Search]
  146. w:be:Спіньё-Манферата links to Category:Spigno Monferrato [Search]
  147. w:be:Ізола-д'Асці links to Category:Isola d'Asti [Search]
  148. w:be:Спіс гісторыка-культурных каштоўнасцей Іўеўскага раёна links to Category:Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Iǔje [Search]
  149. w:be:Назоўнік links to Category:Nouns [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-06-22T22:21:27Z; comment: Empty category: redundant to Category:Topics (from the content it had) and a terrible category loop. Additional: This is not wiktionary.
  150. w:be:Востраў Эланд links to Category:Category:Öland [Search]
  151. w:be:Мешка II links to Category:Mieszko II Lambert [Search]
  152. w:be:Горад Корк links to Category:Cork [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-05-29T11:49:05Z; comment: Category:Cork moved to Category:Cork (city)
    • note: Cork exists
  153. w:be:Отакар Яраш links to Category:Category:Otakar Jaroš [Search]
  154. w:be:Лона-Лазес links to Category:Lona-Lases [Search]
  155. w:be:Уры, муніцыпалітэт links to Category:Uri [Search]
  156. w:be:Ціза links to Category:Zisa (Palermo) [Search]
  157. w:be:Ванцонэ-кон-Сан-Карла links to Category:Vanzone con San Carlo [Search]
  158. w:be:Брусельская ратуша links to Category:Category:Brussels town hall [Search]
  159. w:be:Ракета-Палафеа links to Category:Rocchetta Palafea [Search]
  160. w:be:Брэменскі сабор links to Category:Category:Bremen Cathedral [Search]
  161. w:be:Рэгіён Такна links to Category:Region of Tacna [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-09-21T19:18:45Z; comment: Incorrect name: now Category:Tacna Region
  162. w:be:Віларэджа links to Category:Villareggia [Search]
  163. w:be:Чэзара links to Category:Cesara [Search]
  164. w:be:Рэйсдорф links to Category:Reisdorf [Search]
  165. w:be:Мантальда-Скарампі links to Category:Montaldo Scarampi [Search]
  166. w:be:Барбара links to Category:Barbara [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-09T13:54:19Z; comment: Category:Barbara moved to Category:Barbara (singer)
  167. w:be:Горад Бальцана links to Category:Category:Bolzano [Search]
  168. w:be:Рывальба links to Category:Rivalba [Search]
  169. w:be:Мантанара links to Category:Montanaro [Search]
  170. w:be:Вёска Клушына links to Category:Klushino [Search]
  171. w:be:Ільяна links to Category:Igliano [Search]
  172. w:be:Прамола links to Category:Pramollo [Search]
  173. w:be:Вёска Камень, Валожынскі раён links to Category:Category:Kamień (Belarus) [Search]
  174. w:be:Вуха links to Category:Ear [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-01-12T19:40:29Z; comment: Redundant to "Category:Ears".
