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  1. w:nn:Vladimir Makovskij links to Vladimir Makovskij [Search]
  2. w:nn:Tsjekhov i Moskva oblast links to Chekhov (town) [Search]
  3. w:nn:Hastings på New Zealand links to Hastings på New Zealand [Search]
  4. w:nn:Amfetamin links to Amphetamine [Search]
  5. w:nn:Spreo links to Spreo [Search]
  6. w:nn:Karavankane links to Karavankane [Search]
  7. w:nn:Bosnia-Hercegovina links to Bosnia-Hercegovina [Search]
  8. w:nn:Verdsarv links to Category:UN World Heritage Sites [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-07-26T08:11:28Z; comment: content was: '{{bad name|:Category:World Heritage Sites}}'
  9. w:nn:Ostankino-tårnet links to Category:Moscow TV Tower [Search]
  10. w:nn:Rickenbach i Basel-Landschaft links to Category:Rickenbach, Basel-Landschaft [Search]
  11. w:nn:Bussy i Fribourg links to Category:Bussy i Fribourg [Search]
  12. w:nn:Ae i Skottland links to Category:Ae, Scotland [Search]
  13. w:nn:La Ferrière i Sveits links to Category:La Ferrière, Sveits [Search]
  14. w:nn:Culloden links to Category:Culloden [Search]
  15. w:nn:Lavigny i Sveits links to Category:Lavigny i Sveits [Search]
  16. w:nn:Somerton links to Category:Somerton [Search]
  17. w:nn:Gudinna Bellona links to Category:Gudinna Bellona [Search]
  18. w:nn:Langeoog links to Category:Langeoog, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-06-28T22:38:31Z; comment: Robot: Category was moved to Langeoog
  19. w:nn:Dniprodzerzjynsk links to Category:Dniprodzerzjynsk [Search]
  20. w:nn:Palikir links to Category:Palikir [Search]
  21. w:nn:Sergey links to Category:Sergey [Search]
  22. w:nn:Monterey links to Category:Montery, California [Search]
  23. w:nn:Fredrik Vilhelm IV av Preussen links to Fredrik Vilhelm IV av Preussen [Search]
  24. w:nn:Sebezj links to Sebezh [Search]
  25. w:nn:Mont Aiguille links to Mont Aiguille [Search]
  26. w:nn:Memphis links to Memphis, Tennessee [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-20T09:37:38Z; comment: All four images on this page are in their proper categories in the category Memphis, Tennessee. This page is redundant and does not offer any more information of value.
      2. page was deleted at 2011-02-11T16:26:32Z; comment: 14 revisions restored: as req by Evrik
      3. page was deleted at 2010-09-18T08:04:57Z; comment: all photos here are in the top category or sub cats. all international wikilinks have been transfered to the top cat Memphis, Tennessee
    • note: Category:Memphis, Tennessee exists
  27. w:nn:Hornsund links to Hornsund [Search]
  28. w:nn:Ludwigsburg links to Ludwigsburg [Search]
  29. w:nn:Vespasian av Romarriket links to Vespasian av Romarriket [Search]
  30. w:nn:Lax i Sveits links to Category:Lax i Sveits [Search]
  31. w:nn:Nektar links to Category:Nektar [Search]
  32. w:nn:Avegno Gordevio links to Category:Avegno Gordevio [Search]
  33. w:nn:Niederwald i Sveits links to Category:Niederwald i Sveits [Search]
  34. w:nn:Hagia Sofia links to Category:Hagia Sofia [Search]
  35. w:nn:Haitisk geografi links to Category:Haitisk geografi [Search]
  36. w:nn:Sněžka links to Category:Sniezska [Search]
  37. w:nn:Schauinsland links to Category:Schauinsland (Schwarzwald), Germany [Search]
  38. w:nn:Pau links to Category:Pau [Search]
  39. w:nn:Premier i Sveits links to Category:Premier [Search]
  40. w:nn:Echallens links to Category:Echallens [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-27T15:43:05Z; comment: Moved to Category:Échallens.
