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  1. w:bg:Могилно links to Category:Category:Mogilno [Search]
  2. w:bg:По (град) links to Category:Pau [Search]
  3. w:bg:Олесно links to Category:Category:Olesno [Search]
  4. w:bg:Банкок links to Category:กรุงเทพมหานคร [Search]
  5. w:bg:Ангел Чаушев (министър) links to Category:Category:Marin Drinov [Search]
  6. w:bg:Замбров links to Category:Category:Zambrów [Search]
  7. w:bg:Пшасниш links to Category:Category:Przasnysz [Search]
  8. w:bg:Ожаров Мазовски links to Category:Category:Ożarów Mazowiecki [Search]
  9. w:bg:Кобилка links to Category:Category:Kobyłka [Search]
  10. w:bg:Шемятиче links to Category:Category: Siemiatycze [Search]
  11. w:bg:Сан Хосе links to Category:San José [Search]
  12. w:bg:Авейро links to Category:Aveiro [Search]
  13. w:bg:Живец links to Category:Category:Żywiec [Search]
  14. w:bg:Чешин links to Category:Category:Cieszyn [Search]
  15. w:bg:Мишленице links to Category:Category:Myślenice [Search]
  16. w:bg:Иглесиас (град) links to Category:Iglesias (Italia) [Search]
  17. w:bg:Мулен links to Category:Moulins [Search]
  18. w:bg:Липско links to Category:Category:Lipsko [Search]
  19. w:bg:Прошовице links to Category:Category:Proszowice [Search]
  20. w:bg:Скаген links to Category:Skagen municipality [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-18T05:54:18Z; comment: Empty category
  21. w:bg:Гошчино links to Category:Category:Gościno [Search]
  22. w:bg:Паликир links to Category:Palikir [Search]
  23. w:bg:Санкт Петербург links to Category:Sankt Peterburg [Search]
  24. w:bg:Константинов Лодзки links to Category:Category:Konstantynów Łódzki [Search]
  25. w:bg:Йеленя Гора links to Category:Category:Jelenia Góra [Search]
  26. w:bg:Нови Тарг links to Category:Category:Nowy Targ [Search]
  27. w:bg:Бжозов links to Category:Category:Brzozów [Search]
  28. w:bg:Жельонка (Воломински окръг) links to Category:Category:Zielonka [Search]
  29. w:bg:Устрон links to Category:Category:Ustroń [Search]
  30. w:bg:Торун links to Category:Category:Toruń [Search]
  31. w:bg:Тшчянка links to Category:Category:Trzcianka [Search]
  32. w:bg:Реканати links to Category:Recaanati [Search]
  33. w:bg:Хрубешов links to Category:Category:Hrubieszów [Search]
  34. w:bg:Дойран links to Dojran [Search]
  35. w:bg:Вечен двигател links to Вечен двигател [Search]
  36. w:bg:Сулехов links to Category:Category:Sulechów [Search]
  37. w:bg:Стшижов links to Category:Category:Strzyżów [Search]
  38. w:bg:Милич links to Category:Category:Milicz [Search]
  39. w:bg:Бреда links to Category:Breda [Search]
  40. w:bg:Нови Томишъл links to Category:Category:Nowy Tomyśl [Search]
  41. w:bg:Йелч-Лясковице links to Category:Category:Jelcz-Laskowice [Search]
  42. w:bg:Вали (град) links to Category:The Valley, Anguilla [Search]
  43. w:bg:Джордж Таун links to Category:The Valley, Anguilla [Search]
  44. w:bg:Гловно links to Category:Category:Głowno [Search]
  45. w:bg:Скерневице links to Category:Category:Skierniewice [Search]
  46. w:bg:Пайенчно links to Category:Category:Pajęczno [Search]
  47. w:bg:Турнмир links to Category:Tournemire [Search]
  48. w:bg:Гарволин links to Category:Category:Garwolin [Search]
  49. w:bg:Александров Куявски links to Category:Category:Aleksandrów Kujawski [Search]
  50. w:bg:Стшелце Крайненско links to Category:Category:Strzelce Krajeńskie [Search]
  51. w:bg:Варминско-Мазурско войводство links to Category:Warmińsko-Mazurskie [Search]
  52. w:bg:Ханой links to Category:Hà Nội [Search]
  53. w:bg:Стшелце Ополско links to Category:Category:Strzelce Opolskie [Search]
  54. w:bg:Сейни links to Category:Category:Sejny [Search]
  55. w:bg:Мата-Уту links to Category:Мата-Уту [Search]
  56. w:bg:Нови Двор Гдански links to Category:Category:Nowy Dwór Gdański [Search]
  57. w:bg:Бялисток links to Category:Category:Białystok [Search]
