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  1. w:qu:Chichen Itza links to Category:Chichen Itza [Search]
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    • note: Chichen Itza exists
  2. w:qu:Melchor de Talamantes links to Category:Melchor de Talamantes [Search]
  3. w:qu:Lempira (Unduras) suyu links to Category:Lepira department [Search]
  4. w:qu:Alicia Maguiña links to Category:Alicia Maguiña [Search]
  5. w:qu:Ninasuyu wamani links to Category:Tierra del Fuego Province [Search]
  6. w:qu:Concepción pruwinsya links to Category:Concepción Province, Chile [Search]
  7. w:qu:Leonardo Favio links to Category:Leonardo Favio [Search]
  8. w:qu:Yuraq uma-uma links to Category:Yuraq uma-uma [Search]
  9. w:qu:Ladislao Mazurkiewicz links to Category:Ladislao Mazurkievicz [Search]
  10. w:qu:Jan Syse links to Category:Jan Syse [Search]
  11. w:qu:Mariano Prado links to Category:Mariano Ignacio Prado [Search]
  12. w:qu:Kashamarka links to Category:Category:Cajamarca [Search]
  13. w:qu:Amapá suyu links to Category:Amapa [Search]
  14. w:qu:Gràcia distritu links to Category:Gràcia [Search]
  15. w:qu:Arauco pruwinsya links to Category:Arauco Province [Search]
  16. w:qu:Olga Guillot links to Category:Olga Guillot [Search]
  17. w:qu:Saskatoon links to Category:Saskatoon, Saskatchewan [Search]
  18. w:qu:Monagas suyu links to Category:Monagas [Search]
  19. w:qu:Teodoro Fernández links to Category:Teodoro Fernández [Search]
  20. w:qu:Mijeil Saakashvili links to Category:Mijeil Saakashvili [Search]
  21. w:qu:Alajuela pruwinsya links to Category:Alajuela [Search]
  22. w:qu:Alajuela links to Category:Alajuela [Search]
  23. w:qu:Patu jirka links to Category:Patu jirka [Search]
  24. w:qu:Dámaso Pérez Prado links to Category:Pérez Prado [Search]
  25. w:qu:Sarrià - Sant Gervasi distritu links to Category:Sarrià - Sant Gervasi [Search]
  26. w:qu:Wamanpallpa links to Category:Buteo poecilochrous [Search]
  27. w:qu:Karl-Heinz Rummenigge links to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge [Search]
  28. w:qu:Martha Chávez links to Martha Chávez [Search]
  29. w:qu:Toribio de Mogrovejo links to Turibio de Mogrovejo [Search]
  30. w:qu:Julio César Tello links to Julio C. Tello [Search]
  31. w:qu:Juan Rulfo links to Juan Rulfo [Search]
  32. w:qu:Pedro Infante links to Pedro Infante [Search]
  33. w:qu:Dmitri Mendeleev links to Dmitri Mendeleev [Search]
  34. w:qu:Manuel Menéndez links to Manuel Menéndez [Search]
  35. w:qu:Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo links to Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo [Search]
  36. w:qu:José Antonio Encinas links to José Antonio Encinas [Search]
  37. w:qu:Chandrika Kumaratunga links to Chandrika Kumaratunga [Search]
  38. w:qu:Watimala llaqta links to Guatemala city [Search]
  39. w:qu:Ladislao Cabrera links to Ladislao Cabrera [Search]
  40. w:qu:Augusto Weberbauer links to Augusto Weberbauer [Search]
  41. w:qu:Federico Barreto links to Federico Barreto [Search]
  42. w:qu:Cafú links to Cafú [Search]
  43. w:qu:Francisco Requena links to Francisco Requena [Search]
  44. w:qu:La Victoria distritu links to La Victoria [Search]
  45. w:qu:Manuel Scorza links to Manuel Scorza [Search]
  46. w:qu:Zheng Zhi links to Zheng Zhi [Search]
  47. w:qu:Li Xiannian links to Li Xiannian [Search]
  48. w:qu:Antonio Cisneros links to Antonio Cisneros [Search]
