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  1. w:ro:Montagnac, Hérault links to Category:Montagnac, Hérault [Search]
  2. w:ro:Saint-Hippolyte, Gironde links to Category:Saint-Hippolyte, Gironde [Search]
  3. w:ro:Carabobo links to Category:Carabobo (state) [Search]
  4. w:ro:Subdiviziunile Venezuelei links to Category:Carabobo (state) [Search]
  5. w:ro:Distrito Capital (Venezuela) links to Category:Carabobo (state) [Search]
  6. w:ro:Falcón links to Category:Carabobo (state) [Search]
  7. w:ro:Noé, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Noé, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  8. w:ro:Saint-Germier, Tarn links to Category:Saint-Germier, Tarn [Search]
  9. w:ro:Hinckley and Bosworth links to Category:Hinckley and Bosworth [Search]
  10. w:ro:Chevrières, Loire links to Category:Chevrières, Loire [Search]
  11. w:ro:Saint-Pierre-d'Entremont, Isère links to Category:Saint-Pierre-d'Entremont, Isère [Search]
  12. w:ro:Saint-Justin, Gers links to Category:Saint-Justin, Gers [Search]
  13. w:ro:Montcabrier, Lot links to Category:Montcabrier, Lot [Search]
  14. w:ro:Saint-Paul, Gironde links to Category:Saint-Paul, Gironde [Search]
  15. w:ro:Gargas, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Gargas, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  16. w:ro:Fays, Haute-Marne links to Category:Fays, Haute-Marne [Search]
  17. w:ro:Leymah Gbowee links to Category:Leymah Gwobee [Search]
  18. w:ro:La Rochette, Savoie links to Category:La Rochette, Savoie [Search]
  19. w:ro:Saint-Robert, Corrèze links to Category:Saint-Robert, Corrèze [Search]
  20. w:ro:Lévignac links to Category:Lévignac [Search]
  21. w:ro:Ordinul Templierilor links to Category:Ordinul Templierilor [Search]
  22. w:ro:Saint-Sauveur, Dordogne links to Category:Saint-Sauveur, Dordogne [Search]
  23. w:ro:Sucre (stat) links to Category:Sucre (stat) [Search]
  24. w:ro:Lacave, Lot links to Category:Lacave, Lot [Search]
  25. w:ro:Sarrazac, Lot links to Category:Sarrazac, Lot [Search]
  26. w:ro:Lisa del Giocondo links to Category:Lisa del Giocondo [Search]
  27. w:ro:Sauternes, Gironde links to Category:Sauternes, Gironde [Search]
  28. w:ro:Tauriac, Lot links to Category:Tauriac, Lot [Search]
  29. w:ro:Coasta Lată links to Category:Agrij [Search]
  30. w:ro:Sainte-Foy, Landes links to Category:Sainte-Foy, Landes [Search]
  31. w:ro:Contele Dracula links to Category:Peleş [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-01-22T16:47:20Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{en|Peleş Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle placed in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Peles}} Category:Palaces in Romania Category:Sinaia [[:Category:Carol I of
  32. w:ro:Carpații Meridionali links to Category:Peleş [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-01-22T16:47:20Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{en|Peleş Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle placed in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Peles}} Category:Palaces in Romania Category:Sinaia [[:Category:Carol I of
  33. w:ro:Carpații Occidentali Românești links to Category:Peleş [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-01-22T16:47:20Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: '{{en|Peleş Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle placed in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Peles}} Category:Palaces in Romania Category:Sinaia [[:Category:Carol I of
  34. w:ro:Sauveterre, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Sauveterre, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  35. w:ro:Neuville, Corrèze links to Category:Neuville, Corrèze [Search]
  36. w:ro:Saint-Zacharie links to Category:Saint-Zacharie [Search]
  37. w:ro:Camil Ressu links to Category:Camil Ressu [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-09-06T12:52:39Z; comment: artist died in 1962, not old enough
  38. w:ro:Puntea Suspinelor links to Category:Bridge of Sighs (Venice [Search]
  39. w:ro:Genouillac, Creuse links to Category:Genouillac, Creuse [Search]
  40. w:ro:Guérin, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Guérin, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  41. w:ro:Artas, Isère links to Category:Artas, Isère [Search]
  42. w:ro:Chalais, Dordogne links to Category:Chalais, Dordogne [Search]
  43. w:ro:Nidda links to Category:Nidda [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-25T09:26:08Z; comment: Category:Nidda moved to Category:Nidda, Hesse
  44. w:ro:Parcul Drapelelor din Suceava links to Category:Drapelelor Park, Suceava [Search]
  45. w:ro:Saint-Vivien, Dordogne links to Category:Saint-Vivien, Dordogne [Search]
  46. w:ro:Lunas, Hérault links to Category:Lunas, Hérault [Search]
  47. w:ro:Parcul Universității din Suceava links to Category:Universităţii Park, Suceava [Search]
  48. w:ro:Monségur, Gironde links to Category:Monségur, Gironde [Search]
  49. w:ro:Larroque, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Larroque, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  50. w:ro:Waldkirchen links to Waldkirchen [Search]
  51. w:ro:Vernon links to Vernon, Eure [Search]
  52. w:ro:Thannhausen (Schwaben) links to Thannhausen (Schwaben) [Search]
  53. w:ro:Wiesau links to Wiesau [Search]
  54. w:ro:Schwarzenbach an der Saale links to Schwarzenbach an der Saale [Search]
  55. w:ro:Jocurile Olimpice de vară din 1936 links to 1936 Summer Olympics [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2006-06-01T13:23:52Z; comment: content was: '{{de|Die Olympischen Sommerspiele 1936 fanden in Berlin (Deutschland) statt.}}{{en|The 1936 Summer Olympics are being held in Berlin (Germany).}}==...'