    • note: Ear exists
  175. w:be:Імператарскі склеп links to Category:KaisergruftImperial Crypt [Search]
  176. w:be:Архіпелаг Сакотра links to Category:Category:Socotra [Search]
  177. w:be:Граньярда links to Category:Grognardo [Search]
  178. w:be:Горад Сетубал links to Category:Setubal [Search]
  179. w:be:Спіс гісторыка-культурных каштоўнасцей Іўеўскага раёна links to Category:Mosque in Iǔje [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-03-23T11:23:22Z; comment: Category:Mosque in Iǔje moved to Category:Mosque in Iŭje
  180. w:be:Гарцыльяна links to Category:Garzigliana [Search]
  181. w:be:Орыя, Італія links to Category:Oria [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-01-05T07:46:47Z; comment: Category:Oria moved to Category:Places called Oria
      2. page was deleted at 2009-11-09T10:37:41Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: 'Oria' (and the only contributor was 'Category-bot')
      3. page was deleted at 2008-09-09T06:31:58Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{Speedydelete| there was already the category Oria, Salento}}' (and the only contributor was 'AnRo0002')
  182. w:be:Правінцыя Эль-Джаўф links to Category:Al Jawf Province [Search]
  183. w:be:Парэта, муніцыпалітэт links to Category:Pareto [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-06-05T17:33:21Z; comment: empty
  184. w:be:Дынастыя Плантагенетаў links to Category:Plantagenet [Search]
  185. w:be:Царква Сан-Рока links to San Rocco (Venice) [Search]
  186. w:be:Крыстафер Рэн links to Christopher Wren [Search]
  187. w:be:Канут Русецкі links to Kanuty Rusiecki [Search]
  188. w:be:Архан I links to Orhan I [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-26T11:37:42Z; comment: content was: "#REDIRECT Category:Orhan I" (and the only contributor was "Gryffindor")
  189. w:be:Ахмед I links to Orhan I [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-26T11:37:42Z; comment: content was: "#REDIRECT Category:Orhan I" (and the only contributor was "Gryffindor")
  190. w:be:Фрасіна links to Category:Frassino [Search]
  191. w:be:Вэстмінстэрскі мост links to Category:Category:Westminster Bridge [Search]
  192. w:be:Парус, архітэктура links to Category:Pendentive [Search]
  193. w:be:Руперт Пфальцскі links to Category:Руперт Пфальцскі [Search]
  194. w:be:Нармандскае заваяванне Англіі links to Category:Norman conquest of England [Search]
  195. w:be:Адэль Шампанская links to Category:Adele of Champagne [Search]
  196. w:be:Горад Клагенфурт links to Category:Category:Klagenfurt [Search]
  197. w:be:Варца links to Category:Varzo [Search]
  198. w:be:Мячэць Бадшахі links to Category:Badshahi Mosque [Search]
  199. w:be:Статуя Атланта, Нью-Ёрк links to Category:Category:Atlas statue (New York City) [Search]
  200. w:be:Базіліка Святога Арханёла Міхаіла, Кракаў links to Category:Category:Church of St. Stanislaus in Kraków [Search]
  201. w:be:Сан-Марка-Эванджэліста links to Category:San Marco Evangelista [Search]
  202. w:be:Гузік links to Category:Buttons (sewing) [Search]
  203. w:be:Паварола links to Category:Pavarolo [Search]
    w:be:Спрынгфілд, Масачусетс links to Springfield
  204. w:be:Вальдуджа links to Category:Valduggia [Search]
  205. w:be:Чэсоле links to Category:Cessole [Search]
  206. w:be:Песня links to Category:Song [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-14T06:21:06Z; comment: Moved to Category:Songs.
  207. w:be:Кастэльнуова-Бельба links to Category:Castelnuovo Belbo [Search]
  208. w:be:Сант'Анастазія links to Category:Sant'Anastasia [Search]
  209. w:be:Беўра-Кардэцца links to Category:Beura-Cardezza [Search]