  41. w:nn:Kildinskoje links to Category:Kildinskoe [Search]
  42. w:nn:Tsjortkiv links to Category:Tsjortkiv [Search]
  43. w:nn:Harris i Ytre Hebridane links to Category:Harris i Ytre Hebridane [Search]
  44. w:nn:Bafasjøen links to Category:Lake Bafa Nature Park [Search]
  45. w:nn:Wangen i Schwyz links to Category:Wangen, SZ [Search]
  46. w:nn:Speyer links to Category:Speyer, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-06-28T15:49:31Z; comment: Robot: Category was moved to Speyer
  47. w:nn:Ecublens links to Category:Ecublens [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-27T15:44:33Z; comment: '
  48. w:nn:Edremit i Balıkesir links to Category:Edremit [Search]
  49. w:nn:Ukrainsk geografi links to Category:Geography of Ukraina [Search]
  50. w:nn:Grästorp links to Category:Grästorp [Search]
  51. w:nn:Urjupinsk links to Category:Uryupinsk district [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-05-11T00:17:59Z; comment: currently redundant to Category:Uryupinsk
  52. w:nn:Müllheim i Sveits links to Category:Müllheim [Search]
  53. w:nn:Kvænangsfjorden links to Category:Kvænangsfjorden [Search]
  54. w:nn:London Borough of Merton links to Category:Merton [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-11-11T15:42:59Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: 'Category:London boroughs'
  55. w:nn:Usk-reservoaret links to Category:Usk-reservoaret [Search]
  56. w:nn:Den austerriksk-prøyssiske krigen links to Category:Den austerriksk-prøyssiske krigen [Search]
  57. w:nn:Rickenbach i Solothurn links to Category:Rickenbach i Solothurn [Search]
  58. w:nn:Svartgrovnebb links to Category:Neoctantes niger [Search]
  59. w:nn:Barysj links to Category:Barysh [Search]
  60. w:nn:Myr links to Category:Moorland, bog, swamp [Search]
  61. w:nn:Walter Wiemken links to Category:Walter Wiemken [Search]
  62. w:nn:Kommunar i Sveits links to Category:Municipalities of Switzerland [Search]
  63. w:nn:Pjotr Tsjajkovskij links to Category:Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-03-19T06:30:44Z; comment: Page is test, spam, vandalism or bot created: content was: 'Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich' (and the only contributor was '')
      2. page was deleted at 2007-09-25T17:54:52Z; comment: content was: '{{move|:Category:Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky}}{{tlx|ru|Пётр Ильич Чайковский (7 мая 1840 — [[:r...'
  64. w:nn:Yerkes-observatoriet links to Category:Yerkes-observatoriet [Search]
  65. w:nn:Finland links to Finand [Search]
  66. w:nn:Hadsel kommune links to Hadsel [Search]
  67. w:nn:Finistère links to Finistére [Search]
  68. w:nn:Amon links to Amun [Search]
  69. w:nn:Corcelles i Bern links to Corcelles [Search]
  70. w:nn:Hjernenerve links to Cranial nerves [Search]
  71. w:nn:Sveitsisk geografi links to Geography of Switzerland [Search]
  72. w:nn:Le Mans Prototype links to Le Mans Prototypes [Search]
  73. w:nn:Springfrøslekta links to Impatiens [Search]
  74. w:nn:Glomma links to Glomma [Search]
  75. w:nn:Enrico Berlinguer links to Enrico Berlinguer [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-11-16T21:10:35Z; comment: Empty or single image gallery, please see Commons:Galleries: content was: "{{de|Enrico Berlinguer war ein italienischer Politiker.}} {{tlx|en|Enrico Berlinguer was an Italian politician and was national secretary of the Italian Communist Party (Partito Co
    • note: Category:Enrico Berlinguer exists
  76. w:nn:Sortland kommune links to Sortland [Search]
  77. w:nn:Afrodyr links to Tenrek [Search]
  78. w:nn:Orlov i Russland links to Orlov [Search]
  79. w:nn:Aleksej von Jawlensky links to Category:Aleksej von Jawlensky [Search]
  80. w:nn:Thoothukudi links to Category:Thoothukkudi [Search]
  81. w:nn:Riomaursmett links to Category:Myrmotherula fluminensis [Search]
  82. w:nn:Mézières i Fribourg links to Category:Mézières i Fribourg [Search]
  83. w:nn:Bargen i Bern links to Category:Bargen i Bern [Search]
  84. w:nn:Dragracing links to Category:Dragracing [Search]
  85. w:nn:Orografisk heving links to Category:Orographics Clouds [Search]
  86. w:nn:Salins links to Category:Salins [Search]
  87. w:nn:Jockstrap links to Category:Jockstrap [Search]
  88. w:nn:Brennerpasset links to Category:Brennerpasset [Search]
  89. w:nn:Romersk Britannia links to Category:Roman Britain [Search]
  90. w:nn:Peseux i Neuchâtel links to Category:Peseux, Sveits [Search]
  91. w:nn:Bollmora links to Category:Bollmora [Search]
  92. w:nn:Aleksandr Ivanov links to Category:Alexander Andrejewitsch Iwanow [Search]
  93. w:nn:Nufenenpasset links to Category:Nufenenpasset [Search]
  94. w:nn:Flims-raset links to Category:Flims-raset [Search]
  95. w:nn:Bledsjøen links to Category:Bledsjøen [Search]
  96. w:nn:St. Moritzsjøen links to Category:St. Moritzsjøen [Search]
  97. w:nn:Ed i Sverige links to Category:Ed, Sweden [Search]
  98. w:nn:Kertsjsundet links to Category:Strait of Kertsj [Search]
  99. w:nn:Cottens i Vaud links to Category:Cottens i Vaud [Search]
  100. w:nn:Mayfair links to Category:Mayfair [Search]
  101. w:nn:Eple links to Category:Apple [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-02T16:20:58Z; comment: Category:Apple moved to Category:Apple Inc.
