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  1. w:br:Mount Pleasant (South Carolina) links to Category:Mount Pleasant (South Carolina) [Search]
  2. w:br:Rapid City (South Dakota) links to Category:Rapid City (South Dakota) [Search]
  3. w:br:Scottsdale (Arizona) links to Category:Scottsdale (Arizona) [Search]
  4. w:br:St. Petersburg (Florida) links to Category:St. Petersburg (Florida) [Search]
  5. w:br:Proviñs Concepción (Chile) links to Category:Concepción Province, Chile [Search]
  6. w:br:Barre (Vermont) links to Category:Barre (Vermont) [Search]
  7. w:br:Rutland (Vermont) links to Category:Rutland (Vermont) [Search]
  8. w:br:Columbus (Georgia) links to Category:Columbus (Georgia) [Search]
  9. w:br:Wilmington (Delaware) links to Category:Wilmington (Delaware) [Search]
  10. w:br:Kabestr links to Category:Kabestr [Search]
  11. w:br:West Valley City links to Category:West Valley City [Search]
  12. w:br:Ponta Delgada links to Category:Ponta Delgada [Search]
  13. w:br:Jefferson City (Missouri) links to Category:Jefferson City (Missouri) [Search]
  14. w:br:Roswell (New Mexico) links to Category:Roswell (New Mexico) [Search]
  15. w:br:Toshiro Mifune links to Category:Toshiro Mifune [Search]
  16. w:br:Gaithersburg (Maryland) links to Category:Gaithersburg (Maryland) [Search]
  17. w:br:Mesa (Arizona) links to Category:Mesa (Arizona) [Search]
  18. w:br:Middletown (Delaware) links to Category:Middletown (Delaware) [Search]
  19. w:br:Chesapeake (Virginia) links to Category:Chesapeake (Virginia) [Search]
  20. w:br:Proviñs roman links to Category:Roman provinces [Search]
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  21. w:br:Brownsville (Texas) links to Category:Brownsville (Texas) [Search]
  22. w:br:Bloomington (Minnesota) links to Category:Bloomington (Minnesota) [Search]
  23. w:br:Ȣ (lizherenn) links to Category:Category:Ου (ligature) [Search]
  24. w:br:Oleiros (A Coruña) links to Category:Oleiros (A Coruña) [Search]
  25. w:br:Gwareg (sonerezh) links to Category:Bows (Music) [Search]
  26. w:br:Rock Springs (Wyoming) links to Category:Rock Springs (Wyoming) [Search]
  27. w:br:Bellevue (Washington) links to Category:Bellevue (Washington) [Search]
  28. w:br:God bras links to God bras [Search]
  29. w:br:Patrick Tambay links to Patrick Tambay [Search]
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    • note: Category:Patrick Tambay exists
  30. w:br:Skol-veur Niccolò Cusano links to Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusano [Search]
  31. w:br:Watchmen links to Watchmen [Search]
  32. w:br:Owain Glyndŵr links to Owain Glyndŵr [Search]
  33. w:br:Tzipi Livni links to Tzipi Livni [Search]
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    • note: Category:Tzipi Livni exists
  34. w:br:Iliz-veur links to Iliz-veur [Search]
  35. w:br:Louergad links to Louargat [Search]
  36. w:br:Beltram Gwesklin links to Beltram Gwesklin [Search]
  37. w:br:John Heartfield links to John Heartfield [Search]
  38. w:br:Tristan Corbière links to Tristan Corbière [Search]
  39. w:br:Jules Bianchi links to Jules Bianchi [Search]
  40. w:br:Strollad Komunour Artsac'h links to Atlas of Nagorno Karabakh [Search]
  41. w:br:Jersey City links to Jersey City, New Jersey [Search]
  42. w:br:Sach-fun links to Tug of War [Search]
  43. w:br:Mike Hawthorn links to Mike Hawthorn [Search]
  44. w:br:Enezenn ar mirdioù links to Museuminsel (Berlin) [Search]
