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  1. w:kk:Сентени (Манш) links to Category:Sainteny (commune) [Search]
  2. w:kk:Б. з. д. 925 жыл links to Category:925 BC [Search]
  3. w:kk:Б. з. д. 613 жыл links to Category:613 BC [Search]
  4. w:kk:Б. з. д. 103 жыл links to Category:103 BC [Search]
  5. w:kk:Ла-Камб (Кальвадос) links to Category:La Cambe (Calvados) [Search]
  6. w:kk:Б. з. д. 599 жыл links to Category:599 BC [Search]
  7. w:kk:Б. з. д. 156 жыл links to Category:156 BC [Search]
  8. w:kk:Б. з. д. 611 жыл links to Category:611 BC [Search]
  9. w:kk:Б. з. д. 84 жыл links to Category:84 BC [Search]
  10. w:kk:Б. з. д. 730 жыл links to Category:730 BC [Search]
  11. w:kk:Б. з. д. 697 жыл links to Category:697 BC [Search]
  12. w:kk:Б. з. д. 37 жыл links to Category:37 BC [Search]
  13. w:kk:Б. з. д. 826 жыл links to Category:826 BC [Search]
  14. w:kk:Б. з. д. 996 жыл links to Category:996 BC [Search]
  15. w:kk:Сан-Николао links to Category:San-Nicolao [Search]
  16. w:kk:Б. з. д. 685 жыл links to Category:685 BC [Search]
  17. w:kk:Мон-Сен-Жан (Кот-д'Ор) links to Category:Mont-Saint-Jean (Côte-d'Or) [Search]
  18. w:kk:Б. з. д. 981 жыл links to Category:981 BC [Search]
  19. w:kk:704 жыл links to Category:704 [Search]
  20. w:kk:707 жыл links to Category:707 [Search]
  21. w:kk:703 жыл links to Category:703 [Search]
  22. w:kk:Б. з. д. 467 жыл links to Category:467 BC [Search]
  23. w:kk:Панж (Мозель) links to Category:Pange (Moselle) [Search]
  24. w:kk:Б. з. д. 812 жыл links to Category:812 BC [Search]
  25. w:kk:Берни (Гар) links to Category:Bernis (Gard) [Search]
  26. w:kk:Б. з. д. 900 жыл links to Category:900 BC [Search]
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  27. w:kk:Б. з. д. 927 жыл links to Category:927 BC [Search]
  28. w:kk:Бушен (Нор) links to Category:Bouchain (Nord) [Search]
  29. w:kk:781 жыл links to Category:781 [Search]
  30. w:kk:Б. з. д. 732 жыл links to Category:732 BC [Search]
  31. w:kk:Вир (Кальвадос) links to Category:Vire (Calvados) [Search]
  32. w:kk:Леонардо да Винчи links to Category:Category:Leonardo da Vinci [Search]
  33. w:kk:Озувиль-л'Еневаль links to Category:Auzouville-l'Esneval [Search]
  34. w:kk:Сос links to Category:Sos [Search]
  35. w:kk:Б. з. д. 193 жыл links to Category:193 BC [Search]
  36. w:kk:Б. з. д. 748 жыл links to Category:748 BC [Search]
  37. w:kk:Бадан (Морбиан) links to Category:Baden (Morbihan) [Search]
  38. w:kk:Б. з. д. 640 жыл links to Category:640 BC [Search]
  39. w:kk:Романьи (Манш) links to Category:Romagny (Manche) [Search]
  40. w:kk:Шененбур links to Category:Schœnenbourg [Search]
  41. w:kk:Барду links to Category:Bardou [Search]
  42. w:kk:Б. з. д. 494 жыл links to Category:494 BC [Search]
  43. w:kk:255 жыл links to Category:255 [Search]
  44. w:kk:258 жыл links to Category:258 [Search]
  45. w:kk:Сен-Женье (Дордонь) links to Category:Saint-Geniès (Dordogne) [Search]
  46. w:kk:Б. з. д. 782 жыл links to Category:782 BC [Search]
  47. w:kk:Б. з. д. 807 жыл links to Category:807 BC [Search]
  48. w:kk:Б. з. д. 689 жыл links to Category:689 BC [Search]
  49. w:kk:Институт ақпараттық, телекоммуникациялық және құқық медиа links to Category:ITM [Search]
  50. w:kk:Таллер links to Category:Taller [Search]
  51. w:kk:823 жыл links to Category:823 [Search]
  52. w:kk:Ре (Орн) links to Category:Rai (Orne) [Search]
  53. w:kk:Айқұлақ таңбасы links to At sign [Search]