  49. w:qu:Henry Le Châtelier links to Henry Le Châtelier [Search]
  50. w:qu:Johan Cruyff links to Cruyff, Johan [Search]
  51. w:qu:Jorge Quiroga Ramírez links to Jorge Quiroga Ramírez [Search]
  52. w:qu:Paul MacCartney links to Paul MacCartney [Search]
  53. w:qu:Llama ñawi (yura) links to Mucuna [Search]
  54. w:qu:Alcides Arguedas links to Alcides Arguedas [Search]
  55. w:qu:Antonio Guzmán Blanco links to Antonio Guzmán Blanco [Search]
  56. w:qu:Hussein I links to Hussein I of Jordan [Search]
  57. w:qu:Salomón Lerner Ghitis links to Salomón Lerner Ghitis [Search]
  58. w:qu:Leonid Kravčuk links to Leonid Kravčuk [Search]
  59. w:qu:Villavicencio (Meta) links to Villavicencio [Search]
  60. w:qu:Sirimavo Bandaranaike links to Sirimavo Bandaranaike [Search]
  61. w:qu:Violeta Chamorro links to Violeta Chamorro [Search]
  62. w:qu:Zulfikar Ali Bhutto links to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto [Search]
  63. w:qu:José Melitón Rodríguez links to José Melitón Rodríguez [Search]
  64. w:qu:Paul Samuelson links to Paul Samuelson [Search]
  65. w:qu:Vicálvaro distritu links to Vicálvaro [Search]
  66. w:qu:Nøtterøy links to Nøtterøy [Search]
  67. w:qu:Phong Nha-Ke Bang mamallaqta parki links to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park [Search]
  68. w:qu:Adela Zamudio links to Adela Zamudio [Search]
  69. w:qu:Sankurachi links to Amaranthus [Search]
  70. w:qu:Óscar Valdés links to Óscar Valdés [Search]
  71. w:qu:José Zorrilla links to José Zorrilla [Search]
  72. w:qu:Edgardo Mercado Jarrín links to Edgardo Mercado Jarrín [Search]
  73. w:qu:Luis Cabral links to Luis Cabral [Search]
  74. w:qu:Shenyang links to Shenyang [Search]
  75. w:qu:Uwe Seeler links to Uwe Seeler [Search]
  76. w:qu:Nino Bravo links to Nino Bravo [Search]
  77. w:qu:Pratibha Patil links to Pratibha Patil [Search]
  78. w:qu:Just Fontaine links to Just Fontaine [Search]
  79. w:qu:Juan José Torres links to Juan José Torres [Search]
  80. w:qu:Abhisit Vejjajiva links to Abhisit Vejjajiva [Search]
  81. w:qu:Willington Ortiz links to Willington Ortiz [Search]
  82. w:qu:Taro Aso links to Tarō Asō [Search]
  83. w:qu:Jean-Bertrand Aristide links to Jean-Bertran Aristide [Search]
  84. w:qu:Carlos Fuentes links to Carlos Fuentes [Search]
  85. w:qu:Caleruega links to Caleruega [Search]
  86. w:qu:Octavio Paz links to Octavio Paz [Search]
  87. w:qu:Ignacio Merino links to Ignacio Merino [Search]
  88. w:qu:San Juan (Burinkin) links to San Juan, Puerto Rico [Search]
  89. w:qu:Abdullah Ahmad Badawi links to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi [Search]
  90. w:qu:Andalién links to Andalién River [Search]
  91. w:qu:Dunga links to Dunga [Search]
  92. w:qu:Didier Drogba links to Didier Drogba [Search]
  93. w:qu:Luis Antonio Eguiguren links to Luis Antonio Eguiguren [Search]
  94. w:qu:Martti Ahtisaari links to Martti Ahtisaari [Search]
  95. w:qu:José Gálvez Barrenechea links to José Gálvez Barrenechea [Search]
  96. w:qu:Roger Milla links to Roger Milla [Search]
  97. w:qu:Julio César Romero links to Julio César Romero [Search]
  98. w:qu:Carlos Gamarra links to Julio César Romero [Search]
  99. w:qu:Zico links to Zico [Search]
  100. w:qu:Sebastián Salazar links to Category:Sebastián Salazar [Search]
  101. w:qu:Supikiwa links to Category:Supikiwa [Search]
