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  1. w:la:Leo Tolstoj links to Толстой, Лев Николаевич [Search]
  2. w:la:Sant Feliu de Llobregat links to Sant Feliu de Llobregat [Search]
  3. w:la:Pisorga links to Pisuerga River [Search]
  4. w:la:La Torre de l'Espanyol links to La Torre de l'Espanyol [Search]
  5. w:la:Saint-Léger (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Saint-Léger [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-12T15:21:13Z; comment: Category:Saint-Léger moved to Category:Saint Leodegar
  6. w:la:Saint-Léger (Meduana) links to Category:Saint-Léger [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-12T15:21:13Z; comment: Category:Saint-Léger moved to Category:Saint Leodegar
  7. w:la:Saint-Léger (Oltis et Garumna) links to Category:Saint-Léger [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-12T15:21:13Z; comment: Category:Saint-Léger moved to Category:Saint Leodegar
  8. w:la:Saint-Léger (Sabaudia) links to Category:Saint-Léger [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-12T15:21:13Z; comment: Category:Saint-Léger moved to Category:Saint Leodegar
  9. w:la:Le Plessis-Grimoult links to Category:Le Plissis-Grimoult [Search]
  10. w:la:Germaine (Matrona) links to Category:Germaine [Search]
  11. w:la:Moulay links to Category:Moulay [Search]
  12. w:la:Milan Jovanović links to Category:Milan Jovanović [Search]
  13. w:la:Daniel Keenan Savage links to Category:Daniel Keenan Savage [Search]
  14. w:la:Fontaine-Henry links to Category:La Follletière-Henry [Search]
  15. w:la:Montmain (Clivus Aureus) links to Category:Montmain [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-08-14T13:18:47Z; comment: disambiguation
  16. w:la:Thièvres (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Thièvres [Search]
  17. w:la:Thièvres (Samara) links to Category:Thièvres [Search]
  18. w:la:Villers-Brûlin links to Category:Thièvres [Search]
  19. w:la:Beauregard Paroecia links to Category:Beauregard Parish, Luisiana [Search]
  20. w:la:Butte Comitatus (California) links to Category:Butte, California [Search]
  21. w:la:Gommecourt (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Gommecourt [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-05-23T08:09:13Z; comment: empty category
  22. w:la:Montrond (Iura) links to Category:Montrond [Search]
  23. w:la:Saint-Aubin-des-Bois (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Saint-Aubin-des-Bois [Search]
  24. w:la:Rapides Paroecia links to Category:Rapides Parish, Luisiana [Search]
  25. w:la:Saint-Martin-des-Champs (Finis Terrae) links to Category:Saint-Martin-des-Champs [Search]
  26. w:la:Saint-Martin-des-Champs (Icauna) links to Category:Saint-Martin-des-Champs [Search]
  27. w:la:Armes (Niver) links to Category:Armes [Search]
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    • note: Armes exists
  28. w:la:Châteaudouble (Drona) links to Category:Châteaudouble [Search]
  29. w:la:Lautenbach (Rhenus Superior) links to Category:Lautenbach [Search]
  30. w:la:Sainte-Euphémie links to Category:Sainte-Euphémie [Search]
  31. w:la:Saint-Marcouf (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Saint-Marcouf [Search]
  32. w:la:Villeperrot links to Category:Villeroperrot [Search]
  33. w:la:Vernon Paroecia links to Category:Vernon Parish, Luisiana [Search]
  34. w:la:Maupas/Valency links to Category:Maupas/Valency [Search]
  35. w:la:Limon (Niver) links to Category:Limon [Search]
  36. w:la:Portes (Vardo) links to Category:Portes [Search]
  37. w:la:Portolani links to Category:Portolan chart [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-08T05:51:12Z; comment: Category:Portolan chart moved to Category:Portolan charts
