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  1. w:sr:Итузаинго links to Category:Ituzaingó [Search]
  2. w:sr:Пуерто Падре links to Category:Puerto Padre [Search]
  3. w:sr:Благоевградска област links to Category:Blagoevgrad District [Search]
  4. w:sr:Беласица (Крушевац) links to Category:Belasica (Kruševac) [Search]
  5. w:sr:Конрад Бејн links to Category:Конрад Бејн [Search]
  6. w:sr:Ангола на Летњим олимпијским играма 2012. links to Category:Angola at the 2012 Summer Olympics [Search]
  7. w:sr:Споменик Дражгошкој бици links to Category:Monument to the Battle of Dražgoše [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-23T18:45:42Z; comment: empty category
  8. w:sr:Калмарска унија links to Category:Kalmar Union (1389-1523) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-13T13:42:19Z; comment: empty category
  9. w:sr:Мезековачхаза links to Category:Medgyesegyháza [Search]
  10. w:sr:Ибрањ links to Category:Ibrány [Search]
  11. w:sr:Округ Ситрус (Флорида) links to Category:Округ Ситрус (Флорида) [Search]
  12. w:sr:Шуховљев торањ links to Category:Shukhov tower [Search]
  13. w:sr:226 links to Category:226 [Search]
  14. w:sr:223 links to Category:223 [Search]
  15. w:sr:Епидијаскоп links to Category:Episkop [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-01-29T07:12:16Z; comment: Moved to Category:Episcopes.Reason: German to English --moogsi<sup>(blah)</sup> 01:06, 22 January 2013 (UTC)
  16. w:sr:Korpiklani links to Category:Korpiklani [Search]
  17. w:sr:Рудерсдорф (Тирингија) links to Category:Rudersdorf [Search]
  18. w:sr:Светионик links to Category:Lighthouse [Search]
  19. w:sr:Борд (Горњи Пиринеји) links to Category:Bordes (Hautes-Pyrénées) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-01-02T18:21:51Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: ' {{en|Bordes is a commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in south-western France.}} {{tlx|fr|Bordes est une :fr
  20. w:sr:Трпеза (сазвежђе) links to Category:Mensa [Search]
  21. w:sr:Нида links to Category:Nidda [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-25T09:26:08Z; comment: Category:Nidda moved to Category:Nidda, Hesse
  22. w:sr:Морфу links to Category:Morphou [Search]
  23. w:sr:Адана (вилајет) links to Category:Adana Province) [Search]
  24. w:sr:Сјединеније links to Category:Saedinenie, Plovdiv Province [Search]
  25. w:sr:Митохондрија links to Category:Mitochondrion [Search]
  26. w:sr:Хорас Грант links to Category:Horace Grant [Search]
  27. w:sr:Сагарежо links to Category:Sagaredscho [Search]
  28. w:sr:Ештет links to Category:Estedt [Search]
  29. w:sr:Првић Шепурине links to Category:Prvić Šepurine [Search]
  30. w:sr:Хуана од Аустрије links to Category:Joan of Spain [Search]
  31. w:sr:Кварели links to Category:Qwareli [Search]
  32. w:sr:Морски краставац links to Category:Sea cucumber [Search]
  33. w:sr:Течни кристал links to Течни кристал [Search]
  34. w:sr:Боб на Зимским олимпијским играма 1952. links to Category:Bobsleigh at the 1952 Winter Olympics [Search]
  35. w:sr:Википедија на бретонском језику links to Category:Breton Wikipedia [Search]
  36. w:sr:Холер links to Category:Holler [Search]
  37. w:sr:Соледад де Грасијано Санчез links to Category:Soledad Díez Gutiérrez [Search]
  38. w:sr:Турбина links to Category:Turbines [Search]
  39. w:sr:381 links to Category:381 [Search]
  40. w:sr:Википедија на јаванском језику links to Category:Javanese Wikipedia [Search]
  41. w:sr:654 links to Category:654 [Search]