  102. w:qu:Luján Pallan links to Category:Nuestra Señora de Luján [Search]
  103. w:qu:Yara links to Category:Dunalia [Search]
  104. w:qu:Santiago Copello links to Category:Santiago Copello [Search]
  105. w:qu:Santa Catarina suyu links to Category:Santa Catarina (state) [Search]
  106. w:qu:Bocas del Toro pruwinsya links to Category:Province of Bocas del Toro [Search]
  107. w:qu:Isabel I links to Category:Isabel I de Castilla [Search]
  108. w:qu:Lan wiqi links to Category:Lan wiqi [Search]
  109. w:qu:San Juan de Pasto links to Category:San Juan de Pasto [Search]
  110. w:qu:Ch'anka links to Category:Ch'anka [Search]
  111. w:qu:Saint John (Newfoundland wan Labrador) links to Category:St. John, Newfoundland and Labrador [Search]
  112. w:qu:Alejandro Romualdo links to Category:Alejandro Romualdo [Search]
  113. w:qu:Armando Robles Godoy links to Category:Armando Robles Godoy [Search]
  114. w:qu:Domingo Elías links to Category:Domingo Elías [Search]
  115. w:qu:George Weah links to Category:George Weah [Search]
  116. w:qu:Rapanuy links to Category:Easter Islan [Search]
  117. w:qu:Pachuca de Soto links to Category:Pachuca de Soto [Search]
  118. w:qu:Mario Florián links to Category:Mario Florián [Search]
  119. w:qu:Allqu wira-wira links to Category:Allqu wira-wira [Search]
  120. w:qu:Titiqaqa wat'a llaqta links to Category:Isla del Sol [Search]
  121. w:qu:Sallika links to Category:Sallika [Search]
  122. w:qu:Sant Andreu distritu links to Category:Sant Andreu [Search]
  123. w:qu:Suntuntu links to Category:Sondodo [Search]
  124. w:qu:Wakankilla links to Category:Stenomesson variegatum [Search]
  125. w:qu:José Watanabe links to Category:José Watanabe [Search]
  126. w:qu:Roberto Baggio links to Category:Roberto Baggio [Search]
  127. w:qu:Juan Gonzalo Rose links to Category:Juan Gonzalo Rose [Search]
  128. w:qu:Jorge Newbery links to Category:Jorge Newbery [Search]
  129. w:qu:Villa de Vallecas distritu links to Villa de Vallecas [Search]
  130. w:qu:Parawayi links to Parawayi [Search]
  131. w:qu:George Weah links to George Weah [Search]
  132. w:qu:José Sabogal links to José Sabogal [Search]
  133. w:qu:Haji Mohamed Suharto links to Haji Mohammad Soeharto [Search]
  134. w:qu:Kinchamali links to Quinchamalium [Search]
  135. w:qu:Pamplona links to Pamplona [Search]
  136. w:qu:Mario Benedetti links to Mario Benedetti [Search]
  137. w:qu:Lê Ðức Thọ links to Le Duc Tho [Search]
  138. w:qu:Miguel Ángel Asturias links to Miguel Ángel Asturias [Search]
  139. w:qu:Carlos Baca-Flor links to Carlos Baca-Flor [Search]
  140. w:qu:Kingston links to Kingston, Jamaica [Search]
  141. w:qu:Musuq T'aypik links to New Taipei [Search]
  142. w:qu:Samuel Eto'o links to Samuel Eto'o [Search]
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  143. w:qu:Juan Manuel Vargas links to Juan Manuel Vargas [Search]
  144. w:qu:José Quiñones links to José Abelardo Quiñones [Search]
  145. w:qu:Luísa Diogo links to Luisa Diogo [Search]
  146. w:qu:Eloíno Nácar links to Nácar-Colunga [Search]
  147. w:qu:Lee Myung-bak links to Lee Myung-bak [Search]
  148. w:qu:Mauro Mina links to Mauro Mina [Search]
  149. w:qu:Xiomara Alfaro links to Xiomara Alfaro [Search]
  150. w:qu:Q'itu-q'itu (Gnaphalium purpureum) links to Gnaphalium [Search]
  151. w:qu:Javier Pérez de Cuéllar links to Javier Pérez de Cuéllar [Search]