  58. w:bg:Шчечин links to Category:Category:Szczecin [Search]
  59. w:bg:Владиславово (Полша) links to Category:Category:Władysławowo [Search]
  60. w:bg:Писковице links to Category:Category:Pyskowice [Search]
  61. w:bg:Конин links to Category:Category:Konin [Search]
  62. w:bg:Андрихов links to Category:Category:Andrychów [Search]
  63. w:bg:Кошалин links to Category:Category:Koszalin [Search]
  64. w:bg:Скавина links to Category:Category:Skawina [Search]
  65. w:bg:Тшебница links to Category:Category:Trzebnica [Search]
  66. w:bg:Демблин links to Category:Category:Dęblin [Search]
  67. w:bg:Томашов Люблински links to Category:Category:Tomaszów Lubelski [Search]
  68. w:bg:Йенджейов links to Category:Category:Jędrzejów [Search]
  69. w:bg:Високе Мазовско links to Category:Category:Wysokie Mazowieckie [Search]
  70. w:bg:Аурора (град, Илинойс) links to Category:Category:Aurora, Illinois [Search]
  71. w:bg:Бран links to Category:Bran [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-10-31T07:06:20Z; comment: Category:Bran moved to Category:Bran, Braşov
  72. w:bg:Опатов links to Category:Category:Opatów [Search]
  73. w:bg:Ланс links to Category:Lens [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-08-10T09:12:21Z; comment: Moved to Category:Lenses.
    • note: Lens exists
  74. w:bg:Коани (град) links to Category:Koani [Search]
  75. w:bg:Румя links to Category:Category:Rumia [Search]
  76. w:bg:Новогард links to Category:Category:Nowogard [Search]
  77. w:bg:Вилхелм I links to Category:Wilhelm I., Deutscher Kaiser [Search]
  78. w:bg:Лапи (град) links to Category:Category:Łapy [Search]
  79. w:bg:Малакал links to Category:Category:Malakal [Search]
  80. w:bg:Овулация links to Hormones estradiol, progesterone, LH and FSH during menstrual cycle.svg [Search]
  81. w:bg:Пол Валери links to Пол Валери [Search]
  82. w:bg:Доналд Кнут links to Donald Ervin Knuth [Search]
  83. w:bg:Поддембице links to Category:Category:Poddębice [Search]
  84. w:bg:Намислов links to Category:Category:Namysłów [Search]
  85. w:bg:Соколка links to Category:Category:Sokółka [Search]
  86. w:bg:Битов links to Category:Category:Bytów [Search]
  87. w:bg:Сукре links to Category:Sucre [Search]
  88. w:bg:Лвовек Силезки links to Category:Category:Lwówek Śląski [Search]
  89. w:bg:Агия Напа links to Category:Ayia Napa [Search]
  90. w:bg:Берун links to Category:Category:Bieruń [Search]
  91. w:bg:Стшегом links to Category:Category:Strzegom [Search]
  92. w:bg:Уолфиш Бей links to Category:Walvis Bay [Search]
  93. w:bg:Кемпно links to Category:Category:Kępno [Search]
  94. w:bg:Заказик links to Category:Zagazik [Search]
  95. w:bg:Шерпц links to Category:Category:Sierpc [Search]
  96. w:bg:Пиш links to Category:Category:Pisz [Search]
  97. w:bg:Пшисуха links to Category:Category:Przysucha [Search]
  98. w:bg:Сен Дьони links to Category:Saint-Denis [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-09-01T08:15:02Z; comment: Empty category / unused redirect
    • note: Saint-Denis exists
  99. w:bg:Шираз links to Category:Category:Shiraz [Search]
  100. w:bg:Богушов-Горце links to Category:Category:Boguszów-Gorce [Search]
  101. w:bg:Голюб-Добжин links to Category:Category:Golub-Dobrzyń [Search]
  102. w:bg:Домброва Тарновска links to Category:Kategoria:Dąbrowa Tarnowska [Search]
  103. w:bg:Рава Мазовска links to Category:Category:Rawa Mazowiecka [Search]
  104. w:bg:Новошотландски ретривър links to Category:Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever [Search]
  105. w:bg:Ленджини links to Category:Category:Lędziny [Search]
  106. w:bg:Ланцут links to Category:Category:Łańcut [Search]
  107. w:bg:Авеста (град) links to Category:Avesta (locality) [Search]
  108. w:bg:Мантон links to Category:Menton (Alpes-Maritimes) [Search]
  109. w:bg:Гройец links to Category:Category:Grójec [Search]
  110. w:bg:Кане Корсо Италиано links to Category:Cane Corso Italiano [Search]
