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  1. w:no:Nortelândia links to Category:Nortelândia [Search]
  2. w:no:Bratthesten tunnel links to Category:Bratthesten tunnel [Search]
  3. w:no:Cromínia links to Category:Cromínia [Search]
  4. w:no:São João (Pernambuco) links to Category:São João (Pernambuco) [Search]
  5. w:no:Cork links to Category:Cork [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-05-29T11:49:05Z; comment: Category:Cork moved to Category:Cork (city)
    • note: Cork exists
  6. w:no:Jataúba links to Category:Jataúba [Search]
  7. w:no:Aragoiânia links to Category:Aragoiânia [Search]
  8. w:no:Carira links to Category:Carira [Search]
  9. w:no:Ellingsøytunnelen links to Category:Ellingsøytunnelen [Search]
  10. w:no:Follotunnelen links to Category:Follotunnelen [Search]
  11. w:no:Brixton links to Category:Brixton [Search]
  12. w:no:Granja links to Category:Granja [Search]
  13. w:no:Catalão links to Category:Catalão [Search]
  14. w:no:Meran links to Category:Meran/Merano [Search]
  15. w:no:Brechin links to Category:Brechin [Search]
  16. w:no:Ponte Branca links to Category:Ponte Branca [Search]
  17. w:no:Åtlandtunnelen links to Category:Åtlandtunnelen [Search]
  18. w:no:Apiacás links to Category:Apiacás [Search]
  19. w:no:Cássia links to Category:Cássia [Search]
  20. w:no:Santa Bárbara de Goiás links to Category:Santa Bárbara de Goiás [Search]
  21. w:no:Mendip links to Category:Mendip [Search]
  22. w:no:Ørnfjordtunnelen links to Category:Ørnfjordtunnelen [Search]
  23. w:no:Manduri links to Category:Manduri [Search]
  24. w:no:Bulls Cross links to Category:Bulls Cross [Search]
  25. w:no:Cachoeira de Goiás links to Category:Cachoeira de Goiás [Search]
  26. w:no:Houghton (Cumbria) links to Category:Houghton [Search]
  27. w:no:Hvaler (kommune) links to Category:Hvaler (kommune) [Search]
  28. w:no:Bom Jardim de Goiás links to Category:Bom Jardim de Goiás [Search]
  29. w:no:Cachoeira Dourada (Goiás) links to Category:Cachoeira Dourada (Goiás) [Search]
  30. w:no:Turnpike Lane links to Category:Turnpike Lane [Search]
  31. w:no:Corguinho links to Category:Corguinho [Search]
  32. w:no:Jernjomfruen links to Category:Iron Maiden (Torture) [Search]
  33. w:no:Deodápolis links to Category:Deodápolis [Search]
  34. w:no:São Pedro da Cipa links to Category:São Pedro da Cipa [Search]
  35. w:no:Sel (kommune) links to Category:Sel (kommune) [Search]
  36. w:no:Urucará links to Category:Urucará [Search]
  37. w:no:Gretna (Skottland) links to Category:Gretna [Search]
  38. w:no:Timbó links to Category:Timbó [Search]
  39. w:no:Brondesbury Park links to Category:Brondesbury Park [Search]
  40. w:no:Balutsjistan (Pakistan) links to Category:Balutsjistan [Search]
  41. w:no:Penryn links to Category:Penryn [Search]
  42. w:no:Santo Antônio do Leste links to Category:Santo Antônio do Leste [Search]
  43. w:no:Bourton (Dorset) links to Category:Bourton [Search]
  44. w:no:Kongevolltunnelen links to Category:Kongevolltunnelen [Search]
  45. w:no:Piranhas (Goiás) links to Category:Piranhas (Goiás) [Search]
  46. w:no:Greensted links to Category:Greensted [Search]
  47. w:no:Blindheimstunnelen links to Category:Blindheimstunnelen [Search]
  48. w:no:São Geraldo links to Category:São Geraldo [Search]
  49. w:no:MS «Color Viking» links to Category:MS Color Viking [Search]