      2. page was deleted at 2012-06-14T05:35:32Z; comment: Moved to Category:Apple Inc..
      3. page was deleted at 2011-12-28T20:43:27Z; comment: Category:Apple moved to Category:Apples
    • note: Apple exists
  102. w:nn:Derby i Derbyshire links to Category:Derby i Derbyshire [Search]
  103. w:nn:Grimselpasset links to Category:Grimselpasset [Search]
  104. w:nn:Åbo links to Category:Turku, Finland [Search]
  105. w:nn:Baldeggsjøen links to Category:Baldeggsjøen [Search]
  106. w:nn:Fieschental links to Category:Fieschental [Search]
  107. w:nn:Malojapasset links to Category:Malojapasset [Search]
  108. w:nn:St. Andrews links to Category:St. Andrews [Search]
  109. w:nn:Krýsuvík links to Category:Krysuvik [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-02-20T16:14:19Z; comment: moved to Category:Krýsuvík
  110. w:nn:Bomullspinne links to Category:Cotton swab [Search]
  111. w:nn:Herefordfe links to Category:Hereford (cattle) [Search]
  112. w:nn:Samdal links to Category:Samdal [Search]
  113. w:nn:Haugland i Fana links to Category:Samdal [Search]
  114. w:nn:Boge for strykeinstrument links to Category:Bows (Music) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-09-24T17:01:56Z; comment: Moved to Category:Bows (music).
  115. w:nn:Scenografi links to Category:Scenograpghy [Search]
  116. w:nn:Slaget ved Praha i 1757 links to Category:Slaget ved Prague [Search]
  117. w:nn:El Lisitskij links to Category:El Lisitskij [Search]
  118. w:nn:Welsh corgi links to Category:Welsh corgi [Search]
  119. w:nn:Gudrun Ensslin links to Gudrun Ensslin [Search]
  120. w:nn:Stol i Slovenia links to Stol (mountain) [Search]
  121. w:nn:Butanol links to Butanol [Search]
  122. w:nn:Den store nordiske krigen links to Den store nordiske krigen [Search]
  123. w:nn:Den demokratiske republikken Aserbajdsjan links to Azerbaijan Democratic Republic [Search]
  124. w:nn:Standardbilløp links to Touring car racing [Search]
  125. w:nn:Lausitzerfjella links to Lusatian Mountains [Search]
  126. w:nn:Streptocitta links to Streptocitta [Search]
  127. w:nn:Ess-dur links to Ess-dur [Search]
  128. w:nn:Sturnus links to Sturnus [Search]
  129. w:nn:Mons Ivar Mjelde links to Mons Ivar Mjelde [Search]
  130. w:nn:Kreta links to Kreta [Search]
  131. w:nn:Bie links to Anthophila [Search]
  132. w:nn:Nils Ihlen links to Nils Ihlen [Search]
  133. w:nn:Tauranga links to Tauranga [Search]
  134. w:nn:Gerzensee links to Category:Gerzensee, Sveits [Search]
  135. w:nn:Broadford links to Category:Broadford [Search]
  136. w:nn:Eksklusive økonomiske soner links to Category:Exclusive Economic Zones [Search]
  137. w:nn:Echandens links to Category:Echandens [Search]
  138. w:nn:Limpach i Sveits links to Category:Limpach, Sveits [Search]
  139. w:nn:Åseda links to Category:Åseda [Search]
  140. w:nn:Appleby-in-Westmorland links to Category:Appleby-in-Westmorland [Search]
  141. w:nn:Cressier i Fribourg links to Category:Cressier i Fribourg [Search]
  142. w:nn:Panama by links to Category:Panama by [Search]
  143. w:nn:Chevilly i Sveits links to Category:Chevilly i Sveits [Search]
  144. w:nn:James FitzJames, 1. hertug av Berwick links to Category:James FitzJames, 1. hertug av Berwick [Search]
  145. w:nn:Barking i England links to Category:Barking i England [Search]
  146. w:nn:Mollens i Valais links to Category:Mollens i Valais [Search]
