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  1. w:is:Mótmæli vörubílstjóra á Íslandi 2008 links to Category:2008 Icelandic lorry driver protests [Search]
  2. w:is:Kalksteinn links to Category:Limestone [Search]
  3. w:is:Ólympíumót fatlaðra links to Category:Paralympic games [Search]
  4. w:is:Svissnesku Alparnir links to Category:Alps of Switzerlan wee neeeeed more infoo!! d [Search]
  5. w:is:Banki links to Category:Bank [Search]
  6. w:is:Skaði links to Category:Skadi [Search]
  7. w:is:Ráðhúsið í Ágsborg links to Category:Ráðhúsið í Ágsborg [Search]
  8. w:is:Háskólinn í Zürich links to Category:University of Zürich [Search]
  9. w:is:Rochester í Kent links to Category:Rochesterm, Kent [Search]
  10. w:is:Rómverskt skattland links to Category:Roman provinces [Search]
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  11. w:is:Theatiner-kirkjan í München links to Category:Theatinerkirche, Munich [Search]
  12. w:is:Víóla links to Category:Category:Viola (music) [Search]
  13. w:is:V-2 flugskeyti links to Category:V2 rockets [Search]
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  14. w:is:Villarricavatn links to Villarrica [Search]
  15. w:is:Snjallsími links to Smartphones [Search]
  16. w:is:Zilda Arns links to Zilda Arns [Search]
  17. w:is:Búenos Aíres-vatn links to General Carrera Lake [Search]
  18. w:is:Tannhvalir links to Odontoceti [Search]
  19. w:is:Acorn Computers links to Acorn Computers [Search]
  20. w:is:Fjársjóður af Staffordshire links to Staffordshire Hoard [Search]
  21. w:is:Granar links to Siluriformes [Search]
  22. w:is:Davaó links to Davaó [Search]
  23. w:is:Carlisle links to Carlisle [Search]
  24. w:is:Heftari links to Stapler [Search]
  25. w:is:Frederick Cook links to Frederick Cook [Search]
  26. w:is:Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana links to Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana [Search]
  27. w:is:Karaókí links to Karaoke [Search]
  28. w:is:Mongólskt ritmál links to Mongolian script [Search]
  29. w:is:Katrín mikla links to Catherine II of Russia [Search]
  30. w:is:Mótmælin á Íslandi í kjölfar efnahagskreppunnar 2008 links to Category:2008 Icelandic financial crisis protests [Search]
  31. w:is:Alicante links to Category:Alicant [Search]
  32. w:is:Chilli pipar links to Category:Chile pepper [Search]
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  33. w:is:Zygmunt Bauman links to Zygmunt Bauman [Search]
  34. w:is:Hómer links to Homeros [Search]
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  35. w:is:Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca links to Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca [Search]
  36. w:is:Leiftur links to Lagenorhyncus acutus [Search]
  37. w:is:Rafbók links to Electronic books [Search]
  38. w:is:Músfuglar links to Coliiformes [Search]
  39. w:is:Napa County links to Napa County [Search]
  40. w:is:Vesúvíus links to Vesúvíus [Search]
  41. w:is:Eldhús links to Kitchens [Search]
  42. w:is:Froskaætt links to Frogs [Search]
  43. w:is:Beaufort-haf links to Beaufort Sea [Search]
  44. w:is:Assyría links to Assyría [Search]
  45. w:is:Heitur reitur links to Category:Hotspot (geology) [Search]
  46. w:is:Úrbínó links to Category:Úrbínó [Search]
  47. w:is:Uppstigningardagur links to Category:Ascension of Christ [Search]
  48. w:is:Rijksmuseum links to Category:Rijksmuseum [Search]
  49. w:is:Gæludýr links to Category:Pet [Search]
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  50. w:is:Vinir links to Category:Friends (TV-show) [Search]
  51. w:is:Héraðsskólinn á Laugarvatni links to Category:Héraðsskólinn á Laugarvatni [Search]
  52. w:is:Skjaldarmerki Austur-Þýskalands links to Category:Category:Coats of arms of German Democratic Republic [Search]
  53. w:is:Pólsk matargerð links to Polish cusine [Search]
  54. w:is:Atacama links to Atacama [Search]
  55. w:is:Gröf óþekkta hermannsins (Varsjá) links to Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw [Search]
  56. w:is:Bronisław Malinowski links to Bronisław Kasper Malinowski [Search]
  57. w:is:Universidade Federal da Bahia links to Universidade Federal da Bahia [Search]
  58. w:is:Hegri links to Heron [Search]
  59. w:is:Llanquihuevatn links to Llanquihue [Search]
  60. w:is:Kristalskjár links to Liquid crystal displays [Search]
  61. w:is:Monsún links to Monsoon [Search]
  62. w:is:Lancaster links to Lancaster [Search]
  63. w:is:Puyehuevatn links to Puyehue [Search]
  64. w:is:Rancovatn links to Puyehue [Search]
  65. w:is:Sable links to Category:Sable [Search]