  152. w:qu:Jorge Rivero links to Jorge Rivero [Search]
  153. w:qu:Miroslav Klose links to Miroslav Klose [Search]
  154. w:qu:Yang Shangkun links to Yang Shangkun [Search]
  155. w:qu:Theodore Richards links to Theodore Richards [Search]
  156. w:qu:Alexandros Zaimis links to Alexandros Zaimis [Search]
  157. w:qu:Fritz Haber links to Fritz Haber [Search]
  158. w:qu:Quibdó links to VQuibdó [Search]
  159. w:qu:Inka chaski links to Chasqui [Search]
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  160. w:qu:Daniel Hernández links to Daniel Hernández [Search]
  161. w:qu:Yvette Chauviré links to Category:Yvette Chauviré [Search]
  162. w:qu:Tuxtla Gutiérrez links to Category:Tuxtla [Search]
  163. w:qu:Cartagena (Ispaña) links to Category:Cartagena [Search]
  164. w:qu:Tucupita links to Category:Tucupita [Search]
  165. w:qu:Khayara links to Category:Khayara [Search]
  166. w:qu:José Antonio García Belaúnde links to Category:José Antonio García Belaúnde [Search]
  167. w:qu:Chaqlakayu distritu links to Category:Chaclacayo [Search]
  168. w:qu:Katari links to Category:Katari [Search]
  169. w:qu:Witkhu links to Category:Aqueduct [Search]
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    • note: Aqueduct exists
  170. w:qu:Urqu wira-wira (Chaptalia nutans) links to Category:Chaptalia [Search]
  171. w:qu:Francisco García Calderón Rey links to Category:Francisco García Calderón Rey [Search]
  172. w:qu:Inírida links to Category:Inírida [Search]
  173. w:qu:Pedro Pablo Kuczynski links to Category:Pedro Pablo Kuczynski [Search]
  174. w:qu:Atakama suyu links to Category:Category:Atacama Region [Search]
  175. w:qu:Caldas suyu links to Category:Caldas [Search]
  176. w:qu:Aldo Moro links to Category:Ado Moro [Search]
  177. w:qu:Omar Aramayo links to Category:Omar Aramayo [Search]
  178. w:qu:Binidiktu XV links to Category:Pope Benedict XV [Search]
  179. w:qu:Sérvulo Gutiérrez links to Sérvulo Gutiérrez [Search]
  180. w:qu:Jorge Negrete links to Jorge Negrete [Search]
  181. w:qu:Honorio Delgado links to Honorio Delgado [Search]
  182. w:qu:Yingluck Shinawatra links to Yingluck Shinawatra [Search]
  183. w:qu:Isquki links to Escuque [Search]
  184. w:qu:Pete Sampras links to Pete Sampras [Search]
  185. w:qu:Diego Ferré links to Diego Ferré [Search]
  186. w:qu:Hugo Banzer links to Hugo Banzer [Search]
  187. w:qu:Elías Aguirre links to Elías Aguirre [Search]
  188. w:qu:George Harrison links to George Harrison [Search]
  189. w:qu:Odvar Nordli links to Odvar Nordli [Search]
  190. w:qu:Hipólito Unanue links to Hipólito Unanue [Search]
  191. w:qu:Romario links to Romario [Search]
  192. w:qu:Paolo Rossi links to Paolo Rossi [Search]
  193. w:qu:Herman Van Rompuy links to Herman Van Rompuy [Search]
  194. w:qu:Yarina links to Phytelephas [Search]
  195. w:qu:El Agustino distritu links to El Agustino [Search]
  196. w:qu:María Rostworowski links to María Rostworowski [Search]
  197. w:qu:Luis Hernández links to Luis Hernández [Search]
  198. w:qu:Carlos Saavedra links to Carlos Saavedra Lamas [Search]
  199. w:qu:Rivaldo links to Rivaldo [Search]
  200. w:qu:Do Muoi links to Do Muoi [Search]
  201. w:qu:Rigoberta Menchú links to Rigoberta Menchú [Search]
  202. w:qu:Trygve Bratteli links to Trygve Bratteli [Search]
  203. w:qu:Suyt'u usiku delphin links to Suyt'u usiku delphin [Search]