  210. w:be:Горад Южна-Сухакумск links to Category:Yuzhno-Sukhokumsk [Search]
  211. w:be:Базіліка Святога Паўла за гарадскімі сценамі links to Category:Basilica di San Paolo Fuori le Mura [Search]
  212. w:be:Касамбрата links to Category:Cossombrato [Search]
  213. w:be:Торэ-Барміда links to Category:Torre Bormida [Search]
  214. w:be:Памарэта links to Category:Pomaretto [Search]
  215. w:be:Горад Муцамуду links to Category:Mutsamudu [Search]
  216. w:be:Трэві links to Category:Trevi [Search]
  217. w:be:Самалахдэнмякі links to Sammallahdenmäki [Search]
  218. w:be:Дэвід Пэйн links to David Payne (artist) [Search]
  219. w:be:Страўнікава-кішачны тракт links to Category:Gastro-Intestinal Tract [Search]
  220. w:be:Санта-Сафія links to Category:Santa Sofia [Search]
  221. w:be:Ракета-Бельба links to Category:Rocchetta Belbo [Search]
  222. w:be:Івана-Фрачэна links to Category:Ivano-Fracena [Search]
  223. w:be:Горад Захле links to Category:Zahle [Search]
  224. w:be:Канвелішкі links to Category:Category:Kanvieliški [Search]
  225. w:be:Міланскі ўніверсітэт links to Category:Università Statale (Milan) [Search]
  226. w:be:Мантэджока links to Category:Montegioco [Search]
  227. w:be:Мора Кракена links to Category:Titan (satellite) [Search]
  228. w:be:Сольё links to Category:Soglio [Search]
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  230. w:be:Гунб’ёрн Ульфсан links to Category:Gunnbjörn Ulfsson [Search]
  231. w:be:Бельвельё links to Category:Belveglio [Search]
  232. w:be:Васка Нуньес дэ Бальбоа links to Category:Vasco Nunez de Balboa [Search]
  233. w:be:Лупа links to Category:Magnifying glass [Search]
  234. w:be:Баргонэ-Суза links to Category:Borgone Susa [Search]
  235. w:be:Курсола-Араса links to Category:Cursolo-Orasso [Search]
  236. w:be:Сардзільяна links to Category:Sardigliano [Search]
  237. w:be:Трарэга-Віджона links to Category:Trarego Viggiona [Search]
  238. w:be:Станцыя метро Нарвская links to Category:Petersburg metro Narvskaya [Search]
  239. w:be:Сеста links to Category:Sesto [Search]
  240. w:be:Сент-Шапель links to Category:Sainte-Chapelle [Search]
  241. w:be:Берлінская акадэмія мастацтваў links to Category:Akademie der Kunste (Pariser Platz) [Search]
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  247. w:be:Вёска Лужкі, Шаркаўшчынскі раён links to Category:Category:Łužki [Search]
  248. w:be:Пасхалій I, Папа Рымскі links to Category:Pope Paschal I [Search]
  249. w:be:Мантэ-Кавала links to Category:Monte Cavallo [Search]
  250. w:be:Іосіф, сын Якава links to Category:Joseph [Search]
  251. w:be:Вёска Маляцічы links to Category:Category:Malacičy [Search]
  252. w:be:Каваторэ links to Category:Cavatore [Search]
  253. w:be:Касціна, Італія links to Category:Castino [Search]
  254. w:be:Алівола links to Category:Olivola [Search]
  255. w:be:Тыльман ван Гамерэн links to Tylman van Gameren [Search]
  256. w:be:Сан-Ларэнца-ін-Банале links to Category:San Lorenzo in Banale [Search]
  257. w:be:Магнус Энкель links to Category:Category:Magnus Enckell [Search]
  258. w:be:Горад Клоц links to Category:Cloz [Search]
  259. w:be:Шверынскі сабор links to Category:Category:Schwerin Cathedral [Search]
  260. w:be:Стары мост, Мостар links to Category:Category:Stari Most [Search]
  261. w:be:Прадлевес links to Category:Pradleves [Search]
  262. w:be:Спіс гісторыка-культурных каштоўнасцей Камянецкага раёна links to Category:St. Paraskevi's Church, Mikalaeva.JPG [Search]
  263. w:be:Басаласка links to Category:Bossolasco [Search]
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  266. w:be:Мазер, правінцыя Трэвіза links to Category:Maser [Search]
