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  1. w:sco:Shirvan (ceety) links to Category:Shirvan city [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-09T07:50:57Z; comment: Category:Shirvan city moved to Category:Shirvan (city)
  2. w:sco:Isfahan Province links to Category:Isfahan Province [Search]
  3. w:sco:Kien Giang Province links to Category:Kien Giang [Search]
  4. w:sco:Hamgyongnam-do links to Category:Hamgyongnam-do [Search]
  5. w:sco:Lewis an Harris links to Category:Lewis and Harris [Search]
  6. w:sco:Mooth links to Category:Mouth [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-16T12:08:08Z; comment: Moved to Category:Mouths.
    • note: Mouth exists
  7. w:sco:Concepción Province, Chile links to Category:Concepción Province, Chile [Search]
  8. w:sco:Province o Varese links to Category:Province o Varese [Search]
  9. w:sco:Kidnappin links to Category:Kidnappin [Search]
  10. w:sco:Greater Concepción links to Category:Greater Concepción [Search]
  11. w:sco:Pleiku Airport links to Category:Pleiku Airport [Search]
  12. w:sco:Port Fuad links to Category:Port Fuad [Search]
  13. w:sco:El-Mahalla El-Kubra links to El-Mahalla El-Kubra [Search]
  14. w:sco:Fiat 8V links to Fiat 8V [Search]
  15. w:sco:Salto Depairtment links to Category:Salto Depairtment [Search]
  16. w:sco:Fukushima Prefectur links to Category:Fukushima Prefecture [Search]
  17. w:sco:Pyongannam-do links to Category:South Pyongan [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-04-16T07:05:51Z; comment: Empty category: (incorrectly named) duplicate of South Pyongan Province
      2. page was deleted at 2008-07-09T14:06:11Z; comment: Empty category: incorrectly named
  18. w:sco:2010 Pichilemu yirdquauk links to Category:2010 Pichilemu yirdquauk [Search]
  19. w:sco:Aichi Prefectur links to Category:Aichi Prefectur [Search]
  20. w:sco:Jasmine Revolution links to Category:Jasmine Revolution [Search]
  21. w:sco:Wast Azerbaijan Province links to Category:West Azarbaijan province [Search]
  22. w:sco:Banner o Panama links to Flags of Panama [Search]
  23. w:sco:Villeurbanne links to Villeurbanne [Search]
  24. w:sco:Isuzu links to Isuzu vehicles [Search]
  25. w:sco:Opel Vivaro links to Vauxhall Vivaro [Search]
  26. w:sco:Birobidzhan links to Birobidzhan [Search]
  27. w:sco:Varsity o Bahia links to Category:Universidade Federal da Bahia [Search]
  28. w:sco:Rocha Depairtment links to Category:Rocha Depairtment [Search]
  29. w:sco:M32 motorwey links to Category:M32 motorwey [Search]
  30. w:sco:Thuringie links to Category:Thuringie [Search]
  31. w:sco:Sucre, Venezuela links to Category:Sucre, Venezuela [Search]
  32. w:sco:Bugatti links to Bugatti vehicles [Search]
  33. w:sco:Tunisie links to Atlas of Tunisie [Search]
  34. w:sco:Coat o airms o Costa Rica links to Coats of arms of Costa Rica [Search]
  35. w:sco:Cleopatra VII links to Cleopatra VII of Egypt [Search]
  36. w:sco:Banner o Croatie links to Flags of Croatia [Search]
  37. w:sco:Coat o airms o Portugal links to Coats of arms of Portugal [Search]
  38. w:sco:Vyborgsky Destrict, Leningrad Oblast links to Category:Vyborg rayon [Search]
  39. w:sco:St Davids links to Category:St Davids [Search]
  40. w:sco:Australie Democrats links to Category:Australie Democrats [Search]
  41. w:sco:Province o Messina links to Category:Province o Messina [Search]
  42. w:sco:Niigata Prefectur links to Category:Niigata Prefecture [Search]
  43. w:sco:Gujarati leid links to Category:Gujarati leid [Search]
  44. w:sco:Bamyan Province links to Category:Bamiyan Province [Search]
  45. w:sco:Hirohito links to Category:Emperor Hirohito [Search]
  46. w:sco:Vlad the Impaler links to Category:Vlad the Impaler [Search]
  47. w:sco:Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug links to Category:Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug [Search]
  48. w:sco:Dunfaurlin links to Category:Dunfaurlin [Search]
  49. w:sco:Ryanggang-do links to Category:Ryanggang [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2008-07-28T12:55:34Z; comment: Blanked, empty and unused
  50. w:sco:Sooth Yorkshire links to Category:Sooth Yorkshire [Search]
  51. w:sco:Mitsubishi Toppo links to Mitsubishi K-Cars [Search]
  52. w:sco:Militar links to Category:Militar [Search]
  53. w:sco:Notts Coonty 2.0 links to Category:Notts Coonty 2.0 [Search]
  54. w:sco:Caldas links to Category:Caldas [Search]
  55. w:sco:States o Venezuela links to Category:States o Venezuela [Search]
  56. w:sco:Destruction (baund) links to Category:Destruction (baund) [Search]
  57. w:sco:Chaco Province links to Category:Chaco [Search]
  58. w:sco:Lug links to Category:Ear [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-01-12T19:40:29Z; comment: Redundant to "Category:Ears".