    • note: Category:1936 Summer Olympics exists
  56. w:ro:Emma Stone links to Emma Stone [Search]
  57. w:ro:Thüngen links to Thüngen [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-02-04T12:21:54Z; comment: Page is out of project scope: content before blanking was: 'Thüngen ist ein Markt im unterfränkischen Landkreis Main-Spessart, Mitglied der Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Zellingen und liegt in der Region Würzburg an der Wern, 25 km nördlich
    • note: Category:Thüngen exists
  58. w:ro:Mănăstirea Probota links to Probota Monastery [Search]
  59. w:ro:U.S. Città di Palermo links to U.S. Città di Palermo [Search]
  60. w:ro:Breitenwang links to Breitenwang [Search]
  61. w:ro:Außervillgraten links to Außervillgraten [Search]
  62. w:ro:Offingen links to Offingen [Search]
  63. w:ro:Ioan Alexi links to Ioan Alexi [Search]
  64. w:ro:Dillingen an der Donau links to Dillingen an der Donau [Search]
  65. w:ro:Ellmau links to Ellmau [Search]
  66. w:ro:Vampir (liliac) links to Desmodontinae [Search]
  67. w:ro:Cybaeidae links to Cybaeidae [Search]
  68. w:ro:Mercedes AMG Petronas links to Mercedes AMG Petronas [Search]
  69. w:ro:Rodolia koebelei links to Rodolia koebelei [Search]
  70. w:ro:Allersberg links to Allersberg [Search]
  71. w:ro:Flavius Magnus Magnentius links to Flavius Magnus Magnentius [Search]
  72. w:ro:Kleinheubach links to Kleinheubach [Search]
  73. w:ro:Verdon, Dordogne links to Category:Verdon, Dordogne [Search]
  74. w:ro:Allier, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Allier, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  75. w:ro:Castillon (Canton of Arthez-de-Béarn) links to Category:Castillon (Canton of Arthez-de-Béarn) [Search]
  76. w:ro:Sainte-Radegonde, Gironde links to Category:Sainte-Radegonde, Gironde [Search]
  77. w:ro:Saint-Éloi, Creuse links to Category:Saint-Éloi, Creuse [Search]
  78. w:ro:FC Dila Gori links to Category:FC Dila Gori [Search]
  79. w:ro:Villefranche, Gers links to Category:Villefranche, Gers [Search]
  80. w:ro:Saint-Justin, Landes links to Category:Saint-Justin, Landes [Search]
  81. w:ro:Alleyrat, Corrèze links to Category:Alleyrat, Corrèze [Search]
  82. w:ro:Saint-Nazaire, Gard links to Category:Saint-Nazaire, Gard [Search]
  83. w:ro:Charron, Creuse links to Category:Charron, Creuse [Search]
  84. w:ro:Masacrul de la Hula links to Category:2012 Houla massacre [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-01-12T11:44:58Z; comment: Empty category
  85. w:ro:Minerve, Hérault links to Category:Minerve, Hérault [Search]
  86. w:ro:Guran, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Guran, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  87. w:ro:Le Breuil, Rhône links to Category:Le Breuil, Rhône [Search]
  88. w:ro:La Asunción links to Category:La Asunción [Search]
  89. w:ro:Biserica de lemn din Mănăstirea Agafton links to Category:Biserica de lemn din Mănăstirea Agafton [Search]
  90. w:ro:Montfa, Tarn links to Category:Montfa, Tarn [Search]
  91. w:ro:Allemond links to Category:Allemond [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-03-22T17:46:31Z; comment: Author or uploader request deletion of unused page or file: content before blanking was: "Category:Cities and villages in Isère"
  92. w:ro:Saint-Arroman, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Saint-Arroman, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  93. w:ro:Laborde, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Laborde, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  94. w:ro:Lachapelle, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Lachapelle, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  95. w:ro:Winkel, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Winkel, Haut-Rhin [Search]
  96. w:ro:Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart links to Category:Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-12-16T21:15:12Z; comment: empty
  97. w:ro:Plaisance, Dordogne links to Category:Plaisance, Dordogne [Search]
  98. w:ro:Aast, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Aast, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  99. w:ro:Combes, Hérault links to Category:Combes, Hérault [Search]
  100. w:ro:Mersul lui Isus pe apă links to Category:Jesus walks on water [Search]
  101. w:ro:Înmulțirea pâinilor și a peștilor links to Category:Jesus walks on water [Search]
  102. w:ro:Pescuirea minunată links to Category:Jesus walks on water [Search]
