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  1. w:no:Santa Rita do Novo Destino links to Category:Santa Rita do Novo Destino [Search]
  2. w:no:Orocó links to Category:Orocó [Search]
  3. w:no:Teresina de Goiás links to Category:Teresina de Goiás [Search]
  4. w:no:Canarana (Mato Grosso) links to Category:Canarana (Mato Grosso) [Search]
  5. w:no:Uruana links to Category:Uruana [Search]
  6. w:no:St. Helens (distrikt) links to Category:St. Helens [Search]
  7. w:no:Linesøybrua links to Category:Linesøybrua [Search]
  8. w:no:Onstadtunnelen links to Category:Onstadtunnelen [Search]
  9. w:no:Tartu fylke links to Category:Tartu maakond [Search]
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  10. w:no:North Cornwall links to Category:North Cornwall [Search]
  11. w:no:Westbury (Wiltshire) links to Category:Westbury [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-07-01T16:55:04Z; comment: content was: '{{bad name|Category:Westbury, Wiltshire}} {{en|Westbury is a rural market town in west Wiltshire}}...' (and the only contributor was 'InfantGorilla')
  12. w:no:Haringey links to Category:Haringey [Search]
  13. w:no:Storfosstunnelen links to Category:Storfosstunnelen [Search]
  14. w:no:Juara links to Category:Juara [Search]
  15. w:no:Novo Gama links to Category:Novo Gama [Search]
  16. w:no:São Francisco de Goiás links to Category:São Francisco de Goiás [Search]
  17. w:no:Laranjeiras links to Category:Laranjeiras [Search]
  18. w:no:West Berkshire links to Category:West Berkshire [Search]
  19. w:no:Rosário do Catete links to Category:Rosário do Catete [Search]
  20. w:no:Princesa Isabel links to Category:Princesa Isabel [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-05-17T19:20:39Z; comment: Empty category: content was: '{{Delete }}'
    • note: Princesa Isabel exists
  21. w:no:St. Austell links to Category:St. Austell [Search]
  22. w:no:Segredo links to Category:Segredo [Search]
  23. w:no:Vassumtunnelen links to Category:Vassumtunnelen [Search]
  24. w:no:Stavangtunnelen links to Category:Stavangtunnelen [Search]
  25. w:no:Tapauá links to Category:Tapauá [Search]
  26. w:no:Babergh links to Category:Babergh [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-12-09T08:39:33Z; comment: Unused and implausible, broken, or cross-namespace redirect
  27. w:no:Flårtunnelen links to Category:Flårtunnelen [Search]
  28. w:no:Pio XII links to Category:Pio XII [Search]
  29. w:no:Nostunnelen links to Category:Nostunnelen [Search]
  30. w:no:St John's Wood links to Category:St John's Wood [Search]
  31. w:no:Araripina links to Category:Araripina [Search]
  32. w:no:Estrela do Norte (Goiás) links to Category:Estrela do Norte (Goiás) [Search]
  33. w:no:Rubiataba links to Category:Rubiataba [Search]
  34. w:no:Viljandi fylke links to Category:Viljandi maakond [Search]
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  35. w:no:Tuparetama links to Category:Tuparetama [Search]
  36. w:no:Masfjordtunnelen links to Category:Masfjordtunnelen [Search]
  37. w:no:Falkentunnelen links to Category:Falkentunnelen [Search]
  38. w:no:Vera (Mato Grosso) links to Category:Vera (Mato Grosso) [Search]
  39. w:no:Santa Tereza de Goiás links to Category:Santa Tereza de Goiás [Search]
  40. w:no:Mata links to Category:Mata [Search]
  41. w:no:Mosoddentunnelen links to Category:Mosoddentunnelen [Search]
  42. w:no:Formiga links to Category:Formiga [Search]
  43. w:no:Sahalahti links to Category:Sahalahti [Search]
  44. w:no:Vespasiano links to Category:Vespasiano [Search]
  45. w:no:Eppan links to Category:Eppan an der Weinstraße / Appiano sulla Strada del Vino [Search]
  46. w:no:Mara Rosa links to Category:Mara Rosa [Search]
  47. w:no:Tyvanestunnelen links to Category:Tyvanestunnelen [Search]
  48. w:no:Angelina links to Category:Angelina [Search]
  49. w:no:Gedser kirke links to Category:Gedser church [Search]
  50. w:no:SS «United States» links to Category:SS United States [Search]
  51. w:no:Alvarenga links to Category:Alvarenga [Search]
  52. w:no:Lund (Rogaland) links to Category:Lund (Rogaland) [Search]