  111. w:bg:Лошице links to Category:Category:Łosice [Search]
  112. w:bg:Краснистав links to Category:Category:Krasnystaw [Search]
  113. w:bg:Познан links to Category:Category:Poznań [Search]
  114. w:bg:Суленчин links to Category:Category:Sulęcin [Search]
  115. w:bg:Легница links to Category:Category:Legnica [Search]
  116. w:bg:Шамотули links to Category:Category:Szamotuły [Search]
  117. w:bg:Валбжих links to Category:Category:Wałbrzych [Search]
  118. w:bg:Лодз links to Category:Category:Łódź [Search]
  119. w:bg:Сопот (Полша) links to Category:Category:Sopot, Poland [Search]
  120. w:bg:Люблин links to Category:Category:Lublin [Search]
  121. w:bg:Грис ам Бренер links to Category:Gries an Brenner [Search]
  122. w:bg:Саут Бенд (Индиана) links to Category:South Bend [Search]
  123. w:bg:Лана links to Category:Lana an der Etsch [Search]
  124. w:bg:Ханс Кребс (офицер) links to Category:Hans Krebs (general)Ханс Кребс [Search]
  125. w:bg:Гап links to Category:Gap [Search]
  126. w:bg:Еслинген links to Category:Esslingen [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-06-15T18:07:18Z; comment: content was: '{{tlx|de|Die Bilder auf dieser Seite gehören zu der Stadt Esslingen am Neckar. Die Stadt hat etwas mehr als 90000 Einwohner und liegt...' (and the only contributor was 'SieBot')
  127. w:bg:Липно links to Category:Category: Lipno [Search]
  128. w:bg:Чарнков links to Category:Category:Czarnków [Search]
  129. w:bg:Маскат links to Category:Muscat, Oman [Search]
  130. w:bg:Диеп links to Category:Dieppe [Search]
  131. w:bg:Конске links to Category:Category:Końskie [Search]
  132. w:bg:Осака links to Category:Osaka [Search]
  133. w:bg:Пьотърков Трибуналски links to Category:Category:Piotrków Trybunalski [Search]
  134. w:bg:Швидвин links to Category:Category:Świdwin [Search]
  135. w:bg:Белск Подляски links to Category:Category:Bielsk Podlaski [Search]
  136. w:bg:Рипин links to Category:Category: Rypin [Search]
  137. w:bg:Пижице links to Category:Category:Pyrzyce [Search]
  138. w:bg:Ла Пас links to Category:La Paz [Search]
  139. w:bg:Тухоля links to Category:Category:Tuchola [Search]
  140. w:bg:Семполно Крайненско links to Category:Category:Sępólno Krajeńskie [Search]
  141. w:bg:Миляновек links to Category:Category:Milanówek [Search]
  142. w:bg:Ожеше links to Category:Category:Orzesze [Search]
  143. w:bg:Андрей Ляпчев links to Category:Category:Andrey Lyapchev [Search]
  144. w:bg:Леско links to Category:Category:Lesko [Search]
  145. w:bg:Верушов links to Category:Category:Wieruszów [Search]
  146. w:bg:Влоцлавек links to Category:Category:Włocławek [Search]
  147. w:bg:Скочов links to Category:Category:Skoczów [Search]
  148. w:bg:Глубчице links to Category:Category:Głubczyce [Search]
  149. w:bg:Гроджиск Мазовски links to Category:Grodzisk [Search]
  150. w:bg:Бабати links to Category:Babati [Search]
  151. w:bg:Барлинек links to Category:Category:Barlinek [Search]
  152. w:bg:Тчев links to Category:Category:Tczew [Search]
  153. w:bg:Ленчица links to Category:Category:Łęczyca [Search]
  154. w:bg:Ниджица links to Category:Category:Nidzica [Search]
  155. w:bg:Кенти links to Category:Category:Kęty [Search]
  156. w:bg:Ярослав (град) links to Category:Category:Jarosław [Search]
  157. w:bg:Слубице links to Category:Category:Słubice [Search]
  158. w:bg:Лобамба links to Category:Lobamba [Search]
  159. w:bg:Мендзиход links to Category:Międzychód (miasto) [Search]
  160. w:bg:Ервин Ромел links to Category:Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2008-09-27T09:57:22Z; comment: content was: '{{tlx|de| Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel (15. November 1891 – 14. Oktober 1944) war ein bemerkenswerter deutscher Generalfeldmarschall und Befehlshaber der deutschen Truppen in Nordafrika (Afrikakorps) während des Zweiten Weltkrieges. ...'