  42. w:sr:Пљувачне жлезде links to Category:Salivary Glands Pathology [Search]
  43. w:sr:М-79 Оса links to Category:M79 Rocket Launcher [Search]
  44. w:sr:Gorući brod (fraktal) links to Category:Burning Ship fractal [Search]
  45. w:sr:Лангенштајнбах (Саксонија) links to Category:Langensteinbach [Search]
  46. w:sr:Бетау links to Category:Bethau [Search]
  47. w:sr:Бојчиновци links to Category:Boychinovtsi [Search]
  48. w:sr:Откриће Америке links to Category:Discovery of America [Search]
  49. w:sr:Енклава links to Category:Exclaves and Enclaves [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-09T16:18:50Z; comment: Redundant redir
  50. w:sr:643 links to Category:643 [Search]
  51. w:sr:647 links to Category:647 [Search]
  52. w:sr:Марнеули links to Category:Marneuli [Search]
  53. w:sr:Хосе Анхел Љамас links to Category:José Ángel Llamas [Search]
  54. w:sr:Гунарош links to Category:Gunaroš [Search]
  55. w:sr:Левски (град) links to Category:Levski (town) [Search]
  56. w:sr:Немири у Киргистану 2010. links to Category:2010 Kyrgyzstani riots [Search]
  57. w:sr:Новак Вукоје links to Category:Новак Вукоје [Search]
  58. w:sr:Фарен (Округ Плен) links to Category:Fahren [Search]
  59. w:sr:Ласер радијал links to Category:Laser Radial [Search]
  60. w:sr:Виртуелни приватни сервер links to Category:VPS [Search]
  61. w:sr:Goodman & Gilman links to Pharmacology [Search]
  62. w:sr:Острау (Саксонија) links to Category:Ostrau [Search]
  63. w:sr:Гарет Хобарт links to Category:Гарет Хобарт [Search]
  64. w:sr:Нетуно links to Category:Nettuno [Search]
  65. w:sr:338 links to Category:338 [Search]
  66. w:sr:Порфирио Дијаз links to Category:Porfirio Diaz [Search]
  67. w:sr:Садово links to Category:Sadovo [Search]
  68. w:sr:Јапански носач авиона Рјухо links to Category:Ryuho (ship, 1933) [Search]
  69. w:sr:Куаутитлан Искали links to Category:Cuautitlán Izcalli [Search]
  70. w:sr:Лењинск-Кузњецки links to Category:Leninsk-Kuznetsky [Search]
  71. w:sr:Incident u Hramu links to Category:Temple incident [Search]
  72. w:sr:Усна дупља links to Category:Mouth [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-16T12:08:08Z; comment: Moved to Category:Mouths.
    • note: Mouth exists
  73. w:sr:304 links to Category:304 [Search]
  74. w:sr:Море Густава Адолфа links to Category:Prince Gustav Adolf Sea [Search]
  75. w:sr:Јапански носач авиона Рјуџо links to Category:Ryujo (ship, 1931) [Search]
  76. w:sr:Округ Брауард (Флорида) links to Category:Округ Брауард (Флорида) [Search]
  77. w:sr:Риде (Јужни Шлезвиг) links to Category:Rüde [Search]
  78. w:sr:Политехнички институт за напредне науке links to Category:Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-10-14T12:07:01Z; comment: Empty category: content was: "Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées, Ivry-sur-Seine & Toulouse, Régions Île-de-France & Midi-Pyrénées: {{tlx|DEFAULTSORT:Institut P..." (and the only contributor was "[[:Special:Contributions/7
  79. w:sr:Ђорђе Вукадиновић links to Category:Đorđe Vukadinović [Search]
  80. w:sr:889 links to Category:889 [Search]
  81. w:sr:Лаки (град) links to Category:Laki, Bulgaria [Search]
  82. w:sr:Манфред Мелг links to Category:Manfred Mölgg [Search]
  83. w:sr:Рудни links to Category:Рудный [Search]
  84. w:sr:Кевин Мартин links to Category:Kevin Martin [Search]
  85. w:sr:Сан Хосе де лас Лахас links to Category:San José de las Lajas [Search]
  86. w:sr:Историцизам у архитектури links to Category:Historism [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-04-21T23:07:49Z; comment: Moved to Category:Historicism.