  38. w:la:Universitas scientiarum vitae Norvegica links to Category:Category:Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap [Search]
  39. w:la:Narcy (Niver) links to Category:Narcy [Search]
  40. w:la:Kistauri links to Category:Kistauri [Search]
  41. w:la:Le Leslay links to Category:Le Laslay [Search]
  42. w:la:Guamia links to Category:Guamia mariannae [Search]
  43. w:la:Lignerolles (Clivus Aureus) links to Category:Lignerolles [Search]
  44. w:la:Lignerolles (Elaver) links to Category:Lignerolles [Search]
  45. w:la:Lignerolles (Olina) links to Category:Lignerolles [Search]
  46. w:la:Came (Pyrenaeus Atlanticus) links to Category:Came [Search]
  47. w:la:La Salle Paroecia links to Category:La Salle Parish, Luisiana [Search]
  48. w:la:Opio (Alpes Maritimae) links to Category:Opio (Alpes Maritimae) [Search]
  49. w:la:Bousse (Sartha) links to Category:Bousse [Search]
  50. w:la:Saint-Lambert (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Saint-Lambert [Search]
  51. w:la:La Folie links to Category:La Folie [Search]
  52. w:la:Homps (Aegirtius) links to Category:Homps [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-27T14:06:14Z; comment: Category:Homps moved to Category:Homps (Aude)
  53. w:la:Athie (Clivus Aureus) links to Category:Athie [Search]
  54. w:la:Athie (Icauna) links to Category:Athie [Search]
  55. w:la:Tordera links to Tordera [Search]
  56. w:la:Betancuria links to Betancuria [Search]
  57. w:la:Alexander Hamiltonius Stephens links to Alexander Hamiltonius Stephens [Search]
  58. w:la:Urdúliz links to Urdúliz [Search]
  59. w:la:Poboleda links to Poboleda [Search]
  60. w:la:Colomers links to Colomers [Search]
  61. w:la:Angelicus Vieira links to Angélico Vieira [Search]
  62. w:la:La Torre de Fontaubella links to La Torre de Fonteubella [Search]
  63. w:la:L'Espluga de Francolí links to L'Espluga de Francolí [Search]
  64. w:la:Amphion links to Amphion and Zethus [Search]
  65. w:la:Gombrèn links to Gombrèn [Search]
  66. w:la:Godall links to Godall [Search]
  67. w:la:Tacoronte links to Tacoronte [Search]
  68. w:la:Alajeró links to Alajero [Search]
  69. w:la:Abella de la Conca links to Abella de la Conca [Search]
  70. w:la:Sant Joan de les Abadesses links to Sant Joan de les Abadesses [Search]
  71. w:la:Vallmoll links to Vallmoll [Search]
  72. w:la:Parlavà links to Parlavà [Search]
  73. w:la:Santa Maria de Besora links to Santa Maria de Besora [Search]
  74. w:la:Llorenç del Penedès links to Llorenç del Penedès [Search]
  75. w:la:Georgius Armani links to Giorgio Armani [Search]
  76. w:la:Yi Sunsin links to Yi, Sunsin [Search]
  77. w:la:Oradour (Mons Celtorum) links to Category:Oradour [Search]
  78. w:la:Quemigny-sur-Seine links to Category:Quemigny--sur-Seine [Search]
  79. w:la:Lavau (Icauna) links to Category:Lavau [Search]
  80. w:la:Georgius McGovern links to Category:M000452 [Search]
  81. w:la:Vingenna links to Category:Vingeanne River [Search]
  82. w:la:Bouchet (Drona) links to Category:Bouchet [Search]
  83. w:la:Châteauneuf (Sabaudia) links to Category:Châteauneuf [Search]
  84. w:la:Torcy (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Torcy [Search]
  85. w:la:Ioannes Makoun links to Category:Jean Makoun [Search]
  86. w:la:Corbeil (Matrona) links to Category:Corbeil [Search]
  87. w:la:Orville (Clivus Aureus) links to Category:Orville [Search]
  88. w:la:Orville (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Orville [Search]
  89. w:la:Orville (Ligerula) links to Category:Orville [Search]
  90. w:la:Orville (Olina) links to Category:Orville [Search]
  91. w:la:La Montagne (Liger Atlanticus) links to Category:La Montagne [Search]
  92. w:la:Stanislaus Dziwisz links to Category:Stanislaus Dziwisz [Search]