  45. w:br:Memphis (Tennessee) links to Memphis, Tennessee [Search]
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    • note: Category:Memphis, Tennessee exists
  46. w:br:Dar es Salaam links to Dar es Salaam [Search]
  47. w:br:Afrika ar Su links to Afrika ar Su [Search]
  48. w:br:Leurgêr Breujoù Breizh links to Parlement de Bretagne [Search]
  49. w:br:Neuchâtel (kêr) links to Neuchâtel (ville) [Search]
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  50. w:br:Kazh pavioù du links to Felis nigripes [Search]
  51. w:br:Lavand (Lavandula) links to Lavender [Search]
  52. w:br:Munttoren (Amsterdam) links to Munttoren [Search]
  53. w:br:Pindaros links to Pindar [Search]
  54. w:br:Seattle (Washington) links to Category:Seattle (Washington) [Search]
  55. w:br:Kab Trafalgar links to Category:Kab Trafalgar [Search]
  56. w:br:Bismarck (North Dakota) links to Category:Bismarck (North Dakota) [Search]
  57. w:br:Durham (North Carolina) links to Category:Durham (North Carolina) [Search]
  58. w:br:Barailh links to Category:Yawn [Search]
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    • note: Yawn exists
  59. w:br:Reading (Pennsylvania) links to Category:Reading (Pennsylvania) [Search]
  60. w:br:Hafren links to Category:Afon Hafren [Search]
  61. w:br:Overland Park links to Category:Overland Park [Search]
  62. w:br:Norfolk (Virginia) links to Category:Norfolk (Virginia) [Search]
  63. w:br:Albany (New York) links to Category:Albany (New York) [Search]
  64. w:br:Key West (Florida) links to Category:Key West (Florida) [Search]
  65. w:br:Lorenzo Costa il Vecchio links to Category:Lorenzo Costa il Vecchio [Search]
  66. w:br:Billings (Montana) links to Category:Billings (Montana) [Search]
  67. w:br:San Jose (Kalifornia) links to Category:San Jose (Kalifornia) [Search]
  68. w:br:Montgomery (Alabama) links to Category:Montgomery (Alabama) [Search]
  69. w:br:Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) links to Category:Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) [Search]
  70. w:br:Gouarnamant Jean-Marc Ayrault links to Category:Ministers of Jean-Marc Ayrault [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-03-21T07:27:47Z; comment: Moved to Category:Ministers of Jean-Marc Ayrault (1).Reason: There are several governments under Ayrault. To avoid confusion which one is referred to " (1)" should be attached to the name. (Category with " (2)" already exists and is in use) This
  71. w:br:Stamford (Connecticut) links to Category:Stamford (Connecticut) [Search]
  72. w:br:Tempe (Arizona) links to Category:Tempe (Arizona) [Search]
  73. w:br:Toledo (Ohio) links to Category:Toledo (Ohio) [Search]
  74. w:br:Huntsville (Alabama) links to Category:Huntsville (Alabama) [Search]
  75. w:br:Bangor (Maine) links to Category:Bangor (Maine) [Search]
  76. w:br:Juneau links to Category:Juneau [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-29T18:26:53Z; comment: Category:Juneau moved to Category:Juneau, Alaska
  77. w:br:Garland (Texas) links to Category:Garland (Texas) [Search]
  78. w:br:Las Cruces (New Mexico) links to Category:Las Cruces (New Mexico) [Search]
  79. w:br:Galveston links to Category:Galveston [Search]
  80. w:br:Duluth (Minnesota) links to Category:Duluth (Minnesota) [Search]
  81. w:br:Enez Santa Fe links to Category:Enez Santa Fe [Search]