  50. w:no:Pracinha links to Category:Pracinha [Search]
  51. w:no:Sæviktunnelen links to Category:Sæviktunnelen [Search]
  52. w:no:Replot links to Category:Replot [Search]
  53. w:no:Lambari links to Category:Lambari [Search]
  54. w:no:Iporá links to Category:Iporá [Search]
  55. w:no:São Domingos do Norte links to Category:São Domingos do Norte [Search]
  56. w:no:West Oxfordshire links to Category:West Oxfordshire [Search]
  57. w:no:Paraíso (Santa Catarina) links to Category:Paraíso (Santa Catarina) [Search]
  58. w:no:Restormel links to Category:Restormel [Search]
  59. w:no:Åsnuttunnelen links to Category:Åsnuttunnelen [Search]
  60. w:no:Hillestadtunnelen links to Category:Hillestadtunnelen [Search]
  61. w:no:Dois Irmãos do Buriti links to Category:Dois Irmãos do Buriti [Search]
  62. w:no:Övermark links to Category:Övermark [Search]
  63. w:no:Bonópolis links to Category:Bonópolis [Search]
  64. w:no:Gouvelândia links to Category:Gouvelândia [Search]
  65. w:no:Ellesmere Port and Neston links to Category:Ellesmere Port and Neston [Search]
  66. w:no:Bancroft (Milton Keynes) links to Category:Bancroft [Search]
  67. w:no:Pindoba links to Category:Pindoba [Search]
  68. w:no:Itapirapuã links to Category:Itapirapuã [Search]
  69. w:no:Guriøyna bru links to Category:Guriøyna bru [Search]
  70. w:no:Gaúcha do Norte links to Category:Gaúcha do Norte [Search]
  71. w:no:Haukedaltunnelen links to Category:Haukedaltunnelen [Search]
  72. w:no:Martinus Rørbye links to Martinus Rørbye [Search]
  73. w:no:Hypnose links to Hypnose [Search]
  74. w:no:Suzanápolis links to Category:Suzanápolis [Search]
  75. w:no:Itambé (Pernambuco) links to Category:Itambé (Pernambuco) [Search]
  76. w:no:Moatunnelen links to Category:Moatunnelen [Search]
  77. w:no:Lakshammartunnelen links to Category:Lakshammartunnelen [Search]
  78. w:no:Águas Frias links to Category:Águas Frias [Search]
  79. w:no:Monte Carmelo links to Category:Monte Carmelo [Search]
  80. w:no:Isle of Dogs links to Category:Isle of Dogs [Search]
  81. w:no:Seven Sisters (London) links to Category:Seven Sisters [Search]
  82. w:no:Islandtunnelen links to Category:Islandtunnelen [Search]
  83. w:no:Haukåstunnelen links to Category:Haukåstunnelen [Search]
  84. w:no:Flores (Pernambuco) links to Category:Flores (Pernambuco) [Search]
  85. w:no:São João do Pau d'Alho links to Category:São João do Pau d'Alho [Search]
  86. w:no:Arenápolis links to Category:Arenápolis [Search]
  87. w:no:Skatestraumtunnelen links to Category:Skatestraumtunnelen [Search]
  88. w:no:Hatlaåstunnelen links to Category:Hatlaåstunnelen [Search]
  89. w:no:Santópolis do Aguapeí links to Category:Santópolis do Aguapeí [Search]
  90. w:no:Bracknell Forest links to Category:Bracknell Forest [Search]
  91. w:no:Penguin links to Category:Penguin [Search]
  92. w:no:Chapadão do Céu links to Category:Chapadão do Céu [Search]
  93. w:no:Macuco links to Category:Macuco [Search]
  94. w:no:Flórida links to Category:Flórida [Search]
  95. w:no:Breisvortunnelen links to Category:Breisvortunnelen [Search]
  96. w:no:South Bedfordshire links to Category:South Bedfordshire [Search]
  97. w:no:Tucano links to Category:Tucano [Search]
  98. w:no:Seljestadtunnelen links to Category:Seljestadtunnelen [Search]