  53. w:no:Greenwich (distrikt) links to Category:Royal Greenwich [Search]
  54. w:no:Gullhammartunnelen links to Category:Gullhammartunnelen [Search]
  55. w:no:Santo Amaro das Brotas links to Category:Santo Amaro das Brotas [Search]
  56. w:no:Waltham Forest links to Category:Waltham Forest [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2009-11-11T15:49:10Z; comment: Empty category: content was: 'Category:London boroughs'
  57. w:no:Stefan II links to Category:Stephanus Secundus [Search]
  58. w:no:Patrocínio links to Category:Patrocínio [Search]
  59. w:no:Skodjestraumtunnelen links to Category:Skodjestraumtunnelen [Search]
  60. w:no:Novo Aripuanã links to Category:Novo Aripuanã [Search]
  61. w:no:Nova Prata links to Category:Nova Prata [Search]
  62. w:no:Plymouth links to Category:City of Plymouth [Search]
  63. w:no:Selje (kommune) links to Category:Selje (kommune) [Search]
  64. w:no:Gameleira links to Category:Gameleira [Search]
  65. w:no:Douradina (Mato Grosso do Sul) links to Category:Douradina (Mato Grosso do Sul) [Search]
  66. w:no:Chalé links to Category:Chalé [Search]
  67. w:no:RT-21M links to Category:RT-21M (SS-20) [Search]
  68. w:no:Aloândia links to Category:Aloândia [Search]
  69. w:no:Divinolândia links to Category:Divinolândia [Search]
  70. w:no:Dionísio links to Category:Dionísio [Search]
  71. w:no:Aylesbury Vale links to Category:Aylesbury Vale [Search]
  72. w:no:Humberto de Campos links to Category:Humberto de Campos [Search]
  73. w:no:Mundalsbergtunnelen links to Category:Mundalsbergtunnelen [Search]
  74. w:no:Rio Preto da Eva links to Category:Rio Preto da Eva [Search]
  75. w:no:Crosshouse links to Category:Crosshouse [Search]
  76. w:no:Tupã links to Category:Tupã [Search]
  77. w:no:Cristianópolis links to Category:Cristianópolis [Search]
  78. w:no:Calçado links to Category:Calçado [Search]
  79. w:no:São Tomás de Aquino links to Category:São Tomás de Aquino [Search]
  80. w:no:Svartedal tunnel links to Category:Svartedal tunnel [Search]
  81. w:no:Jaramataia links to Category:Jaramataia [Search]
  82. w:no:Trident (missil) links to Category:Trident II D-5 [Search]
  83. w:no:Os (Hedmark) links to Category:Os (Hedmark) [Search]
  84. w:no:Koskenpää links to Category:Koskenpää [Search]
  85. w:no:Joinville (Santa Catarina) links to Category:Joinville (Santa Catarina) [Search]
  86. w:no:Arbil (provins) links to Category:Arbīl, Hawler [Search]
  87. w:no:Uskela links to Category:Uskela [Search]
  88. w:no:Scone (Perthshire) links to Category:Scone [Search]
  89. w:no:Assis links to Category:Assis [Search]
  90. w:no:Franzensfeste links to Category:Franzensfeste/Fortezza [Search]
  91. w:no:Alsatia links to Category:Alsatia [Search]
  92. w:no:Støylsnestunnelen links to Category:Støylsnestunnelen [Search]
  93. w:no:Wear Valley links to Category:Wear Valley [Search]
  94. w:no:Torrinha links to Category:Torrinha [Search]
  95. w:no:Ofredalstunnelen links to Category:Ofredalstunnelen [Search]
  96. w:no:Gyatunnelen links to Category:Gyatunnelen [Search]
  97. w:no:Brotas links to Category:Brotas [Search]
  98. w:no:Rancho Alegre D'Oeste links to Category:Rancho Alegre D'Oeste [Search]
  99. w:no:Enfield Chase links to Category:Enfield Chase [Search]
  100. w:no:Rochester (Kent) links to Category:Rochester [Search]
  101. w:no:Lyngfjelltunnelen links to Category:Lyngfjelltunnelen [Search]
  102. w:no:Belo Monte links to Category:Belo Monte [Search]
  103. w:no:Callistus III links to Category:Calistus III [Search]
  104. w:no:Rotsethorntunnelen links to Category:Rotsethorntunnelen [Search]
  105. w:no:Campo Novo do Parecis links to Category:Campo Novo do Parecis [Search]
  106. w:no:Gália links to Category:Gália [Search]
  107. w:no:General Carneiro (Mato Grosso) links to Category:General Carneiro (Mato Grosso) [Search]
  108. w:no:Test Valley links to Category:Test Valley [Search]
  109. w:no:Bagdad (guvernement) links to Category:Muḥāfaẓat Baġdād [Search]
  110. w:no:Telha links to Category:Telha [Search]
  111. w:no:Trombas links to Category:Trombas [Search]
  112. w:no:Palestina de Goiás links to Category:Palestina de Goiás [Search]
