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  1. w:fa:۴۳۵ (میلادی) links to Category:435 [Search]
  2. w:fa:۴۳۸ (میلادی) links to Category:438 [Search]
  3. w:fa:هیگاشی‌ماتسوشیما، میاگی links to Category:هیگاشی‌ماتسوشیما، میاگی [Search]
  4. w:fa:۲۶۶ (میلادی) links to Category:266 [Search]
  5. w:fa:۲۶۴ (میلادی) links to Category:264 [Search]
  6. w:fa:۲۶۵ (میلادی) links to Category:265 [Search]
  7. w:fa:ادی کی توماس links to Category:Eddie Kaye Thomas [Search]
  8. w:fa:فرهاد مهراد links to Farhad Mehrad [Search]
  9. w:fa:سانتا کروس د لا سیرا (بولیوی) links to Santa Cruz de la Sierra [Search]
  10. w:fa:استان پومرانی links to Pomeranian Voivodeship [Search]
  11. w:fa:استان پومرانی غربی links to Pomeranian Voivodeship [Search]
  12. w:fa:کاترین دوم روسیه links to Catherine II of Russia [Search]
  13. w:fa:یالا links to Category:Yala Province [Search]
  14. w:fa:ادج links to Category:Edge (wrestler) [Search]
  15. w:fa:استان حمص links to Category:Homs Governorate [Search]
  16. w:fa:کورتنی کاکس links to Category:Courtney Cox [Search]
  17. w:fa:رژه دگرباشان جنسی links to Category:LGBT pride [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-23T18:19:08Z; comment: Moved to Category:LGBT Pride.
  18. w:fa:ژان پل بلموندو links to Category:ژان پل بلموندو [Search]
  19. w:fa:استان الازیغ links to Category:Elazığ Province [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-08-28T05:39:45Z; comment: Moved to Category:Elâzığ Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia.
  20. w:fa:لیتوپس links to Category:لیتوپس [Search]
  21. w:fa:استان سیکاسو links to Category:Sikasso Region [Search]
  22. w:fa:ویکی‌پدیای نپالی links to Category:Nepali language Wikipedia [Search]
  23. w:fa:فرچه‌پایان links to Category:فرچه‌پایان [Search]
  24. w:fa:کتاب‌سوزان نازی‌ها links to Category:Book burning in the Third Reich [Search]
  25. w:fa:فرهنگستان علوم کالیفرنیا links to Category:فرهنگستان علوم کالیفرنیا [Search]
  26. w:fa:۶۰۸ (میلادی) links to Category:608 [Search]
  27. w:fa:۶۰۶ (میلادی) links to Category:606 [Search]
  28. w:fa:۶۰۷ (میلادی) links to Category:607 [Search]
  29. w:fa:آنزیم‌های همانندسازی links to Category:DNA polymerase [Search]
  30. w:fa:شای links to Category:Shai [Search]
  31. w:fa:یونیماک (کامیون) links to Unimog vehicles [Search]
  32. w:fa:ماجراهای آستریکس links to Asterix [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2007-09-29T19:05:36Z; comment: empty
    • note: Category:Asterix exists
  33. w:fa:مرکز پزشکی دانشگاه تگزاس شعبه جنوب‌غربی links to University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center [Search]
  34. w:fa:محمد حامد انصاری links to Category:محمد حامد انصاری [Search]
  35. w:fa:جام ملت‌های اقیانوسیه links to Category:OFC Nations Cup [Search]
  36. w:fa:آر (زبان برنامه‌نویسی) links to Category:R (programming language) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-10-17T08:28:47Z; comment: Files moved to category:GNU R
  37. w:fa:سن-نیکولا (بلژیک) links to Category:Saint-Nicolas [Search]
  38. w:fa:خانه کاریکاتور ایران links to Category:Iran Caricature House [Search]
  39. w:fa:انستیتوی گودارد برای مطالعات فضایی links to Category:Goddard Institute for Space Studies [Search]
  40. w:fa:استان پلوودیو links to Category:Plovdiv District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T13:49:53Z; comment: Moved to Category:Plovdiv Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  41. w:fa:آشور بانی‌پال links to Category:Ashur-bani-pal [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-07-25T03:01:58Z; comment: Empty category