  147. w:nn:Nikolaj Jarosjenko links to Category:Nikolai Jarosjenko [Search]
  148. w:nn:Arendalsbanen links to Category:Category:Arendalslinjen [Search]
  149. w:nn:Ivan Ajvazovskij links to Category:Ivan Ajvazovskij [Search]
  150. w:nn:Bishops Waltham links to Category:Bishops Waltham [Search]
  151. w:nn:Oberdorf i Basel-Landschaft links to Category:Oberdorf, Basel-Landschaft [Search]
  152. w:nn:Saint-Maurice i Sveits links to Category:Saint-Maurice i Sveits [Search]
  153. w:nn:Økumenikk links to Category:Ecumenics [Search]
  154. w:nn:Baden i Aargau links to Category:Baden i Aargau [Search]
  155. w:nn:Gibson Guitar Corporation links to Category:Gibson [Search]
  156. w:nn:Österbymo links to Category:Österbymo [Search]
  157. w:nn:Alva i Skottland links to Category:Alva [Search]
  158. w:nn:Den siste istida links to Category:Ice age 72k-12k BP [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-08-09T17:39:00Z; comment: Empty category: content was: "Articles in this category is about or is related to the ice age glaciation locally called: *'Wisconsin (in North America) *Devensian (in the British Isles) *Midlandian...
  159. w:nn:Baldassare Peruzzi links to Category:Baldassare Peruzzi [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-08-20T00:09:49Z; comment: content was: '{{badname|Baldassarre Peruzzi}}' (and the only contributor was 'Jensens')
  160. w:nn:Jenakijeve links to Category:Jenakijeve [Search]
  161. w:nn:Elektrisk isolator links to Category:Electric insulator [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-06T09:27:12Z; comment: Improperly named: content was: "no" (and the only contributor was "")
      2. page was deleted at 2011-12-25T22:31:25Z; comment: Category:Electric insulator moved to Category:Electric insulators
  162. w:nn:Fjugesta links to Category:Fjugesta [Search]
  163. w:nn:Val Ferret links to Category:Val Ferret (Aostadalen) [Search]
  164. w:nn:Nordhorn links to Category:Nordhorn, Germany [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-10-08T10:02:03Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Nordhorn
  165. w:nn:Port de Larrau links to Category:Port de Larrau [Search]
  166. w:nn:Hochfelden i Sveits links to Category:Hochfelden i Sveits [Search]
  167. w:nn:Cortegadaøya links to Category:Isla de Cortegada [Search]
  168. w:nn:Vigelandsparken links to Category:Vigeland Park [Search]
  169. w:nn:Brente jords taktikk links to Category:Scorched earth [Search]
  170. w:nn:Aesch i Luzern links to Category:Aesch i Luzern [Search]
  171. w:nn:Degen links to Category:Degen, Switerland [Search]
  172. w:nn:Pura i Sveits links to Category:Pura i Sveits [Search]
  173. w:nn:Treriksrøysa links to Category:Tripoint Noreg Sverige Finland [Search]
  174. w:nn:Tsjernihiv links to Chernihiv [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-06-30T11:07:13Z; comment: Broken or orphaned redirect
    • note: Category:Chernihiv exists
  175. w:nn:Troitsk i Moskva oblast links to Troitsk, Moscow oblast [Search]
  176. w:nn:Bølgjekraftverk links to Wave energy power plant [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-01-22T13:40:51Z; comment: Housekeeping and (non-controversial) cleanup: Cross-namespace redirects
  177. w:nn:Lens i Valais links to Category:Lens i Valais [Search]
