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  1. w:cy:Erwd links to Category:Erwodd [Search]
  2. w:cy:Y Lluman Coch links to Category:Red Ensigns [Search]
  3. w:cy:Pentrefoelas links to Category:Penrefoelas [Search]
  4. w:cy:Brentwood, Essex links to Category:Brentwood [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-11-16T07:43:56Z; comment: Category:Brentwood moved to Category:Brentwood, Essex
  5. w:cy:Casblaidd links to Category:Wolf's Castel [Search]
  6. w:cy:Cwymp eira ym Mhrydain ac Iwerddon, Chwefror 2009 links to Category:United Kingdom February 2009 snow event [Search]
  7. w:cy:Frome links to Category:Frome [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-06-15T06:36:04Z; comment: Category:Frome moved to Category:Frome, Somerset
  8. w:cy:Chwyldro Tunisia links to Category:Jasmine Revolution [Search]
  9. w:cy:Friends links to Category:Friends (TV-show) [Search]
  10. w:cy:Areola links to Areola [Search]
  11. w:cy:Limoux links to Limoux [Search]
  12. w:cy:Daedalus links to Daedalus [Search]
  13. w:cy:Lakota (pobl) links to Lakota [Search]
  14. w:cy:Adbusters links to Adbusting [Search]
  15. w:cy:Cnewyllyn cell links to Cell nucleus [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2006-01-26T01:45:31Z; comment: content was: '{{delete}}The nucles surounds the nuclieus'
      2. page was deleted at 2005-12-14T22:44:33Z; comment: content was: '{{delete}}NIGGERS WILL DIE TONITE--KKK'
      3. page was deleted at 2005-12-09T08:26:04Z; comment: content was: 'blah' (and the only contributor was '')
      4. page was deleted at 2005-11-11T14:01:42Z; comment: content was: '{{delete}}--Factumquintus 00:34, 8 November 2005 (UTC)----<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here</nowiki>--[[:User:204.6.207....'
    • note: Category:Cell nucleus exists
  16. w:cy:Eglwys Prior y Santes Fair links to St Mary's Priory Church, Monmouth [Search]
  17. w:cy:Tucson links to Tucson [Search]
  18. w:cy:Asterix links to Asterix [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-09-29T19:05:36Z; comment: empty
    • note: Category:Asterix exists
  19. w:cy:Afon Drac links to Drac [Search]
  20. w:cy:Gwedd leuad links to Lunar phases [Search]
  21. w:cy:Forbes links to Forbes [Search]
  22. w:cy:Llyn Llydaw links to Llyn Llydaw [Search]
  23. w:cy:Ashkelon links to Ashkelon [Search]
  24. w:cy:Viktor Zubkov links to Viktor Zubkov [Search]
  25. w:cy:Illyria links to Illyria a'r Illyriaid [Search]
  26. w:cy:Rusalka links to Rusalka [Search]
  27. w:cy:Rhyw rhefrol links to Rhyw rhefrol [Search]
  28. w:cy:Renee O'Connor links to Renee O'Connor [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-06-23T13:34:07Z; comment: Unused and implausible, broken, or cross-namespace redirect: content was: "#REDIRECT Category:Renee O'Connor"
  29. w:cy:El Aaiún links to El Aaiún [Search]
  30. w:cy:Sporades links to Sporades [Search]
  31. w:cy:Llyfrgell Frenhinol Denmarc links to The Royal Library of Copenhagen [Search]
  32. w:cy:Dallineb links to Blindness [Search]
  33. w:cy:Cotswolds links to Cotswolds [Search]
  34. w:cy:Concordia links to Concordia [Search]
  35. w:cy:Peiriant arian parod links to Automatic teller machines [Search]
  36. w:cy:Mělník links to Mělník [Search]
  37. w:cy:Gem resog links to Trichoplusia vittata [Search]
  38. w:cy:Creampie links to Creampie wyneb [Search]
  39. w:cy:A Welsh Grammar, Historical and Comparative links to Welsh Grammar by John Morris-Jones [Search]
  40. w:cy:Siot dwad wyneb links to Siot dwad wyneb [Search]
  41. w:cy:Otto III, Ymerawdwr Glân Rhufeinig links to Otto III [Search]
  42. w:cy:Ysgol Genedlaethol Hedfan Sifil links to École nationale de l'aviation civile [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-10-14T12:11:02Z; comment: Out of project scope: Two image gallery -- the other images called for are on WP:FR and cannot be moved to Commons.