  42. w:fa:هویتزر links to Category:Howitzer [Search]
  43. w:fa:مقره links to Category:Electric insulator [Search]
    • 2 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-06T09:27:12Z; comment: Improperly named: content was: "no" (and the only contributor was "")
      2. page was deleted at 2011-12-25T22:31:25Z; comment: Category:Electric insulator moved to Category:Electric insulators
  44. w:fa:استان لووچ links to Category:Lovech District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T14:11:26Z; comment: Moved to Category:Lovech Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  45. w:fa:نیل بالا links to Category:Upper Nile (state) [Search]
  46. w:fa:سوکر links to Category:Seker [Search]
  47. w:fa:دن-ئن-چوفو links to Category:دن-ئن-چوفو [Search]
  48. w:fa:دیسک ترمز links to Category:Disc brake [Search]
  49. w:fa:کوستوس links to Category:کوستوس [Search]
  50. w:fa:روابط ایران و بریتانیا links to Category:Iran–United Kingdom relations [Search]
  51. w:fa:استان یامبول links to Category:Yambol District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T14:11:49Z; comment: Moved to Category:Yambol Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  52. w:fa:روپونگی links to Category:Category:Roppongi [Search]
  53. w:fa:بوجانگاییان links to Category:Drongo [Search]
  54. w:fa:عمر شریف links to Omar Sharif [Search]
  55. w:fa:چلنجر ۱ links to Challenger 1 tanks [Search]
  56. w:fa:تاکلوبان links to Tacloban City [Search]
  57. w:fa:خفاش ارس links to Myotis nattereri [Search]
  58. w:fa:پراچواپ خیری خان links to Category:Prachuap Khiri Khan Province [Search]
  59. w:fa:فیل کالینز links to Category:فیل کالینز [Search]
  60. w:fa:ورزشگاه آرسنال links to Category:Arsenal Stadium [Search]
  61. w:fa:سیاه‌شور پرپشت links to Category:Suaeda fruticosa [Search]
  62. w:fa:چکاوک هیوم links to Category:Calandrella acutirostris [Search]
  63. w:fa:نیکولا آنلکا links to Category:نیکولا آنلکا [Search]
  64. w:fa:۱۹۸۷ (میلادی) links to Category:۱۹۸۷ [Search]
  65. w:fa:رایان گیگز links to Category:رایان گیگز [Search]
  66. w:fa:انقلاب لیبی (۲۰۱۱) links to Category:2011 Libyan protests [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-07-24T08:45:05Z; comment: Broken redirect
  67. w:fa:میشل ویلیامز (بازیگر) links to Category:Michelle Williams [Search]
  68. w:fa:سقاره links to Category:سقاره [Search]
  69. w:fa:استان چونبوری links to Category:Chonburi Province [Search]
  70. w:fa:پل خواجو links to Category:Khwaju Bridge [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-12-19T01:56:08Z; comment: Wrong name, see Category:Khaju Bridge
  71. w:fa:۷۲۳ (میلادی) links to Category:723 [Search]
  72. w:fa:۷۲۲ (میلادی) links to Category:722 [Search]
  73. w:fa:شبکه فاکس بیزنس links to Category:Fox Business Network [Search]
  74. w:fa:مالیات links to Category:Tax [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-11-01T13:11:56Z; comment: Category:Tax moved to Category:Taxes
    • note: Tax exists
  75. w:fa:۶۸۵ (میلادی) links to Category:685 [Search]
  76. w:fa:سنگ خورشید links to Sunstone [Search]
  77. w:fa:کلویی مورتز links to Chloë Moretz [Search]
  78. w:fa:اردک ماهی‌خوار سفید links to Category:Smew [Search]
  79. w:fa:آپالاچیا links to Category:Appalachia, Virginia [Search]
  80. w:fa:عقاب پرپا links to Category:Aquila pennata [Search]
  81. w:fa:چکیده links to Category:Stalagmite [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-27T07:04:02Z; comment: Moved to Category:Stalagmites.