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    • note: Category:At sign exists
  54. w:kk:Османлы империясы links to Османлы империясы [Search]
  55. w:kk:Б. з. д. 231 жыл links to Category:231 BC [Search]
  56. w:kk:Сен-Дени (Сена-Сен-Дени) links to Category:Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) [Search]
  57. w:kk:2012 Жазғы Паралимпиада ойындары links to Category:2012 жылдың жазғы Паралимпиадасы [Search]
  58. w:kk:Бйон (Манш) links to Category:Bion (Manche) [Search]
  59. w:kk:Б. з. д. 359 жыл links to Category:359 BC [Search]
  60. w:kk:Б. з. д. 403 жыл links to Category:403 BC [Search]
  61. w:kk:Б. з. д. 695 жыл links to Category:695 BC [Search]
  62. w:kk:Камамбер (Орн) links to Category:Camembert (Orne) [Search]
  63. w:kk:Шарын (өзен) links to Category:Sharyn [Search]
  64. w:kk:Б. з. д. 419 жыл links to Category:419 BC [Search]
  65. w:kk:Б. з. д. 863 жыл links to Category:863 BC [Search]
  66. w:kk:427 жыл links to Category:427 [Search]
  67. w:kk:428 жыл links to Category:428 [Search]
  68. w:kk:Б. з. д. 699 жыл links to Category:699 BC [Search]
  69. w:kk:Брантом (Дордонь) links to Category:Brantôme (Dordogne) [Search]
  70. w:kk:Б. з. д. 705 жыл links to Category:705 BC [Search]
  71. w:kk:Б. з. д. 555 жыл links to Category:555 BC [Search]
  72. w:kk:Шолье (Манш) links to Category:Chaulieu (Manche) [Search]
  73. w:kk:Б. з. д. 573 жыл links to Category:573 BC [Search]
  74. w:kk:Сен-Фаржо (Йонна) links to Category:Saint-Fargeau (Yonne) [Search]
  75. w:kk:Б. з. д. 942 жыл links to Category:942 BC [Search]
  76. w:kk:Б. з. д. 744 жыл links to Category:744 BC [Search]
  77. w:kk:Б. з. д. 843 жыл links to Category:843 BC [Search]
  78. w:kk:Б. з. д. 886 жыл links to Category:886 BC [Search]
  79. w:kk:Өзген links to Uzgen [Search]
  80. w:kk:Ұлттық стадион (Бейжің) links to Beijing National Stadium [Search]
  81. w:kk:Кеңес Одағының Батыры links to Heroes of the Soviet Union [Search]
  82. w:kk:Б. з. д. 161 жыл links to Category:161 BC [Search]
  83. w:kk:Б. з. д. 921 жыл links to Category:921 BC [Search]
  84. w:kk:Б. з. д. 562 жыл links to Category:562 BC [Search]
  85. w:kk:Розенвиллер (Төменгі Рейн) links to Category:Rosenwiller (Bas-Rhin) [Search]
  86. w:kk:Б. з. д. 600 жыл links to Category:600 BC [Search]
  87. w:kk:Б. з. д. 227 жыл links to Category:227 BC [Search]
  88. w:kk:Б. з. д. 596 жыл links to Category:596 BC [Search]
  89. w:kk:Б. з. д. 890 жыл links to Category:890 BC [Search]
  90. w:kk:Нормандық жаулап алу links to Category:Norman conquest of England [Search]
  91. w:kk:Б. з. д. 879 жыл links to Category:879 BC [Search]
  92. w:kk:Б. з. д. 164 жыл links to Category:164 BC [Search]
  93. w:kk:Б. з. д. 502 жыл links to Category:502 BC [Search]
  94. w:kk:Б. з. д. 617 жыл links to Category:617 BC [Search]
  95. w:kk:Б. з. д. 791 жыл links to Category:791 BC [Search]
  96. w:kk:Б. з. д. 759 жыл links to Category:759 BC [Search]
  97. w:kk:Етиньи (Йонна) links to Category:Étigny (Yonne) [Search]
  98. w:kk:Орон (Мозель) links to Category:Oron [Search]
  99. w:kk:Б. з. д. 762 жыл links to Category:762 BC [Search]
  100. w:kk:Б. з. д. 294 жыл links to Category:294 BC [Search]
  101. w:kk:Гранвиль links to Category:Granville [Search]
  102. w:kk:Қаратал links to Category:Karatal [Search]
  103. w:kk:Б. з. д. 469 жыл links to Category:469 BC [Search]
  104. w:kk:Б. з. д. 963 жыл links to Category:963 BC [Search]