  267. w:be:Сабор Святога Пятра links to Category:St. Peter's Basilica [Search]
  268. w:be:Кафедральны сабор Святога Стэфана, Пасау links to Category:Category:St. Stephen's Cathedral (Passau) [Search]
  269. w:be:Кааццола links to Category:Coazzolo [Search]
  270. w:be:Новая ратуша, Мюнхен links to Category:Neues Rathaus, Munich [Search]
  271. w:be:Лаўрэнційская брама links to Category:Laurinská [Search]
  272. w:be:Флавон links to Category:Flavon [Search]
  273. w:be:Міланскі сабор links to Category:Category:Duomo (Milan) [Search]
  274. w:be:Клюні links to Category:Abbey of Cluny [Search]
  275. w:be:Вобласць Ангус links to Category:Angus = [Search]
  276. w:be:Касана-Бельба links to Category:Cossano Belbo [Search]
  277. w:be:Вальп'яна links to Category:Volpiano [Search]
  278. w:be:Караманья-П'емонтэ links to Category:Caramagna Piemonte [Search]
  279. w:be:Адаленга-Пікала links to Category:Odalengo Piccolo [Search]
  280. w:be:Вёска Лявонпаль links to Category:Category:Lavonpal [Search]
  281. w:be:Горад Мехіка links to Category:Ciudad de Mexico [Search]
  282. w:be:Правінцыя Місьёнес links to Category:Misiones [Search]
  283. w:be:Сады Шалімара links to Category:Shalamar Garden [Search]
  284. w:be:Спіс гісторыка-культурных каштоўнасцей Лунінецкага раёна links to Category:Cultural heritage monuments in Luninets District [Search]
  285. w:be:Вёска Хоўхла links to Category:Category:Choŭchła [Search]
  286. w:be:Чорная дзірка links to Category:Black hole [Search]
  287. w:be:Брэгуцца links to Category:Breguzzo [Search]
  288. w:be:Алесандра Вольта links to Category:Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta [Search]
  289. w:be:Рамала, камуна links to Category:Romallo [Search]
  290. w:be:Спіс аб'ектаў Сусветнай спадчыны ЮНЕСКА ў Польшчы links to World Heritage Sites in Poland [Search]
  291. w:be:Штэфансплац links to Category:Stephansplatz [Search]
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  296. w:be:Нільс Адольф Эрык Нордэншэльд links to Category:Adolf Erik Nordenskiold [Search]
  297. w:be:Эпас пра Гільгамеша links to Category:Shahnama [Search]
  298. w:be:Тонкі кішэчнік links to Category:Shahnama [Search]
  299. w:be:Тоўсты кішэчнік links to Category:Shahnama [Search]
  300. w:be:Понці, горад links to Category:Ponti [Search]
  301. w:be:Чысонэ links to Category:Cissone [Search]
  302. w:be:Поста links to Category:Posta [Search]
  303. w:be:Фрасінета-По links to Category:Frassineto Po [Search]
  304. w:be:Хамерсміцкі мост links to Category:Category:Hammersmith Bridge [Search]
  305. w:be:Кларнет links to Category:Clarinet [Search]
  306. w:be:Спіс гісторыка-культурных каштоўнасцей Зэльвенскага раёна links to Category:Church of Saint Michael Archangel in Synkavičy [Search]
  307. w:be:Кавальё-Споча links to Category:Cavaglio-Spoccia [Search]
  308. w:be:Гарніга-Тэрмэ links to Category:Garniga Terme [Search]
  309. w:be:Франсуа дэ Гіз links to Category:François de Guise [Search]
  310. w:be:Вёска Гудагай links to Category:Category:Hudahaj [Search]
  311. w:be:Бруіна links to Category:Bruino [Search]
  312. w:be:Бруйна links to Category:Bruino [Search]
  313. w:be:Экстаз Святой Тэрэзы links to Category:Ecstasy of St. Teresa [Search]
  314. w:be:Спіс палацаў Венецыі links to Category:Palazzi di Venezia [Search]
  315. w:be:Тэатынеркірхэ links to Category:Theatinerkirche, Munich [Search]
  316. w:be:Вежа Геркулеса links to Category:Torre de Hercules [Search]
  317. w:be:Лёвенская ратуша links to Category:Category:Town hall of Leuven [Search]
  318. w:be:Стыў Харыс links to Category:Steve Harris (musician) [Search]
