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  1. w:no:Anastácio links to Category:Anastácio [Search]
  2. w:no:Lancing (West Sussex) links to Category:Lancing [Search]
  3. w:no:Vangentunnelen links to Category:Vangentunnelen [Search]
  4. w:no:Pinhal links to Category:Pinhal [Search]
  5. w:no:Santa Rita do Pardo links to Category:Santa Rita do Pardo [Search]
  6. w:no:Primavera do Leste links to Category:Primavera do Leste [Search]
  7. w:no:Strindheimtunnelen links to Category:Strindheimtunnelen [Search]
  8. w:no:Penn (Buckinghamshire) links to Category:Penn [Search]
  9. w:no:Montes Claros de Goiás links to Category:Montes Claros de Goiás [Search]
  10. w:no:Pavão links to Category:Pavão [Search]
  11. w:no:Salgado links to Category:Salgado [Search]
  12. w:no:St Luke's links to Category:St Luke's [Search]
  13. w:no:St. Francis County links to Category:Saint Francis County, Arkansas [Search]
  14. w:no:Água Preta links to Category:Água Preta [Search]
  15. w:no:Gamle Hjelletunnelen links to Category:Gamle Hjelletunnelen [Search]
  16. w:no:Araioses links to Category:Araioses [Search]
  17. w:no:Edéia links to Category:Edéia [Search]
  18. w:no:Caxambu links to Category:Caxambu [Search]
  19. w:no:Barra de Santo Antônio links to Category:Barra de Santo Antônio [Search]
  20. w:no:Lajes links to Category:Lajes [Search]
  21. w:no:Bridgend links to Category:Bridgend [Search]
  22. w:no:Ipiranga de Goiás links to Category:Ipiranga de Goiás [Search]
  23. w:no:Novo Planalto links to Category:Novo Planalto [Search]
  24. w:no:Madanapalle links to Category:Madanapalle [Search]
  25. w:no:Saloá links to Category:Saloá [Search]
  26. w:no:Santo Antônio do Descoberto links to Category:Santo Antônio do Descoberto [Search]
  27. w:no:Julius III links to Category:Julius III [Search]
  28. w:no:Krokabergtunnelen links to Category:Krokabergtunnelen [Search]
  29. w:no:Stigabergtunnelen links to Category:Stigabergtunnelen [Search]
  30. w:no:Currais links to Category:Currais [Search]
  31. w:no:Messias (Alagoas) links to Category:Messias (Alagoas) [Search]
  32. w:no:Halton (distrikt) links to Category:Halton [Search]
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  33. w:no:Benedikt XIII links to Category:Benedictus PP. XIII [Search]
  34. w:no:Korsfjordtunnelen links to Category:Korsfjordtunnelen [Search]
  35. w:no:Vallaviktunnelen links to Category:Vallaviktunnelen [Search]
  36. w:no:Nova Marilândia links to Category:Nova Marilândia [Search]
  37. w:no:Høyknesbrua links to Category:Høyknesbrua [Search]
  38. w:no:Overåtunnelen links to Category:Overåtunnelen [Search]
  39. w:no:Eidsnakktunnelen links to Category:Eidsnakktunnelen [Search]
  40. w:no:Condado (Pernambuco) links to Category:Condado (Pernambuco) [Search]
  41. w:no:Merkeskreda tunnel links to Category:Merkeskreda tunnel [Search]
  42. w:no:Alvorada D'Oeste links to Category:Alvorada D'Oeste [Search]
  43. w:no:Culloden links to Category:Culloden [Search]
  44. w:no:MS «Lyngen» links to Category:MS Lyngen [Search]
  45. w:no:Aguiar links to Category:Aguiar [Search]
  46. w:no:Teixeirópolis links to Category:Teixeirópolis [Search]
  47. w:no:MS «Vesterålen» links to Category:MS Vesterålen [Search]
  48. w:no:São João Evangelista links to Category:São João Evangelista [Search]
  49. w:no:Finnøytunnelen links to Category:Finnøytunnelen [Search]
  50. w:no:St. Margaret's Hope links to Category:St. Margaret's Hope [Search]
  51. w:no:Den meksikanske revolusjon links to Category:Mexican revolution [Search]
  52. w:no:Tuftåstunnelen links to Category:Tuftåstunnelen [Search]
  53. w:no:Vitória links to Category:Vitória [Search]
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  54. w:no:São Cristóvão links to Category:São Cristóvão [Search]
  55. w:no:Evaristus links to Category:Evaristus [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-03-27T15:55:25Z; comment: content was: '{{badname|:Category:Evaristus I}}'