  93. w:la:Del Norte Comitatus links to Category:Del Norte, California [Search]
  94. w:la:Villefranche (Aegirtius) links to Category:Villefranche [Search]
  95. w:la:Villefranche (Icauna) links to Category:Villefranche [Search]
  96. w:la:Beniaminus Sigmund links to Category:Ben Sigmund [Search]
  97. w:la:Matthias Bjärsmyr links to Category:Mattias Bjärsmyr [Search]
  98. w:la:Fanum Sancti Antonini (Alpes Maritimae) links to Category:Fanum Sancti Antonini (Alpes Maritimae) [Search]
  99. w:la:Ligny-Thilloy links to Category:Ligny-Thylloy [Search]
  100. w:la:Sainte-Sabine links to Category:Sainte-Sabine [Search]
  101. w:la:Falkensee links to Category:Falkensee, Germany [Search]
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  102. w:la:Sachin (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Sachin [Search]
  103. w:la:Velaunium links to Category:Velaunium [Search]
  104. w:la:Sarron links to Category:Sarron [Search]
  105. w:la:Adscita bolivari links to Category:Adscita bolivari [Search]
  106. w:la:Kielia links to Category:Kiel, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-06-28T19:14:59Z; comment: Robot: Category was moved to Kiel
  107. w:la:Marinette Comitatus links to Category:Marinette County, Minnesota [Search]
  108. w:la:Vinay (Matrona) links to Category:Vinay [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-09-03T11:24:54Z; comment: Category:Vinay moved to Category:Vinay (Isère)
  109. w:la:Ellen Johnson Sirleaf links to Category:Ellen Johnson Sirleaf [Search]
  110. w:la:Chambœuf (Clivus Aureus) links to Category:Chambœuf [Search]
  111. w:la:Thil (Matrona) links to Category:Thil [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-12-11T20:31:04Z; comment: Category:Thil moved to Category:Thil (Ain)
  112. w:la:Concinus Concini links to Concino Concini [Search]
  113. w:la:Ciborium (altare) links to Ciborium (altare) [Search]
  114. w:la:Ahmedus Ouyahia links to Ahmed Ouyahia [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-15T14:24:38Z; comment: Page not importante
    • note: Category:Ahmed Ouyahia exists
  115. w:la:Santa Maria de Palautordera links to Santa Maria de Palautordera [Search]
  116. w:la:Masllorenç links to Masllorenç [Search]
  117. w:la:Ea (Biscaia) links to Ea [Search]
  118. w:la:Sant Julià del Llor i Bonmatí links to Sant Julià del Llor i Bonmatí [Search]
  119. w:la:Balenyà links to Balenyà [Search]
  120. w:la:Franciscus Deák links to Ferenc Deák [Search]
  121. w:la:Prat de Comte links to Prat de Compte [Search]
  122. w:la:Basilius Perov links to Vasilij Perov [Search]
  123. w:la:Proboscidea links to Proboscidea [Search]
  124. w:la:Torrent links to Torrent [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2006-12-05T04:20:54Z; comment: not a gallery
  125. w:la:Súria links to Súria [Search]
  126. w:la:Guizaburuaga links to Guizaburuaga [Search]
  127. w:la:Llers links to Llers [Search]
  128. w:la:Psychotropicum links to Psychoactive drugs [Search]
  129. w:la:Alonsótegui links to Alonsótegui [Search]
  130. w:la:Ispáster links to Ispáster [Search]
  131. w:la:All About Eve links to All About Eve [Search]
  132. w:la:Lliçà d'Amunt links to Lliçà d'Amunt [Search]
  133. w:la:Torelló links to Torelló [Search]
  134. w:la:Bérriz links to Bérriz [Search]
  135. w:la:Nulles links to Nulles [Search]
  136. w:la:Barberà de la Conca links to Barberà de la Conca [Search]
  137. w:la:Michael Primo de Rivera links to Miguel Primo de Rivera [Search]
  138. w:la:La Selva del Camp links to La Selva del Camp [Search]
  139. w:la:Duesaigües links to Duesaigües [Search]
  140. w:la:Cymbopogon links to Lemongrass [Search]
  141. w:la:Castellar de n'Hug links to Castellar de n'Hug [Search]
