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  1. w:ro:Rötz links to Rötz [Search]
  2. w:ro:Centrala Tejo (ansamblu arhitectural) links to Museu da Electricidade [Search]
  3. w:ro:Alzey links to Alzey [Search]
  4. w:ro:Partizanii sovietici links to Soviet partisans [Search]
  5. w:ro:Luhe-Wildenau links to Luhe-Wildenau [Search]
  6. w:ro:Conferințele TED links to TED [Search]
  7. w:ro:Rehau links to Rehau [Search]
  8. w:ro:Heideck links to Heideck [Search]
  9. w:ro:British Museum links to British Museums [Search]
  10. w:ro:Juillac, Gironde links to Category:Juillac, Gironde [Search]
  11. w:ro:Arrien links to Category:Arrien [Search]
  12. w:ro:Biron, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Biron, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  13. w:ro:Concordia (navă) links to Category:Concordia (ship) [Search]
  14. w:ro:Marnand, Rhône links to Category:Marnand, Rhône [Search]
  15. w:ro:Escamps, Lot links to Category:Escamps, Lot [Search]
  16. w:ro:Buhl, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Buhl, Haut-Rhin [Search]
  17. w:ro:Azur, Landes links to Category:Azur, Landes [Search]
  18. w:ro:Stadionul Olimpic din Londra links to Category:Stadionul Olimpic din Londra [Search]
  19. w:ro:Bressanone links to Category:Brixen-Bressanone [Search]
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  20. w:ro:Maubec, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Maubec, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  21. w:ro:Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  22. w:ro:Ștefan Râmniceanu links to Category:Ștefan Râmniceanu [Search]
  23. w:ro:Arhipelagul Los Frailes links to Category:Arhipelagul Los Frailes [Search]
  24. w:ro:Osciloscop links to Category:Oscilloscope [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2010-02-08T15:20:33Z; comment: Incorrectly named: moved to Category:Oscilloscopes
  25. w:ro:Istoria Bălțiului links to Category:History of Bălţi [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-12T06:15:40Z; comment: Category:History of Bălţi moved to Category:History of Bălți
  26. w:ro:Pardaillan, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Pardaillan, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  27. w:ro:Terorism links to Category:Terorism [Search]
  28. w:ro:Bax, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Bax, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  29. w:ro:Err, Pyrénées-Orientales links to Category:Err, Pyrénées-Orientales [Search]
  30. w:ro:Montferrat, Var links to Category:Montferrat, Var [Search]
  31. w:ro:Quintal, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Quintal, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  32. w:ro:Velles, Haute-Marne links to Category:Velles, Haute-Marne [Search]
  33. w:ro:Saint-Germier, Gers links to Category:Saint-Germier, Gers [Search]
  34. w:ro:Saint-Sernin, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Sernin, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  35. w:ro:Ayse links to Category:Ayse [Search]
  36. w:ro:Lasserre, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Lasserre, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  37. w:ro:Celles, Dordogne links to Category:Celles, Dordogne [Search]
  38. w:ro:Labatut, Landes links to Category:Labatut, Landes [Search]
  39. w:ro:Lemps, Drôme links to Category:Lemps, Drôme [Search]
  40. w:ro:François de la Rochefoucauld links to Category:François de la Rochefoucauld [Search]
  41. w:ro:La Tourette links to Category:La Tourette [Search]
  42. w:ro:Saint-Christophe, Rhône links to Category:Saint-Christophe, Rhône [Search]
  43. w:ro:Curel, Haute-Marne links to Category:Curel, Haute-Marne [Search]
  44. w:ro:Burg, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Burg, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  45. w:ro:Saint-Alexandre, Gard links to Category:Saint-Alexandre, Gard [Search]
  46. w:ro:Ibos, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Ibos, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  47. w:ro:Aubusson, Creuse links to Category:Aubusson, Creuse [Search]
  48. w:ro:Boussy, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Boussy, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  49. w:ro:Marktredwitz links to Marktredwitz [Search]
  50. w:ro:Ebensfeld links to Ebensfeld [Search]
  51. w:ro:Eschlkam links to Eschlkam [Search]
  52. w:ro:Tirschenreuth links to Tirschenreuth [Search]
  53. w:ro:Angerberg links to Angerberg [Search]
