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  1. w:zh-yue:口 links to Category:Mouth [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-02-16T12:08:08Z; comment: Moved to Category:Mouths.
    • note: Mouth exists
  2. w:zh-yue:金馬倫道 links to Category:Cameron Road [Search]
  3. w:zh-yue:三板 links to Category:Sampan [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-01-23T08:37:24Z; comment: Category:Sampan moved to Category:Sampans
  4. w:zh-yue:六四事件紀念活動 links to Category:Anniversaries of Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 [Search]
  5. w:zh-yue:香港商場一覽 links to Category:Shopping centres in Hong Kong [Search]
  6. w:zh-yue:利是 links to Category:Red envelope [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-24T09:30:26Z; comment: (incorrectly named) duplicate of category:Red envelopes
  7. w:zh-yue:盧拉 links to Category:盧拉 [Search]
  8. w:zh-yue:嬰兒車 links to Category:Baby car [Search]
  9. w:zh-yue:六四燭光晚會 links to Category:2007 Candlelight Vigil for June 4 Massacre [Search]
  10. w:zh-yue:Zichyújfalu links to Zichyújfalu [Search]
  11. w:zh-yue:慕尼黑 links to 慕尼黑 [Search]
  12. w:zh-yue:的士站 links to Category:Taxicab stands [Search]
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      1. page was deleted at 2012-09-19T05:18:07Z; comment: Moved to Category:Taxi stands.
  13. w:zh-yue:牛耳酥 links to Category:Red Beancurd Chips [Search]
  14. w:zh-yue:帝國中心 links to Category:Empire Centre [Search]
  15. w:zh-yue:新北市 links to Category:Xinbei [Search]
  16. w:zh-yue:朱達誠 links to Category:ZHU Dacheng [Search]
  17. w:zh-yue:超音鼠系列 links to Category:Sonic [Search]
  18. w:zh-yue:番薯 links to Category:Sweet potato [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2009-04-19T20:26:34Z; comment: Incorrectly named: content was: 'Category:Potatoes'
    • note: Sweet potato exists
  19. w:zh-yue:伊雲奴域絲 links to Category:Ana Ivanovic [Search]
  20. w:zh-yue:卡拉季奇 links to Category:Radovan Karadzic [Search]
  21. w:zh-yue:東德 links to Category:GDR [Search]
  22. w:zh-yue:李白 links to Li Bai [Search]
  23. w:zh-yue:德蘭修女 links to Mother Teresa [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2006-09-20T18:15:27Z; comment: test page
    • note: Category:Mother Teresa exists
  24. w:zh-yue:2010年元旦遊行 links to Category:2010 Hong Kong January 01 march [Search]
  25. w:zh-yue:拿破侖山道 links to Category:Via Montenapoleone (Milan) [Search]
  26. w:zh-yue:朗夏巴 links to Category:Ron Harper [Search]
  27. w:zh-yue:斑馬 links to Category:Zebra [Search]
  28. w:zh-yue:香港中學一覽 links to Category:Secondary Schools of Hong Kong [Search]
  29. w:zh-yue:馬尼拉人質事件 links to Category:2010 Manila hostage crisis [Search]
  30. w:zh-yue:巴真府 links to Category:Prachin Buri [Search]
  31. w:zh-yue:司訥瓦 links to Category:Sineval Roque [Search]
  32. w:zh-yue:砵甸乍 links to Category:Sir Henry Pottinger, 1st Baronet [Search]
  33. w:zh-yue:香港小學一覽 links to Category:Primary Schools of Hong Kong [Search]
  34. w:zh-yue:李正姬 links to Category:Lee Jung-hee [Search]
  35. w:zh-yue:大馬路保利斯塔 links to Category:Acvenida Paulista [Search]
  36. w:zh-yue:蘋果 links to Category:Apple [Search]
    • 3 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2013-02-02T16:20:58Z; comment: Category:Apple moved to Category:Apple Inc.
      2. page was deleted at 2012-06-14T05:35:32Z; comment: Moved to Category:Apple Inc..
      3. page was deleted at 2011-12-28T20:43:27Z; comment: Category:Apple moved to Category:Apples
    • note: Apple exists
  37. w:zh-yue:6521年 links to Category:6521 [Search]
  38. w:zh-yue:雪霸國家公園 links to Category:Category:Shei-Pa National Park [Search]
  39. w:zh-yue:波里活 links to Category:Images from Bollywood Blog [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2011-10-10T14:13:18Z; comment: Empty category
  40. w:zh-yue:廣州撐粵語行動 links to Category:July 25 2010 Guangzhou protest [Search]
  41. w:zh-yue:文光慧 links to Category:Antônio Martins Filho [Search]
  42. w:zh-yue:鄭和 links to Zheng He [Search]
  43. w:zh-yue:京士柏 links to Category:King's Park [Search]
  44. w:zh-yue:麥仁爽 links to Category:Rachel Marques [Search]
  45. w:zh-yue:GNU links to Category:Special:Search/GNU [Search]
  46. w:zh-yue:平衡球 links to Category:