  82. w:br:Shreveport (Louisiana) links to Category:Shreveport (Louisiana) [Search]
  83. w:br:Yann II Aragon links to Category:Yann II Aragon [Search]
  84. w:br:Sitka (Alaska) links to Category:Sitka (Alaska) [Search]
  85. w:br:Lowell (Massachusetts) links to Category:Lowell (Massachusetts) [Search]
  86. w:br:Springfield (Massachusetts) links to Category:Springfield (Massachusetts) [Search]
  87. w:br:Anchorage (Alaska) links to Category:Anchorage (Alaska) [Search]
  88. w:br:Krk links to Category:Krk [Search]
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  89. w:br:San Diego (Kalifornia) links to Category:San Diego (Kalifornia) [Search]
  90. w:br:Tallahassee (Florida) links to Category:Tallahassee (Florida) [Search]
  91. w:br:Bridgeport (Connecticut) links to Category:Bridgeport (Connecticut) [Search]
  92. w:br:Cleveland (Ohio) links to Category:Cleveland (Ohio) [Search]
  93. w:br:Aurora (Illinois) links to Category:Aurora (Illinois) [Search]
  94. w:br:Aias Telamonios links to Category:Ajax the great [Search]
  95. w:br:Rochester (Minnesota) links to Category:Rochester (Minnesota) [Search]
  96. w:br:Fort Worth (Texas) links to Category:Fort Worth (Texas) [Search]
  97. w:br:Dallas (Texas) links to Category:Dallas (Texas) [Search]
  98. w:br:Tampa (Florida) links to Category:Tampa (Florida) [Search]
  99. w:br:Raleigh (North Carolina) links to Category:Raleigh (North Carolina) [Search]
  100. w:br:Samos (Galiza) links to Category:Samos (Galiza) [Search]
  101. w:br:Arlington (Texas) links to Category:Arlington (Texas) [Search]
  102. w:br:Baltimore (Maryland) links to Category:Baltimore (Maryland) [Search]
  103. w:br:Wheeling (West Virginia) links to Category:Wheeling (West Virginia) [Search]
  104. w:br:Ahurti links to Category:Ahurti [Search]
  105. w:br:Sioux Falls links to Category:Sioux Falls [Search]
  106. w:br:Rochester (New York) links to Category:Rochester (New York) [Search]
  107. w:br:Bowie (Maryland) links to Category:Bowie (Maryland) [Search]
  108. w:br:Missoula links to Category:Missoula [Search]
  109. w:br:Dover (Delaware) links to Category:Dover (Delaware) [Search]
  110. w:br:Naperville (Illinois) links to Category:Naperville (Illinois) [Search]
  111. w:br:Gouenoù (kumun) links to Category:Gouenoù (kumun) [Search]
  112. w:br:Ivin (gwez) links to Category:Taxae [Search]
  113. w:br:Alexandria (Virginia) links to Category:Alexandria (Virginia) [Search]
  114. w:br:Chandler (Arizona) links to Category:Chandler (Arizona) [Search]
  115. w:br:Hartford (Connecticut) links to Category:Hartford (Connecticut) [Search]
  116. w:br:New Bedford (Massachusetts) links to Category:New Bedford (Massachusetts) [Search]
  117. w:br:Skifos links to Category:Skyphos [Search]
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    • note: Skyphos exists
  118. w:br:Jacksonville (Florida) links to Category:Jacksonville (Florida) [Search]
  119. w:br:Springdale (Arkansas) links to Category:Springdale (Arkansas) [Search]
  120. w:br:San Antonio (Texas) links to Category:San Antonio (Texas) [Search]
  121. w:br:Gruyère (keuz) links to Category:Gruyère cheese [Search]
  122. w:br:Schenectady (New York) links to Category:Schenectady (New York) [Search]
  123. w:br:Flora (doueez) links to Category:Category:Flora (dea) [Search]
  124. w:br:Nashua (New Hampshire) links to Category:Nashua (New Hampshire) [Search]
  125. w:br:Springfield (Illinois) links to Category:Springfield (Illinois) [Search]