  319. w:be:Чыстэрна-д'Асці links to Category:Cisterna d'Asti [Search]
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  322. w:be:Шварцэнбергплац links to Category:Schwarzenbergplatz [Search]
  323. w:be:Аццана-д'Асці links to Category:Azzano d'Asti [Search]
  324. w:be:Мнемасіна links to Mnemosyne [Search]
  325. w:be:П'ер-Жуль Мэн links to Pierre Jules Mène [Search]
  326. w:be:Інтэркантыненталь Варшава links to Hotel Intercontinental in Warsaw [Search]
  327. w:be:Спіс аб'ектаў Сусветнай спадчыны ЮНЕСКА ў Бельгіі links to World Heritage Sites in Belgium [Search]
  328. w:be:Вёска Лешціны links to Category:Category:Leštiny [Search]
  329. w:be:Філакартыя links to Category:Postrcards [Search]
  330. w:be:Паштоўка links to Category:Postrcards [Search]
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  333. w:be:Карламан, кароль Баварыі links to Category:Karlmann [Search]
  334. w:be:Сабор Святога Віта links to Category:Category:St. Vitus Cathedral [Search]
  335. w:be:Вёска Волма, Дзяржынскі раён links to Category:Category:Vołma [Search]
  336. w:be:Уільям Стрэт links to Category:Category:William Strutt (inventor) [Search]
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  339. w:be:Спіс палацаў Рыма links to Category:Palazzi di Roma [Search]
  340. w:be:Горад Вас links to Category:Vas [Search]
  341. w:be:Жэронімуш links to Category:Mosteiro dos Jeronimos [Search]
  342. w:be:Навальніца links to Category:Thunderstorm [Search]
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  344. w:be:Штрасэн, Люксембург links to Category:Strassen [Search]
  345. w:be:Капрые links to Category:Caprie [Search]
  346. w:be:Горад Перпіньян links to Category:Perpinyà - Perpignan [Search]
  347. w:be:Мантэмале-дзі-Кунеа links to Category:Montemale di Cuneo [Search]
  348. w:be:Тэрэс links to Category:Terres [Search]
  349. w:be:Ніела-Бельба links to Category:Niella Belbo [Search]
  350. w:be:Піпін, кароль Італіі links to Category:Pepin d’Italie [Search]
  351. w:be:Карцана links to Category:Carzano [Search]
  352. w:be:Фрасілонга links to Category:Frassilongo [Search]
  353. w:be:Сент-Джэймскі палац links to Category:St James’s Palace [Search]
  354. w:be:Санфрэ links to Category:Sanfrè [Search]
  355. w:be:Капрыяна links to Category:Capriana [Search]
  356. w:be:Падэрньёнэ links to Category:Padergnone [Search]
  357. w:be:Лейф Эрыксан links to Category:Leifr Eiríksson [Search]
  358. w:be:Парад Перамогі links to Category:Moscow Victory Parade [Search]
  359. w:be:Мальвічына links to Category:Malvicino [Search]
  360. w:be:Масіміна links to Category:Massimino [Search]
  361. w:be:Астан Курдыстан links to Category:Kurdistan Province [Search]
  362. w:be:Стацыянарная выстаўка «Прагулка па Ніжне-Пакроўскай» links to Category:Stationary exhibition «A Walk on the Nizne-Pokrovskaja street» (Polotsk) [Search]
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  365. w:be:Андрэй Іванавіч Кім links to Category:Andrei Kim [Search]
  366. w:be:Палац Шонбрун links to Palace and gardens of Schönbrunn [Search]
  367. w:be:Горад Бор, Сербія links to Bor, Serbia [Search]
  368. w:be:Псіхрометр links to Category:Psychrometer [Search]
  369. w:be:Сан-Карла-Канавезэ links to Category:San Carlo Canavese [Search]
  370. w:be:Мальяна-Альпі links to Category:Magliano Alpi [Search]
  371. w:be:Гурыя links to Category:Guria, Georgia [Search]
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  373. w:be:Сперонэ links to Category:Sperone [Search]
  374. w:be:Горад Куэнка, Эквадор links to Category:Cuenca (Ecuador) [Search]
  375. w:be:Этрубль links to Category:Étroubles [Search]