  204. w:qu:Qaraqutu distritu links to Category:Caracoto [Search]
  205. w:qu:Emilio Westphalen links to Category:Emilio Westphalen [Search]
  206. w:qu:Uralan Santander suyu links to Category:Norte de Santander, Colombia [Search]
  207. w:qu:Juan Pawlu II links to Category:Pope John Paul II [Search]
  208. w:qu:Wayusa links to Category:Wayusa [Search]
  209. w:qu:Obdulio Varela links to Category:Obdulio Varela [Search]
  210. w:qu:Kinwara links to Category:Cestodes [Search]
  211. w:qu:Toshiro Mifune links to Category:Toshiro Mifune [Search]
  212. w:qu:Khani-khani links to Category:Khani-khani [Search]
  213. w:qu:Vicente Zazpe links to Category:Vicente Zazpe [Search]
  214. w:qu:Eloy Ureta links to Category:Eloy Ureta [Search]
  215. w:qu:Orellana marka links to Category:Orellana [Search]
  216. w:qu:Chiquimula suyu links to Category:Chiquimula [Search]
  217. w:qu:Watimala suyu links to Category:Guatemala (departamento) [Search]
  218. w:qu:Padre Abad distritu links to Category:Padre Abad [Search]
  219. w:qu:Kurimana distritu links to Category:Padre Abad [Search]
  220. w:qu:Irazola distritu links to Category:Padre Abad [Search]
  221. w:qu:Quturapi distritu links to Category:Cuturapi [Search]
  222. w:qu:Paolo Maldini links to Paolo Maldini [Search]
  223. w:qu:Cayetano Heredia links to Cayetano Heredia [Search]
  224. w:qu:Dino Zoff links to Dino Zoff [Search]
  225. w:qu:Alberto Gilardino links to Alberto Gilardino [Search]
  226. w:qu:Florencia (Caquetá) links to Florencia (Caquetá) [Search]
  227. w:qu:Neiva links to Neiva [Search]
  228. w:qu:Abédi Pelé links to Abedi Pelé [Search]
  229. w:qu:José Martí links to José Martí [Search]
  230. w:qu:Camilo Torres links to Camilo Torres Tenorio [Search]
  231. w:qu:Xining links to Xining [Search]
  232. w:qu:Pierre Trudeau links to Pierre Elliot Trudeau [Search]
  233. w:qu:Pedro Murillo links to Pedro Murillo [Search]
  234. w:qu:Taoyuen links to Taoyuan, Taiwan [Search]
  235. w:qu:Dejan Stanković links to Dejan Stanković [Search]
  236. w:qu:Tennessee Williams links to Tennessee Williams [Search]
  237. w:qu:Manuel Villavicencio links to Manuel Villavicencio [Search]
  238. w:qu:Agostinho Neto links to Agostinho Neto [Search]
  239. w:qu:Marcel Desailly links to Marcel Desailly [Search]
  240. w:qu:Corazón Aquino links to Corazón Aquino [Search]
  241. w:qu:Win Kok links to Win Kok [Search]
  242. w:qu:Hans Küng links to Hans Küng [Search]
  243. w:qu:Pedro Portillo links to Pedro Portillo [Search]
  244. w:qu:Mariano Necochea links to Mariano Necochea [Search]
  245. w:qu:Nicolas Anelka links to Nicolas Anelka [Search]
  246. w:qu:Ramiz Alia links to Ramiz Alia [Search]
  247. w:qu:Sincelejo links to Sincelejo [Search]
  248. w:qu:Mohammed Mzali links to Mohammed Mzali [Search]
  249. w:qu:Inírida links to Inírida [Search]
  250. w:qu:Fernando de Abascal links to José Fernando de Abascal [Search]
  251. w:qu:Suchu piki links to Tunga penetrans [Search]
  252. w:qu:Somchai Wongsawat links to Somchai Wongsawat [Search]
  253. w:qu:Carlos Alberto links to Carlos Alberto [Search]
  254. w:qu:Emilio Romero links to Emilio Romero [Search]
  255. w:qu:Alberto Colunga links to Alberto Colunga [Search]
  256. w:qu:Mario Moreno links to Mario Moreno [Search]
  257. w:qu:Biyubiyu links to Bío-Bío River [Search]
  258. w:qu:San José Guaviare links to San José del Guaviare [Search]