  82. w:fa:یویا links to Category:Yuya [Search]
  83. w:fa:کوچی (شهر) links to Category:Kōchi, Kōchi [Search]
  84. w:fa:تلسکوپ وی‌ال‌تی links to Category:Paranal [Search]
  85. w:fa:کوه آداتارا links to Category:کوه آداتارا [Search]
  86. w:fa:وی-۲ links to Category:V2 rockets [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-01-18T07:07:03Z; comment: Moved to Category:V-2 missiles.
  87. w:fa:آزمایشگاه فیزیک پلاسما پرینستون links to Category:Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory [Search]
  88. w:fa:تونی کولت links to Toni Collette [Search]
  89. w:fa:اسطوره‌شناسی یونان links to Greek mythology [Search]
  90. w:fa:کاشغر links to Kashghar [Search]
  91. w:fa:مارتین اسکورسیزی links to Martin Scorcese [Search]
  92. w:fa:کاملیا ژاپنی links to Category:کاملیا ژاپنی [Search]
  93. w:fa:گرند اسلم (تنیس) links to Category:Grand Slam (tennis) [Search]
  94. w:fa:همایون اسعدیان links to Category:Homayon Asadiyan [Search]
  95. w:fa:بنیاد نرم‌افزار آزاد اروپا links to Category:بنیاد نرم‌افزار آزاد اروپا [Search]
  96. w:fa:سریش (سرده) links to Category:سریش (سرده) [Search]
  97. w:fa:علیرضا موحد دانش links to Category:Alireza Movahed Danesh [Search]
  98. w:fa:استان فرای links to Category:Phrae Province [Search]
  99. w:fa:نونگ خای links to Category:Nong Khai Province [Search]
  100. w:fa:روبرتو آیالا links to Category:Roberto Ayala [Search]
  101. w:fa:کراسینگ‌اور links to Category:Chromosomal crossover [Search]
  102. w:fa:جورج آر. آر. مارتین links to Category:جورج آر. آر. مارتین [Search]
  103. w:fa:کوارتزیت links to Category:کوارتزیت [Search]
  104. w:fa:پل شیطان links to Category:Devil’s bridges [Search]
  105. w:fa:آمباتو، اکوادور links to Category:Ambato (Ecuador) [Search]
  106. w:fa:انقلاب ۱۹۵۶ مجارستان links to Category:Hungarian Revolution of ۱۹۵۶ [Search]
  107. w:fa:استان وارمی-ماسوری links to Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship [Search]
  108. w:fa:مسجد العتیق links to Atiq Mosque [Search]
  109. w:fa:سیستم اعلام حریق links to Fire alaram [Search]
  110. w:fa:قدمگاه links to Qadamgah Mosque [Search]
  111. w:fa:تفنگ ایرسافت links to Airsoft guns [Search]
  112. w:fa:شان کینگستون links to Sean Kingston [Search]
  113. w:fa:آرامگاه‌ها و معابد نیکو links to Category:Shrines and Temples of Nikkō [Search]
  114. w:fa:هسن (هند) links to Category:هسن (هند) [Search]
  115. w:fa:دامنه کوه کی links to Category:Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range [Search]
  116. w:fa:ویگن links to Category:Vigen Derderian [Search]
  117. w:fa:اشو links to Category:Osho اشو / اوشو - [Search]
  118. w:fa:سوپان بوری links to Category:Suphan Buri Province [Search]
  119. w:fa:سارابوری links to Category:Saraburi Province [Search]
  120. w:fa:خط توگانه links to Category:خط توگانه [Search]
  121. w:fa:نیلوفر آبی ستاره‌ای links to Category:نیلوفر آبی ستاره‌ای [Search]
  122. w:fa:کاگنی لین کارتر links to Category:کاگنی لین کارتر [Search]
  123. w:fa:جوآن وودوارد links to Category:جوآن وودوارد [Search]
  124. w:fa:استان وراتسا links to Category:Vratsa District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T13:32:13Z; comment: Moved to Category:Vratsa Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  125. w:fa:کمربند links to Category:Belt (clothing) [Search]
  126. w:fa:تتو (گروه موسیقی) links to Category:Tatu [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-07-14T18:11:18Z; comment: Category:Tatu moved to Category:t.A.T.u.