  105. w:kk:Банвиль links to Category:Banville [Search]
  106. w:kk:Б. з. д. 746 жыл links to Category:746 BC [Search]
  107. w:kk:Б. з. д. 707 жыл links to Category:707 BC [Search]
  108. w:kk:Хошимин links to Ho Chi Minh City [Search]
  109. w:kk:Шұрат links to Oases [Search]
  110. w:kk:Б. з. д. 401 жыл links to Category:401 BC [Search]
  111. w:kk:Б. з. д. 233 жыл links to Category:233 BC [Search]
  112. w:kk:Б. з. д. 182 жыл links to Category:182 BC [Search]
  113. w:kk:Ко (Эро) links to Category:Caux [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-28T06:46:02Z; comment: Moved to Category:Caux (Hérault).Reason: for disambiguation
  114. w:kk:Б. з. д. 892 жыл links to Category:892 BC [Search]
  115. w:kk:Фельдбак links to Category:Feldbach [Search]
  116. w:kk:2068 жыл links to Category:2068 [Search]
  117. w:kk:Б. з. д. 864 жыл links to Category:864 BC [Search]
  118. w:kk:678 жыл links to Category:678 [Search]
  119. w:kk:677 жыл links to Category:677 [Search]
  120. w:kk:Б. з. д. 978 жыл links to Category:978 BC [Search]
  121. w:kk:Б. з. д. 517 жыл links to Category:517 BC [Search]
  122. w:kk:Минерв (Эро) links to Category:Minerve (Hérault) [Search]
  123. w:kk:Б. з. д. 728 жыл links to Category:728 BC [Search]
  124. w:kk:Б. з. д. 760 жыл links to Category:760 BC [Search]
  125. w:kk:Марса (Од) links to Category:Marsa (France) [Search]
  126. w:kk:Б. з. д. 870 жыл links to Category:870 BC [Search]
  127. w:kk:Тевиль (Валь-д'Уаз) links to Category:Theuville (Val-d'Oise) [Search]
  128. w:kk:Б. з. д. 309 жыл links to Category:309 BC [Search]
  129. w:kk:Б. з. д. 552 жыл links to Category:552 BC [Search]
  130. w:kk:Б. з. д. 784 жыл links to Category:784 BC [Search]
  131. w:kk:Б. з. д. 119 жыл links to Category:119 BC [Search]
  132. w:kk:Ермак links to Yermak [Search]
  133. w:kk:Жак Деррида links to Jacques Derrida [Search]
  134. w:kk:Б. з. д. 913 жыл links to Category:913 BC [Search]
  135. w:kk:Б. з. д. 930 жыл links to Category:930 BC [Search]
  136. w:kk:Уани (Па-де-Кале) links to Category:Oignies (Pas-de-Calais) [Search]
  137. w:kk:Роан (Морбиан) links to Category:Rohan (Morbihan) [Search]
  138. w:kk:Б. з. д. 277 жыл links to Category:277 BC [Search]
  139. w:kk:Рувиль (Сен-Маритим) links to Category:Rouville (Seine-Maritime) [Search]
  140. w:kk:Б. з. д. 602 жыл links to Category:602 BC [Search]
  141. w:kk:Б. з. д. 163 жыл links to Category:163 BC [Search]
  142. w:kk:Б. з. д. 191 жыл links to Category:191 BC [Search]
  143. w:kk:АҚШ Банкі мұнарасы links to Category:АҚШ Банкі мұнарасы [Search]
  144. w:kk:Adam A500 links to Category:A500 [Search]
  145. w:kk:Б. з. д. 678 жыл links to Category:678 BC [Search]
  146. w:kk:Реаль (Шығыс Пиреней) links to Category:Réal (Pyrénées-Orientales) [Search]
  147. w:kk:Б. з. д. 710 жыл links to Category:710 BC [Search]
  148. w:kk:Б. з. д. 765 жыл links to Category:765 BC [Search]
  149. w:kk:Б. з. д. 328 жыл links to Category:328 BC [Search]
  150. w:kk:738 жыл links to Category:738 [Search]
  151. w:kk:733 жыл links to Category:733 [Search]
  152. w:kk:Б. з. д. 992 жыл links to Category:992 BC [Search]
  153. w:kk:Б. з. д. 899 жыл links to Category:899 BC [Search]
  154. w:kk:Б. з. д. 318 жыл links to Category:318 BC [Search]
  155. w:kk:Б. з. д. 109 жыл links to Category:109 BC [Search]
  156. w:kk:Б. з. д. 674 жыл links to Category:674 BC [Search]