    • note: Evaristus exists
  56. w:no:Vatlandstunnelen links to Category:Vatlandstunnelen [Search]
  57. w:no:Vianópolis links to Category:Vianópolis [Search]
  58. w:no:Pinheiros links to Category:Pinheiros [Search]
  59. w:no:Lynghogtunnelen links to Category:Lynghogtunnelen [Search]
  60. w:no:Mosåstunnelen links to Category:Mosåstunnelen [Search]
  61. w:no:Teistedalstunnelen links to Category:Teistedalstunnelen [Search]
  62. w:no:Marilândia links to Category:Marilândia [Search]
  63. w:no:Kauvatsa links to Category:Kauvatsa [Search]
  64. w:no:Pielisensuu links to Category:Pielisensuu [Search]
  65. w:no:Ângulo links to Category:Ângulo [Search]
  66. w:no:Manor House links to Category:Manor House [Search]
  67. w:no:Itaguari links to Category:Itaguari [Search]
  68. w:no:Inocência links to Category:Inocência [Search]
  69. w:no:Araputanga links to Category:Araputanga [Search]
  70. w:no:Charlton (Greenwich) links to Category:Charlton [Search]
  71. w:no:Woughton on the Green links to Category:Woughton on the Green [Search]
  72. w:no:Måsørbrua links to Category:Måsørbrua [Search]
  73. w:no:Markhustunnelen links to Category:Markhustunnelen [Search]
  74. w:no:Jardinópolis (São Paulo) links to Category:Jardinópolis (São Paulo) [Search]
  75. w:no:Kroktunnelen links to Category:Kroktunnelen [Search]
  76. w:no:São José da Laje links to Category:São José da Laje [Search]
  77. w:no:Bela Vista de Goiás links to Category:Bela Vista de Goiás [Search]
  78. w:no:Refsti bru links to Category:Refsti bru [Search]
  79. w:no:Vangstunnelen links to Category:Vangstunnelen [Search]
  80. w:no:Santa Isabel do Rio Negro links to Category:Santa Isabel do Rio Negro [Search]
  81. w:no:MS «Norröna» links to Category:IMO 9227319 [Search]
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  82. w:no:Torviktunnelen links to Category:Torviktunnelen [Search]
  83. w:no:São Lourenço links to Category:São Lourenço [Search]
  84. w:no:Fodnestunnelen links to Category:Fodnestunnelen [Search]
  85. w:no:Tyrone (grevskap) links to Category:Tyrone [Search]
  86. w:no:Finnviktunnelen links to Category:Finnviktunnelen [Search]
  87. w:no:Barreira links to Category:Barreira [Search]
  88. w:no:Upton Park links to Category:Upton Park [Search]
  89. w:no:Mar Vermelho links to Category:Mar Vermelho [Search]
  90. w:no:Ringsettunnelen links to Category:Ringsettunnelen [Search]
  91. w:no:Bergstunnelen links to Category:Bergstunnelen [Search]
  92. w:no:São Jerônimo links to Category:São Jerônimo [Search]
  93. w:no:Hafjelltunnelen links to Category:Hafjelltunnelen [Search]
  94. w:no:Pesqueira links to Category:Pesqueira [Search]
  95. w:no:Anori links to Category:Anori [Search]
  96. w:no:Sampaio links to Category:Sampaio [Search]
  97. w:no:Streketunnelen links to Category:Streketunnelen [Search]
  98. w:no:Castanheira links to Category:Castanheira [Search]
  99. w:no:Narvik links to Narvik [Search]
  100. w:no:Utsjok links to Category:Utsjok [Search]
  101. w:no:Dolina links to Category:Dolina / San Dorligo della Valle [Search]
  102. w:no:Lokket tunnel links to Category:Lokket tunnel [Search]
  103. w:no:Svåatunnelen links to Category:Svåatunnelen [Search]
  104. w:no:São Félix do Araguaia links to Category:São Félix do Araguaia [Search]
  105. w:no:Central links to Category:Central [Search]
  106. w:no:Purmo links to Category:Purmo [Search]
  107. w:no:Heddenestunnelen links to Category:Heddenestunnelen [Search]
  108. w:no:Bromley Common links to Category:Bromley Common [Search]
  109. w:no:Aldersbrook links to Category:Aldersbrook [Search]
  110. w:no:Svinviktunnelen links to Category:Svinviktunnelen [Search]
  111. w:no:Vale Verde links to Category:Vale Verde [Search]
  112. w:no:Crixás links to Category:Crixás [Search]
  113. w:no:Øyertunnelen links to Category:Øyertunnelen [Search]
  114. w:no:Bergö links to Category:Bergö [Search]