  103. w:ro:Bielle links to Category:Bielle [Search]
  104. w:ro:Sainte-Marie, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Sainte-Marie, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-12-22T14:34:04Z; comment: Empty category: content was: "{{tlx|fr|Commune la moins étendue du département des Hautes-Pyrénées, Sainte-Marie ne doit pas être confondue avec le village de Sainte-Marie-de-Campan..." (and the only contributor was "[[:Special:Contributio
  105. w:ro:Roques, Gers links to Category:Roques, Gers [Search]
  106. w:ro:Valleroy, Haute-Marne links to Category:Valleroy, Haute-Marne [Search]
  107. w:ro:Latour, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Latour, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  108. w:ro:Lituania links to Category:Lituania [Search]
  109. w:ro:Județele Lituaniei links to Category:Lituania [Search]
  110. w:ro:Vilnius links to Category:Lituania [Search]
  111. w:ro:Drapelul Lituaniei links to Category:Lituania [Search]
  112. w:ro:Istoria Lituaniei links to Category:Lituania [Search]
  113. w:ro:Esplanada Elisabeta din Iași links to Category:Esplanada Elisabeta [Search]
  114. w:ro:Macau, Gironde links to Category:Macau, Gironde [Search]
  115. w:ro:Laroque, Gironde links to Category:Laroque, Gironde [Search]
  116. w:ro:San Cristóbal, Venezuela links to Category:San Cristóbal, Venezuela [Search]
  117. w:ro:Protestele de la Chișinău din 2009 links to Category:2009 Chisinau protests [Search]
  118. w:ro:Saint-Blaise, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Saint-Blaise, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  119. w:ro:Beauvoisin, Drôme links to Category:Beauvoisin, Drôme [Search]
  120. w:ro:Saint-Cassien, Isère links to Category:Saint-Cassien, Isère [Search]
  121. w:ro:Beaucaire, Gers links to Category:Beaucaire, Gers [Search]
  122. w:ro:Arcuș links to Category:Bows (Music) [Search]
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  123. w:ro:Brizon, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Brizon, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  124. w:ro:Saint-Georges, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Georges, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  125. w:ro:Landry, Savoie links to Category:Landry, Savoie [Search]
  126. w:ro:Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin, Savoie links to Category:Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin, Savoie [Search]
  127. w:ro:Orion, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Orion, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  128. w:ro:Mons, Gard links to Category:Mons, Gard [Search]
  129. w:ro:Saint-Salvy links to Category:Saint-Salvy [Search]
  130. w:ro:Biol, Isère links to Category:Biol, Isère [Search]
  131. w:ro:Saint-Laurent, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Saint-Laurent, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  132. w:ro:Etaux links to Category:Etaux [Search]
  133. w:ro:Provincia Azarbaidjanul de Est links to Category:East Azarbaijan province [Search]
  134. w:ro:Saint-Astier, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Astier, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  135. w:ro:Fladungen links to Fladungen [Search]
  136. w:ro:Comuna din Paris links to Paris Commune [Search]
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    • note: Category:Paris Commune exists
  137. w:ro:Arnstein, Franconia Inferioară links to Arnstein [Search]
  138. w:ro:Gergely Csiky links to Gergely Csiky [Search]
  139. w:ro:Elsenfeld links to Elsenfeld [Search]
  140. w:ro:Modrý Kameň links to Modrý Kameň [Search]
  141. w:ro:Waldsassen links to Waldsassen [Search]
  142. w:ro:Arendsee (Altmark) links to Arendsee [Search]
  143. w:ro:Baumkirchen links to Baumkirchen [Search]
  144. w:ro:Tegernsee links to Tegernsee [Search]
  145. w:ro:Zeitlofs links to Zeitlofs [Search]
  146. w:ro:Pressath links to Pressath [Search]
  147. w:ro:Lindenberg im Allgäu links to Lindenberg im Allgäu [Search]
  148. w:ro:Burkardroth links to Burkardroth [Search]
  149. w:ro:Omar Haiām links to Omar Khyyam [Search]
  150. w:ro:Altmannstein links to Altmannstein [Search]
  151. w:ro:Berching links to Berching [Search]
  152. w:ro:Willanzheim links to Willanzheim [Search]
  153. w:ro:Simbach am Inn links to Simbach am Inn [Search]
  154. w:ro:Soissons links to Categorie:Soissons [Search]