  54. w:ro:Ziemetshausen links to Ziemetshausen [Search]
  55. w:ro:Johann Gottfried von Herder links to Johann Gottfried von Herder [Search]
  56. w:ro:Bardejov links to Bardejov [Search]
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    • note: Category:Bardejov exists
  57. w:ro:Vie links to Vie [Search]
  58. w:ro:Alsfeld links to Alsfeld [Search]
  59. w:ro:Ellbögen links to Ellbögen [Search]
  60. w:ro:Ulpia Marciana links to Ulpia Marciana [Search]
  61. w:ro:Fuchsmühl links to Fuchsmühl [Search]
  62. w:ro:Grafenwöhr links to Grafenwöhr [Search]
  63. w:ro:Berchtesgaden links to Berchtesgaden [Search]
  64. w:ro:Banque de France links to Banque de France [Search]
  65. w:ro:Listă de arme romane links to Military equipment of Ancient Rome [Search]
  66. w:ro:Procesor links to Microprocessors [Search]
  67. w:ro:Sahara Occidentală links to Sahara Occidentală [Search]
  68. w:ro:Châtelus, Isère links to Category:Châtelus, Isère [Search]
  69. w:ro:Saint-Clair, Lot links to Category:Saint-Clair, Lot [Search]
  70. w:ro:Moncaup, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Moncaup, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  71. w:ro:La Tour, Haute-Savoie links to Category:La Tour, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  72. w:ro:Mathias Tantau links to Category:Rose by Tantau [Search]
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  73. w:ro:Mathias Tantau jun. links to Category:Rose by Tantau [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-05T21:55:07Z; comment: Renamed category: content was: "This Category lists the roses form the grower Rosen Tantau. Rosen Tantau (also RosenWelt Tantau) is a Rosen breeding company specialised in Uetersen [[:Kreis Pinneberg|district Pi...
  74. w:ro:Gramont, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Gramont, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  75. w:ro:Saint-Christol, Vaucluse links to Category:Saint-Christol, Vaucluse [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-09-01T08:15:01Z; comment: Empty category / unused redirect
  76. w:ro:Saint-Christol, Hérault links to Category:Saint-Christol, Hérault [Search]
  77. w:ro:Frayssinet links to Category:Frayssinet [Search]
  78. w:ro:Bélesta, Pyrénées-Orientales links to Category:Bélesta, Pyrénées-Orientales [Search]
  79. w:ro:George Kelly links to Category:George Kelly [Search]
  80. w:ro:Transportul feroviar în Insula Man links to Category:Rail transport on the Isle of Man [Search]
  81. w:ro:Saint-Aulaire links to Category:Saint-Aulaire [Search]
  82. w:ro:Argentine, Savoie links to Category:Argentine, Savoie [Search]
  83. w:ro:Mănăstirea Predeal links to Category:Mănăstirea Predeal [Search]
  84. w:ro:Mauvezin, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Mauvezin, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  85. w:ro:Tauriac, Tarn links to Category:Tauriac, Tarn [Search]
  86. w:ro:Saint-Sylvestre, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Saint-Sylvestre, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  87. w:ro:Saumane, Gard links to Category:Saumane, Gard [Search]
  88. w:ro:Saint-André, Gers links to Category:Saint-André, Gers [Search]
  89. w:ro:Cabrières, Hérault links to Category:Cabrières, Hérault [Search]
  90. w:ro:Montignac, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Montignac, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  91. w:ro:Provincia Arauco links to Category:Arauco Province [Search]
  92. w:ro:Marseillan, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Marseillan, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  93. w:ro:Flora Australiei links to Category:Plants of Australias [Search]
  94. w:ro:Châtel, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Châtel, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  95. w:ro:Gravesham links to Category:Gravesham [Search]
  96. w:ro:Valcourt, Haute-Marne links to Category:Valcourt, Haute-Marne [Search]
  97. w:ro:Savigny, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Savigny, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  98. w:ro:Drepcăuți, Briceni links to Category:Drepcăuți [Search]
  99. w:ro:Lahitte links to Category:Lahitte [Search]
  100. w:ro:Wahlbach, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Wahlbach, Haut-Rhin [Search]
  101. w:ro:Denkendorf (Bavaria) links to Category:Denkendorf (Oberbayern) [Search]
  102. w:ro:Universitatea Națională Autonomă a Mexicului links to Category:Universitatea Națională Autonomă a Mexicului [Search]