    • note: Ear exists
  59. w:sco:East Azerbaijan Province links to Category:East Azarbaijan province [Search]
  60. w:sco:Murrayfield Stadium links to Category:Murrayfield Stadium [Search]
  61. w:sco:Banner o Brunei links to Flags of Brunei [Search]
  62. w:sco:Coat o airms o Austrick links to Coats of arms of Austria [Search]
  63. w:sco:Tiraspol links to Tiraspol [Search]
  64. w:sco:Kiryat Ono links to Kiryat Ono [Search]
  65. w:sco:Umbrie links to Category:Umbrie [Search]
  66. w:sco:Gedera links to Category:Ge'dera [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-05-01T21:27:02Z; comment: Moved to Category:Gedera.
  67. w:sco:Cork (ceety) links to Category:Cork [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-05-29T11:49:05Z; comment: Category:Cork moved to Category:Cork (city)
    • note: Cork exists
  68. w:sco:Bolívar, Colombie links to Category:Departamento de Bolívar [Search]
  69. w:sco:Birmingham, Alabama links to Category:Birmingham, Nebraska [Search]
  70. w:sco:PAS Tehran F.C. links to Category:Pas Tehran FC [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-01-11T09:06:19Z; comment: empty
  71. w:sco:Toyota LiteAce links to Toyota LiteAce [Search]
  72. w:sco:Banner o Monaco links to Flags of Monaco [Search]
  73. w:sco:GAZ links to GAZ vehicles [Search]
  74. w:sco:Banner o Ukraine links to Flags of Ukraine [Search]
  75. w:sco:Banner o Kazakhstan links to Flags of Kazakhstan [Search]
  76. w:sco:Venom (baund) links to Venom (band) [Search]
  77. w:sco:Ghadames links to Ghadames [Search]
  78. w:sco:Osh links to Osh [Search]
  79. w:sco:Mendoza Province links to Category:Mendoza [Search]
  80. w:sco:Elâzığ Province links to Category:Elazığ Province [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-08-28T05:39:45Z; comment: Moved to Category:Elâzığ Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia.