  155. w:ro:Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia links to Comitatul Annapolis, Nova Scotia [Search]
  156. w:ro:Greenwich (burg) links to Greenwich [Search]
  157. w:ro:Heptathela kimurai links to Heptathela kimurai [Search]
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      1. page was moved to Heptathela yanbaruensis at 2012-11-19T23:26:28Z; comment: correct species name for these images
  158. w:ro:Ruhmannsfelden links to Ruhmannsfelden [Search]
  159. w:ro:Amorpha links to Amorpha [Search]
  160. w:ro:Obernbreit links to Obernbreit [Search]
  161. w:ro:Amicia links to Amicia [Search]
  162. w:ro:Bayou links to Bayou [Search]
  163. w:ro:Bad Blankenburg links to Bad Blankenburg [Search]
  164. w:ro:Sfântul Vicențiu și Grenadine links to Atlas of Saint Vincent and the Grenadine [Search]
  165. w:ro:Sparneck links to Sparneck [Search]
  166. w:ro:Geiselwind links to Geiselwind [Search]
  167. w:ro:Schondra links to Schondra [Search]
  168. w:ro:Rieneck links to Rieneck [Search]
  169. w:ro:Cetatea dacică Costești-Blidaru links to Cetatea dacică Costești-Blidaru [Search]
  170. w:ro:Isle, Haute-Vienne links to Category:Isle, Haute-Vienne [Search]
  171. w:ro:Molières, Dordogne links to Category:Molières, Dordogne [Search]
  172. w:ro:Saint-Laurent, Creuse links to Category:Saint-Laurent, Creuse [Search]
  173. w:ro:Mauroux, Gers links to Category:Mauroux, Gers [Search]
  174. w:ro:Linac, Lot links to Category:Linac, Lot [Search]
  175. w:ro:Mirambeau, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Mirambeau, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  176. w:ro:Cotiujeni, Briceni links to Category:Cotiujeni [Search]
  177. w:ro:Piper de baltă links to Category:Polygonum hydropiper [Search]
  178. w:ro:East Northamptonshire links to Category:East Northamptonshire [Search]
  179. w:ro:Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, Landes links to Category:Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, Landes [Search]
  180. w:ro:Racovița, Sibiu links to Category:Racoviţa [Search]
  181. w:ro:Geografia comunei Racovița links to Category:Racoviţa [Search]
  182. w:ro:Istoria comunei Racovița links to Category:Racoviţa [Search]
  183. w:ro:Preoții comunei Racovița links to Category:Racoviţa [Search]
  184. w:ro:Portul popular din comuna Racovița links to Category:Racoviţa [Search]
  185. w:ro:Arta populară a comunei Racovița links to Category:Racoviţa [Search]
  186. w:ro:Etnografia satului Racovița links to Category:Racoviţa [Search]
  187. w:ro:Lussac, Gironde links to Category:Lussac, Gironde [Search]
  188. w:ro:Castelul Sturdza de la Miclăușeni links to Category:Sturdza Castle in Miclăuşeni [Search]
  189. w:ro:Magnan links to Category:Magnan [Search]
  190. w:ro:Vayres, Haute-Vienne links to Category:Vayres, Haute-Vienne [Search]
  191. w:ro:Sanie la Jocurile Olimpice de iarnă din 2010 links to Category:Sanie la Jocurile Olimpice de iarnă din 2010 [Search]
  192. w:ro:Saint-Urcisse, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Urcisse, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  193. w:ro:Saman, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Saman, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  194. w:ro:Laufen (Salzach) links to Category:Laufen [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-11-06T13:50:12Z; comment: Empty category: content was: '* {{en|The City of Laufen is located in Germany, Bavaria on the border to Austria}} * {{de|Die Grenzstadt Laufen liegt in Südostoberbayern an der Salzach}} Laufen, Germany Category:Lan
  195. w:ro:Montoulieu, Hérault links to Category:Montoulieu, Hérault [Search]
  196. w:ro:Saint-Michel, Hérault links to Category:Saint-Michel, Hérault [Search]
  197. w:ro:Monument memorial împotriva războiului și fascismului links to Category:Monument memorial împotriva războiului și fascismului [Search]
  198. w:ro:Akihito al Japoniei links to Category:Împăratul Akihito [Search]
  199. w:ro:Pată solară links to Category:Sunspot [Search]
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  200. w:ro:Le Born, Lozère links to Category:Le Born, Lozère [Search]
  201. w:ro:Gomer, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Gomer, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  202. w:ro:Saint-Cyprien, Corrèze links to Category:Saint-Cyprien, Corrèze [Search]
  203. w:ro:Mont, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Mont, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  204. w:ro:Sérignac, Lot links to Category:Sérignac, Lot [Search]