  103. w:ro:Ferrières, Tarn links to Category:Ferrières, Tarn [Search]
  104. w:ro:Saint-Hilaire, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Hilaire, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  105. w:ro:Saint-Aubin, Landes links to Category:Saint-Aubin, Landes [Search]
  106. w:ro:Lavergne, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Lavergne, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  107. w:ro:Lourde, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Lourde, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  108. w:ro:Protestele de după alegerile din Iran din 2009 links to Category:Iranian presidential election 2009 protests [Search]
  109. w:ro:San Carlos, Venezuela links to Category:San Carlos, Venezuela [Search]
  110. w:ro:Labarthe, Gers links to Category:Labarthe, Gers [Search]
  111. w:ro:Rochegude, Drôme links to Category:Rochegude, Drôme [Search]
  112. w:ro:Ore, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Ore, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  113. w:ro:Liliana Palihovici links to Category:Liliana Palihovici [Search]
  114. w:ro:Ruffiac, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Ruffiac, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  115. w:ro:Maure, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Maure, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  116. w:ro:Jonquières, Tarn links to Category:Jonquières, Tarn [Search]
  117. w:ro:Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux, Lozère links to Category:Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux, Lozère [Search]
  118. w:ro:Lunan, Lot links to Category:Lunan, Lot [Search]
  119. w:ro:Aigremont, Haute-Marne links to Category:Aigremont, Haute-Marne [Search]
  120. w:ro:Ambreiaj links to Category:Clutch (coupling) [Search]
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  121. w:ro:Bendorf, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Bendorf, Haut-Rhin [Search]
  122. w:ro:Valence, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Valence, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  123. w:ro:Somerville, Massachusetts links to Category:Sommerville, Massachusetts [Search]
  124. w:ro:Sainte-Luce, Isère links to Category:Sainte-Luce, Isère [Search]
  125. w:ro:Saint-Savin, Gironde links to Category:Saint-Savin, Gironde [Search]
  126. w:ro:Jettingen-Scheppach links to Jettingen-Scheppach [Search]
  127. w:ro:Ippesheim links to Ippesheim [Search]
  128. w:ro:Markt Einersheim links to Markt Einersheim [Search]
  129. w:ro:Cham (Oberpfalz) links to Cham (Oberpfalz) [Search]
  130. w:ro:Oberschwarzach links to Oberschwarzach [Search]
  131. w:ro:Neualbenreuth links to Neualbenreuth [Search]
  132. w:ro:Bad Wörishofen links to Bad Wörishofen [Search]
  133. w:ro:Rüdenhausen links to Rüdenhausen [Search]
  134. w:ro:John Henry Newman links to John Henry Newman [Search]
  135. w:ro:Kudai links to Kudai [Search]
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      2. page was deleted at 2007-12-05T14:44:02Z; comment: Page is out of project scope: content was: '== KUDAI == BIOGRAFIA La historia de Kudai está marcada por el crecimiento y los cambios. Surgieron en el 2000 como CIAO (el poder de los niños) cuando la edad promedio de los...' (and the on
  136. w:ro:Castelul Blankenburg (Harz) links to Schloss Blankenburg (Harz) [Search]
  137. w:ro:Velburg links to Velburg [Search]
  138. w:ro:Korona Kielce links to Korona Kielce [Search]
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  139. w:ro:Pressig links to Pressig [Search]
  140. w:ro:Alzenau links to Alzenau [Search]
  141. w:ro:Gaimersheim links to Gaimersheim [Search]
  142. w:ro:Faggen links to Faggen [Search]
  143. w:ro:Wörth am Main links to Wörth am Main [Search]
  144. w:ro:Maroldsweisach links to Maroldsweisach [Search]
  145. w:ro:Împărăteasa Michiko links to Împărăteasa Michiko a Japoniei [Search]
  146. w:ro:Kitzingen links to Kitzingen [Search]
  147. w:ro:Kleinwallstadt links to Kleinwallstadt [Search]
  148. w:ro:Plattling links to Plattling [Search]
  149. w:ro:Rottenburg an der Laaber links to Rottenburg an der Laaber [Search]
  150. w:ro:Saal an der Saale links to Saal an der Saale [Search]
  151. w:ro:Týnec nad Labem links to Týnec nad Labem [Search]
  152. w:ro:Uffenheim links to Uffenheim [Search]
  153. w:ro:Samariu links to Samariu [Search]
  154. w:ro:Podul Fatih Sultan Mehmet links to Podul Fatih Sultan Mehmet [Search]
  155. w:ro:Siegenburg links to Siegenburg [Search]