  99. w:no:St Davids links to Category:St Davids [Search]
  100. w:no:Nova Glória links to Category:Nova Glória [Search]
  101. w:no:Leopoldina links to Category:Leopoldina [Search]
  102. w:no:Tailândia links to Category:Tailândia [Search]
  103. w:no:Terra Nova do Norte links to Category:Terra Nova do Norte [Search]
  104. w:no:Itabi links to Category:Itabi [Search]
  105. w:no:Mølleviktunnelen links to Category:Mølleviktunnelen [Search]
  106. w:no:Pombos links to Category:Pombos [Search]
  107. w:no:Kårdalstunnelen links to Category:Kårdalstunnelen [Search]
  108. w:no:Sutton (distrikt) links to Category:Sutton [Search]
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  109. w:no:Bom Conselho links to Category:Bom Conselho [Search]
  110. w:no:Monte Alegre de Sergipe links to Category:Monte Alegre de Sergipe [Search]
  111. w:no:Coxilha links to Category:Coxilha [Search]
  112. w:no:Poiana Maggiore links to Category:Poiana Maggiore [Search]
  113. w:no:Bala (Wales) links to Category:Bala [Search]
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  114. w:no:Novo Horizonte do Norte links to Category:Novo Horizonte do Norte [Search]
  115. w:no:Gåshellertunnelen links to Category:Gåshellertunnelen [Search]
  116. w:no:Haapasaari links to Category:Haapasaari [Search]
  117. w:no:Nova Mutum links to Category:Nova Mutum [Search]
  118. w:no:Seltuntunnelen links to Category:Seltuntunnelen [Search]
  119. w:no:Svølgjatunnelen links to Category:Svølgjatunnelen [Search]
  120. w:no:Pérola links to Category:Pérola [Search]
  121. w:no:Santa Cruz do Xingu links to Category:Santa Cruz do Xingu [Search]
  122. w:no:Chã de Alegria links to Category:Chã de Alegria [Search]
  123. w:no:Kleventunnelen links to Category:Kleventunnelen [Search]
  124. w:no:Ramsum viltlokk links to Category:Ramsum viltlokk [Search]
  125. w:no:Nedervetil links to Category:Nedervetil [Search]
  126. w:no:Fenland links to Category:Fenland [Search]
  127. w:no:Sapezal links to Category:Sapezal [Search]
  128. w:no:Itaúba links to Category:Itaúba [Search]
  129. w:no:Santo Estêvão links to Category:Santo Estêvão [Search]
  130. w:no:Brasilândia links to Category:Brasilândia [Search]
  131. w:no:Maribondo links to Category:Maribondo [Search]
  132. w:no:Imbuia links to Category:Imbuia [Search]
  133. w:no:Ottatunnelen links to Category:Ottatunnelen [Search]
  134. w:no:Lier links to Category:Lier [Search]
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    • note: Lier exists
  135. w:no:Estrela de Alagoas links to Category:Estrela de Alagoas [Search]
  136. w:no:Storvasshammartunnelen links to Category:Storvasshammartunnelen [Search]
  137. w:no:Cabeceiras links to Category:Cabeceiras [Search]
  138. w:no:Rochedo links to Category:Rochedo [Search]
  139. w:no:Rauhammartunnelen links to Category:Rauhammartunnelen [Search]
  140. w:no:Bygdøylokket links to Category:Bygdøylokket [Search]
  141. w:no:Arnos Grove links to Category:Arnos Grove [Search]
  142. w:no:Luopioinen links to Category:Luopioinen [Search]
  143. w:no:Jaciara links to Category:Jaciara [Search]
  144. w:no:Olaria links to Category:Olaria [Search]
  145. w:no:Erewash links to Category:Erewash [Search]
  146. w:no:Vågstunnelen links to Category:Vågstunnelen [Search]
  147. w:no:Altos links to Category:Altos [Search]
