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Broken links to Commons on //

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  1. w:zh-min-nan:2010 nî Manila bá-suh kiap-chhî sū-kiāⁿ links to Category:2010 Manila hostage crisis [Search]
  2. w:zh-min-nan:Si-koe links to Category:Water melon [Search]
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    • note: Water melon exists
  3. w:zh-min-nan:Tâi-oân goân-chū-bîn links to Category:Taiwanese Aborigine [Search]
  4. w:zh-min-nan:David Kelly links to Category:David Kelly [Search]
  5. w:zh-min-nan:Karl Marx links to Karl marx [Search]
  6. w:zh-min-nan:Sei Hái-ang links to Balaenoptera borealis [Search]
  7. w:zh-min-nan:Andrea Bocelli links to Andrea Bocelli [Search]

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