  113. w:no:Goianira links to Category:Goianira [Search]
  114. w:no:Hoplax links to Category:Huopalahti [Search]
  115. w:no:Hammersmith and Fulham links to Category:Hammersmith & Fulham [Search]
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  116. w:no:Pangasinan links to Category:Pangasina [Search]
  117. w:no:Quirino links to Category:Quirin [Search]
  118. w:no:Jäppilä links to Category:Jäppilä [Search]
  119. w:no:Bieheiatunnelen links to Category:Bieheiatunnelen [Search]
  120. w:no:Kristi himmelfartsdag links to Category:Ascension of Christ [Search]
  121. w:no:Ellesmere links to Category:Ellesmere [Search]
  122. w:no:Jundiá (Alagoas) links to Category:Jundiá (Alagoas) [Search]
  123. w:no:Paulo Jacinto links to Category:Paulo Jacinto [Search]
  124. w:no:Campo Novo de Rondônia links to Category:Campo Novo de Rondônia [Search]
  125. w:no:Gjøtetunnelen links to Category:Gjøtetunnelen [Search]
  126. w:no:Tarabai links to Category:Tarabai [Search]
  127. w:no:Poço Verde links to Category:Poço Verde [Search]
  128. w:no:Serra Azul links to Category:Serra Azul [Search]
  129. w:no:Pörtom links to Category:Pörtom [Search]
  130. w:no:Rosário links to Category:Rosário [Search]
  131. w:no:Ditmarsken links to Category:Ditmarsken [Search]
  132. w:no:Kennet links to Category:Kennet [Search]
  133. w:no:Carnaubeira da Penha links to Category:Carnaubeira da Penha [Search]
  134. w:no:Campos Verdes links to Category:Campos Verdes [Search]
  135. w:no:São Julião links to Category:São Julião [Search]
  136. w:no:Provinsen Crotone links to Category:Provinsen Crotone [Search]
  137. w:no:Sannerholttunnelen links to Category:Sannerholttunnelen [Search]
  138. w:no:York links to Category:City of York [Search]
  139. w:no:Dalry links to Category:Dalry [Search]
  140. w:no:Larsbergtunnelen links to Category:Larsbergtunnelen [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-07-08T06:00:31Z; comment: Empty category: content was: '{{[[Template:<!--Larsbergtunnelen-->Larsbergtunnelen is a road tunnel on European route E6 in Troms couty (fylke), Norway.|<!--Larsbergtunnelen-->Larsbergtunnelen is a road tunnel on European route E6 in Troms couty (fylke), Norway.]]}} {{tlx|no|1=Larsbergtunnelen er en veitunne
  141. w:no:Chester City links to Category:Chester City [Search]
  142. w:no:Curuá links to Category:Curuá [Search]
  143. w:no:Palmelo links to Category:Palmelo [Search]
  144. w:no:Granito links to Category:Granito [Search]
  145. w:no:Nova Crixás links to Category:Nova Crixás [Search]
  146. w:no:Novo Xingu links to Category:Novo Xingu [Search]
  147. w:no:São João del Rei links to Category:São João del Rei [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-03-05T21:31:18Z; comment: content was: '{{bad name|Category:São João del-Rei}}'
  148. w:no:Barcarena links to Category:Barcarena [Search]
  149. w:no:Vikanøstunnelen links to Category:Vikanøstunnelen [Search]
  150. w:no:Ipiranga do Norte links to Category:Ipiranga do Norte [Search]
  151. w:no:Brentford links to Category:Brentford [Search]
  152. w:no:Simão Dias links to Category:Simão Dias [Search]
  153. w:no:Maida Hill links to Category:Maida Hill [Search]
  154. w:no:Fjågesundtunnelen links to Category:Fjågesundtunnelen [Search]
  155. w:no:Galdanetunnelen links to Category:Galdanetunnelen [Search]
  156. w:no:Araçoiaba links to Category:Araçoiaba [Search]
  157. w:no:Araguapaz links to Category:Araguapaz [Search]
  158. w:no:Skarettunnelen links to Category:Skarettunnelen [Search]
  159. w:no:Efjordtunnelen links to Category:Efjordtunnelen [Search]
  160. w:no:Lapão links to Category:Lapão [Search]
  161. w:no:São José do Rio Claro links to Category:São José do Rio Claro [Search]
  162. w:no:Brynstunnelen links to Category:Brynstunnelen [Search]
  163. w:no:Pyntentunnelen links to Category:Pyntentunnelen [Search]
  164. w:no:Ayton links to Category:Ayton [Search]
  165. w:no:Berrflogtunnelen links to Category:Berrflogtunnelen [Search]
  166. w:no:Fossøytunnelen links to Category:Fossøytunnelen [Search]
  167. w:no:Fornestunnelen links to Category:Fornestunnelen [Search]