  142. w:la:Wenche Foss links to Wenche Foss [Search]
  143. w:la:La Vilella Alta links to La Vilella Alta [Search]
  144. w:la:Ioannes Eudes links to Jean Eudes [Search]
  145. w:la:Guecho links to Guecho [Search]
  146. w:la:Munguía links to Munguía [Search]
  147. w:la:Cléden-Cap-Sizun links to Category:Cléden.Cap-Sizun [Search]
  148. w:la:Thomas Sivok links to Category:Thomas Sivok [Search]
  149. w:la:Caillavet (Aegirtius) links to Category:Caillavet [Search]
  150. w:la:Bannes (Matrona) links to Category:Bannes [Search]
  151. w:la:Bannes (Meduana) links to Category:Bannes [Search]
  152. w:la:Angaïs links to Category:Angais [Search]
  153. w:la:Sevrier links to Category:Sevrier [Search]
  154. w:la:Roffey (Icauna) links to Category:Roffey [Search]
  155. w:la:Saint-Avit-Frandat links to Category:Sain-Avit-Frandat [Search]
  156. w:la:Anzat-le-Luguet links to Category:Anzat-Le-Luguet [Search]
  157. w:la:Le Vernet (Elaver) links to Category:Le Vernet [Search]
  158. w:la:Villedieu (Clivus Aureus) links to Category:Villedieu [Search]
  159. w:la:Villedieu (Mons Celtorum) links to Category:Villedieu [Search]
  160. w:la:Villedieu (Vallis Clausa) links to Category:Villedieu [Search]
  161. w:la:Saint-Sulpice (Meduana) links to Category:Saint-Sulpice [Search]
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  162. w:la:Saint-Sulpice (Podium Dumiatis) links to Category:Saint-Sulpice [Search]
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    • note: Saint-Sulpice exists
  163. w:la:Saint-Sulpice (Sabaudia) links to Category:Saint-Sulpice [Search]
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    • note: Saint-Sulpice exists
  164. w:la:Carrus (Italia) links to Category:Carro (SP) [Search]
  165. w:la:Castrum Berrae links to Category:Castrum Berrae [Search]
  166. w:la:Vitricium links to Category:Verrès [Search]
  167. w:la:Lennon (Finis Terrae) links to Category:Lennon [Search]
  168. w:la:Le Buisson (Matrona) links to Category:Le Buisson [Search]
  169. w:la:Bouillac (Avario) links to Category:Bouillac [Search]
  170. w:la:Bouillac (Tarnis et Garumna) links to Category:Bouillac [Search]
  171. w:la:Lucey (Clivus Aureus) links to Category:Lucey [Search]
  172. w:la:Lucey (Sabaudia) links to Category:Lucey [Search]
  173. w:la:Yūji Nakazawa links to Category:Yūji Nakazawa [Search]
  174. w:la:Ioannes Gulielmus Castillo links to Category:Juan Guillermo Castillo [Search]
  175. w:la:Morangis (Matrona) links to Category:Morangis [Search]
  176. w:la:Saint-Martin-du-Tertre (Icauna) links to Category:Saint-Martin-du-Tertre [Search]
  177. w:la:Singilis links to Category:Genil river [Search]
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  178. w:la:Sus-Saint-Léger links to Category:Sus-Saint-Lèger [Search]
  179. w:la:Saint-Ours (Podium Dumiatis) links to Category:Saint-Ours [Search]
  180. w:la:Saint-Ours (Sabaudia) links to Category:Saint-Ours [Search]
  181. w:la:Gouesnac'h links to Category:Gouesnac’h [Search]
  182. w:la:Saint-Blaise (Sabaudia Superior) links to Category:Saint-Blaise [Search]
  183. w:la:Grandfontaine (Rhenus Inferior) links to Category:Grandfontaine [Search]
  184. w:la:Doena links to Category:Aber-Wrach [Search]
  185. w:la:Sancta Helena (insula) links to Category:Saint Helena [Search]
  186. w:la:Martainville (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Martainville [Search]
  187. w:la:Acleris zimmermani links to Category:Acleris zimmermani [Search]
  188. w:la:Cem Yılmaz links to Category:Cem Yılmaz [Search]
  189. w:la:Estrées (Septentrio) links to Category:Estrées [Search]
  190. w:la:Stilton (caseus) links to Category:Stilton (cheese) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-26T11:21:42Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Stilton cheese