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  148. w:no:Ibimirim links to Category:Ibimirim [Search]
  149. w:no:Galteryggen tunnel links to Category:Galteryggen tunnel [Search]
  150. w:no:Trindade (Pernambuco) links to Category:Trindade (Pernambuco) [Search]
  151. w:no:10KhN links to Category:10KhN [Search]
  152. w:no:Oriente links to Category:Oriente [Search]
  153. w:no:Enfield (distrikt) links to Category:Enfield [Search]
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  154. w:no:Ouro Verde de Goiás links to Category:Ouro Verde de Goiás [Search]
  155. w:no:Jacuípe links to Category:Jacuípe [Search]
  156. w:no:Rhosllanerchrugog links to Category:Rhosllanerchrugog [Search]
  157. w:no:Siqueira Campos links to Category:Siqueira Campos [Search]
  158. w:no:South Oxfordshire links to Category:South Oxfordshire [Search]
  159. w:no:Kiikka links to Category:Kiikka [Search]
  160. w:no:Canhoba links to Category:Canhoba [Search]
  161. w:no:Kunståret 1836 links to Fil:Caspar David Friedrich 073.jpg [Search]
  162. w:no:Dahuk (provins) links to Category:Dahūk [Search]
  163. w:no:Stettetunnelen links to Category:Stettetunnelen [Search]
  164. w:no:Batalha (Alagoas) links to Category:Batalha (Alagoas) [Search]
  165. w:no:Blaksettunnelene links to Category:Blaksettunnelene [Search]
  166. w:no:Tesouro links to Category:Tesouro [Search]
  167. w:no:Belém de São Francisco links to Category:Belém de São Francisco [Search]
  168. w:no:Charqueada links to Category:Charqueada [Search]
  169. w:no:Nedertorneå links to Category:Alatornio [Search]
  170. w:no:Nordbytunnelen links to Category:Nordbytunnelen [Search]
  171. w:no:Malhada dos Bois links to Category:Malhada dos Bois [Search]
  172. w:no:Pau D'Arco do Piauí links to Category:Pau D'Arco do Piauí [Search]
  173. w:no:Atalaia do Norte links to Category:Atalaia do Norte [Search]
  174. w:no:Pinnåsen viltovergang links to Category:Pinnåsen viltovergang [Search]
  175. w:no:Time (kommune) links to Category:Time (kommune) [Search]
  176. w:no:Ansty (Warwickshire) links to Category:Ansty [Search]
  177. w:no:Abreu e Lima links to Category:Abreu e Lima [Search]
  178. w:no:Canaã links to Category:Canaã [Search]
  179. w:no:Mairipotaba links to Category:Mairipotaba [Search]
  180. w:no:Sind (Pakistan) links to Category:Sind [Search]
  181. w:no:São Francisco de Sales links to Category:São Francisco de Sales [Search]
  182. w:no:Mundo Novo (Goiás) links to Category:Mundo Novo (Goiás) [Search]
  183. w:no:Hem tunnel links to Category:Hem tunnel [Search]
  184. w:no:Storefosstunnelen links to Category:Storefosstunnelen [Search]
  185. w:no:Humaitá (Amazonas) links to Category:Humaitá (Amazonas) [Search]
  186. w:no:Cantley (Norfolk) links to Category:Cantley [Search]
  187. w:no:Eivikhammerentunnelen links to Category:Eivikhammerentunnelen [Search]
  188. w:no:Hammersborgtunnelen links to Category:Hammersborgtunnelen [Search]
  189. w:no:Glomfjordtunnelen links to Category:Glomfjordtunnelen [Search]
  190. w:no:Nova Lacerda links to Category:Nova Lacerda [Search]
  191. w:no:Brockley links to Category:Brockley [Search]
  192. w:no:Bergaskreda tunnel links to Category:Bergaskreda tunnel [Search]
  193. w:no:Fernão links to Category:Fernão [Search]
  194. w:no:Høydalstunnelen links to Category:Høydalstunnelen [Search]