  156. w:ro:Untergriesbach links to Untergriesbach [Search]
  157. w:ro:Küps links to Küps [Search]
  158. w:ro:Seßlach links to Seßlach [Search]
  159. w:ro:Gwangmyeong links to Gwangmyeong [Search]
  160. w:ro:Aidenbach links to Aidenbach [Search]
  161. w:ro:Bad Grönenbach links to Bad Grönenbach [Search]
  162. w:ro:Achenkirch links to Achenkirch [Search]
  163. w:ro:Rödental links to Rödental [Search]
  164. w:ro:Pfeffenhausen links to Pfeffenhausen [Search]
  165. w:ro:Höchberg links to Höchberg [Search]
  166. w:ro:Ichenhausen links to Ichenhausen [Search]
  167. w:ro:Balingen links to Balingen [Search]
  168. w:ro:Lockheed AC-130 links to Category:AC-130 Spectre [Search]
  169. w:ro:Aucamville, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Aucamville, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  170. w:ro:Saint-Privat, Hérault links to Category:Saint-Privat, Hérault [Search]
  171. w:ro:Ganges, Hérault links to Category:Ganges, Hérault [Search]
  172. w:ro:Mendip links to Category:Mendip [Search]
  173. w:ro:Mihail Mihailide links to Category:Mihailide Mihail [Search]
  174. w:ro:Bedfordia (Asteraceae) links to Category:Bedfordia (Asteraceae) [Search]
  175. w:ro:Fontanès, Hérault links to Category:Fontanès, Hérault [Search]
  176. w:ro:Constantin Diaconovici Loga links to Category:Constantin Diaconovici Loga [Search]
  177. w:ro:Cruet, Savoie links to Category:Cruet, Savoie [Search]
  178. w:ro:Muzică punk links to Category:Punk rock [Search]
  179. w:ro:Tucupita links to Category:Tucupita [Search]
  180. w:ro:Chilly, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Chilly, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  181. w:ro:Savigneux, Loire links to Category:Savigneux, Loire [Search]
  182. w:ro:Statuia lui Ștefan cel Mare din Chișinău links to Category:Stephen the Great Monument, Chişinău [Search]
  183. w:ro:Rueyres, Lot links to Category:Rueyres, Lot [Search]
  184. w:ro:Pelouse links to Category:Pelouse [Search]
  185. w:ro:Maubec, Isère links to Category:Maubec, Isère [Search]
  186. w:ro:Lacépède, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Lacépède, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  187. w:ro:Romagne, Gironde links to Category:Romagne, Gironde [Search]
  188. w:ro:Lagarrigue, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Lagarrigue, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  189. w:ro:Montagnieu, Isère links to Category:Montagnieu, Isère [Search]
  190. w:ro:Bagas, Gironde links to Category:Bagas, Gironde [Search]
  191. w:ro:Meghido links to Category:Meggido [Search]
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  192. w:ro:Gans, Gironde links to Category:Gans, Gironde [Search]
  193. w:ro:Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta links to Category:Category:Columbia [Search]
  194. w:ro:Le Pontet, Vaucluse links to Category:Le Pontet, Vaucluse [Search]
  195. w:ro:Saint-Pierre-d'Entremont, Savoie links to Category:Saint-Pierre-d'Entremont, Savoie [Search]
  196. w:ro:Pressigny, Haute-Marne links to Category:Pressigny, Haute-Marne [Search]
  197. w:ro:Barajul Kariba links to Category:Barajul Kariba [Search]
  198. w:ro:Montagne, Isère links to Category:Montagne, Isère [Search]
  199. w:ro:Saint-Palais, Gironde links to Category:Saint-Palais, Gironde [Search]
  200. w:ro:Saint-Aignan, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Aignan, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  201. w:ro:Aventura bandei pătate links to Category:The Adventure of the Speckled Band [Search]
  202. w:ro:Berkeley, California links to Category:Berkeley, California) [Search]
  203. w:ro:Fenland links to Category:Fenland [Search]
  204. w:ro:Forest Heath links to Category:Fenland [Search]
  205. w:ro:Auterive, Gers links to Category:Auterive, Gers [Search]
  206. w:ro:Antifon links to Category:Antifon [Search]
  207. w:ro:Lachamp links to Category:Lachamp [Search]
  208. w:ro:Verfeil, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Verfeil, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  209. w:ro:Luc, Lozère links to Category:Luc, Lozère [Search]
  210. w:ro:Sainte-Colombe, Rhône links to Category:Sainte-Colombe, Rhône [Search]
  211. w:ro:Magneux, Haute-Marne links to Category:Magneux, Haute-Marne [Search]
  212. w:ro:Motanul Sylvester links to Category:Motanul Sylvester [Search]
  213. w:ro:Saint-Géry, Lot links to Category:Saint-Géry, Lot [Search]