  157. w:kk:Медан (Ивелин) links to Category:Médan (Yvelines) [Search]
  158. w:kk:Б. з. д. 423 жыл links to Category:423 BC [Search]
  159. w:kk:Франь (Сона и Луара) links to Category:Fragnes (Saône-et-Loire) [Search]
  160. w:kk:Billboard links to Billboard magazine [Search]
  161. w:kk:Тоннерр (Йонна) links to Category:Tonnerre (Yonne) [Search]
  162. w:kk:Груа links to Category:Groix [Search]
  163. w:kk:Лос (Нор) links to Category:Loos (Nord) [Search]
  164. w:kk:Б. з. д. 458 жыл links to Category:458 BC [Search]
  165. w:kk:Б. з. д. 577 жыл links to Category:577 BC [Search]
  166. w:kk:Б. з. д. 740 жыл links to Category:740 BC [Search]
  167. w:kk:Крепон (Кальвадос) links to Category:Crépon (Calvados) [Search]
  168. w:kk:Б. з. д. 26 жыл links to Category:26 BC [Search]
  169. w:kk:Сен-Тибо (Кот-д'Ор) links to Category:Saint-Thibault (Côte-d'Or) [Search]
  170. w:kk:Марвиль (Мез) links to Category:Marville (Meuse) [Search]
  171. w:kk:Б. з. д. 352 жыл links to Category:352 BC [Search]
  172. w:kk:Ксентрай links to Category:Xaintrailles (Lot-et-Garonne) [Search]
  173. w:kk:Б. з. д. 652 жыл links to Category:652 BC [Search]
  174. w:kk:Пломб (Манш) links to Category:Plomb (Manche) [Search]
  175. w:kk:Браннан (Жиронда) links to Category:Brannens (Gironde) [Search]
  176. w:kk:Б. з. д. 866 жыл links to Category:866 BC [Search]
  177. w:kk:Б. з. д. 366 жыл links to Category:366 BC [Search]
  178. w:kk:Б. з. д. 285 жыл links to Category:285 BC [Search]
  179. w:kk:Б. з. д. 520 жыл links to Category:520 BC [Search]
  180. w:kk:Танымал қазақтардың тізімі links to Category:List of Kazakhs [Search]
  181. w:kk:Б. з. д. 676 жыл links to Category:676 BC [Search]
  182. w:kk:Б. з. д. 492 жыл links to Category:492 BC [Search]
  183. w:kk:Б. з. д. 851 жыл links to Category:851 BC [Search]
  184. w:kk:Ақсарай (Түркия) links to Category:Ақсарай [Search]
  185. w:kk:Сен-Жиль (Манш) links to Category:Saint-Gilles (Manche) [Search]
  186. w:kk:Багар links to Category:Bagard (Gard) [Search]
  187. w:kk:Мерксайм links to Category:Merxheim [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-01-29T19:08:18Z; comment: Renamed category: content was: 'Merxheim is a village near the river nahe in Rhineland-Palatinate. Category:Landkreis Bad Kreuznach' (and the only contributor was 'Prankster')
  188. w:kk:Б. з. д. 407 жыл links to Category:407 BC [Search]
  189. w:kk:Б. з. д. 758 жыл links to Category:758 BC [Search]
  190. w:kk:Б. з. д. 373 жыл links to Category:373 BC [Search]
  191. w:kk:478 жыл links to Category:478 [Search]
  192. w:kk:471 жыл links to Category:471 [Search]
  193. w:kk:Б. з. д. 631 жыл links to Category:631 BC [Search]
  194. w:kk:Б. з. д. 894 жыл links to Category:894 BC [Search]
  195. w:kk:Каноес links to Category:Canohès [Search]
  196. w:kk:Лев (Сона и Луара) links to Category:Laives (Saône-et-Loire) [Search]
  197. w:kk:Норик links to Category:Норик [Search]
  198. w:kk:Лагорс (Жиронда) links to Category:Lagorce (Gironde) [Search]
  199. w:kk:Плен (Төменгі Рейн) links to Category:Plaine (Bas-Rhin) [Search]
  200. w:kk:Б. з. д. 771 жыл links to Category:771 BC [Search]
  201. w:kk:Лантии (Кот-д'Ор) links to Category:Lantilly [Search]
  202. w:kk:Фреель (Кот-д'Армор) links to Category:Fréhel (Côtes-d'Armor) [Search]
  203. w:kk:265 жыл links to Category:265 [Search]
  204. w:kk:Жоғарғы Көл links to Lake Superior [Search]

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