  127. w:fa:اف-۱۱۱ links to Category:General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark [Search]
  128. w:fa:چهارپایان links to Category:Quadrupedalism [Search]
  129. w:fa:ایالت سان لوئیز links to Category:San Luis [Search]
  130. w:fa:سان‌ست بلوار links to Category:Sunset Boulevard (1950 film) [Search]
  131. w:fa:فایائو links to Category:Phayao Province [Search]
  132. w:fa:۴۴۲ (میلادی) links to Category:442 [Search]
  133. w:fa:۴۴۳ (میلادی) links to Category:443 [Search]
  134. w:fa:۴۴۱ (میلادی) links to Category:441 [Search]
  135. w:fa:۴۴۶ (میلادی) links to Category:446 [Search]
  136. w:fa:۴۴۷ (میلادی) links to Category:447 [Search]
  137. w:fa:ایستگاه یوکوهاما links to Category:ایستگاه یوکوهاما [Search]
  138. w:fa:تایتو، توکیو links to Category:Taitō, Tokyo [Search]
  139. w:fa:حلال پوشی links to Category:حلال پوشی [Search]
  140. w:fa:مارتاکرت links to Category:Martakert Province [Search]
  141. w:fa:۲۳۱ (میلادی) links to Category:231 [Search]
  142. w:fa:۲۳۲ (میلادی) links to Category:232 [Search]
  143. w:fa:سمیر قنطار links to Category:Samir kuntar [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-04T07:19:34Z; comment: Moved to Category:Samir Kuntar - capitalization.
  144. w:fa:ترامپولین (اسباب) links to Category:Trampoline [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-02-01T11:50:18Z; comment: Moved to Category:Trampolines.
  145. w:fa:سرزمین‌های گوسوکو و دارائی‌های پادشاهی ریوکیو links to Category:Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu [Search]
  146. w:fa:۴ فوریه links to Category:۴ February [Search]
  147. w:fa:آرمونیکا links to Category:Glass harmonica [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-09-03T11:23:05Z; comment: Category:Glass harmonica moved to Category:Glass harmonicas
  148. w:fa:جعبه کمک‌های اولیه links to Category:First Aid kits [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-04T08:50:43Z; comment: Category:First Aid kits moved to Category:First aid kits
  149. w:fa:هنر زمینی links to Category:هنر زمینی [Search]
  150. w:fa:سینار links to Category:Sinar [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-26T18:17:24Z; comment: Empty category: content was: "Cameras manufactured by {{w|Sinar}} A.G." (and the only contributor was "Jameslwoodward")
  151. w:fa:بوری رام links to Category:Buriram Province [Search]
  152. w:fa:تزریق (پزشکی) links to Category:Injection [Search]
  153. w:fa:دون عمر links to Category:دون عمر [Search]
  154. w:fa:دافنیس links to Daphnis (mythology) [Search]
  155. w:fa:توکوگاوا یوشیمونه links to Tokugawa Yoshimune [Search]
  156. w:fa:کاخ فرماندار اسپانیایی links to Category:Spanish Govenor's Palace, San Antonio [Search]
  157. w:fa:لاله ادولیس links to Category:لاله ادولیس [Search]
  158. w:fa:۶۵۲ (میلادی) links to Category:652 [Search]
  159. w:fa:۶۵۱ (میلادی) links to Category:651 [Search]
  160. w:fa:جیسون کلارک links to Category:Jason Clarke (actor) [Search]
  161. w:fa:استبرق links to Category:استبرق [Search]
  162. w:fa:لوبامبا links to Category:Lobamba [Search]
  163. w:fa:کانتری کلاب پلازا links to Category:Category:Country Club Plaza [Search]
  164. w:fa:فیل نویل links to Category:فیل نویل [Search]
  165. w:fa:زنبقیان links to Category:زنبقیان [Search]
  166. w:fa:انزا اندرسون links to Category:انزا اندرسون [Search]
  167. w:fa:پیامدهای انتخابات ریاست جمهوری دهم ایران links to Category:Iranian presidential election 2009 protests [Search]
  168. w:fa:ناصر امیرنژاد links to Category:Iranian presidential election 2009 protests [Search]
  169. w:fa:جام جهانی فوتبال ۲۰۰۲ links to Category:FIFA World Cup ۲۰۰۲ [Search]
  170. w:fa:چک ماداگاسکار links to Category:Saxicola sibilla [Search]
  171. w:fa:کابوکیچو links to Category:Category:Kabukichō, Tokyo [Search]
  172. w:fa:ایالت میسیونز links to Category:Misiones [Search]
  173. w:fa:هستی‌شناسی (علم اطلاعات) links to Category:Ontology (computer science) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-02T12:19:16Z; comment: Redundant or duplicate: Category:Ontology
  174. w:fa:کلاچ links to Category:Clutch (coupling) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-08-03T06:27:00Z; comment: Moved to Category:Clutches.