  87. w:sr:Худе (Северна Фризија) links to Category:Hude [Search]
  88. w:sr:Бенин на Летњим олимпијским играма 2012. links to Category:Benin at the 2012 Summer Olympics [Search]
  89. w:sr:Wu-Tang Clan links to Category:Wu Tang Clan [Search]
  90. w:sr:Листерферда links to Category:Listerfehrda [Search]
  91. w:sr:Кипарисија links to Category:Kyparissia [Search]
  92. w:sr:Бранко Томовић links to Category:Бранко Томовић [Search]
  93. w:sr:Tropenmuseum links to Tropenmuseum Amsterdam [Search]
  94. w:sr:Каптоприл links to Captopril [Search]
  95. w:sr:Необарок links to Category:Neo-baroque architecture [Search]
  96. w:sr:Хомологија (биологија) links to Category:Homology [Search]
  97. w:sr:Олимпијски стадион у Атланти links to Category:Centennial Olympic Stadium [Search]
  98. w:sr:Хрватски динар links to Category:Banknotes of Croatia, dinar [Search]
  99. w:sr:Картепе links to Category:Kartepe [Search]
  100. w:sr:Hauard Zin links to Category:Hauard Zin [Search]
  101. w:sr:Боби Џексон links to Category:Bobby Jackson [Search]
  102. w:sr:Округ Колијер (Флорида) links to Category:Округ Колијер (Флорида) [Search]
  103. w:sr:Natrijum hidrogenkarbonat links to Sodium bicarbonate [Search]
  104. w:sr:Сетубал (округ) links to Category:Setubal (district) [Search]
  105. w:sr:Перничка област links to Category:Pernik District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T13:36:19Z; comment: Moved to Category:Pernik Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  106. w:sr:UH-60 Блек Хоук links to Category:UH60 class helicopter [Search]
  107. w:sr:Копито links to Category:Horse hooves [Search]
  108. w:sr:Википедина на бишнуприја-манипурском језику links to Category:Bishnupriya Manipuri Wikipedia [Search]
  109. w:sr:Разградска област links to Category:Razgrad District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T13:58:08Z; comment: Moved to Category:Razgrad Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  110. w:sr:Тујмази links to Category:Tuymazy [Search]
  111. w:sr:Милхајм (Мозел) links to Category:Mülheim [Search]
  112. w:sr:Итон Манор links to Category:Eton Manor [Search]
  113. w:sr:Каслреј links to Category:Castlereagh [Search]
  114. w:sr:Арендал links to Category:Arendal [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-05-23T09:12:56Z; comment: Category:Arendal moved to Category:Arendal, Norway
  115. w:sr:Џеф Грин links to Category:Jeff Green [Search]
  116. w:sr:Црвени рис links to Category:Црвени рис [Search]
  117. w:sr:Њасвиж links to Category:Nesvizh [Search]
  118. w:sr:Травис (бенд) links to Category:Travis [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-03-13T07:17:53Z; comment: Category:Travis moved to Category:Travis (band)
    • note: Travis exists
  119. w:sr:Фармакопеја links to Category:Pharmacopoeia [Search]
  120. w:sr:Дубравка Стојановић links to Category:Dubravka Stojanović [Search]
  121. w:sr:Дроге за силовање links to Category:Drug [Search]
  122. w:sr:808 links to Category:808 [Search]
  123. w:sr:292 links to Category:292 [Search]
  124. w:sr:Düwag GT6 links to Category:Düwag GT6 [Search]
  125. w:sr:Застава links to Заставе micronations [Search]
  126. w:sr:Заставе Европе links to Заставе micronations [Search]
  127. w:sr:Заставе Азије links to Заставе micronations [Search]
  128. w:sr:Заставе Северне Америке links to Заставе micronations [Search]
  129. w:sr:Списак застава Барбадоса links to Заставе micronations [Search]
  130. w:sr:Заставе Јужне Америке links to Заставе micronations [Search]
  131. w:sr:Галерија застава са крстом links to Заставе micronations [Search]
  132. w:sr:Јапанска тешка крстарица Аоба links to Category:Aoba (ship, 1926) [Search]
  133. w:sr:Краушвиц (Саксонија-Анхалт) links to Category:Krauschwitz [Search]