  115. w:no:Pontal do Araguaia links to Category:Pontal do Araguaia [Search]
  116. w:no:Furenetunnelen links to Category:Furenetunnelen [Search]
  117. w:no:Mountfield (East Sussex) links to Category:Mountfield [Search]
  118. w:no:Wolverton and Greenleys links to Category:Wolverton and Greenleys [Search]
  119. w:no:Brattebakktunnelen links to Category:Brattebakktunnelen [Search]
  120. w:no:Restinga links to Category:Restinga [Search]
  121. w:no:Søttartunnelen links to Category:Søttartunnelen [Search]
  122. w:no:Virtasalmi links to Category:Virtasalmi [Search]
  123. w:no:Storehaugtunnelen links to Category:Storehaugtunnelen [Search]
  124. w:no:Lynneviktunnelen links to Category:Lynneviktunnelen [Search]
  125. w:no:Amber Valley links to Category:Amber Valley [Search]
  126. w:no:Holloway (London) links to Category:Holloway [Search]
  127. w:no:Keikyä links to Category:Keikyä [Search]
  128. w:no:Herøy (Møre og Romsdal) links to Category:Herøy (Møre og Romsdal) [Search]
  129. w:no:São Patrício links to Category:São Patrício [Search]
  130. w:no:Elvenes bru links to Category:Elvenes bru [Search]
  131. w:no:Anpingbroen links to Category:安平桥 [Search]
  132. w:no:Bambletunnelen links to Category:Bambletunnelen [Search]
  133. w:no:Kuopio landkommune links to Category:Kuopio landkommune [Search]
  134. w:no:Lagarto links to Category:Lagarto [Search]
  135. w:no:Zalman Shazar links to Category:Category:Zalman Shazar [Search]
  136. w:no:Halsatunnelen links to Category:Halsatunnelen [Search]
  137. w:no:Igreja Nova links to Category:Igreja Nova [Search]
  138. w:no:Japorã links to Category:Japorã [Search]
  139. w:no:Terezinha links to Category:Terezinha [Search]
  140. w:no:Southern Comfort (drikk) links to Category:Southern Comfort (drikk) [Search]
  141. w:no:Santo Expedito links to Category:Santo Expedito [Search]
  142. w:no:São Miguel de Touros links to Category:São Miguel de Touros [Search]
  143. w:no:Farringdon links to Category:Farringdon [Search]
  144. w:no:AGM-114 Hellfire links to Category:Hellfire [Search]
  145. w:no:Birkeland bru links to Category:Birkeland bru [Search]
  146. w:no:Kastelruth links to Category:Kastelruth/Ciastel [Search]
  147. w:no:Broxburn (West Lothian) links to Category:Broxburn [Search]
  148. w:no:Parapuã links to Category:Parapuã [Search]
  149. w:no:Bjørkhaugtunnelen links to Category:Bjørkhaugtunnelen [Search]
  150. w:no:Ballynahinch (Down) links to Category:Ballynahinch [Search]
  151. w:no:Pau d'Arco (Tocantins) links to Category:Pau d'Arco (Tocantins) [Search]
  152. w:no:MS «Narvik» links to Category:MS Narvik [Search]
  153. w:no:Allmenningstunnelen links to Category:Allmenningstunnelen [Search]
  154. w:no:Santa Helena de Goiás links to Category:Santa Helena de Goiás [Search]
  155. w:no:Studeheitunnelen links to Category:Studeheitunnelen [Search]
  156. w:no:Panamá (kommune) links to Category:Panamá (kommune) [Search]
  157. w:no:Oulujoki (kommune) links to Category:Oulujoki (kommune) [Search]
  158. w:no:Broomfield links to Category:Broomfield County, Colorado [Search]
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  159. w:no:Nova Brasilândia D'Oeste links to Category:Nova Brasilândia D'Oeste [Search]
  160. w:no:Gloppedalstunnelen links to Category:Gloppedalstunnelen [Search]
  161. w:no:Itapiranga (Amazonas) links to Category:Itapiranga (Amazonas) [Search]
  162. w:no:Pio IX links to Category:Pio IX [Search]
  163. w:no:Rio Branco (Mato Grosso) links to Category:Rio Branco (Mato Grosso) [Search]
  164. w:no:Blyth Valley links to Category:Blyth Valley [Search]
  165. w:no:Iskander (missil) links to Category:Iskander, NATO betegnelser SS-21 og SS-26 [Search]
  166. w:no:São Miguel do Aleixo links to Category:São Miguel do Aleixo [Search]
  167. w:no:Novo Horizonte do Oeste links to Category:Novo Horizonte do Oeste [Search]
  168. w:no:Piedade links to Category:Piedade [Search]
  169. w:no:Cruz Alta links to Category:Cruz Alta [Search]