  195. w:no:Høydalstunnelen (Volda) links to Category:Høydalstunnelen [Search]
  196. w:no:Hamangtunnelen links to Category:Hamangtunnelen [Search]
  197. w:no:Blendon links to Category:Blendon [Search]
  198. w:no:Feira Nova (Pernambuco) links to Category:Feira Nova (Pernambuco) [Search]
  199. w:no:Pohjaslahti links to Category:Pohjaslahti [Search]
  200. w:no:Mirante da Serra links to Category:Mirante da Serra [Search]
  201. w:no:Zacarias links to Category:Zacarias [Search]
  202. w:no:Queensbury (London) links to Category:Queensbury [Search]
  203. w:no:Lorena links to Category:Lorena [Search]
  204. w:no:Lotetunnelen links to Category:Lotetunnelen [Search]
  205. w:no:Pracuúba links to Category:Pracuúba [Search]
  206. w:no:Matrinchã links to Category:Matrinchã [Search]
  207. w:no:Vang (Oppland) links to Category:Vang (Oppland) [Search]
  208. w:no:Caraíbas links to Category:Caraíbas [Search]
  209. w:no:Skuitunnelen links to Category:Skuitunnelen [Search]
  210. w:no:Tabira links to Category:Tabira [Search]
  211. w:no:Skavstøtunnelen links to Category:Skavstøtunnelen [Search]
  212. w:no:Abington Piggotts links to Category:Abington Piggots [Search]
  213. w:no:Fretheimtunnelen links to Category:Fretheimtunnelen [Search]
  214. w:no:Itapuranga links to Category:Itapuranga [Search]
  215. w:no:Lappee links to Category:Lappee [Search]
  216. w:no:Madalena links to Category:Madalena [Search]
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  217. w:no:Innocens I links to Category:Innocentius [Search]
  218. w:no:Franca (São Paulo) links to Category:Franca (São Paulo) [Search]
  219. w:no:Yusuf al-Qaradawi links to Category:Yusuf al-Qaradawi [Search]
  220. w:no:Skultorpstunnelen links to Category:Skultorpstunneln [Search]
  221. w:no:Santa Mercedes links to Category:Santa Mercedes [Search]
  222. w:no:Chiltern (distrikt) links to Category:Chiltern [Search]
  223. w:no:Lunnertunnelen links to Category:Lunnertunnelen [Search]
  224. w:no:Oscar Bressane links to Category:Oscar Bressane [Search]
  225. w:no:Cuité links to Category:Cuité [Search]
  226. w:no:Gospel Oak links to Category:Gospel Oak [Search]
  227. w:no:Moreno links to Category:Moreno [Search]
  228. w:no:Kalvikhammartunnelen links to Category:Kalvikhammartunnelen [Search]
  229. w:no:Amambaí links to Category:Amambaí [Search]
  230. w:no:Riversul links to Category:Riversul [Search]
  231. w:no:Wrexham links to Category:Wrexham [Search]
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  232. w:no:Aquidabã links to Category:Aquidabã [Search]
  233. w:no:Hjelteryggtunnelen links to Category:Hjelteryggtunnelen [Search]
  234. w:no:Sully (Wales) links to Category:Sully [Search]
  235. w:no:Marajøltunnelen links to Category:Marajøltunnelen [Search]
  236. w:no:Straumdaltunnelen links to Category:Straumdaltunnelen [Search]
  237. w:no:Mid Bedfordshire links to Category:Mid Bedfordshire [Search]
  238. w:no:Weston Underwood (Milton Keynes) links to Category:Weston Underwood [Search]
  239. w:no:Weston Underwood (Derbyshire) links to Category:Weston Underwood [Search]
  240. w:no:São Francisco (Sergipe) links to Category:São Francisco (Sergipe) [Search]
  241. w:no:Pedra Branca do Amaparí links to Category:Pedra Branca do Amaparí [Search]
  242. w:no:Leek (England) links to Category:Leek [Search]