    • note: Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel exists
  161. w:bg:Журомин links to Category:C0ategory:Żuromin [Search]
  162. w:bg:Списък на владетелите на Тирол links to Category:Списък на владетелите на Тирол [Search]
  163. w:bg:Коженице links to Category:Category:Kozienice [Search]
  164. w:bg:Кошчежина links to Category:Category:Kościerzyna [Search]
  165. w:bg:Гроджиск Великополски links to Category:Category:Grodzisk Wielkopolski [Search]
  166. w:bg:Лиманова links to Category:Category:Limanowa [Search]
  167. w:bg:Колбушова links to Category:Category:Kolbuszowa [Search]
  168. w:bg:Кубинска ракетна криза links to Category:Cuban missile crisis [Search]
  169. w:bg:Байконур (град) links to Category:Baikonur [Search]
  170. w:bg:Щум links to Category:Category:Sztum [Search]
  171. w:bg:Прушч Гдански links to Category:Category:Pruszcz Gdański [Search]
  172. w:bg:Стшелин links to Category:Category:Strzelin [Search]
  173. w:bg:Голдап links to Category:Category:Gołdap [Search]
  174. w:bg:Влодава links to Category:Category:Włodawa [Search]
  175. w:bg:Суха Бескидзка links to Category:Суха Бескидзка [Search]
  176. w:bg:Бидгошч links to Category:Category:Bydgoszcz Bydgoszcz [Search]
  177. w:bg:Лешно links to Category:Category:Leszno [Search]
  178. w:bg:Груджьондз links to Category:Category:Grudziądz [Search]
  179. w:bg:Зинтан links to Category:Az Zintan [Search]
  180. w:bg:Кастеламаре дел Голфо links to Category:Castellamare del Golfo [Search]
  181. w:bg:Зволен links to Category:Category:Zwoleń [Search]
  182. w:bg:Скаржиско-Каменна links to Category:Category:Skarżysko-Kamienna [Search]
  183. w:bg:Кристофър links to Category:Christopher, Illinois [Search]
  184. w:bg:Адъяман links to Category:Адыяман [Search]
  185. w:bg:Санкт Пьолтен links to Category:Sankt Pölten [Search]
  186. w:bg:Ютерзен links to Category:UEtersen [Search]
  187. w:bg:Насау links to Category:Nassau [Search]
  188. w:bg:Радзин Подляски links to Category:Category:Radzyń Podlaski [Search]
  189. w:bg:Санок links to Category:Category:Sanok [Search]
  190. w:bg:Глухолази links to Category:Category:Głuchołazy [Search]
  191. w:bg:Купанг links to Category:Category:Kupang (city) [Search]
  192. w:bg:Реда links to Category:Category:Reda [Search]
  193. w:bg:Бжеско links to Category:Category:Brzesko [Search]
  194. w:bg:Венгров links to Category:Category:Węgrów [Search]
  195. w:bg:Картузи links to Category:Category:Kartuzy [Search]
  196. w:bg:Европейска котка links to Category:European [Search]
  197. w:bg:Хагатна links to Category:Hagåtña [Search]
  198. w:bg:Швиноуйшче links to Category:Category:Świnoujście [Search]
  199. w:bg:Богатиня links to Category:Category:Bogatynia [Search]
  200. w:bg:Парчев links to Category:Category:Parczew [Search]
  201. w:bg:Мехов links to Category:Category:Miechów [Search]
  202. w:bg:Сейнт Джорджис links to Category:Sent George's, Grenada [Search]

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