  175. w:fa:دانشکده ملی معدن پاریس links to École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris [Search]
  176. w:fa:قناری اهلی links to Domestic Canary [Search]
  177. w:fa:وستینگهاوس links to Westinghouse [Search]
  178. w:fa:شهرآورد شمال لندن links to Category:شهرآورد شمال لندن [Search]
  179. w:fa:ایم‌حوتب links to Category:أمحوتب [Search]
  180. w:fa:سنموت links to Category:أمحوتب [Search]
  181. w:fa:شمارشگر گایگر links to Category:Geiger Mueller counter [Search]
  182. w:fa:دانیل خارمس links to Category:دانیل خارمس [Search]
  183. w:fa:پایونیر links to Category:Pioneer missions [Search]
  184. w:fa:تظاهرات ۳۰ خرداد ۱۳۶۰ links to Category:June 1981 Iranian protests [Search]
  185. w:fa:پاسیفائه links to Category:Pasiphaë [Search]
  186. w:fa:ویلیام مورتون ویلر links to Category:Pictures by William M. Wheeler [Search]
  187. w:fa:مایکل شرمر links to Category:مایکل شرمر [Search]
  188. w:fa:ناخون فانوم links to Category:Nakhon Phanom Province [Search]
  189. w:fa:زنده‌باد زاپاتا! links to Category:Viva Zapata! [Search]
  190. w:fa:کوه جینبا links to Category:Mt. Jinba [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-11-14T16:04:37Z; comment: Incorrect name: now Category:Mount Jinba
  191. w:fa:ویره (گیاه) links to Category:Vine [Search]
  192. w:fa:تورنمنت شطرنج لینارس links to Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez Ciudad de Linares [Search]
  193. w:fa:مارک (پاپ) links to Category:Marcus (papa) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-12-29T19:18:57Z; comment: moved to Category:Marcus I
  194. w:fa:۲۸۱ (میلادی) links to Category:281 [Search]
  195. w:fa:۲۸۴ (میلادی) links to Category:284 [Search]
  196. w:fa:۷۵۸ (میلادی) links to Category:758 [Search]
  197. w:fa:ما شی links to Category:ما شی [Search]
  198. w:fa:بتن پیش‌تنیده links to Category:بتن پیش تنیده [Search]
  199. w:fa:گاتیک راک links to Category:Goth rock bands [Search]
  200. w:fa:ناخون راتچاسیما links to Category:Nakhon Ratchasima Province [Search]
  201. w:fa:نونگ بوا لامفو links to Category:Nakhon Ratchasima Province [Search]
  202. w:fa:۸۹۶ (میلادی) links to Category:896 [Search]
  203. w:fa:۸۹۱ (میلادی) links to Category:891 [Search]
  204. w:fa:۸۹۲ (میلادی) links to Category:892 [Search]
  205. w:fa:گروه بیمه زوریخ links to Category:گروه بیمه زوریخ [Search]
  206. w:fa:روز معارفه (آمریکا) links to Category:United States presidential inaugurations [Search]
  207. w:fa:تاناباتا links to Category:تاناباتا [Search]
  208. w:fa:مایکروسافت وان‌نوت links to Category:مايکروسافت وان‌نوت [Search]
  209. w:fa:حباب صابون links to Category:Soap bubble [Search]
  210. w:fa:کامامبر links to Category:Camembert cheese [Search]
  211. w:fa:خط اوادو links to Category:خط اوادو [Search]
  212. w:fa:مک‌کوی تاینر links to McCoy Tynner [Search]
  213. w:fa:مسجد سلیمانیه links to Süleymaniye Mosque [Search]
  214. w:fa:فابر-کاستل links to Faber-Castell [Search]
  215. w:fa:دیوید هیوم links to Category:دیوید هیوم [Search]
  216. w:fa:پیرایش پروتئین links to Category:Protein splicing [Search]
  217. w:fa:معبد یاسوکونی links to Category:Yasukuni-jinja [Search]
  218. w:fa:سالن شهر برمن links to Category:Town Hall of Bremen [Search]
  219. w:fa:هوانگ جی links to Category:هوانگ جی [Search]
  220. w:fa:وین لاس وگاس links to Category:Wynn Las Vegas [Search]