  205. w:ro:Nabas, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Nabas, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  206. w:ro:Raionul Orhei links to Category:Raionul Orhei [Search]
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  207. w:ro:Dampierre, Haute-Marne links to Category:Dampierre, Haute-Marne [Search]
  208. w:ro:Fos, Hérault links to Category:Fos, Hérault [Search]
  209. w:ro:Bonson, Loire links to Category:Bonson, Loire [Search]
  210. w:ro:Cléry, Savoie links to Category:Cléry, Savoie [Search]
  211. w:ro:Beaurepaire, Isère links to Category:Beaurepaire, Isère [Search]
  212. w:ro:Vieillevigne, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Vieillevigne, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  213. w:ro:Cetățuia lui Asan links to Category:Cetățuia lui Asan [Search]
  214. w:ro:Palatul Parlamentului links to Category:Palace of the Parliament [Search]
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  215. w:ro:Besse, Isère links to Category:Besse, Isère [Search]
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  216. w:ro:Montjoi, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Montjoi, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  217. w:ro:Biron, Dordogne links to Category:Biron, Dordogne [Search]
  218. w:ro:Catus, Lot links to Category:Catus, Lot [Search]
  219. w:ro:Saint-Perdoux, Lot links to Category:Saint-Perdoux, Lot [Search]
  220. w:ro:Voisey, Haute-Marne links to Category:Voisey, Haute-Marne [Search]
  221. w:ro:Saint-Cricq links to Category:Saint-Cricq [Search]
  222. w:ro:Vestenbergsgreuth links to Vestenbergsgreuth [Search]
  223. w:ro:Freystadt links to Freystadt [Search]
  224. w:ro:Ille-et-Vilaine links to Ille-et-vilaine [Search]
  225. w:ro:Cetatea dacică Costești-Cetățuie links to Cetatea dacică Costești-Cetățuie [Search]
  226. w:ro:Catalão (Goiás) links to Despedida.ogg [Search]
  227. w:ro:Phaseolus links to Phaseolus [Search]
  228. w:ro:Haakon, Prințul Moștenitor al Norvegiei links to Haakon, Prințul Moștenitor al Norvegiei [Search]
  229. w:ro:Tännesberg links to Tännesberg [Search]
  230. w:ro:Pocking links to Pocking [Search]
  231. w:ro:Marathi links to Marathi [Search]
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  234. w:ro:Deggendorf links to Deggendorf [Search]
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  245. w:ro:Aurin, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Aurin, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  246. w:ro:Boissières, Gard links to Category:Boissières, Gard [Search]
  247. w:ro:Castex, Gers links to Category:Castex, Gers [Search]
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  251. w:ro:Sore, Landes links to Category:Sore, Landes [Search]
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  253. w:ro:Saint-Léger, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Léger, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  254. w:ro:Delta Amacuro links to Category:Delta Amacuro (state) [Search]
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  264. w:ro:Collien Ulmen-Fernandes links to Category:Collien Ulmen-Fernandes [Search]
  265. w:ro:Pelleport links to Category:Pelleport [Search]
  266. w:ro:Aiguillon, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Aiguillon, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  267. w:ro:In de munte links to Category:Linum extraaxillare [Search]
  268. w:ro:Sainte-Gemme, Gers links to Category:Sainte-Gemme, Gers [Search]
  269. w:ro:Ur, Pyrénées-Orientales links to Category:Ur, Pyrénées-Orientales [Search]
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  273. w:ro:Larreule, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Larreule, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  274. w:ro:Bourg, Haute-Marne links to Category:Bourg, Haute-Marne [Search]
  275. w:ro:Bătălia din Strâmtoarea Tsushima links to Category:Bătălia din Strâmtoarea Tsushima [Search]
  276. w:ro:Saint-Julien, Rhône links to Category:Saint-Julien, Rhône [Search]
  277. w:ro:Dinar croat links to Category:Banknotes of Croatia, dinar [Search]
  278. w:ro:Louvigny, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Louvigny, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  279. w:ro:Taurinya links to Category:Taurinya [Search]
  280. w:ro:Ioana de Navara links to Category:Ioana de Navara [Search]
  281. w:ro:Criștelec, Sălaj links to Category:Cristelec [Search]