  170. w:no:Alto Araguaia links to Category:Alto Araguaia [Search]
  171. w:no:Fazenda Nova links to Category:Fazenda Nova [Search]
  172. w:no:R-16 links to Category:R-16 [Search]
  173. w:no:Vesttunnelen links to Category:Vesttunnelen [Search]
  174. w:no:Mountain Ash links to Category:Mountain Ash [Search]
  175. w:no:Barreirinha links to Category:Barreirinha [Search]
  176. w:no:Nordmannsettunnelen links to Category:Nordmannsettunnelen [Search]
  177. w:no:Alegria links to Category:Alegria [Search]
  178. w:no:Veríssimo links to Category:Veríssimo [Search]
  179. w:no:Carnaíba links to Category:Carnaíba [Search]
  180. w:no:Sorgendalstunnelen links to Category:Sorgendalstunnelen [Search]
  181. w:no:Hackney (distrikt) links to Category:Hackney [Search]
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    • note: Hackney exists
  182. w:no:Hackney Central links to Category:Hackney [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-11-11T15:17:32Z; comment: Incorrectly named: several en:Hackney do exist
    • note: Hackney exists
  183. w:no:Godøytunnelen links to Category:Godøytunnelen [Search]
  184. w:no:São Tiago links to Category:São Tiago [Search]
  185. w:no:Taguaí links to Category:Taguaí [Search]
  186. w:no:Catende links to Category:Catende [Search]
  187. w:no:Botnetunnelen links to Category:Botnetunnelen [Search]
  188. w:no:Cotia links to Category:Cotia [Search]
  189. w:no:Vingetunnelen links to Category:Vingetunnelen [Search]
  190. w:no:Akershus Venstre links to Category:Akershus Venstre [Search]
  191. w:no:Gruatunnelen links to Category:Gruatunnelen [Search]
  192. w:no:Santa Rita do Araguaia links to Category:Santa Rita do Araguaia [Search]
  193. w:no:Demokratene i Norge links to Category:Demokratene i Norge [Search]
  194. w:no:Beisfjordbrua links to Category:Beisfjordbrua [Search]
  195. w:no:Sandviksåstunnelen links to Category:Sandvikstunnelen [Search]
  196. w:no:Itobi links to Category:Itobi [Search]
  197. w:no:Sanclerlândia links to Category:Sanclerlândia [Search]
  198. w:no:Utinga links to Category:Utinga [Search]
  199. w:no:Bjørsviktunnelen links to Category:Bjørsviktunnelen [Search]
  200. w:no:Kexholm landkommune links to Category:Kexholm landkommune [Search]
  201. w:no:Eitråna tunnel links to Category:Eitråna tunnel [Search]
  202. w:no:Merton (distrikt) links to Category:Merton [Search]
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  203. w:no:Merton (Oxfordshire) links to Category:Merton [Search]
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  204. w:no:San Vincenzo links to Category:San Vincenzo [Search]
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  205. w:no:Bolstadstraumen bru links to Category:Bolstadstraumen bru [Search]
  206. w:no:Kjørviktunnelen links to Category:Kjørviktunnelen [Search]
  207. w:no:Laguna Carapã links to Category:Laguna Carapã [Search]
  208. w:no:Platon links to Category:Platon [Search]
  209. w:no:Nordsundbrua (Kristiansund) links to Category:Nordsundbrua (Kristiansund) [Search]
  210. w:no:Tabaporã links to Category:Tabaporã [Search]
  211. w:no:Marcelândia links to Category:Marcelândia [Search]
  212. w:no:Nord-Dakota links to Category:Nord-Dakota [Search]
  213. w:no:Eräjärvi links to Category:Eräjärvi [Search]
  214. w:no:Nesetunnelen links to Category:Nesetunnelen [Search]
  215. w:no:Nova Maringá links to Category:Nova Maringá [Search]
  216. w:no:Santa Luzia do Itanhy links to Category:Santa Luzia do Itanhy [Search]
  217. w:no:Björköby (Korsholm) links to Category:Björköby (Korsholm) [Search]
  218. w:no:Oppskredtunnelen links to Category:Oppskredtunnelen [Search]
  219. w:no:Nesbøtunnelen links to Category:Nesbøtunnelen [Search]
  220. w:no:Branquinha links to Category:Branquinha [Search]
  221. w:no:Caturaí links to Category:Caturaí [Search]
  222. w:no:Brandangersundet bru links to Category:Brandangersundbrua [Search]