  243. w:no:Palmares (Pernambuco) links to Category:Palmares (Pernambuco) [Search]
  244. w:no:Beeston (Cheshire) links to Category:Beeston [Search]
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  245. w:no:Aspfjordtunnelen links to Category:Aspfjordtunnelen [Search]
  246. w:no:MF «Bjørgvin» links to Category:Eidfjord (ship, 1975) [Search]
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  247. w:no:Braúna links to Category:Braúna [Search]
  248. w:no:Hareidporten links to Category:Hareidporten [Search]
  249. w:no:Santo Antônio da Alegria links to Category:Santo Antônio da Alegria [Search]
  250. w:no:Una (Bahia) links to Category:Una (Bahia) [Search]
  251. w:no:Brunsviktunnelen links to Category:Brunsviktunnelen [Search]
  252. w:no:Seridó links to Category:Seridó [Search]
  253. w:no:Itapecerica links to Category:Itapecerica [Search]
  254. w:no:Nova Canaã do Norte links to Category:Nova Canaã do Norte [Search]
  255. w:no:Jambeiro links to Category:Jambeiro [Search]
  256. w:no:São Mamede links to Category:São Mamede [Search]
  257. w:no:Malhador links to Category:Malhador [Search]
  258. w:no:Hjelmåstunnelen links to Category:Hjelmåstunnelen [Search]
  259. w:no:Smithfield (London) links to Category:Smithfield [Search]
  260. w:no:Grunnfarnestunnelen links to Category:Grunnfarnestunnelen [Search]
  261. w:no:Breiøygardtunnelen links to Category:Breiøygardtunnelen [Search]
  262. w:no:Nishammartunnelene links to Category:Nishammartunnelene [Search]
  263. w:no:Manhattanprosjektet links to Fil:Los Alamos Primer.pdf [Search]
  264. w:no:Ryentunnelen links to Category:Ryentunnelen [Search]
  265. w:no:South Kensington links to Category:South Kensington [Search]
  266. w:no:Viradouro links to Category:Viradouro [Search]
  267. w:no:City of Durham links to Category:City of Durham [Search]
  268. w:no:Figueirópolis links to Category:Figueirópolis [Search]
  269. w:no:Alegrete links to Category:Alegrete [Search]
  270. w:no:Canhotinho links to Category:Canhotinho [Search]
  271. w:no:Copeland (Cumbria) links to Category:Copeland [Search]
  272. w:no:Ari (Italia) links to Category:Ari [Search]
  273. w:no:Biggar links to Category:Biggar [Search]
  274. w:no:Juruá (Amazonas) links to Category:Juruá (Amazonas) [Search]
  275. w:no:Finnbergstunnelen links to Category:Finnbergstunneln [Search]
  276. w:no:Ospelitunnelen links to Category:Ospelitunnelen [Search]
  277. w:no:Brunswick Park links to Category:Brunswick Park [Search]
  278. w:no:Cocalzinho de Goiás links to Category:Cocalzinho de Goiás [Search]
  279. w:no:Pedrinhas Paulista links to Category:Pedrinhas Paulista [Search]
  280. w:no:Kuorevesi links to Category:Kuorevesi [Search]
  281. w:no:Langøysundet bru links to Category:Langøysundbrua [Search]
  282. w:no:Trengereidtunnel links to Category:Trengereidtunnel [Search]
  283. w:no:North Shropshire links to Category:North Shropshire [Search]
  284. w:no:Clayhall links to Category:Clayhall [Search]
  285. w:no:Liberdade links to Category:Liberdade [Search]
  286. w:no:Suffolk Coastal links to Category:Suffolk Coastal [Search]
  287. w:no:Innichen links to Category:Innichen / San Candido [Search]
  288. w:no:Maurilândia links to Category:Maurilândia [Search]
  289. w:no:Bekkestuatunnelen links to Category:Bekkestuatunnelen [Search]
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