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  1. w:mzn:اوسکار جایزه links to Category:Academy Award [Search]
  2. w:mzn:لرد کلوین links to Category:William Thomson [Search]
  3. w:mzn:رایمندو د ینزو links to Category:Raimondo d'Inzeo [Search]
  4. w:mzn:ماکسیم گورکی links to Category:Максим Горький [Search]
  5. w:mzn:فوربس مجله links to Category:Category:Forbes [Search]
  6. w:mzn:پاریس links to Category:Category:Paris [Search]
  7. w:mzn:هخامنشیون links to Category:Achaemenid [Search]
  8. w:mzn:لتو links to Category:Category:Leto [Search]
  9. w:mzn:خاش links to Category:Kiss [Search]
  10. w:mzn:دوروارد کنولس links to Category:Durward Knowles [Search]
  11. w:mzn:افاناسییس کوزمینس links to Category:Afanasijs Kuzmins [Search]
  12. w:mzn:بالاورستون links to Category:Balawaristan [Search]
  13. w:mzn:پل الوستروم links to Category:Paul Elvstrøm [Search]
  14. w:mzn:استانیسلاو لم links to Category:Stanislaw Lem [Search]
  15. w:mzn:ایوان سییر links to Category:Ivan Osiier [Search]
  16. w:mzn:پییرو دلا فرنچسکا د ینزو links to Category:Piero d'Inzeo [Search]
  17. w:mzn:کرستین پام links to Category:Kerstin Palm [Search]
  18. w:mzn:سرخ بریگاد links to Category:سرخ بریگاد [Search]
  19. w:mzn:کوک جزایر links to Category:کوک جزایر [Search]
  20. w:mzn:مقعد links to Category:مقعد [Search]
  21. w:mzn:کامی‌کازه links to Category:Category:Kamikaze [Search]
  22. w:mzn:کنفرانس سلوی links to Category:Solvay Conference [Search]
  23. w:mzn:فروغ فرخزاد links to Category:Category:Foroogh Farokhzad [Search]
  24. w:mzn:زئوس links to Category:Category:zeus [Search]
  25. w:mzn:ساری links to Category:ساری [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-11-01T08:22:59Z; comment: Empty category: content was: 'محک' (and the only contributor was '')
  26. w:mzn:علی لاریجانی links to Category:Ali A. Larijani [Search]
  27. w:mzn:فرانچیس لافرتون یر links to Category:François Lafortune, Jr [Search]
  28. w:mzn:لئون تروتسکی links to Category:Лев Троцкий [Search]
  29. w:mzn:یسفا آیدم گورینی links to Category:Josefa Idem Guerrini [Search]
  30. w:mzn:هیوبرت راوداسچل links to Category:Hubert Raudaschl [Search]
  31. w:mzn:لنین links to Category:Владимир Ильич Ленин [Search]
  32. w:mzn:بمردن ماسک links to Death masks [Search]
  33. w:mzn:اختلال فشار روانی پس آسیبی links to Posttraumatic stress disorder [Search]
  34. w:mzn:اومگا سحابی links to Messier ۱۷ [Search]
  35. w:mzn:کاراچای-چرکسیا links to Karachay-Cherkessia [Search]
  36. w:mzn:میترائیسم links to Mithraism [Search]
  37. w:mzn:انگوس هاکردن links to Fingering (sex) [Search]
  38. w:mzn:کوروف links to Kurów [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-05-25T22:07:35Z; comment: empty page since more than one day
      2. page was deleted at 2006-03-10T01:06:57Z; comment: empty cat, content was: '{{delete}}'
    • note: Category:Kurów exists
  39. w:mzn:چاکرا links to Chakras [Search]
  40. w:mzn:قاجاریون links to Qajar dynasty [Search]
  41. w:mzn:دریایی دزدون پرچم links to Pirate flags [Search]
  42. w:mzn:ادوارد براون links to Edward Granville Browne [Search]
  43. w:mzn:دول خاری links to Fellatio [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-07-28T18:06:57Z; comment: Empty gallery: content was: 'autofellation' (and the only contributor was 'Kikijaco')
    • note: Category:Fellatio exists
  44. w:mzn:وره (فلکی صورت) links to Aries (constellation) [Search]
  45. w:mzn:لیونل مسی links to Lionel Messi [Search]
  46. w:mzn:شاء عباس links to Abbas I of Persia [Search]

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