  126. w:br:Mons (Wallonia) links to Category:Mons (Wallonia) [Search]
  127. w:br:Lubbock (Texas) links to Category:Lubbock (Texas) [Search]
  128. w:br:Charlotte (North Carolina) links to Category:Charlotte (North Carolina) [Search]
  129. w:br:Afrodite Anadyomene links to Category:Venus Anadyomène [Search]
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  130. w:br:Fresno (Kalifornia) links to Category:Fresno (Kalifornia) [Search]
  131. w:br:Frederick (Maryland) links to Category:Frederick (Maryland) [Search]
  132. w:br:Newark (Delaware) links to Category:Newark (Delaware) [Search]
  133. w:br:Abermaw links to Category:Abermaw [Search]
  134. w:br:Newport News links to Category:Newport News [Search]
  135. w:br:Elgin (Illinois) links to Category:Elgin (Illinois) [Search]
  136. w:br:Badeziant links to Baptême [Search]
  137. w:br:C'hoarioù links to C'hoarioù [Search]
  138. w:br:Litiom links to Litiom [Search]
  139. w:br:Port Sgioba links to Islay [Search]
  140. w:br:Mendibe links to Mendive [Search]
  141. w:br:Gwinieg ar Muskadig links to Rummad:Wine [Search]
  142. w:br:Norman (Oklahoma) links to Norman, Oklahoma [Search]
  143. w:br:Valtteri Bottas links to Valtteri Bottas [Search]
  144. w:br:Pikted links to Picts [Search]
  145. w:br:Patatez links to Patatez [Search]
  146. w:br:GP2 Series links to GP2 Series [Search]
  147. w:br:Toyota Motorsport links to Toyota Motorsport GmbH [Search]
  148. w:br:Zanzibar links to Rummad:Zanzibar [Search]
  149. w:br:Priz Bras Long Beach links to Long Beach Grand Prix [Search]
  150. w:br:Matra MS80 links to Matra MS80 [Search]
  151. w:br:Trenton links to Trenton, New Jersey [Search]
  152. w:br:Tereüs links to Philomela and Procne [Search]
  153. w:br:Phil Hill links to Phil Hill [Search]
  154. w:br:Meister E. S. links to Meister E.S. [Search]
  155. w:br:Jules Joseph Lefebvre links to Media:Pandora.jpg [Search]
  156. w:br:Vancouver (Washington) links to Category:Vancouver (Washington) [Search]
  157. w:br:Ì Chaluim Chille links to Category:Ì Chaluim Chille [Search]
  158. w:br:Kenosha links to Category:Kenosha [Search]
  159. w:br:Nagasaki links to Category:Nagasaki in Ruins [Search]
  160. w:br:Kansas City (Kansas) links to Category:Kansas City (Kansas) [Search]
  161. w:br:Newark (New Jersey) links to Category:Newark (New Jersey) [Search]
  162. w:br:Lafayette (Louisiana) links to Category:Lafayette (Louisiana) [Search]
  163. w:br:Little Rock (Arkansas) links to Category:Little Rock (Arkansas) [Search]
  164. w:br:Fort Lauderdale links to Category:Fort Lauderdale [Search]
  165. w:br:Rio Rancho (New Mexico) links to Category:Rio Rancho (New Mexico) [Search]
  166. w:br:Columbus (Ohio) links to Category:Columbus (Ohio) [Search]
  167. w:br:Morgantown (West Virginia) links to Category:Morgantown (West Virginia) [Search]
  168. w:br:Banniel Gadsden links to Category:Gadsden flag [Search]
  169. w:br:St. Louis (Missouri) links to Category:St. Louis (Missouri) [Search]
  170. w:br:Bakersfield (Kalifornia) links to Category:Bakersfield (Kalifornia) [Search]
  171. w:br:Austin (Texas) links to Category:Austin (Texas) [Search]
  172. w:br:Greensboro (North Carolina) links to Category:Greensboro (North Carolina) [Search]
  173. w:br:Worcester (Massachusetts) links to Category:Worcester (Massachusetts) [Search]
  174. w:br:Fort Smith (Arkansas) links to Category:Fort Smith (Arkansas) [Search]
