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Broken links to Commons on //

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  1. w:ia:Valle de Aosta links to Valle de Aosta [Search]
  2. w:ia:Lisburn links to Lisburn [Search]
  3. w:ia:Montemagno links to Montemagno [Search]
  4. w:ia:Cartographia links to Historic Maps [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2005-06-08T12:52:06Z; comment: empty, wrong name – see Historical maps
  5. w:ia:Tubarão links to Category:Category:Tubarão (Santa Catarina) [Search]
  6. w:ia:Balneário Barra do Sul links to Category:Balneário Barra do Sul [Search]
  7. w:ia:Medicina veterinari links to Category:Veterinary Medicine [Search]
  8. w:ia:Sioux Falls (Dakota del Sud) links to Category:Sioux Falls (Dakota del Sud) [Search]
  9. w:ia:Reemma Sen links to Category:Reemma Sen [Search]
  10. w:ia:Três Barras links to Category:Três Barras [Search]
  11. w:ia:Memphis, Tennessee links to Memphis, Tennessee [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-20T09:37:38Z; comment: All four images on this page are in their proper categories in the category Memphis, Tennessee. This page is redundant and does not offer any more information of value.
      2. page was deleted at 2011-02-11T16:26:32Z; comment: 14 revisions restored: as req by Evrik
      3. page was deleted at 2010-09-18T08:04:57Z; comment: all photos here are in the top category or sub cats. all international wikilinks have been transfered to the top cat Memphis, Tennessee
    • note: Category:Memphis, Tennessee exists
  12. w:ia:Zhengzhou links to Zhengzhou [Search]
  13. w:ia:Hymno national de Chile links to National Anthem of Chile [Search]
  14. w:ia:Anna Maria Jopek links to Anna Maria Jopek [Search]
  15. w:ia:SS Lazio links to S.S. Lazio [Search]
  16. w:ia:Puteo de petroleo links to Oil well [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2008-10-14T18:08:31Z; comment: Broken or orphaned redirect
  17. w:ia:Cubo de Necker links to Necker cubes [Search]
  18. w:ia:Lu Xun links to Lu Xun [Search]
  19. w:ia:Ku Klux Klan links to Ku klux Klan [Search]
  20. w:ia:11 de septembre 2001 links to 11-s [Search]
  21. w:ia:Allegoria links to Allegory [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-05-10T16:55:46Z; comment: Broken or orphaned redirect: content was: '#REDIRECTCategory:Allegory {{speedy|broken redirect}}'
    • note: Category:Allegory exists
  22. w:ia:Saint Paul, Minnesota links to Saint Paul, Minnesota [Search]
  23. w:ia:Corazón Aquino links to Corazon Aquino [Search]
  24. w:ia:Witmarsum links to Category:Witmarsum [Search]
  25. w:ia:Lista de ganiatores del Concurso Eurovision links to Category:Eurovision winners [Search]
  26. w:ia:Radiodiffusion links to Category:Radiodiffusion [Search]
  27. w:ia:Hercegszántó links to Category:Hercegszántó [Search]
  28. w:ia:Tacloban links to Category:Tacloban [Search]
  29. w:ia:Amazonas (stato) links to Category:Amazonas (Brazil) [Search]
  30. w:ia:Pentateucho links to Category:Pentateucho [Search]
  31. w:ia:Massaranduba links to Category:Massaranduba [Search]
  32. w:ia:Andalién links to Category:Andalién River [Search]
  33. w:ia:Oscar Wilde links to Oscae Wilde [Search]
  34. w:ia:Medicamento links to Medication [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2008-09-10T11:59:16Z; comment: Broken or orphaned redirect: content was: '#REDIRECT Arzneistoff' (and the only contributor was 'Lennert B')

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