  214. w:ro:Bias, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Bias, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  215. w:ro:Changy, Loire links to Category:Changy, Loire [Search]
  216. w:ro:Lussan, Gers links to Category:Lussan, Gers [Search]
  217. w:ro:Mérignac, Gironde links to Category:Mérignac, Gironde [Search]
  218. w:ro:Auerbach in der Oberpfalz links to Auerbach in der Oberpfalz [Search]
  219. w:ro:Hilas links to Hylas [Search]
  220. w:ro:Arachis links to Arachis [Search]
  221. w:ro:Bad Rodach links to Bad Rodach [Search]
  222. w:ro:Schwarzach (Niederbayern) links to Schwarzach (Niederbayern) [Search]
  223. w:ro:Bürgstadt links to Bürgstadt [Search]
  224. w:ro:Plassenburg links to Plassenburg [Search]
  225. w:ro:Fendels links to Fendels [Search]
  226. w:ro:Marktoberdorf links to Marktoberdorf [Search]
  227. w:ro:Vilseck links to Vilseck [Search]
  228. w:ro:Münnerstadt links to Münnerstadt [Search]
  229. w:ro:Elfershausen links to Elfershausen [Search]
  230. w:ro:Constantin Brâncuși links to Constantin Brâncuși [Search]
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  231. w:ro:Pisica lui Schrödinger links to Pisica lui Schrödinger [Search]
  232. w:ro:Craterul Halemaumau links to Craterul Halemaumau [Search]
  233. w:ro:Planking links to Planking [Search]
  234. w:ro:Pommersfelden links to Pommersfelden [Search]
  235. w:ro:Elmen links to Elmen [Search]
  236. w:ro:Pitești links to Piteşti [Search]
  237. w:ro:Zellingen links to Zellingen [Search]
  238. w:ro:Sames, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Sames, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  239. w:ro:Copeland links to Category:Copeland [Search]
  240. w:ro:Brousse, Tarn links to Category:Brousse, Tarn [Search]
  241. w:ro:Aphanactis links to Category:Aphanactis [Search]
  242. w:ro:Felipe, Prinț de Asturia links to Category:Felipe, Prinț de Asturia [Search]
  243. w:ro:Nagasaki links to Category:Nagasaki in Ruins [Search]
  244. w:ro:North Shropshire links to Category:North Shropshire [Search]
  245. w:ro:Étable links to Category:Étable [Search]
  246. w:ro:Cuq, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Cuq, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  247. w:ro:Sauveterre, Gard links to Category:Sauveterre, Gard [Search]
  248. w:ro:Oz, Isère links to Category:Oz, Isère [Search]
  249. w:ro:Anthon, Isère links to Category:Anthon, Isère [Search]
  250. w:ro:Vărvăreuca, Florești links to Category:Vărvăreuca, Florești [Search]
  251. w:ro:Saint-Antoine, Gers links to Category:Saint-Antoine, Gers [Search]
  252. w:ro:Ordinul Eroul Poporului links to Category:People's Hero of Yugoslavia [Search]
  253. w:ro:Villenouvelle links to Category:Villenouvelle [Search]
  254. w:ro:Gaujac, Gers links to Category:Gaujac, Gers [Search]
  255. w:ro:Noyers, Haute-Marne links to Category:Noyers, Haute-Marne [Search]
  256. w:ro:Saint-Just, Dordogne links to Category:Saint-Just, Dordogne [Search]
  257. w:ro:Campagne, Dordogne links to Category:Campagne, Dordogne [Search]
  258. w:ro:Jonquières, Hérault links to Category:Jonquières, Hérault [Search]
  259. w:ro:Sistem înglobat links to Category:Sistem înglobat [Search]
  260. w:ro:Segonzac, Corrèze links to Category:Segonzac, Corrèze [Search]
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  262. w:ro:Saint-Vérand, Isère links to Category:Saint-Vérand, Isère [Search]
  263. w:ro:Viger, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Viger, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  264. w:ro:Mars, Loire links to Category:Mars, Loire [Search]
  265. w:ro:Saint-Christophe, Savoie links to Category:Saint-Christophe, Savoie [Search]
  266. w:ro:Larzac, Dordogne links to Category:Larzac, Dordogne [Search]
  267. w:ro:Francazal links to Category:Francazal [Search]
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  274. w:ro:Lamanère links to Category:Lamanère [Search]
  275. w:ro:Saint-Sylvestre, Haute-Vienne links to Category:Saint-Sylvestre, Haute-Vienne [Search]
  276. w:ro:Caubous, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Caubous, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  277. w:ro:Chevrières, Isère links to Category:Chevrières, Isère [Search]
  278. w:ro:Cordon, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Cordon, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  279. w:ro:Blanzac, Haute-Vienne links to Category:Blanzac, Haute-Vienne [Search]
  280. w:ro:Taillebourg, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Taillebourg, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  281. w:ro:Bettendorf, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Bettendorf, Haut-Rhin [Search]