  221. w:fa:جنگ اقیانوس آرام links to Category:جنگ اقیانوس آرام [Search]
  222. w:fa:وی-۱ links to Category:V-۱ (flying bomb) [Search]
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  224. w:fa:سیاه‌شور مصری links to Category:Suaeda aegyptiaca [Search]
  225. w:fa:پایگاه فضایی بایکونور links to Category:Baikonur [Search]
  226. w:fa:ویا دولوروسا links to Category:Bearing of the Cross [Search]
  227. w:fa:گل استکانی گرد اسکاتلندی links to Category:گل استکانی گرد اسکاتلندی [Search]
  228. w:fa:شراتون links to Sheraton hotels [Search]
  229. w:fa:علی‌اکبر شیرودی links to Ali Akbar ghorban Shiroodi [Search]
  230. w:fa:ارکستر links to Orchestras [Search]
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  234. w:fa:سینگ بوری links to Category:Sing Buri Province [Search]
  235. w:fa:انتخابات ریاست‌جمهوری ایران (۱۳۸۸) links to Category:Iranian presidential election 2009 [Search]
  236. w:fa:کیک تولد links to Category:Birthday cake [Search]
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  238. w:fa:متروی پاریس links to Category:Paris metro [Search]
  239. w:fa:اگزون links to Category:Exon) [Search]
  240. w:fa:استان استارا زاگورا links to Category:Stara Zagora District [Search]
  241. w:fa:۲۰۰۷ در فیلم (میلادی) links to Category:۲۰۰۷ in film [Search]
  242. w:fa:دوران چتین links to Category:Duran Çetin [Search]
  243. w:fa:دادگاه بین‌المللی حقوق دریاها links to Category:دادگاه بین‌المللی حقوق دریاها [Search]
  244. w:fa:خوس links to Category:خوس [Search]
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  246. w:fa:استان کرجالی links to Category:Kardzhali District [Search]
  247. w:fa:ماریا سیبیلا مریان links to Anna Maria Sibylla Merian [Search]
  248. w:fa:آکولاد links to Edmund Leighton [Search]
  249. w:fa:توماس وینتربرگ links to Thomas Vinterberg [Search]
  250. w:fa:کلئوپاترا links to Cleopatra VII of Egypt [Search]
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  256. w:fa:پوکت links to Category:Phuket Province [Search]
  257. w:fa:گپ، پروانس آلپ-کوت دازور links to Category:Gap [Search]
  258. w:fa:الشن مرادی‌ابدی links to Category:Elshan Moradi [Search]
  259. w:fa:زنون الئایی links to Category:زنون الئایی [Search]
  260. w:fa:باتلاق links to Category:Moorland, bog, swamp [Search]
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  263. w:fa:خاندان مدیچی links to Category:خاندان مدیچی [Search]
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  265. w:fa:مارچلو ماسترویانی links to Marcello Mastroianni [Search]
  266. w:fa:رود فان نیستلروی links to Ruud van Nistelrooy [Search]
  267. w:fa:فرودگاه بین‌المللی سن دیه‌گو links to San Diego International Airport [Search]
  268. w:fa:فرودگاه بین‌المللی اوکلند links to San Diego International Airport [Search]
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  274. w:fa:تالار استقلال links to Category:Independence Hall (United States) [Search]
  275. w:fa:نیلوفر آبی (سرده) links to Category:نیلوفر آبی (سرده) [Search]
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  278. w:fa:رونویسی رمزهای دنایی links to Category:Transcription (biologie) [Search]
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  286. w:fa:سازمان جنگل‌داری ایالات متحده links to Category:Category:USDA Forest Service [Search]
  287. w:fa:آر ای لیستر و شرکا links to Category:R.A.Lister & Co. [Search]