  134. w:sr:Трговишка област links to Category:Targovishte District [Search]
  135. w:sr:Омбел links to Category:Ambel [Search]
  136. w:sr:Хохштат (Палатинат) links to Category:Hochstadt [Search]
  137. w:sr:277 links to Category:277 [Search]
  138. w:sr:273 links to Category:273 [Search]
  139. w:sr:Викторија де Лас Тунас links to Category:Victoria de Las Tunas [Search]
  140. w:sr:Есенјурт links to Category:Esenyurt [Search]
  141. w:sr:Џебел links to Category:Dzhebel [Search]
  142. w:sr:Црнокрести мангаби links to Category:Црнокрести мангаби [Search]
  143. w:sr:Санкт Себастиан (Рајна) links to Category:Sankt Sebastian [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2011-09-05T21:29:55Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of disambigous
  144. w:sr:Репрезентација Новог Зеланда у хокеју на леду links to Category:New Zealand men's national ice hockey team [Search]
  145. w:sr:404 links to Category:404 [Search]
  146. w:sr:Кантон Тичино links to Category:Canton Ticino [Search]
  147. w:sr:Алмирос links to Category:Almyros [Search]
  148. w:sr:Гуржани links to Category:Gurdschaani [Search]
  149. w:sr:Љубиша Рајић links to Category:Ljubiša Rajić [Search]
  150. w:sr:Фрауенштајн (Ерцгебирге) links to Category:Frauenstein [Search]
  151. w:sr:Дрнек links to Category:Drnek (Orle) [Search]
  152. w:sr:Валчедрм links to Category:Valchedram [Search]
  153. w:sr:Сијудад Аподака links to Category:Ciudad Apodaca [Search]
  154. w:sr:694 links to Category:694 [Search]
  155. w:sr:Франклин (Масачусетс) links to Category:Франклин (Масачусетс) [Search]
  156. w:sr:Стив Смит (кошаркаш) links to Category:Steve Smith [Search]
  157. w:sr:Србијанка Турајлић links to Category:Srbijanka Turajlić [Search]
  158. w:sr:Зетен links to Category:Seethen [Search]
  159. w:sr:Најада links to Category:Naiad [Search]
  160. w:sr:Ivan Tobić links to Категорија:Šta treba maloj deci [Search]
  161. w:sr:611 links to Category:611 [Search]
  162. w:sr:Гуљанци links to Category:Gulyantsi [Search]
  163. w:sr:Габровска област links to Category:Gabrovo District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T14:11:11Z; comment: Moved to Category:Gabrovo Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  164. w:sr:Пурсаклар links to Category:Pursaklar [Search]
  165. w:sr:Вукашин Полексић links to Category:Vukašin Poleksić [Search]
  166. w:sr:Виљареал links to Category:Villarreal [Search]
  167. w:sr:Цигенхајн (Вестервалд) links to Category:Ziegenhain [Search]
  168. w:sr:Формоса (провинција) links to Category:Formosa [Search]
  169. w:sr:Veterina links to Category:Veterinary Medicine [Search]
  170. w:sr:Сивоглави мангаби links to Category:Сивоглави мангаби [Search]
  171. w:sr:Мора (град) links to Category:Mora [Search]
  172. w:sr:Пророк Јосиф links to Category:Joseph [Search]
  173. w:sr:Медфорд (Масачусетс) links to Category:Медфорд (Масачусетс) [Search]
  174. w:sr:Лоберг (Баварска) links to Category:Lohberg [Search]
  175. w:sr:Полемидија links to Category:Polemidhia [Search]
  176. w:sr:333 links to Category:333 [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-11-26T05:57:08Z; comment: Improperly named: content was: "84041503339. skad 333 i 666. odp." (and the only contributor was "")
  177. w:sr:Багдати links to Category:Baghdati [Search]
  178. w:sr:Алфатар links to Category:Alfatar [Search]
  179. w:sr:Габријела Спаник links to Category:Gabriela Spanic [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-24T07:50:11Z; comment: Empty category
  180. w:sr:Гардабани links to Category:Gardabani [Search]
  181. w:sr:Такос links to Category:Taco [Search]
  182. w:sr:Неделино links to Category:Nedelino [Search]
  183. w:sr:Нусдорф (Кимгау) links to Category:Nußdorf [Search]
  184. w:sr:Борисав Јовић links to Category:Borisav Jović [Search]