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  283. w:ro:Rugby, Warwickshire links to Category:Rother [Search]
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  287. w:ro:Francs, Gironde links to Category:Francs, Gironde [Search]
  288. w:ro:Monument amintind foametea din 1814 links to Category:Ileanda [Search]
  289. w:ro:Parcul Vladimir Florea din Suceava links to Category:Vladimir Florea Park, Suceava [Search]
  290. w:ro:Sarcos, Gers links to Category:Sarcos, Gers [Search]
  291. w:ro:Stetten, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Stetten, Haut-Rhin [Search]
  292. w:ro:Saint-Gaudens, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Gaudens, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  293. w:ro:Beaufort, Savoie links to Category:Beaufort, Savoie [Search]
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  298. w:ro:Parcul Național Thayatal links to Category:Thayatal [Search]
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  300. w:ro:Bettlach, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Bettlach, Haut-Rhin [Search]
  301. w:ro:Lay, Loire links to Category:Lay, Loire [Search]
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  303. w:ro:Monfaucon, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Monfaucon, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  304. w:ro:Grignon, Savoie links to Category:Grignon, Savoie [Search]
  305. w:ro:Ateneul Popular „Maior Gheorghe Pastia” links to Category:Ateneul Popular „Maior Gheorghe Pastia” [Search]
  306. w:ro:Le Gua, Isère links to Category:Le Gua, Isère [Search]
  307. w:ro:Saint-Vincent, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Vincent, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  308. w:ro:Noailles, Corrèze links to Category:Noailles, Corrèze [Search]
  309. w:ro:Saint-Léon, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Léon, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  310. w:ro:Noailles, Tarn links to Category:Noailles, Tarn [Search]
  311. w:ro:Saint-Jean-le-Vieux, Isère links to Category:Saint-Jean-le-Vieux, Isère [Search]
  312. w:ro:Langlade, Gard links to Category:Langlade, Gard [Search]
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  314. w:ro:Cannet links to Category:Cannet [Search]
  315. w:ro:Bize, Haute-Marne links to Category:Bize, Haute-Marne [Search]
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  317. w:ro:Bad Friedrichshall links to Bad Friedrichshall [Search]
  318. w:ro:Vilshofen an der Donau links to Vilshofen an der Donau [Search]
  319. w:ro:Apis cerana links to Apis cerana [Search]
  320. w:ro:Antigonish, Nova Scotia links to Comitatul Antigonish, Nova Scotia [Search]
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  328. w:ro:Wernberg-Köblitz links to Wernberg-Köblitz [Search]
  329. w:ro:Bridget Marquardt links to Bridget Marquardt [Search]
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  334. w:ro:Crustacee links to Crustacea [Search]
  335. w:ro:Babenhausen (Schwaben) links to Babenhausen (Schwaben) [Search]
  336. w:ro:Aeroportul Internațional Carriel Sur links to Carriel Sur International Airport [Search]
  337. w:ro:Kirchenthumbach links to Kirchenthumbach [Search]
  338. w:ro:Burtenbach links to Burtenbach [Search]
  339. w:ro:Cameră obscură links to Cameras [Search]
  340. w:ro:Țara Codrului links to Țara Codrului [Search]
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  343. w:ro:Oberkotzau links to Oberkotzau [Search]
  344. w:ro:Röthenbach an der Pegnitz links to Röthenbach an der Pegnitz [Search]
  345. w:ro:Anras links to Anras [Search]
  346. w:ro:La Vall de Boí links to Vall de Boí [Search]
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  358. w:ro:Saint-Vérand, Rhône links to Category:Saint-Vérand, Rhône [Search]
  359. w:ro:Corvidae links to Category:Corvidael [Search]
  360. w:ro:Comitatul Fremont, Wyoming links to Category:Fremont, Wyoming [Search]
  361. w:ro:Aiguebelle links to Category:Aiguebelle [Search]
  362. w:ro:Pradines, Corrèze links to Category:Pradines, Corrèze [Search]
  363. w:ro:Procesul de Cooperare în Europa de Sud-Est links to Category:Procesul de Cooperare în Europa de Sud-Est [Search]
  364. w:ro:Comitatul Brevard, Florida links to Category:Comitatul Brevard, Florida [Search]
  365. w:ro:Bélus links to Category:Bélus [Search]
  366. w:ro:Clopoțel (plantă) links to Category:Campanula napuligera [Search]