  43. w:cy:Ynys y Gogledd links to North Island, New Zealand [Search]
  44. w:cy:Windermere links to Windermere [Search]
  45. w:cy:Ynys y De links to South Island, New Zealand [Search]
  46. w:cy:Lusaka links to Lusaka [Search]
  47. w:cy:Chris Froome links to Chris Froome [Search]
  48. w:cy:Bala, Ontario links to Bala, Ontario [Search]
  49. w:cy:Ramallah links to Ramallah [Search]
  50. w:cy:Khanty-Mansiysk links to Khanty-Mansiysk [Search]
  51. w:cy:Hendrick Motorsports links to Hendrick Motorsports [Search]
  52. w:cy:Afon Fraser links to Afon Fraser [Search]
  53. w:cy:Pentagl links to Pentacle [Search]
  54. w:cy:Afon Andalién links to Andalién River [Search]
  55. w:cy:Rheilffordd Eryri links to Welsh Highland Railway [Search]
  56. w:cy:Afon Aude links to Aude River [Search]
  57. w:cy:Efengyl links to Gospels [Search]
  58. w:cy:Arch Noa links to Noah's Ark [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-05-27T14:08:26Z; comment: Page is test, spam, vandalism or bot created: content was: 'This really sucks' (and the only contributor was '')
    • note: Category:Noah's Ark exists
  59. w:cy:Gwersyll ffoaduriaid links to Refugee camps [Search]
  60. w:cy:Afon Glaslyn links to Afon Glaslyn [Search]
  61. w:cy:Martin Bormann links to Martin Bormann [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-11-28T00:46:37Z; comment: gallery with no images
    • note: Category:Martin Bormann exists
  62. w:cy:Barc links to Barques [Search]
  63. w:cy:Eglwys Uniongred Roegaidd links to Greek Orthodox Church [Search]
  64. w:cy:Cerddoriaeth Gwlad Pwyl links to Music of Poland [Search]
  65. w:cy:Bobo-Dioulasso links to Bobo-Dioulasso [Search]
  66. w:cy:Tandem links to Tandem bicycles [Search]
  67. w:cy:Mainz links to Categori:Mainz [Search]
  68. w:cy:Nuneaton links to Nuneaton [Search]
  69. w:cy:Seiclo yng Ngemau Olympaidd yr Haf 2012 - Ras ffordd merched links to Cycling at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's road race [Search]
  70. w:cy:Gemau Olympaidd yr Haf 1996 links to 996 Summer Olympics [Search]
  71. w:cy:Afon Marne links to Marne River [Search]
  72. w:cy:Hugan Goch Fach links to Little Red Riding Hood [Search]
  73. w:cy:Swydd Ayr links to Ayrshire [Search]
  74. w:cy:Afon Menai links to Menai Strait [Search]
  75. w:cy:Dilyw (mytholeg) links to Deluge (mythology) [Search]
  76. w:cy:Y Dilyw links to Deluge (mythology) [Search]
  77. w:cy:Cytosgerbwd links to Cytoskeleton [Search]
    • 2 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2006-01-31T09:42:31Z; comment: content was: 'The wikipedia article on Cytoskeleton is here: page should be deleted. How did you get here?{{tlx|delete}...'
      2. page was deleted at 2005-12-29T21:39:25Z; comment: nonsense, only contributor was an IP
    • note: Category:Cytoskeleton exists
  78. w:cy:Omnia (band) links to Omnia [Search]
  79. w:cy:Pws Esgid Uchel links to Puss in boots [Search]
  80. w:cy:Cardota links to Begging [Search]
  81. w:cy:Reiki links to Reiki [Search]
  82. w:cy:Calgary Stampede links to Calgary Stampede [Search]
  83. w:cy:Tŷ Gwyn links to Y Tŷ Gwyn [Search]
  84. w:cy:Hades (isfyd) links to Hades (isfyd) [Search]
  85. w:cy:Metro Moscow links to Metro Moscow [Search]
  86. w:cy:Dmitry Donskoy links to Dmitry Donskoy [Search]
  87. w:cy:Pan (duw) links to Pan (mytholeg) [Search]
  88. w:cy:Hyffa links to Hyphae [Search]
  89. w:cy:M5 links to Category:M5 [Search]
  90. w:cy:Bwlch Sant Bernard Bach links to Category:Col du Petit Saint Bernard [Search]
  91. w:cy:Angor links to Category:Anchor [Search]
  92. w:cy:Ynysydd links to Category:Electric insulator [Search]
    • 2 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-06T09:27:12Z; comment: Improperly named: content was: "no" (and the only contributor was "")
      2. page was deleted at 2011-12-25T22:31:25Z; comment: Category:Electric insulator moved to Category:Electric insulators
  93. w:cy:Cysylltiadau rhwng NATO a Ffederasiwn Rwsia links to Category:Russia–NATO relations [Search]
  94. w:cy:Castell Harlech links to Category:Harlech Castel [Search]
  95. w:cy:Castell Čachtice links to Category:Čachtický hrad [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-07-14T16:57:21Z; comment: Category:Čachtický hrad moved to Category:Čachtice Castle
  96. w:cy:Ymosodiad Israel ar lynges ddyngarol Gaza 2010 links to Category:Free Gaza Movement [Search]
  97. w:cy:Mudiad Rhyddid i Gaza links to Category:Free Gaza Movement [Search]
  98. w:cy:Tour de France 2003 links to Category:2003 Tour de France [Search]
  99. w:cy:Ymosodiad Israel ar lynges ddyngarol Gaza 2010 links to Category:Gaza flotilla clash [Search]
  100. w:cy:Europeana links to Europeana [Search]
  101. w:cy:Krzeszowice links to Krzeszowice [Search]
  102. w:cy:Talaith Concepción, Chile links to Concepción Province, Chile [Search]
  103. w:cy:A494 links to A494 road (Wales) [Search]
  104. w:cy:Colo-Colo links to Colo-Colo [Search]
  105. w:cy:Tân Mawr Llundain links to Great Fire of London [Search]
  106. w:cy:Pant (Merthyr) links to Pant, Merthyr Tydfil [Search]
  107. w:cy:Rhyw geneuol links to Rhyw geneuol [Search]
  108. w:cy:Elista links to Elista [Search]
  109. w:cy:Cabbala links to Cabalism [Search]
  110. w:cy:Nalchik links to Nalchik [Search]
  111. w:cy:Cylchgrawn links to Magazines [Search]

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