  178. w:nn:Ecublens i Fribourg links to Category:Ecublens i Fribourg [Search]
  179. w:nn:Liuhepagoden links to Category:Liuhepagoden [Search]
  180. w:nn:Kvinesdal kommune links to Category:Kvinedal [Search]
  181. w:nn:Glücksburg links to Category:Glücksburg, Germany [Search]
  182. w:nn:Burgdorf i Bern links to Category:Burgdorf [Search]
  183. w:nn:Saint-Gaudens links to Category:Category:Saint-Gaudens [Search]
  184. w:nn:Bernex i Sveits links to Category:Bernex i Sveits [Search]
  185. w:nn:Kjemisk reaksjon links to Category:Chemical reaction [Search]
  186. w:nn:Rättvik links to Category:Rättvik [Search]
  187. w:nn:Bountyskarv links to Category:Phalacrocorax ranfurlyi [Search]
  188. w:nn:Îles des Lérins links to Category:Lérins Islands [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-19T02:28:05Z; comment: Renamed category: (incorrectly named) duplicate, content moved to Category:Îles de Lérins
  189. w:nn:Kalori links to Category:Calorie [Search]
  190. w:nn:Abantsjøen links to Lake Abant Nature Park [Search]
  191. w:nn:Maywood i Illinois links to Maywood [Search]
  192. w:nn:Zilda Arns links to Zilda Arns [Search]
  193. w:nn:Provinsen Caltanissetta links to Province of Caltanisetta [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-03-26T18:39:38Z; comment: content was: '{{badname|Province of Caltanissetta}}--Bjs 17:45, 26 March 2007 (UTC)'
  194. w:nn:Charolles links to Charolles [Search]
  195. w:nn:David Guetta links to David Guetta [Search]
  196. w:nn:Pungrotter links to Didelphimorphia [Search]
  197. w:nn:Den heilage ande links to Holy Ghost [Search]
  198. w:nn:Visp i Sveits links to Category:Visp i Sveits [Search]
  199. w:nn:Kjeglesektor links to Category:Spherical sector [Search]
  200. w:nn:Skutskär links to Category:Skutskär [Search]
  201. w:nn:Claro links to Category:Claro [Search]
  202. w:nn:Sur i Sveits links to Category:Sur [Search]
  203. w:nn:Druzjkivka links to Category:Druzjkivka [Search]
  204. w:nn:Erciyes links to Category:Erciyes [Search]
  205. w:nn:St Kilda links to Category:St Kilda (Skottland) [Search]
  206. w:nn:Champagne i Sveits links to Category:Champagne i Sveits [Search]
  207. w:nn:Latter links to Category:Lauging [Search]
  208. w:nn:Kantonen Neuchâtel links to Category:Kantonen Neuchâtel [Search]
  209. w:nn:Sarnensjøen links to Category:Sarnensjøen [Search]
  210. w:nn:Oberthal i Sveits links to Category:Oberthal i Bern [Search]
  211. w:nn:Beer i Devon links to Category:Beer i Devon [Search]
  212. w:nn:Faial links to Category:Faial [Search]
  213. w:nn:Svinesundsbrua links to Svinesund Brigde [Search]
  214. w:nn:Saas-Balen links to Kategori:Saas Balen [Search]
  215. w:nn:Henri Matisse links to Kategori:Henri Matisse [Search]
  216. w:nn:Dauphiné links to Dauphiné [Search]
  217. w:nn:Plesjtsjejevo links to Category:Pleshcheyevo [Search]
  218. w:nn:Celebesmakak links to Category:Macaca bigra [Search]
  219. w:nn:Renan i Sveits links to Category:Renan i Sveits [Search]
  220. w:nn:Fort William i Skottland links to Category:Fort William [Search]
  221. w:nn:Aberfoyle links to Category:Aberfoyle [Search]
  222. w:nn:Granges i Sveits links to Category:Granges i Sveits [Search]
  223. w:nn:Nerve links to Category:Nerve [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-01-14T21:35:10Z; comment: Moved to Category:Nerves.