  223. w:no:Tosentunnelen links to Category:Tosentunnelen [Search]
  224. w:no:Gaupåstunnelen links to Category:Gaupåstunnelen [Search]
  225. w:no:Vevringtunnelen links to Category:Vevringtunnelen [Search]
  226. w:no:Eugênio de Castro links to Category:Eugênio de Castro [Search]
  227. w:no:Tjöck links to Category:Tjöck [Search]
  228. w:no:Novo Santo Antônio (Piauí) links to Category:Novo Santo Antônio (Piauí) [Search]
  229. w:no:Santa Filomena (Pernambuco) links to Category:Santa Filomena (Pernambuco) [Search]
  230. w:no:West Somerset links to Category:West Somerset [Search]
  231. w:no:Ravenstone (Milton Keynes) links to Category:Ravenstone [Search]
  232. w:no:Leo IV (pave) links to Category:Leo IV [Search]
  233. w:no:Aimorés links to Category:Aimorés [Search]
  234. w:no:Guajará links to Category:Guajará [Search]
  235. w:no:Svartistunnelen links to Category:Svartistunnelen [Search]
  236. w:no:Angel (Islington) links to Category:Angel [Search]
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  237. w:no:Rodeio links to Category:Rodeio [Search]
  238. w:no:São Carlos (São Paulo) links to Category:São Carlos (São Paulo) [Search]
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  239. w:no:João Ramalho links to Category:João Ramalho [Search]
  240. w:no:Kongenestunnelen links to Category:Kongenestunnelen [Search]
  241. w:no:Água Branca (Alagoas) links to Category:Água Branca (Alagoas) [Search]
  242. w:no:Adelândia links to Category:Adelândia [Search]
  243. w:no:Bellingham (London) links to Category:Bellingham [Search]
  244. w:no:Lagoa dos Gatos links to Category:Lagoa dos Gatos [Search]
  245. w:no:Ardleigh Green links to Category:Ardleigh Green [Search]
  246. w:no:Shepway links to Category:Shepway [Search]
  247. w:no:Igarassu links to Category:Igarassu [Search]
  248. w:no:Caldas (Minas Gerais) links to Category:Caldas (Minas Gerais) [Search]
  249. w:no:Skjegghammartunnelen links to Category:Skjegghammartunnelen [Search]
  250. w:no:Quipapá links to Category:Quipapá [Search]
  251. w:no:Hamnøytunnelen links to Category:Hamnøytunnelen [Search]
  252. w:no:Lingetunnelen links to Category:Lingetunnelen [Search]
  253. w:no:Colyton (Devon) links to Category:Colyton [Search]
  254. w:no:Armadale (West Lothian) links to Category:Armadale [Search]
  255. w:no:Taiúva links to Category:Taiúva [Search]
  256. w:no:São Felipe D'Oeste links to Category:São Felipe D'Oeste [Search]
  257. w:no:Atalaia (Alagoas) links to Category:Atalaia (Alagoas) [Search]
  258. w:no:St. Andrews links to Category:St. Andrews [Search]
  259. w:no:Guapiara links to Category:Guapiara [Search]
  260. w:no:Newark and Sherwood links to Category:Newark and Sherwood [Search]
  261. w:no:Capitão Leônidas Marques links to Category:Capitão Leônidas Marques [Search]
  262. w:no:Coité do Nóia links to Category:Coité do Nóia [Search]
  263. w:no:Jesuítas links to Category:Jesuítas [Search]
  264. w:no:Trabiju links to Category:Trabiju [Search]
  265. w:no:Ashford (distrikt) links to Category:Ashford [Search]
  266. w:no:Ashford (Surrey) links to Category:Ashford [Search]
  267. w:no:Santa Fé de Goiás links to Category:Santa Fé de Goiás [Search]
  268. w:no:Dobrada links to Category:Dobrada [Search]
  269. w:no:Bostall links to Category:Bostall [Search]
  270. w:no:Nova Aurora (Goiás) links to Category:Nova Aurora (Goiás) [Search]
  271. w:no:Castelo links to Category:Castelo [Search]
  272. w:no:East Hampshire links to Category:East Hampshire [Search]
  273. w:no:Tobias Barreto links to Category:Tobias Barreto [Search]
  274. w:no:Pedreira links to Category:Pedreira [Search]
  275. w:no:São Lourenço da Mata links to Category:São Lourenço da Mata [Search]
  276. w:no:Opoftetunnelen links to Category:Opoftetunnelen [Search]
  277. w:no:Pjotr Tsjajkovskij links to Category:Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich [Search]
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