  175. w:br:Green Bay (Wisconsin) links to Category:Green Bay (Wisconsin) [Search]
  176. w:br:Oakland (Kalifornia) links to Category:Oakland (Kalifornia) [Search]
  177. w:br:Broioù Katalan links to Category:Category:Catalan Countries [Search]
  178. w:br:Fayetteville (Arkansas) links to Category:Fayetteville (Arkansas) [Search]
  179. w:br:Wichita (Kansas) links to Category:Wichita (Kansas) [Search]
  180. w:br:Pierre (South Dakota) links to Category:Pierre (South Dakota) [Search]
  181. w:br:Lambert Lombard links to Lambert Lombard [Search]
  182. w:br:The Lady of Shallot links to The Lady of Shallot [Search]
  183. w:br:Kornigell (c'hoariell) links to Kornigell (c'hoariell) [Search]
  184. w:br:Porched:Ar mor links to Seascape [Search]
  185. w:br:Priz Bras kirri Monaco links to Monaco Grand Prix [Search]
  186. w:br:Guy Delisle links to Guy Delisle [Search]
  187. w:br:Knoxville (Tennessee) links to Knoxville, Tennessee [Search]
  188. w:br:Loeiz Germania links to Louis the German [Search]
  189. w:br:Giambattista Marino links to Giambattista Marino [Search]
  190. w:br:Star Trek Into Darkness links to Star Trek Into Darkness [Search]
  191. w:br:Skol-veur Biobío links to Universidad del Bío-Bío [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2011-12-17T13:54:29Z; comment: Empty or single image gallery, please see Commons:Galleries: content was: "== Photos == <gallery> File:Canchas-sede chillan-ubb.jpg| File:Edificio Gantes-sede conce-ubb.jpg| File:Ubb-sede conce-lab1.jpg| File:UBioBio.svg| </gallery> ..." (and the on
    • note: Category:Universidad del Bío-Bío exists
  192. w:br:Paterson (New Jersey) links to Paterson, New Jersey [Search]
  193. w:br:Banniel Finland links to Flags of Finland [Search]
  194. w:br:Jérôme d'Ambrosio links to Jerome d'Ambrosio [Search]
  195. w:br:Inbhir Nis links to Inbhir Nis [Search]
  196. w:br:Jambalaya (meuz) links to Jambalaya [Search]
  197. w:br:Nijniy Novgorod links to Nijni-Novgorod [Search]
  198. w:br:Renault Sport links to Renault Sport [Search]
  199. w:br:Vinojito links to Atlas of Gres [Search]
  200. w:br:Polinezia Frañs links to Polinezia Frañs [Search]
  201. w:br:Norzhiwerzhon links to Norzhiwerzhon [Search]
  202. w:br:James Hunt links to James Hunt [Search]
  203. w:br:Aleksandria links to Aleksandria [Search]
  204. w:br:Auburn (Maine) links to Category:Auburn (Maine) [Search]
  205. w:br:Petaluma (Kalifornia) links to Category:Petaluma (Kalifornia) [Search]
  206. w:br:Gillette (Wyoming) links to Category:Gillette (Wyoming) [Search]
  207. w:br:Allentown (Pennsylvania) links to Category:Allentown (Pennsylvania) [Search]
  208. w:br:Aberdeen (South Dakota) links to Category:Aberdeen (South Dakota) [Search]
  209. w:br:Butte (Montana) links to Category:Butte (Montana) [Search]
  210. w:br:Ar Roue Glesker links to Category:Ar Roue Glesker [Search]
  211. w:br:South Burlington (Vermont) links to Category:South Burlington (Vermont) [Search]
  212. w:br:Tacoma (Washington) links to Category:Tacoma (Washington) [Search]
  213. w:br:Athens (Georgia) links to Category:Athens (Georgia) [Search]
  214. w:br:North Charleston (South Carolina) links to Category:North Charleston (South Carolina) [Search]
  215. w:br:Beg Tarifa links to Category:Beg Tarifa [Search]
  216. w:br:Macon (Georgia) links to Category:Macon (Georgia) [Search]
  217. w:br:Burlington (Vermont) links to Category:Burlington (Vermont) [Search]