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  288. w:ro:Alleyrat, Creuse links to Category:Alleyrat, Creuse [Search]
  289. w:ro:Bretten, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Bretten, Haut-Rhin [Search]
  290. w:ro:Bournazel, Tarn links to Category:Bournazel, Tarn [Search]
  291. w:ro:Baudrecourt, Haute-Marne links to Category:Baudrecourt, Haute-Marne [Search]
  292. w:ro:Bafutia links to Category:Bafutia [Search]
  293. w:ro:Durfort, Tarn links to Category:Durfort, Tarn [Search]
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  295. w:ro:Alex, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Alex, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  296. w:ro:Gabriac, Lozère links to Category:Gabriac, Lozère [Search]
  297. w:ro:Sevrier links to Category:Sevrier [Search]
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  299. w:ro:Arbus, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Arbus, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  300. w:ro:Sainte-Agnès, Isère links to Category:Sainte-Agnès, Isère [Search]
  301. w:ro:Caumont, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Caumont, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  302. w:ro:Mihăileni, Briceni links to Category:Mihăileni [Search]
  303. w:ro:La Trinité, Savoie links to Category:La Trinité, Savoie [Search]
  304. w:ro:Noth, Creuse links to Category:Noth, Creuse [Search]
  305. w:ro:İsmail Enver links to Category:Enver Pașa [Search]
  306. w:ro:Fronsac, Gironde links to Category:Fronsac, Gironde [Search]
  307. w:ro:Wegscheid, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Wegscheid, Haut-Rhin [Search]
  308. w:ro:Villedieu, Vaucluse links to Category:Villedieu, Vaucluse [Search]
  309. w:ro:Pompignan, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Pompignan, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
  310. w:ro:Adenostemma links to Category:Adenostemma [Search]
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  312. w:ro:Turismul în Argentina links to Category:Turismul în Argentina [Search]
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  314. w:ro:Lansac, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Lansac, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  315. w:ro:Sinagoga din Buenos Aires links to Category:Templo Libertad [Search]
  316. w:ro:Venidium links to Category:Venidium [Search]
  317. w:ro:Lagardère, Gers links to Category:Lagardère, Gers [Search]
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  319. w:ro:Baba Iaga links to Category:Baba Iaga [Search]
  320. w:ro:Mont, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Mont, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  321. w:ro:Os Resentidos links to Category:Os Resentidos [Search]
  322. w:ro:Fosse, Pyrénées-Orientales links to Category:Fosse, Pyrénées-Orientales [Search]
  323. w:ro:Les Plans, Hérault links to Category:Les Plans, Hérault [Search]
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  338. w:ro:Welden links to Welden [Search]
  339. w:ro:Biserica lipovenească din Rădăuți links to Russian church in Radauti [Search]
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  341. w:ro:See (Ort) links to Schwaz [Search]
  342. w:ro:Schwoich links to Schwaz [Search]
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  350. w:ro:Grădina Publică Ștefan cel Mare din Chișinău links to Category:Ştefan cel Mare Central Park [Search]
  351. w:ro:Bonnevaux, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Bonnevaux, Haute-Savoie [Search]
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  355. w:ro:Cantonul Basel-Oraș links to Category:Canton of Basel-City [Search]
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  365. w:ro:Cescau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Cescau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  366. w:ro:Sode, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Sode, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  367. w:ro:Clarac, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Clarac, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  368. w:ro:Labastide links to Category:Labastide [Search]
  369. w:ro:Saint-Pardoux-le-Neuf, Creuse links to Category:Saint-Pardoux-le-Neuf, Creuse [Search]
  370. w:ro:Lavalette, Hérault links to Category:Lavalette, Hérault [Search]
  371. w:ro:Cambes, Gironde links to Category:Cambes, Gironde [Search]