  191. w:la:Montreuil-Poulay links to Category:Montreuil-Pollay [Search]
  192. w:la:Saint-Robert (Oltis et Garumna) links to Category:Saint-Robert [Search]
  193. w:la:Costa (Corsica Superior) links to Category:Costa [Search]
  194. w:la:Castellum (Helvetiae vicus) links to Category:Castiels [Search]
  195. w:la:Landry N’Guémo links to Category:Landry N’Guémo [Search]
  196. w:la:Hayes (Mosella) links to Category:Hayes [Search]
  197. w:la:Champeaux (Illa et Vicinonia) links to Category:Champeaux [Search]
  198. w:la:Saint-Pierre-du-Mont (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Saint-Pierre-du-Mont [Search]
  199. w:la:Saint-Pierre-du-Mont (Landae) links to Category:Saint-Pierre-du-Mont [Search]
  200. w:la:Tabula ansata links to Category:Tabula ansata [Search]
  201. w:la:Saint-Sylvain (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Saint-Sylvain [Search]
  202. w:la:Saint-Vaast-en-Auge links to Category:Saint-Sylvain [Search]
  203. w:la:Léon (Landae) links to Category:Léon [Search]
  204. w:la:Fay (Olina) links to Category:Fay [Search]
  205. w:la:Fay (Sartha) links to Category:Fay [Search]
  206. w:la:La Bazoge (Sartha) links to Category:La Bazoge [Search]
  207. w:la:Fleury (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Fleury [Search]
  208. w:la:Canapville (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Canapville [Search]
  209. w:la:Canapville (Olina) links to Category:Canapville [Search]
  210. w:la:Dane Comitatus links to Category:Dane County, Minnesota [Search]
  211. w:la:La Chaume links to Category:La Chaume [Search]
  212. w:la:Champcerie links to Category:Le Champcerie [Search]
  213. w:la:Peyrolles (Vardo) links to Category:Peyrolles [Search]
  214. w:la:Ligné (Liger Atlanticus) links to Category:Ligné [Search]
  215. w:la:Fleuré (Olina) links to Category:Fleuré [Search]
  216. w:la:Fleuré (Vigenna) links to Category:Fleuré [Search]
  217. w:la:Rott (Rhenus Inferior) links to Category:Rott [Search]
  218. w:la:Barly (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Barly [Search]
  219. w:la:Murray (comitatus Georgiae) links to Category:Murray, Georgia [Search]
  220. w:la:Gaël links to Category:Gaël [Search]
  221. w:la:Véron links to Category:Véron [Search]
  222. w:la:Bouloc (Tarnis et Garumna) links to Category:Bouloc [Search]
  223. w:la:Puy-Saint-Gulmier links to Category:Puy-Saint-Guilmier [Search]
  224. w:la:Regaldium links to Category:Regaldium [Search]
  225. w:la:Iunior Viza links to Category:Junior Viza [Search]
  226. w:la:Saulnières (Illa et Vicinonia) links to Category:Saulnières [Search]
  227. w:la:Caddo Paroecia links to Category:Caddo Parish, Luisiana [Search]
  228. w:la:Goux links to Category:Goux [Search]
  229. w:la:Montoie/Bourdonnette links to Category:Montoie/Bourdonnette [Search]
  230. w:la:Saurgium links to Category:Saurgium [Search]
  231. w:la:Sauvabelin links to Category:Sauvabelin [Search]
  232. w:la:Longueville (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Longueville [Search]
  233. w:la:Longueville (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Longueville [Search]
  234. w:la:Longueville (Oltis et Garumna) links to Category:Longueville [Search]
  235. w:la:Batilly (Olina) links to Category:Batilly [Search]
  236. w:la:Maizières (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Maizières [Search]
  237. w:la:Maizières (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Maizières [Search]
  238. w:la:Savigny (Sabaudia Superior) links to Category:Savigny [Search]
  239. w:la:Damery (Matrona) links to Category:Damery [Search]
  240. w:la:Pietas (Michael Angelus) links to Category:Pietà in St. Peter's Basilica [Search]