  66. w:is:Ellen Johnson Sirleaf links to Category:Ellen Johnson Sirleaf [Search]
  67. w:is:Forsætisráðherra Ísraels links to Category:Prime Minister of Israel [Search]
  68. w:is:Bayern München links to Category:Bayern München [Search]
  69. w:is:Sankti Helena links to Category:Saint Helena [Search]
  70. w:is:Eton Manor links to Category:Eton Manor [Search]
  71. w:is:Università Niccolò Cusano links to Category:Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusanno [Search]
  72. w:is:Université Bordeaux I links to Category:Université Bordeaux I [Search]
  73. w:is:Hampden Park links to Category:Hampden Park [Search]
  74. w:is:Philippus arabi links to Category:Philip the Arab [Search]
  75. w:is:Corral links to Corral [Search]
  76. w:is:Krzeszowice links to Krzeszowice [Search]
  77. w:is:Ellie Goulding links to Ellie Goulding [Search]
  78. w:is:Dómkirkjan í Köln links to Dómkirkjan í Köln [Search]
  79. w:is:Nahuel Huapivatn links to Nahuel Huapi [Search]
  80. w:is:Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais links to Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais [Search]
  81. w:is:Nokia 3310 links to Nokia 3310 [Search]
  82. w:is:HD 85512 b links to HD 85512 b [Search]
  83. w:is:Kúbudeilan links to Cuban Missile Crisis [Search]
  84. w:is:Cauet links to Sébastien Cauet [Search]
  85. w:is:Menningar- og vísindahöllin í Varsjá links to Palace of Culture and Science [Search]
  86. w:is:Annise Parker links to Annise Parker [Search]
  87. w:is:Phongnhakebang-þjóðgarðurinn links to Phong Nha-Ke bang National Park [Search]
  88. w:is:Háskólinn í Manchester links to University of Manchester [Search]
  89. w:is:Vanessa Williams links to Vanessa Williams [Search]
  90. w:is:Þak links to Roofs [Search]
  91. w:is:Sambuca Pistoiese links to Sambuca Pistoiese [Search]
  92. w:is:Tjingveldið links to Qing Dinasty [Search]
  93. w:is:Lotta Engberg links to Lotta Engberg [Search]
  94. w:is:Panguipulli links to Panguipulli [Search]
  95. w:is:Panguipullivatn links to Panguipulli [Search]
  96. w:is:Sandreyður links to Balaenoptera borealis [Search]
  97. w:is:Universal Serial Bus links to Universal Serial Bus [Search]
  98. w:is:Þjóðernishyggja links to Nationalism [Search]
  99. w:is:Georgískur arkitektúr links to Georgian architecture [Search]
  100. w:is:Salisbury links to Salisbury [Search]
  101. w:is:Álaborgarháskóli links to Aalborg University [Search]
  102. w:is:Charlottenburg-kastali links to Charlottenburg-kastali [Search]
  103. w:is:Baybayin links to Baybayin [Search]
  104. w:is:Verslunarkeðja links to Chain stores [Search]
  105. w:is:Handleikjatölva links to Handheld game consoles [Search]
  106. w:is:The Shard links to The Shard [Search]
  107. w:is:Ehrenreich Christopher Ludvig Moltke links to Ludvig Moltke (diplomat) [Search]
  108. w:is:Maria de'Medici links to Maria de'Medici [Search]
  109. w:is:Fruma links to Cell (biology) [Search]
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  110. w:is:Spergill links to Category:Aspargus [Search]
  111. w:is:Bodesafnið links to Category:Bode Museum [Search]
  112. w:is:Münster links to Category:Münster [Search]
  113. w:is:Ráðhúsið í Bremen links to Category:Town Hall of Bremen [Search]
  114. w:is:Kastalinn í Mannheim links to Category:Kastalinn í Mannheim [Search]
  115. w:is:Skýrsla rannsóknarnefndar Alþingis links to Category:The Report of the Althingi Special Investigation Commission [Search]
  116. w:is:Leipzig links to Category:Leipzig, Germany [Search]
  117. w:is:Port Lois links to Category:Port Lois [Search]
  118. w:is:Einangrari links to Category:Electric insulator [Search]
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  119. w:is:Nýja ráðhúsið í München links to Category:Neues Rathaus, Munich [Search]
  120. w:is:Åre Gamla kirkja links to Category:Åre Gamla kirkja [Search]
  121. w:is:Kastalinn í Nottingham links to Kastalinn í Nottingham [Search]
  122. w:is:Chester links to Chester [Search]
  123. w:is:Adele links to Adele (singer) [Search]
  124. w:is:Varsjárgettóið links to Warsaw Ghetto [Search]
  125. w:is:Três Pontas links to Três Pontas [Search]
  126. w:is:Mercedes-Benz CLS links to Category:Mercedes-Benz CLS [Search]
  127. w:is:Karluk links to Category:Karluk [Search]
  128. w:is:Norrænu sendiráðin í Berlín links to Category:Nordic embassies, Berlin [Search]
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  129. w:is:Grenjaðarstaður links to Category:Grenjaðarstaður [Search]

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