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  379. w:be:Палітра links to Category:Category:Painting palettes [Search]
  380. w:be:Спіс гісторыка-культурных каштоўнасцей Жабінкаўскага раёна links to Category:Cultural heritage monuments in Žabinka District [Search]
  381. w:be:Вёска Ішчална links to Category:Category:Iščałna [Search]
  382. w:be:Сандзільяна links to Category:Sandigliano [Search]
  383. w:be:Горад Нойштат-на-Айшы links to Category:Category:Neustadt an der Aisch [Search]
  384. w:be:Карунія-дэль-Кондэ links to Category:Coruna del Conde [Search]
  385. w:be:Вёска Свяцілавічы links to Category:Svetilovichi [Search]
  386. w:be:Мост Чэлсі links to Category:Category:Chelsea Bridge [Search]
  387. w:be:Эш-Шаркія links to Category:Saudi Arabia - Ash Sharqiyah province locator.png [Search]
  388. w:be:Дэнічэ links to Category:Denice [Search]
  389. w:be:Сант'Агата-Фосілі links to Category:Sant'Agata Fossili [Search]
  390. w:be:Трыўмфальная арка Канстанціна links to Category:Arch of Constantine [Search]
  391. w:be:Вулкан Бару links to Category:Baru volcano [Search]
  392. w:be:Аграгарадок Шылавічы links to Category:Category:Šyłavičy [Search]
  393. w:be:Сант'Арсола-Тэрмэ links to Category:Sant'Orsola Terme [Search]
  394. w:be:Царква Ла Мадалена links to Category:Category:Santa Maria Maddalena (Venice) [Search]
  395. w:be:Германскі цэнтр авіяцыі і касманаўтыкі links to Category:Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt [Search]
  396. w:be:Чэрэта-д'Асці links to Category:Cerreto d'Asti [Search]
  397. w:be:Калацца links to Category:Colazza [Search]
  398. w:be:Камо, муніцыпалітэт links to Category:Camo [Search]
  399. w:be:Дузіна-Сан-Мікеле links to Category:Dusino San Michele [Search]
  400. w:be:Каміньяга links to Category:Comignago [Search]
  401. w:be:Іпаліт Гіляравіч Гараўскі links to Ippolit Goravsky [Search]
  402. w:be:Гамзіград-Рамуліяна links to Gamzigrad [Search]
  403. w:be:Карламан II links to Carloman II of France [Search]
  404. w:be:Гвінед links to Gwynedd [Search]
  405. w:be:Сільвестр III, Папа Рымскі links to Cathegory:Silvester III [Search]
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  408. w:be:Бледжа-інферыёрэ links to Category:Bleggio Inferiore [Search]
  409. w:be:Горад Нявіннамыск links to Category:Nevinnomyssk [Search]
  410. w:be:Правінцыя Хаіль links to Category:Ha'il Province [Search]
  411. w:be:Чыму links to Category:Category:Chimu [Search]
  412. w:be:Валеры Жыскар д'Эстэн links to Category:Valéry Giscard d’Éstaing [Search]
  413. w:be:Горад Дрэна links to Category:Drena [Search]
  414. w:be:Мантэмарціна links to Category:Montemarzino [Search]
  415. w:be:Аэрапорт Берлін-Тэгель links to Category:Flughafen Berlin-Tegel [Search]
  416. w:be:Салічэта links to Category:Saliceto [Search]
  417. w:be:Понья links to Category:Pogno [Search]
  418. w:be:Дарога гігантаў links to Category:Category:Giant's Causeway [Search]
  419. w:be:Уільям Марцін links to Category:Category:William Martin (naturalist) [Search]
  420. w:be:Мамбела-дзі-Тарына links to Category:Mombello di Torino [Search]
  421. w:be:Горад Рыльск links to Category:Category:Rylsk [Search]
  422. w:be:Вёска Пераброддзе links to Category:Category:Pierabrodździe [Search]
  423. w:be:Горад Чаркасы links to Category:Category:Cherkasy [Search]
  424. w:be:Баляслаў II Смелы links to Category:Bolesław II the Bold [Search]
  425. w:be:Горад Сан-Луіс-Патасі links to Category:San Luis de Potosi [Search]
  426. w:be:Горад Скаген links to Category:Skagen municipality [Search]
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