  224. w:nn:Stjernemaurvarslar links to Category:Pygiptila stellaris [Search]
  225. w:nn:Main links to Category:Main (River) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-09-29T12:05:05Z; comment: Incorrect name: now Category:Main (river)
  226. w:nn:Gals links to Category:Gals, Sveits [Search]
  227. w:nn:Mihrab links to Category:Mihrab [Search]
  228. w:nn:Düdenfossane links to Category:Düdenfossane [Search]
  229. w:nn:Poljarnyje Zori links to Category:Polarnye Zori [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-04-20T18:31:48Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of Category:Polyarnye Zori
  230. w:nn:Forshaga links to Category:Forshaga [Search]
  231. w:nn:Menden links to Category:Menden [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-11-28T07:49:32Z; comment: content was: '{{bad name|Menden (Sauerland)}} {{bad name|Menden (Sankt Augustin)}}'
    • note: Menden exists
  232. w:nn:Kommunar i Finland links to Category:Municipalities of Finland [Search]
  233. w:nn:Giant's Causeway links to Giant's Causeway [Search]
  234. w:nn:Bohinjsjøen links to Bohinjsjøen [Search]
  235. w:nn:Galicia i Spania links to Galicia (Spania) [Search]
  236. w:nn:Spassk-Dalnij links to Kategori:Spassk-Dalny [Search]
  237. w:nn:Blues links to Blues music [Search]
  238. w:nn:Eggrulling links to Category:Easter egg rolling [Search]
  239. w:nn:Cugy i Fribourg links to Category:Cugy i Fribourg [Search]
  240. w:nn:Håland i Bergen links to Category:Håland, Bergen [Search]
  241. w:nn:Yanar Dağ links to Category:Yanar Dağ [Search]
  242. w:nn:Moulins links to Category:Moulins, Allier [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-09-26T14:05:47Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{category redirect|Moulins (Allier)}}'
  243. w:nn:Målselvfjorden links to Category:Målselva fjord [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-11-09T19:55:44Z; comment: Empty category
  244. w:nn:Jórgos Seféris links to Category:Jórgos Seféris [Search]
  245. w:nn:Hauterive i Fribourg links to Category:Hauterive i Fribourg [Search]
  246. w:nn:Weimar (Lahn) links to Category:Weimar (Lahn), Germany [Search]
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  297. w:nn:Mühledorf i Bern links to Category:Mühledorf i Bern [Search]
  298. w:nn:Vorteskarv links to Category:Phalacrocorax carunculatus [Search]
  299. w:nn:Breksje links to Category:Breksje [Search]
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  317. w:nn:Adamin links to Adamin [Search]
  318. w:nn:Alster links to Alster (river) [Search]
  319. w:nn:Krigen om øyra til Jenkins links to Krigen om øyra til Jenkins [Search]
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  377. w:nn:Hungersnaud links to Category:Famine [Search]
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  386. w:nn:Stemnemøte links to Category:Dating [Search]
  387. w:nn:Musikkverk av Ludwig van Beethoven links to Category:Compositions av Ludwig van Beethoven [Search]
  388. w:nn:Susa i Italia links to Category:Susa, Italy [Search]
  389. w:nn:Mutopia project links to Category:Mutopia [Search]
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  419. w:nn:Nasjonaldyr links to Category:National animals [Search]
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  432. w:nn:Limia links to Rio Limia [Search]
  433. w:nn:Montecristo links to Montecristo Island [Search]
  434. w:nn:Sørgeorgiapiplerke links to Anthus antarcticus [Search]
  435. w:nn:Le Pâquier i Neuchâtel links to Category:Le Pâquier i Neuchâtel [Search]
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  449. w:nn:Inventionen und Sinfonien links to Category:Inventionen und Sinfonien [Search]
  450. w:nn:Kulebelte links to Category:Spherical segment [Search]
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  458. w:nn:Campbellskarv links to Category:Phalacrocorax campbelli [Search]
  459. w:nn:Våpenhus links to Category:Church porch [Search]
  460. w:nn:Frick i Sveits links to Category:Frick i Sveits [Search]
  461. w:nn:Rougemont links to Category:Rougemont, Sveits [Search]
  462. w:nn:Bière i Vaud links to Category:Bière i Vaud [Search]
  463. w:nn:Kondorpapegøye links to Category:Pyrilia aurantiocephala [Search]
  464. w:nn:Fontaines i Sveits links to Category:Fontaines i Sveits [Search]
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  480. w:nn:Zaragoza links to Zaragoza, Spania [Search]
  481. w:nn:Oensingen links to Oensingen [Search]
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  483. w:nn:Allium textile links to Allium textile [Search]
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