  259. w:qu:José Antonio Páez links to José Antonio Páez [Search]
  260. w:qu:Milner Cajahuaringa links to Milner Cajahuaringa [Search]
  261. w:qu:Eduardo Abaroa links to Eduardo Abaroa [Search]
  262. w:qu:Rómulo Betancourt links to Rómulo Betancourt [Search]
  263. w:qu:Oswaldo Guayasamín links to Oswaldo Guayasamín [Search]
  264. w:qu:Carlos García-Bedoya links to Carlos García-Bedoya [Search]
  265. w:qu:Teófilo Castillo links to Teófilo Castillo [Search]
  266. w:qu:Los Olivos distritu links to Los Olivos [Search]
  267. w:qu:José Cardozo links to José Saturnino Cardozo [Search]
  268. w:qu:Arsenio Pastor Erico links to Arsenio Pastor Erico [Search]
  269. w:qu:Lumière wawqikuna links to Frères Lumière [Search]
  270. w:qu:Melitón Carvajal links to Melitón Carbajal [Search]
  271. w:qu:Riohacha links to Riohacha [Search]
  272. w:qu:Pedro Pablo Bermúdez links to Pedro Pablo Bermúdez [Search]
  273. w:qu:Oleg Blokhin links to Oleg Blokhin [Search]
  274. w:qu:Éamon de Valera links to Eamon de Valera [Search]
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  275. w:qu:Haikou links to Haikou [Search]
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  276. w:qu:Darling mayu links to Darling river [Search]
  277. w:qu:Ñuñoa (Chili) links to Ñuñoa [Search]
  278. w:qu:Seán T. O'Kelly links to Seán T. O'Kelly [Search]
  279. w:qu:San Juan de Pasto links to San Juan de Pasto [Search]
  280. w:qu:Anwar Sadat links to Anuar Sadat [Search]
  281. w:qu:Cieneguilla distritu links to Cieneguilla [Search]
  282. w:qu:Pasul links to Erythrina edulis [Search]
  283. w:qu:Panama llaqta links to Panama city [Search]
  284. w:qu:Jaime Paz Zamora links to Jaime Paz Zamora [Search]
  285. w:qu:San José (Kustarika) links to San José, Costa Rica [Search]
  286. w:qu:San José pruwinsya links to San José, Costa Rica [Search]
  287. w:qu:Carabanchel distritu links to Category:Carabanchel distritu [Search]
  288. w:qu:Carlos Cueto links to Category:Carlos Cueto Fernandini [Search]
  289. w:qu:Istiki-Pampa distritu links to Category:Estique-Pampa [Search]
  290. w:qu:Ciutat Vella de Barcelona links to Category:Ciutat Vella de Barcelona [Search]
  291. w:qu:Caridad del Cobre Pallan links to Category:Our Lady of Caridad del Cobre [Search]
  292. w:qu:Chankurma links to Category:Chankurma [Search]
  293. w:qu:Alexis Argüello links to Category:Alexis Argüello [Search]
  294. w:qu:Matanzas pruwinsya links to Category:Matanzas Province [Search]
  295. w:qu:Marikawa links to Category:Marikawa [Search]
  296. w:qu:Qucha paña links to Category:Pristobrycon striolatus [Search]
  297. w:qu:Saint John (New Brunswick) links to Category:Saint John , New Brunswick [Search]
  298. w:qu:Cesar suyu links to Category:Cesar (Colombia) [Search]
  299. w:qu:Puerto Carreño links to Category:Puerto Carreño [Search]
  300. w:qu:Yanaqa (mawk'a llaqta) links to Category:Yanaca [Search]
  301. w:qu:Liberia (Kustarika) links to Category:Liberia, Costa Rica [Search]
  302. w:qu:Amarumayu suyu (Brasil) links to Category:Amazonas, Brazil [Search]
  303. w:qu:Alkachu links to Category:Cinnamons. camphora [Search]
  304. w:qu:Lorena Vera links to Category:Lorena y Los Alebrijes [Search]
  305. w:qu:Pumarapi links to Category:Pumerape [Search]
  306. w:qu:Johnny Albino links to Category:Johnny Albino [Search]
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