  288. w:fa:زرافه‌سانان links to Giraffidae [Search]
  289. w:fa:واسکو دو گاما links to واسکو دو گاما [Search]
  290. w:fa:سنتاوو links to Centavo [Search]
  291. w:fa:جنگ خلیج فارس links to Gulf War 1991 [Search]
  292. w:fa:هو جینتائو links to هو جینتائو [Search]
  293. w:fa:تری‌یاکی links to Teriyaki [Search]
  294. w:fa:بیضا (لیبی) links to El Bayda' [Search]
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  298. w:fa:کارول آ دیرینگ links to Category:Carroll A. Deereng [Search]
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  339. w:fa:خیزش تبت (۲۰۰۸) links to Category:2008 unrest in Tibet [Search]
  340. w:fa:اف‌ام‌آرآی links to Category:Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging [Search]
  341. w:fa:بیگ بازار links to Category:بیگ بازار [Search]
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  346. w:fa:کلیسای جامع آخن links to Category:کلیسای جامع آخن [Search]
  347. w:fa:گاریسا، کنیا links to Category:Garissa [Search]
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  360. w:fa:برج دیده‌بانی links to Watchtower [Search]
  361. w:fa:قرص سیلیسیم links to Wafers [Search]
  362. w:fa:کلاغ لاشه links to Carrion Crow [Search]
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  381. w:fa:اینتین links to Category:Intein [Search]
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  384. w:fa:لیام نیسون links to Liam Neeson [Search]
  385. w:fa:آنا کارینا links to Anna Karina [Search]
  386. w:fa:رگ links to Blood vessels [Search]
  387. w:fa:ببر جاوه links to Panthera tigris javan [Search]
  388. w:fa:یاسوتون links to Category:Yasothon Province [Search]
  389. w:fa:اریک آکسل کارلفلدت links to Category:اریک آکسل کارلفلدت [Search]
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  393. w:fa:فیفا ۱۰۰ links to Category:FIFA 100 [Search]
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  397. w:fa:استان ریمه links to Category:Raymah Governorate [Search]
  398. w:fa:تسو، ژاپن links to Category:Tsu, Miyazaki [Search]
  399. w:fa:دامن اسکاتلندی links to Category:Kilt [Search]
  400. w:fa:شرلوک (مجموعه تلویزیونی) links to Category:شرلوک (مجموعه تلویزیونی) [Search]
  401. w:fa:استان کهگیلویه و بویراحمد links to Category:Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province [Search]
  402. w:fa:دانشگاه توکیو links to University of Tokyo [Search]
  403. w:fa:فرودگاه بین‌المللی دل کریبی سانتیاگو "مارینو" links to Santiago Mariño International Airport [Search]
  404. w:fa:فوتبال خیابانی links to Street Football [Search]
  405. w:fa:اماکن تاریخی هیرائی زومی links to Category:Historic Monuments and Sites of Hiraizumi [Search]
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  421. w:fa:مسابقه آواز یوروویژن ۲۰۰۹ links to Category:Eurovision 2009 [Search]
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  423. w:fa:مسجد پاریس links to Mosquée de Paris [Search]
  424. w:fa:بنی ولید links to Bani Walid, Libya [Search]
  425. w:fa:مندی مور links to Mandy Moore [Search]
  426. w:fa:روستاهای تاریخی شیراکاواگو و گوکایاما links to Category:Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama [Search]
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  428. w:fa:فاطمه معتمدآریا links to Category:Fatemeh Motamed-Arya [Search]
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