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  368. w:ro:Fontcouverte-la-Toussuire links to Category:Fontcouverte-la-Toussuire [Search]
  369. w:ro:Saint-Cyprien, Lot links to Category:Saint-Cyprien, Lot [Search]
  370. w:ro:Reignier-Esery links to Category:Reignier-Esery [Search]
  371. w:ro:Saint-Cassien, Dordogne links to Category:Saint-Cassien, Dordogne [Search]
  372. w:ro:Sirac, Gers links to Category:Sirac, Gers [Search]
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  374. w:ro:Carolina de Nord links to Category:Carolina de Nord [Search]
  375. w:ro:Cameron, North Carolina links to Category:Carolina de Nord [Search]
  376. w:ro:Listă de personalități din statul Carolina de Nord links to Category:Carolina de Nord [Search]
  377. w:ro:Prefix telefonic 919 (Statele Unite ale Americii) links to Category:Carolina de Nord [Search]
  378. w:ro:Listă de orașe din statul Carolina de Nord links to Category:Carolina de Nord [Search]
  379. w:ro:Comitatul Alleghany, Carolina de Nord links to Category:Carolina de Nord [Search]
  380. w:ro:Comitatul Alexander, Carolina de Nord links to Category:Carolina de Nord [Search]
  381. w:ro:Grabtown, comitatul Bertie, Carolina de Nord links to Category:Carolina de Nord [Search]
  382. w:ro:Grabtown, comitatul Johnston, Carolina de Nord links to Category:Carolina de Nord [Search]
  383. w:ro:Losse, Landes links to Category:Losse, Landes [Search]
  384. w:ro:Cazalis, Gironde links to Category:Cazalis, Gironde [Search]
  385. w:ro:Manierism links to Category:Manneristic paintings [Search]
  386. w:ro:Microglossa links to Category:Microglossa [Search]
  387. w:ro:Saint-Vital links to Category:Saint-Vital [Search]
  388. w:ro:Roussillon, Isère links to Category:Roussillon, Isère [Search]
  389. w:ro:Saint-Christaud, Gers links to Category:Saint-Christaud, Gers [Search]
  390. w:ro:Lagrange, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Lagrange, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  391. w:ro:Caux, Hérault links to Category:Caux, Hérault [Search]
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  397. w:ro:Grisolles, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Grisolles, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  398. w:ro:Pierrerue, Hérault links to Category:Pierrerue, Hérault [Search]
  399. w:ro:Saint-Appolinaire links to Category:Saint-Appolinaire [Search]
  400. w:ro:Bussac, Dordogne links to Category:Bussac, Dordogne [Search]
  401. w:ro:Lacour links to Category:Lacour [Search]
  402. w:ro:Gensac, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Gensac, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  403. w:ro:POFK Botev Vrața links to Category:POFK Botev Vrața [Search]
  404. w:ro:Cantonul Geneva links to Category:Canton of Genève [Search]
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  406. w:ro:La Bastide, Var links to Category:La Bastide, Var [Search]
  407. w:ro:Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle, Savoie links to Category:Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle, Savoie [Search]
  408. w:ro:Rosières, Tarn links to Category:Rosières, Tarn [Search]
  409. w:ro:Plan, Isère links to Category:Plan, Isère [Search]
  410. w:ro:Hauteville, Savoie links to Category:Hauteville, Savoie [Search]
  411. w:ro:Saint-Astier, Dordogne links to Category:Saint-Astier, Dordogne [Search]
  412. w:ro:Grenay, Isère links to Category:Grenay, Isère [Search]
  413. w:ro:Primo Colón links to Category:Primo Colón [Search]
  414. w:ro:Ruch, Gironde links to Category:Ruch, Gironde [Search]
  415. w:ro:Montbrison, Loire links to Category:Montbrison, Loire [Search]
  416. w:ro:Saint-Clément, Gard links to Category:Saint-Clément, Gard [Search]
  417. w:ro:Durham (oraș) links to Category:Derwentside [Search]
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  419. w:ro:Derwentside links to Category:Derwentside [Search]
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  421. w:ro:Bars, Dordogne links to Category:Bars, Dordogne [Search]
  422. w:ro:Vira, Pyrénées-Orientales links to Category:Vira, Pyrénées-Orientales [Search]
  423. w:ro:La Perrière, Savoie links to Category:La Perrière, Savoie [Search]
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  425. w:ro:Viane links to Category:Viane [Search]
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  432. w:ro:Barby, Savoie links to Category:Barby, Savoie [Search]
  433. w:ro:Sinagoga din Madrid links to Category:Synagogue of Madrid [Search]