  185. w:sr:Колонија Натал links to Category:Colony of Natal [Search]
  186. w:sr:Ros Linč links to Category:Ros Linč [Search]
  187. w:sr:Џои (ТВ серија) links to Category:Joey (TV-show) [Search]
  188. w:sr:Реј Бредбери links to Category:Реј Бредбери [Search]
  189. w:sr:Још је жива Украјина links to Category:National anthem of Ukraine [Search]
  190. w:sr:698 links to Category:698 [Search]
  191. w:sr:Каленић (Уб) links to Category:Kalenić (village) [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-06-09T05:58:40Z; comment: Empty category
  192. w:sr:Русенска област links to Category:Rousse District [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-05T14:11:29Z; comment: Moved to Category:Ruse Province.Reason: Per English Wikipedia
  193. w:sr:Хум (Бузет) links to Category:Hum (Croatia) [Search]
  194. w:sr:Википедија на кечуа језику links to Category:Quechua Wikipedia [Search]
  195. w:sr:Сијудад Николас Ромеро links to Category:Ciudad Nicolás Romero [Search]
  196. w:sr:Српске Топлице links to Category:Srpske toplice [Search]
  197. w:sr:Аурелија links to Category:Women named Aurélie [Search]
  198. w:sr:Видни живац links to Eye anatomy [Search]
  199. w:sr:Мрежњача links to Eye anatomy [Search]
  200. w:sr:Beonjača links to Eye anatomy [Search]
  201. w:sr:Рожњача links to Eye anatomy [Search]
  202. w:sr:Санта Фе (аргентинска провинција) links to Category:Santa Fe [Search]
  203. w:sr:Ђунис links to Category:Đunis [Search]
  204. w:sr:465 links to Category:465 [Search]
  205. w:sr:Ландек links to Category:Landeck [Search]
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    • note: Landeck exists
  206. w:sr:Википедија на српском језику links to Category:Serbian Wikipedia лого variants [Search]
  207. w:sr:Лација links to Category:Latsia [Search]
  208. w:sr:Википедија на урду језику links to Category:Urdu Wikipedia [Search]
  209. w:sr:Списак градова у Шведској links to Category:Cities of Sweden [Search]
  210. w:sr:Форум (интернет) links to Category:Internet forum [Search]
  211. w:sr:Јанка links to Category:Ianca [Search]
  212. w:sr:NMDA receptor links to Category:Category:NMDA receptor [Search]
  213. w:sr:Варзеа Гранде links to Category:Varzea Grande [Search]
  214. w:sr:Провинција Бамијан links to Category:Bamiyan Province [Search]
  215. w:sr:Константинов славолук links to Category:Arch of Constantine [Search]
  216. w:sr:Марк Ђирардели links to Category:Marc Girardelli [Search]
  217. w:sr:Хлорал хидрат links to Chloral hydrate [Search]
  218. w:sr:Банцарево links to Category:Bancarevo [Search]
  219. w:sr:Контрамаестре links to Category:Contramaestre [Search]
  220. w:sr:Мако (котар) links to Category:Мако (котар) [Search]
  221. w:sr:Моје новине links to Category:Моје новине [Search]
  222. w:sr:Аеросинуситис links to Category:Paranasal sinus [Search]
  223. w:sr:Википедија на окситанском језику links to Category:Occitan Wikipedia [Search]
  224. w:sr:Омер Онан links to Category:Ömer Onan [Search]
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  225. w:sr:Фрамов мореуз links to Category:Fram Strait [Search]
  226. w:sr:Лабрун links to Category:Labrun [Search]
  227. w:sr:Округ Беј (Флорида) links to Category:Округ Беј (Флорида) [Search]
  228. w:sr:Балонство links to Category:Hot air balloon [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2007-02-17T17:14:07Z; comment: content was: '{{speedydelete|Test page}}selam ben ferhat türkey erzurum dan arıyorum sizin balonlara ilgileniyorum bana yardımcı olurmusunz 05334254387'
    • note: Hot air balloon exists
  229. w:sr:Топљење нуклеарног језгра links to Category:Nuclear accidents [Search]
  230. w:sr:Тонала links to Category:Tonalá [Search]
  231. w:sr:Весениће links to Category:Veseniće [Search]