  372. w:ro:Roussillon, Vaucluse links to Category:Roussillon, Vaucluse [Search]
  373. w:ro:Saint-Julien, Var links to Category:Saint-Julien, Var [Search]
  374. w:ro:Saint-Pierre, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Saint-Pierre, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  375. w:ro:Gerde, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Gerde, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  376. w:ro:Copahue (vulcan) links to Category:Copahue volcano [Search]
  377. w:ro:Longueville, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Longueville, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  378. w:ro:La Sauvetat, Gers links to Category:La Sauvetat, Gers [Search]
  379. w:ro:Ligueux, Gironde links to Category:Ligueux, Gironde [Search]
  380. w:ro:Tournay, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Tournay, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  381. w:ro:Jardin, Isère links to Category:Jardin, Isère [Search]
  382. w:ro:Manas, Drôme links to Category:Manas, Drôme [Search]
  383. w:ro:Goux links to Category:Goux [Search]
  384. w:ro:Clermont, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Clermont, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  385. w:ro:Saint-Victor, Dordogne links to Category:Saint-Victor, Dordogne [Search]
  386. w:ro:Versonnex, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Versonnex, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  387. w:ro:Ferrières, Hautes-Pyrénées links to Category:Ferrières, Hautes-Pyrénées [Search]
  388. w:ro:Noailhac, Tarn links to Category:Noailhac, Tarn [Search]
  389. w:ro:Aubiac, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Aubiac, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  390. w:ro:Saint-Andéol, Drôme links to Category:Saint-Andéol, Drôme [Search]
  391. w:ro:South Bend, Indiana links to Category:Saint Joseph County, Indiana [Search]
  392. w:ro:Cabanès, Tarn links to Category:Cabanès, Tarn [Search]
  393. w:ro:Piața 22 Decembrie din Suceava links to Category:22 Decembrie Square, Suceava [Search]
  394. w:ro:Arnos, Pyrénées-Atlantiques links to Category:Arnos, Pyrénées-Atlantiques [Search]
  395. w:ro:Misson, Landes links to Category:Misson, Landes [Search]
  396. w:ro:Liv Grete Poirée links to Category:Liv Grete Poiree [Search]
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  400. w:ro:Rohr in Niederbayern links to Rohr in Niederbayern [Search]
  401. w:ro:Larix links to Pinaceae [Search]
  402. w:ro:Comuna Altusried, Oberallgäu links to Altusried [Search]
  403. w:ro:Listă de arme romane links to Roman legions [Search]
  404. w:ro:Litoměřice links to Litoměřice [Search]
  405. w:ro:Ulei esențial links to Essential oils [Search]
  406. w:ro:Neustadt am Kulm links to Neustadt am Kulm [Search]
  407. w:ro:Feucht links to Feucht [Search]
  408. w:ro:Zeil am Main links to Zeil am Main [Search]
  409. w:ro:Biberwier links to Biberwier [Search]
  410. w:ro:Baja links to Baja [Search]
  411. w:ro:Mitwitz links to Mitwitz [Search]
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  418. w:ro:Centaurodendron links to Category:Centaurodendron [Search]
  419. w:ro:FK Željezničar Sarajevo links to Category:FK ZŽeljeznicčar [Search]
  420. w:ro:Saint-Urcisse, Tarn links to Category:Saint-Urcisse, Tarn [Search]
  421. w:ro:Le Passage, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Le Passage, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  422. w:ro:Henric al V-lea de Luxemburg links to Category:Henric al V-lea de Luxemburg [Search]
  423. w:ro:Labarthe, Tarn-et-Garonne links to Category:Labarthe, Tarn-et-Garonne [Search]
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  427. w:ro:Choisy, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Choisy, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  428. w:ro:Scafandru rigid articulat links to Category:Atmospheric diving suit [Search]
  429. w:ro:Roquebrune, Gers links to Category:Roquebrune, Gers [Search]
  430. w:ro:Romagny, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Romagny, Haut-Rhin [Search]
  431. w:ro:Pompignan, Gard links to Category:Pompignan, Gard [Search]
  432. w:ro:Cogny, Rhône links to Category:Cogny, Rhône [Search]
  433. w:ro:Martel, Lot links to Category:Martel, Lot [Search]
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  435. w:ro:Ontex links to Category:Ontex [Search]
  436. w:ro:Py, Pyrénées-Orientales links to Category:Py, Pyrénées-Orientales [Search]