  168. w:no:Lafaiete Coutinho links to Category:Lafaiete Coutinho [Search]
  169. w:no:Noreviktunnelen links to Category:Noreviktunnelen [Search]
  170. w:no:Ipubi links to Category:Ipubi [Search]
  171. w:no:Junqueiro links to Category:Junqueiro [Search]
  172. w:no:Lonatunnelen links to Category:Lonatunnelen [Search]
  173. w:no:Redbridge (distrikt) links to Category:Redbridge [Search]
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  174. w:no:Saltinho (São Paulo) links to Category:Saltinho (São Paulo) [Search]
  175. w:no:União do Sul links to Category:União do Sul [Search]
  176. w:no:Simpson (Milton Keynes) links to Category:Simpson [Search]
  177. w:no:Gregor I den store links to Category:Gregorius Magnus [Search]
  178. w:no:Harborough links to Category:Harborough [Search]
  179. w:no:Campinaçu links to Category:Campinaçu [Search]
  180. w:no:Concórdia links to Category:Concórdia [Search]
  181. w:no:Tietê (São Paulo) links to Category:Tietê (São Paulo) [Search]
  182. w:no:Buíque links to Category:Buíque [Search]
  183. w:no:Romslotunnelen links to Category:Romslotunnelen [Search]
  184. w:no:Segeberg links to Category:Segeberg [Search]
  185. w:no:Gnistängstunnelen links to Category:Gnistängstunneln [Search]
  186. w:no:Belém de Maria links to Category:Belém de Maria [Search]
  187. w:no:Regeneração links to Category:Regeneração [Search]
  188. w:no:Kensington and Chelsea links to Category:Kensington and Chelsea [Search]
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  189. w:no:Torixoréu links to Category:Torixoréu [Search]
  190. w:no:Skrog (skip) links to Fil:Spantformen bgtxt.jpg [Search]
  191. w:no:Tyrvää links to Category:Tyrvää [Search]
  192. w:no:São Miguel dos Milagres links to Category:São Miguel dos Milagres [Search]
  193. w:no:Skibergfjelltunnelen links to Category:Skibergfjelltunnelen [Search]
  194. w:no:Lygratunnelen links to Category:Lygratunnelen [Search]
  195. w:no:São Francisco de Assis links to Category:São Francisco de Assis [Search]
  196. w:no:Hamntunnelen links to Category:Hamntunnelen [Search]
  197. w:no:Fjellveien (Bodø) links to Category:Fjellveien (Bodø) [Search]
  198. w:no:Terra Santa links to Category:Terra Santa [Search]
  199. w:no:Miraj links to Category:Miraj [Search]
  200. w:no:Suoniemi links to Category:Suoniemi [Search]
  201. w:no:Hundvåkøybrua links to Category:Hundvåkøybrua [Search]
  202. w:no:Salmourão links to Category:Salmourão [Search]
  203. w:no:Skrikebergtunnelen links to Category:Skrikebergtunnelen [Search]
  204. w:no:Planaltina links to Category:Planaltina [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-11T17:00:54Z; comment: Empty and unused
  205. w:no:Caapiranga links to Category:Caapiranga [Search]
  206. w:no:Bakkatunnelen links to Category:Bakkatunnelen [Search]
  207. w:no:Virgínia links to Category:Virgínia [Search]
  208. w:no:MS «Sleipner» (1999) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  209. w:no:MS «Kvinnherad» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  210. w:no:MS «Ullensvang» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  211. w:no:MS «Baronen» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  212. w:no:MS «Beinveien» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  213. w:no:MS «Draupner» (1999) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  214. w:no:MS «Espeværekspressen» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  215. w:no:MS «Vingtor» (1990) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  216. w:no:MS «Tedno» (1992) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  217. w:no:MS «Utgar» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  218. w:no:MS «Vøringen» (1995) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  219. w:no:MS «Bremnes» (1949) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  220. w:no:HMS «LCG (L) 681» (1945) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  221. w:no:«USS PCE 830» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  222. w:no:MS «Lønningdal II» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  223. w:no:MS «Ulvik» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  