  232. w:sr:Видуша links to Category:Viduša (Kakanj) [Search]
  233. w:sr:Бакија Бакић links to Category:Bakija Bakić [Search]
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  254. w:sr:Светско првенство у хокеју на леду 2002. links to Category:2002 IIHF World Championship [Search]
  255. w:sr:Василевичи links to Category:Vasilyevichy [Search]
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  257. w:sr:Гернроде links to Category:Gernrode [Search]
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  259. w:sr:Википедија на цинцарском језику links to Category:Aromanian Wikipedia [Search]
  260. w:sr:Богољуб Шијаковић links to Category:Bogoljub Šijaković [Search]
  261. w:sr:Хадли Фарм links to Category:Hadleigh Farm [Search]
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  266. w:sr:Википедија на неварском језику links to Category:Newar Wikipedia [Search]
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  274. w:sr:Брезно links to Category:Brezno [Search]
  275. w:sr:Божидар Делић links to Category:Božidar Delić [Search]
  276. w:sr:Брандхорст links to Category:Brandhorst [Search]
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  284. w:sr:Симеоновград links to Category:Simeonovgrad [Search]
  285. w:sr:Бурунди на Летњим олимпијским играма 2012. links to Category:Burundi at the 2012 Summer Olympics [Search]
  286. w:sr:Радомир Наумов links to Category:Radomir Naumov [Search]
  287. w:sr:854 links to Category:854 [Search]
  288. w:sr:Округ Клеј (Флорида) links to Category:Округ Клеј (Флорида) [Search]
  289. w:sr:Мицених (Прим) links to Category:Mützenich [Search]
  290. w:sr:Агланција links to Category:Aglandjia [Search]
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  298. w:sr:Хаузен (Ашафенбург) links to Category:Hausen [Search]
  299. w:sr:Хаузен (Форххајм) links to Category:Hausen [Search]
  300. w:sr:Хаузен (Ајхсфелд) links to Category:Hausen [Search]
  301. w:sr:Хаузен (Хунсрик) links to Category:Hausen [Search]
  302. w:sr:Хаузен (Доњи Бајерн) links to Category:Hausen [Search]
  303. w:sr:Хаузен (Рен) links to Category:Hausen [Search]
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  317. w:sr:Артс енд крафтс links to Category:Артс енд крафтс [Search]
  318. w:sr:Песма Евровизије 2010. links to Category:Eurovision 2010 [Search]
  319. w:sr:Списак округа Калифорније links to Category:Counties of California [Search]
  320. w:sr:OS X links to Category:OS X [Search]
  321. w:sr:Даљинско пливање links to Category:Open Water Swimming [Search]
  322. w:sr:Национална школа за цивилну авијацију links to Category:École nationale de l'aviation civile [Search]
  323. w:sr:Библиотека биодиверзитетског насљеђа links to Category:Библиотека биодиверзитетског насљеђа [Search]
  324. w:sr:Чилеанска ратна морнарица links to Category:Chilean Navy [Search]
  325. w:sr:Гали (град) links to Category:Gali [Search]
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  343. w:sr:Самерсајд (Острво Принца Едварда) links to Category:Summerside, Prince Edward Island [Search]
  344. w:sr:Лихтенштајн на Летњим олимпијским играма 2012. links to Category:Liechtenstein at the 2012 Summer Olympics [Search]
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  351. w:sr:Ванг (Горња Баварска) links to Category:Wang [Search]
  352. w:sr:Гурково links to Category:Gurkovo [Search]
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  355. w:sr:Виблиц-Еверсдорф links to Category:Wieblitz-Eversdorf [Search]
  356. w:sr:Армавир (Јерменија) links to Category:Armavir, Armenia [Search]
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  370. w:sr:Секс преко телефона links to Category:Секс преко телефона [Search]
  371. w:sr:Паулиста (град) links to Category:Paulista [Search]