  437. w:ro:Montgaillard, Tarn links to Category:Montgaillard, Tarn [Search]
  438. w:ro:Turnul Alb din Brașov links to Category:White Tower from Braşov [Search]
  439. w:ro:Lagarde, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Lagarde, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  440. w:ro:Rochefort, Savoie links to Category:Rochefort, Savoie [Search]
  441. w:ro:Noailhac, Corrèze links to Category:Noailhac, Corrèze [Search]
  442. w:ro:Listă de guvernatori ai statului Washington, Statele Unite ale Americii links to Category:Governors of Washington [Search]
  443. w:ro:Blanquefort, Gironde links to Category:Blanquefort, Gironde [Search]
  444. w:ro:Beaumont, Gers links to Category:Beaumont, Gers [Search]
  445. w:ro:Newark and Sherwood links to Category:Newark and Sherwood [Search]
  446. w:ro:Smârc links to Category:Moorland, bog, swamp [Search]
  447. w:ro:Cornillac links to Category:Cornillac [Search]
  448. w:ro:Toalete în Japonia links to Category:Japanese toilets [Search]
  449. w:ro:Saint-Hilaire, Lot links to Category:Saint-Hilaire, Lot [Search]
  450. w:ro:Domme, Dordogne links to Category:Domme, Dordogne [Search]
  451. w:ro:Choiseul, Haute-Marne links to Category:Choiseul, Haute-Marne [Search]
  452. w:ro:Saint-Martin, Var links to Category:Saint-Martin, Var [Search]
  453. w:ro:Chassigny, Haute-Marne links to Category:Chassigny, Haute-Marne [Search]
  454. w:ro:Abondance, Haute-Savoie links to Category:Abondance, Haute-Savoie [Search]
  455. w:ro:Mons, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Mons, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  456. w:ro:Navès, Tarn links to Category:Navès, Tarn [Search]
  457. w:ro:Goncourt, Haute-Marne links to Category:Goncourt, Haute-Marne [Search]
  458. w:ro:Cazilhac, Hérault links to Category:Cazilhac, Hérault [Search]
  459. w:ro:Sablons, Gironde links to Category:Sablons, Gironde [Search]
  460. w:ro:Banos, Landes links to Category:Banos, Landes [Search]
  461. w:ro:Esparron, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Esparron, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  462. w:ro:Inundație links to Category:Inundație [Search]
  463. w:ro:Anan, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Anan, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  464. w:ro:Prunet, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Prunet, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  465. w:ro:Arné links to Category:Arné [Search]
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  467. w:ro:Berneuil, Haute-Vienne links to Category:Berneuil, Haute-Vienne [Search]
  468. w:ro:Duras, Lot-et-Garonne links to Category:Duras, Lot-et-Garonne [Search]
  469. w:ro:Cazac, Haute-Garonne links to Category:Cazac, Haute-Garonne [Search]
  470. w:ro:Cézac, Lot links to Category:Cézac, Lot [Search]
  471. w:ro:Piața Sfatului din Brașov links to Category:Mureșenilor street from Brașov [Search]
  472. w:ro:Feldkirch, Haut-Rhin links to Category:Feldkirch, Haut-Rhin [Search]
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  474. w:ro:Manifesta links to Category:Manifesta [Search]
  475. w:ro:Incendiu links to Conflagration [Search]
  476. w:ro:Zodiacul chinezesc links to Zodiacul chinezesc [Search]
  477. w:ro:Tatabánya links to Tatabánya [Search]
  478. w:ro:Burgpreppach links to Burgpreppach [Search]
  479. w:ro:Edifício Itália links to Edifício Itália [Search]
  480. w:ro:Fischach links to Fischach [Search]
  481. w:ro:Schwarzach a. Main links to Schwarzach am Main [Search]
  482. w:ro:Töging am Inn links to Töging am Inn [Search]
  483. w:ro:Dolná Krupá links to Dolná Krupá [Search]
  484. w:ro:Ebbs links to Ebbs [Search]
  485. w:ro:Mönchberg links to Mönchberg [Search]
  486. w:ro:Carpen links to Carpinus [Search]
  487. w:ro:Markt Nordheim links to Markt Nordheim [Search]
  488. w:ro:Valdepeñas links to Valdepeñas [Search]
  489. w:ro:Spalt links to Spalt [Search]
  490. w:ro:Boxplot links to Box plots [Search]
  491. w:ro:Meitingen links to Meitingen [Search]
  492. w:ro:Bad Windsheim links to Bad Windsheim [Search]
  493. w:ro:Maxhütte-Haidhof links to Maxhütte-Haidhof [Search]
  494. w:ro:Wegscheid links to Wegscheid [Search]
  495. w:ro:Geisenhausen links to Geisenhausen [Search]
  496. w:ro:Heimenkirch links to Heimenkirch [Search]
  497. w:ro:Gălbinel de munte links to Doronicum carpaticum [Search]
  498. w:ro:Marktgraitz links to Marktgraitz [Search]
  499. w:ro:Ammerndorf links to Ammerndorf [Search]
  500. w:ro:Eritreea links to Eritreea [Search]