224. w:no:MS «Halsnøy» (1957) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  225. w:no:HB «Teisten» (1961) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  226. w:no:HB «Sundfoil I» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  227. w:no:HB «Teisten» (1970) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  228. w:no:MS «Tedno» (1973) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  229. w:no:MS «Sunnhordland» (1975) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  230. w:no:MS «Midhordland» (1981) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  231. w:no:MS «Karmsund» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  232. w:no:MS «Hardangerfjord» (1982) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  233. w:no:MS «Vøringen» (1983) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  234. w:no:MS «Røyksund» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  235. w:no:MS «Øygar» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  236. w:no:MS «Concorde II» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  237. w:no:MS «Draupner» (1989) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  238. w:no:MS «Gullving» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  239. w:no:MS «Tjelden» links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  240. w:no:MS «Hennøy» (1957) links to Category:Norwegian fjord ships [Search]
  241. w:no:Brejão links to Category:Brejão [Search]
  242. w:no:Taguatinga links to Category:Taguatinga [Search]
  243. w:no:Witmarsum links to Category:Witmarsum [Search]
  244. w:no:Uruaçu links to Category:Uruaçu [Search]
  245. w:no:Aosta links to Category:Aosta/Aoste [Search]
  246. w:no:Kjøshammartunnelen links to Category:Kjøshammartunnelen [Search]
  247. w:no:Hermann Alexander Kopp links to Category:Hermann Kopp [Search]
  248. w:no:Olho d'Água das Flores links to Category:Olho d'Água das Flores [Search]
  249. w:no:Fama links to Category:Fama [Search]
  250. w:no:Jupiá links to Category:Jupiá [Search]
  251. w:no:Amarillo links to Category:Amarillo [Search]
  252. w:no:Pariconha links to Category:Pariconha [Search]
  253. w:no:Palminópolis links to Category:Palminópolis [Search]
  254. w:no:Boggetunnelen links to Category:Boggetunnelen [Search]
  255. w:no:Urban I links to Category:Urban [Search]
  256. w:no:Pauini links to Category:Pauini [Search]
  257. w:no:Glenfield (England) links to Category:Glenfield [Search]
  258. w:no:Areias links to Category:Areias [Search]
  259. w:no:Riachão do Dantas links to Category:Riachão do Dantas [Search]
  260. w:no:Campbell Park links to Category:Campbell Park [Search]
  261. w:no:Kaperskartunnelen links to Category:Kaperskartunnelen [Search]
  262. w:no:Caiuá links to Category:Caiuá [Search]
  263. w:no:Oldeidstunnelen links to Category:Oldeidstunnelen [Search]
  264. w:no:Sulina (Brasil) links to Category:Sulina (Brasil) [Search]
  265. w:no:General Maynard links to Category:General Maynard [Search]
  266. w:no:Våler (Østfold) links to Category:Våler (Østfold) [Search]
  267. w:no:Senhor do Bonfim links to Category:Senhor do Bonfim [Search]
  268. w:no:MS «Polarlys» links to Category:MS Polarlys [Search]
  269. w:no:Monte Santo links to Category:Monte Santo [Search]
  270. w:no:Beruri links to Category:Beruri [Search]
  271. w:no:Kalviktunnelen links to Category:Kalviktunnelen [Search]
  272. w:no:Arauá links to Category:Arauá [Search]
  273. w:no:Campo nell'Elba links to Category:Campo nell' Elba [Search]
  274. w:no:Professor Jamil links to Category:Professor Jamil [Search]
  275. w:no:Arco-Íris links to Category:Arco-Íris [Search]
  276. w:no:Taiaçu links to Category:Taiaçu [Search]
  277. w:no:Valatunnelen links to Category:Valatunnelen [Search]
  278. w:no:Planalto da Serra links to Category:Planalto da Serra [Search]
  279. w:no:Nazário links to Category:Nazário [Search]
  280. w:no:Guararapes links to Category:Guararapes [Search]
  281. w:no:Cedro (Pernambuco) links to Category:Cedro (Pernambuco) [Search]
  282. w:no:Piacatu links to Category:Piacatu [Search]
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