  434. w:ro:Florentin, Tarn links to Category:Florentin, Tarn [Search]
  435. w:ro:Montaut, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Montaut, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  436. w:ro:Colombier, Loire links to Category:Colombier, Loire [Search]
  437. w:ro:T.A.T.u. links to Category:T.A.T.u. (band) [Search]
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  439. w:ro:Saint-Hilaire-du-Bois, Gironde links to Category:Saint-Hilaire-du-Bois, Gironde [Search]
  440. w:ro:Servas, Gard links to Category:Servas, Gard [Search]
  441. w:ro:Condom, Gers links to Category:Condom, Gers [Search]
  442. w:ro:Monségur, Landes links to Category:Monségur, Landes [Search]
  443. w:ro:Saint-Just, Hérault links to Category:Saint-Just, Hérault [Search]
  444. w:ro:Monestier, Dordogne links to Category:Monestier, Dordogne [Search]
  445. w:ro:Générac, Gard links to Category:Générac, Gard [Search]
  446. w:ro:Barnave, Drôme links to Category:Barnave, Drôme [Search]
  447. w:ro:Lagos, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Lagos, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  448. w:ro:Virac, Tarn links to Category:Virac, Tarn [Search]
  449. w:ro:Marseillan, Hérault links to Category:Marseillan, Hérault [Search]
  450. w:ro:Orges, Haute-Marne links to Category:Orges, Haute-Marne [Search]
  451. w:ro:Parcul Carol I links to Category:Parcul Carol [Search]
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  453. w:ro:Bren, Drôme links to Category:Bren, Drôme [Search]
  454. w:ro:Gottlieb Daimler links to Alexander Gottlieb Daimler [Search]
  455. w:ro:Atrocity links to Atrocity [Search]
  456. w:ro:Markt Bibart links to Markt Bibart [Search]
  457. w:ro:Scheinfeld links to Scheinfeld [Search]
  458. w:ro:Bad Elster links to Bad Elster [Search]
  459. w:ro:Schnaittenbach links to Schnaittenbach [Search]
  460. w:ro:Bad Kötzting links to Bad Kötzting [Search]
  461. w:ro:Gnotzheim links to Gnotzheim [Search]
  462. w:ro:Landsberg am Lech links to Landsberg am Lech [Search]
  463. w:ro:Biserica greco-catolică din Jibou links to Biserica greco-catolică din Jibou [Search]
  464. w:ro:Lupburg links to Lupburg [Search]
  465. w:ro:Salvador Dalí links to Salvador Dalií [Search]
  466. w:ro:Hammelburg links to Hammelburg [Search]
  467. w:ro:Cassia links to Cassia [Search]
  468. w:ro:Floß links to Floß [Search]
  469. w:ro:Herrieden links to Herrieden [Search]
  470. w:ro:Erkheim links to Erkheim [Search]
  471. w:ro:Kraiburg am Inn links to Kraiburg am Inn [Search]
  472. w:ro:Vöhringen links to Vöhringen [Search]
  473. w:ro:Frammersbach links to Frammersbach [Search]
  474. w:ro:Birgitz links to Birgitz [Search]
  475. w:ro:Tipografie (întreprindere) links to Category:Tipografii [Search]
  476. w:ro:Fontanes, Lot links to Category:Fontanes, Lot [Search]
  477. w:ro:Nikolai Egorovici Jukovski links to Category:Nikolai Egorovici Jukovski [Search]
  478. w:ro:Pradines, Loire links to Category:Pradines, Loire [Search]
  479. w:ro:Parisot, Tarn links to Category:Parisot, Tarn [Search]
  480. w:ro:Cazals, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Cazals, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  481. w:ro:Sainte-Colombe, Landes links to Category:Sainte-Colombe, Landes [Search]
  482. w:ro:Marsas, Gironde links to Category:Marsas, Gironde [Search]
  483. w:ro:Cuzieu, Loire links to Category:Cuzieu, Loire [Search]
  484. w:ro:Boos, Landes links to Category:Boos, Landes [Search]
  485. w:ro:Lacaune links to Category:Lacaune [Search]
  486. w:ro:Saint-Bresson, Gard links to Category:Saint-Bresson, Gard [Search]
  487. w:ro:Cazinoul din Vatra Dornei links to Category:Cazinoul Vatra Dornei [Search]
  488. w:ro:Brassac, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Brassac, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  489. w:ro:Laas, Gers links to Category:Laas, Gers [Search]
  490. w:ro:Larvik HK links to Category:Larvik HK [Search]
  491. w:ro:Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario links to Category:Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario [Search]
  492. w:ro:Montesquieu, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Montesquieu, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  493. w:ro:Larra, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Larra, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  494. w:ro:Champagnat, Creuse links to Category:Champagnat, Creuse [Search]
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