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  374. w:sr:Луј ван Гал links to Louis van Gaal [Search]
  375. w:sr:Минобацач М74 links to Category:Минобацач М74 [Search]
  376. w:sr:Фелдкирхен (Аустрија) links to Category:Feldkirchen in Kärnten [Search]
  377. w:sr:Јенопоље links to Category:Ineu [Search]
  378. w:sr:Две Могили links to Category:Dve Mogili [Search]
  379. w:sr:Крим (група) links to Category:Крим (група) [Search]
  380. w:sr:Округ Десото (Флорида) links to Category:Округ Десото (Флорида) [Search]
  381. w:sr:Мађарска рацка овца links to Category:Racka [Search]
  382. w:sr:Пачка links to Category:Ballet tutu [Search]
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  388. w:sr:Стрељаштво на Летњим олимпијским играма 2008. links to Category:2008 Summer Olympics shooting [Search]
  389. w:sr:Санкт Мартин (Палатинат) links to Category:Sankt Martin [Search]
  390. w:sr:Еснаф links to Category:Guild house [Search]
  391. w:sr:Сливно (Шибеник) links to Category:Slivno [Search]
  392. w:sr:Православна црква у Америци links to Category:Orthodox Church in North America [Search]
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  394. w:sr:Поинцијана links to Caesalpinia gilliesii [Search]
  395. w:sr:Доњи Рујани links to Category:Donji Rujani [Search]
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  402. w:sr:Џорџијанска архитектура links to Georgian architecture [Search]
  403. w:sr:Протеин links to Protein [Search]
  404. w:sr:Павиљон принца Фелипеа links to Category:Príncipe Felipe Arena [Search]
  405. w:sr:Цар Калојан (град) links to Category:Tsar Kaloyan, Razgrad Province [Search]
  406. w:sr:864 links to Category:864 [Search]
  407. w:sr:Хермагор links to Category:Hermagor-Pressegger See [Search]
  408. w:sr:Округ Дикси (Флорида) links to Category:Округ Дикси (Флорида) [Search]
  409. w:sr:Голгота links to Category:Calvaire [Search]
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  421. w:sr:Пласетас links to Category:Placetas [Search]
  422. w:sr:Сијудад Хенерал Ескобедо links to Category:Ciudad General Escobedo [Search]
  423. w:sr:Арадипу links to Category:Aradhippou [Search]
  424. w:sr:Браунсдорф (Тирингија) links to Category:Braunsdorf (Thüringen) [Search]
  425. w:sr:Солред Странд links to Category:Solrød Strand [Search]
  426. w:sr:Шицберг links to Category:Schützberg [Search]
  427. w:sr:Детлеф Шремпф links to Category:Detlef Schrempf [Search]
  428. w:sr:Прашки храд (замак) links to Category:Прашки замак [Search]
  429. w:sr:Пача links to Category:Pacsa [Search]
  430. w:sr:Цемник links to Category:Zemnick [Search]
  431. w:sr:Рик Смитс links to Category:Rik Smits [Search]
  432. w:sr:Каменица (Страгари) links to Category:Kamenica (Stragari) [Search]
  433. w:sr:Гвоздена гарда links to Category:Iron Guard [Search]
  434. w:sr:Куклен links to Category:Kuklen [Search]
  435. w:sr:Виронас links to Category:Vyronas [Search]
  436. w:sr:Скорица links to Category:Skorica [Search]
  437. w:sr:Ратина links to Category:Ratina (Kraljevo [Search]
  438. w:sr:Кнежево (Поповац) links to Category:Kneževo (Popovac) [Search]
  439. w:sr:394 links to Category:394 [Search]
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  442. w:sr:398 links to Category:398 [Search]
  443. w:sr:Трновска област links to Category:Veliko Tarnovo District [Search]
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  445. w:sr:393 links to Category:393 [Search]
  446. w:sr:Дулово links to Category:Dulovo, Bulgaria [Search]
  447. w:sr:Палата спортова Гранољерс links to Category:Palacio de Deportes de Granollers [Search]
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  456. w:sr:Аеродром Кишињев links to Category:Chişinău International Airport [Search]
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