  218. w:br:New Haven (Connecticut) links to Category:New Haven (Connecticut) [Search]
  219. w:br:Birmingham (Alabama) links to Category:Birmingham (Alabama) [Search]
  220. w:br:Corpus Christi (Texas) links to Category:Corpus Christi (Texas) [Search]
  221. w:br:Appleton (Wisconsin) links to Category:Appleton (Wisconsin) [Search]
  222. w:br:York (Pennsylvania) links to Category:York (Pennsylvania) [Search]
  223. w:br:Helena (Montana) links to Category:Helena (Montana) [Search]
  224. w:br:Yonkers (New York) links to Category:Yonkers (New York) [Search]
  225. w:br:Winston-Salem (North Carolina) links to Category:Winston-Salem (North Carolina) [Search]
  226. w:br:Savannah (Georgia) links to Category:Savannah (Georgia) [Search]
  227. w:br:Great Falls (Montana) links to Category:Great Falls (Montana) [Search]
  228. w:br:Nereidezed links to Category:Nereides [Search]
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  229. w:br:Glendale (Arizona) links to Category:Glendale (Arizona) [Search]
  230. w:br:Lucas Cranach ar Yaouankañ links to Category:Lucas Cranach d. J. [Search]
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      2. page was deleted at 2012-08-28T21:05:09Z; comment: Empty category
  231. w:br:Roanoke (Virginia) links to Category:Roanoke (Virginia) [Search]
  232. w:br:Sapfo links to Category:Sapfo [Search]
  233. w:br:Sacramento (Kalifornia) links to Category:Sacramento (Kalifornia) [Search]
  234. w:br:Fargo (North Dakota) links to Category:Fargo (North Dakota) [Search]
  235. w:br:Charleston (South Carolina) links to Category:Charleston (South Carolina) [Search]
  236. w:br:Lewiston (Maine) links to Category:Lewiston (Maine) [Search]
  237. w:br:Parkersburg (West Virginia) links to Category:Parkersburg (West Virginia) [Search]
  238. w:br:Roll kumunioù proviñs Pontevedra links to Category:Kumunioù Pontevedra [Search]
  239. w:br:Minot (North Dakota) links to Category:Minot (North Dakota) [Search]
  240. w:br:Spokane (Washington) links to Category:Spokane (Washington) [Search]
  241. w:br:Rockford (Illinois) links to Category:Rockford (Illinois) [Search]
  242. w:br:Mata Hari links to Mata Hari [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-03T01:33:02Z; comment: Commons:Deletion requests/Mata Hari: This page is obsolete. There is a categorie "Mate Hari` that covers the subject better. It´s annoying to land here every time you do a search for new Mata Hari pictures.
    • note: Category:Mata Hari exists
  243. w:br:Coventry Climax links to Coventry Climax [Search]
  244. w:br:Krzeszowice links to Krzeszowice [Search]
  245. w:br:Esteban Gutiérez links to Esteban Gutiérez [Search]
  246. w:br:Fulup II an Aogust links to Philip II of Bro-C’hall [Search]
  247. w:br:Cornelis Bloemaert links to Cornelius Bloemaert [Search]
  248. w:br:Lostenn links to Slips [Search]
  249. w:br:Koadeg Irati links to Iraty [Search]
  250. w:br:Republik Weimar links to Categgory:Weimar Republic [Search]
  251. w:br:Heidrun links to Heiðrún [Search]
  252. w:br:Baghdad links to Bagdhad [Search]
  253. w:br:Vitacura links to Vitacura [Search]
  254. w:br:Jordaan links to Jordaan [Search]
  255. w:br:Touareged links to Touareged [Search]
  256. w:br:Tektonik ar plakennoù links to Tektonik ar plakennoù [Search]
  257. w:br:Odin links to Odin [Search]
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