  81. w:sco:Stupino, Stupinsky Destrict, Moscow Oblast links to Category:Stupino, Stupinsky Destrict, Moscow Oblast [Search]
  82. w:sco:Serpollet-Dampfdreirad links to Category:Serpollet-Dampfdreirad [Search]
  83. w:sco:Geografie links to Category:Geografie [Search]
  84. w:sco:Mérida, Venezuela links to Category:Mérida, Venezuela [Search]
  85. w:sco:Calabrie links to Category:Calabrie [Search]
  86. w:sco:Tak Province links to Category:Tak [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-06-12T06:22:02Z; comment: Category:Tak moved to Category:Tak Province
  87. w:sco:Pairth links to Category:Pairth [Search]
  88. w:sco:Banner o Thailand links to Flags of Thailand [Search]
  89. w:sco:Winchester links to Winchester [Search]
  90. w:sco:Arkona (Roushie baund) links to Arkona (band) [Search]
  91. w:sco:Banner o Luxembourg links to Flags of Luxembourg [Search]
  92. w:sco:Banner o Greenland links to Flags of Greenland [Search]
  93. w:sco:Liverpuil links to Category:Liverpuil [Search]
  94. w:sco:Chechnie links to Category:Chechnie [Search]
  95. w:sco:Fairview, Texas links to Category:Fairview, Texas [Search]
  96. w:sco:Kil Municipality links to Category:Kil [Search]
  97. w:sco:Taichung links to Category:Taichung [Search]
  98. w:sco:Hirakata links to Category:Hirakata [Search]
  99. w:sco:Santander, Colombie links to Category:Santander, Colombie [Search]
  100. w:sco:Pennsylvanie links to Category:Pennsylvanie [Search]
  101. w:sco:André the Giant links to Category:André The Giant [Search]
  102. w:sco:BMW Dixi links to Category:BMW Dixi [Search]
  103. w:sco:Filosofie links to Category:Filosofie [Search]
  104. w:sco:Galatasaray links to Category:Galatasaray [Search]
  105. w:sco:Algerie links to Category:Algerie [Search]
  106. w:sco:Federation o Bosnie an Herzegovinae links to Category:Federation o Bosnie an Herzegovinae [Search]
  107. w:sco:Eurovision Sang Contest 2005 links to Category:Eurovision 2005 [Search]
  108. w:sco:Eurovision Sang Contest 2004 links to Category:Eurovision 2004 [Search]
  109. w:sco:Cathedral o Concepción, Chile links to Category:Cathedral of the Most Holy Conception, Chile [Search]
  110. w:sco:Federal dependencies o Venezuela links to Category:Federal dependencies o Venezuela [Search]
  111. w:sco:St. Louis links to Category:St. Louis [Search]
  112. w:sco:La Goulette links to La Goulette [Search]
  113. w:sco:Honda Beat links to Honda Beat [Search]
  114. w:sco:Kelsae links to Kelso [Search]
  115. w:sco:Banner o Uruguay links to Flags of Uruguay [Search]
  116. w:sco:Coat o airms o Egyp links to Coats of arms of Egypt [Search]
  117. w:sco:Tak (toun) links to Tak (town) [Search]
  118. w:sco:Napalm Death links to Napalm Death [Search]
  119. w:sco:Hafei links to Hafei vehicles [Search]
  120. w:sco:Bishkek links to Bishkek [Search]
  121. w:sco:Chilean Navy links to Category:Chilean Navy [Search]
  122. w:sco:Australie Labor Pairty links to Category:Australie Labor Pairty [Search]
  123. w:sco:Formosa Province links to Category:Formosa [Search]
  124. w:sco:Chemistrie links to Category:Chemistrie [Search]
  125. w:sco:Ido leid links to Category:Ido [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-07-04T16:33:15Z; comment: Moved to Category:Ido language.
  126. w:sco:Hun, Libie links to Category:Hun, Libie [Search]
  127. w:sco:Medellín Cairtel links to Category:Medellín Cairtel [Search]
  128. w:sco:Medicin links to Category:Medicin [Search]
  129. w:sco:San José Depairtment links to Category:San José Depairtment [Search]
  130. w:sco:Vytautas links to Category:Vytautas [Search]
  131. w:sco:Montgomery, Alabama links to Category:Montgomery, Nebraska [Search]
  132. w:sco:Vratsa Province links to Category:Vratsa District [Search]
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  133. w:sco:Aiberbrothock links to Category:Aiberbrothock [Search]
  134. w:sco:Al Bahah links to Category:Al Bahah [Search]
  135. w:sco:Cam Ranh Airport links to Category:Cam Ranh Airport [Search]
  136. w:sco:Rowin links to Category:Rowin [Search]
  137. w:sco:Yemeni revolution links to Category:2011 Yemeni protests [Search]
  138. w:sco:Caterham Seven links to Caterham vehicles [Search]
  139. w:sco:Subaru Stella links to Subaru Stella [Search]
  140. w:sco:Danny Way links to Danny Way [Search]
  141. w:sco:Spa, Belgium links to Category:Spa, Belgium [Search]
  142. w:sco:Antropologie links to Category:Antropologie [Search]
  143. w:sco:Aue links to Category:Aue (Sachsen) [Search]
  144. w:sco:Barinas, Venezuela links to Category:Barinas, Venezuela [Search]
  145. w:sco:Haaick links to Category:Haaick [Search]
  146. w:sco:Canton o Geneva links to Category:Canton of Genève [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-02-20T15:52:53Z; comment: (empty, not used category)
  147. w:sco:Westfield Sportscars links to Westfield vehicles [Search]

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