  241. w:la:Léchelle (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Léchelle [Search]
  242. w:la:Chilly (Sabaudia Superior) links to Category:Chilly [Search]
  243. w:la:Vieil-Moutier links to Category:Viel-Moutier [Search]
  244. w:la:Maisons (Calva Dorsa) links to Category:Maisons [Search]
  245. w:la:Franciscus Rodríguez links to Category:Francisco Rodríguez [Search]
  246. w:la:Catacumbae Romanae links to Category:Catacumbas Romanas [Search]
  247. w:la:Couvains (Olina) links to Category:Couvains [Search]
  248. w:la:Rory Fallon links to Category:Rory Fallon [Search]
  249. w:la:Vaudricourt (Fretum Calisii) links to Category:Vaudricourt [Search]
  250. w:la:Quintal (Sabaudia Superior) links to Category:Quintal [Search]
  251. w:la:Fanum Sancti Martini Lantuscanorum links to Category:Fanum Sancti Martini Lantuscanorum [Search]
  252. w:la:Faucon (Vallis Clausa) links to Category:Faucon [Search]
  253. w:la:Tuineje links to Tuineje [Search]
  254. w:la:Sant Pere Pescador links to Sant Pere Pescador [Search]
  255. w:la:Neu Wulmstorf links to Neu Wulmstorf [Search]
  256. w:la:Vallcebre links to Vallcebre [Search]
  257. w:la:Sant Pere de Vilamajor links to Sant Pere de Vilamajor [Search]
  258. w:la:Llinars del Vallès links to Llinars del Vallès [Search]
  259. w:la:Badia del Vallès links to Badia del Vallès [Search]
  260. w:la:Ulldemolins links to Ulldemolins [Search]
  261. w:la:Vilada links to Vilada [Search]
  262. w:la:Riudellots de la Selva links to Riudellots de la Selva [Search]
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  392. w:la:Thalkirchen-Obersendling-Forstenried-Fürstenried-Solln links to Thalkirchen-Obersendling-Forstenried-Fürstenried-Solln [Search]
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  420. w:la:The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Tissot) links to Category:The Life of Christ by James Tissot [Search]
  421. w:la:Gaillard links to Category:Gaillard [Search]
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  438. w:la:Sant Iscle de Vallalta links to Sant Iscle de Vallalta [Search]
  439. w:la:Mausoleum Hồ Chí Minh links to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum [Search]
  440. w:la:Arcentales links to Arcentales [Search]
  441. w:la:David Baltimore links to David Baltimore [Search]
  442. w:la:Ermua links to Ermua [Search]
  443. w:la:Castell de l'Areny links to Castell de l'Areny [Search]
  444. w:la:Mauritius Daniel Oppenheim links to Moritz Daniel Oppenheim [Search]
  445. w:la:Pira links to Pira [Search]
  446. w:la:Maximus Pulver links to Max Pulver [Search]
  447. w:la:Astypalaea links to Astypalaia [Search]
  448. w:la:Paulus Rudd links to Paulus Rudd [Search]
  449. w:la:Montgat links to Montgat [Search]
  450. w:la:Montesquiu links to Montesquiu [Search]
  451. w:la:Baruj Benacerraf links to Baruj Benacerraf [Search]
  452. w:la:Axella Lemaire links to Axelle Lemaire [Search]
  453. w:la:Savallà del Comtat links to Savallà del Comtat [Search]
  454. w:la:Fridericus Walter links to Fritz Walter [Search]
  455. w:la:El Lloar links to El Lloar [Search]
  456. w:la:Santa Llogaia d'Àlguema links to Santa Llogaia d'Àlguema [Search]
  457. w:la:Zaldívar links to Zaldívar [Search]
  458. w:la:Cultura Mycenaea links to Mycenaean civilization [Search]
  459. w:la:Gustavus V (rex Sueciae) links to Gustaf V [Search]
  460. w:la:Portbou links to Portbou [Search]
  461. w:la:Fígols links to Figols [Search]
  462. w:la:Mortensella links to Mortsel [Search]
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  484. w:la:Labeyrie (Pyrenaeus Atlanticus) links to Category:Labeyrie [Search]
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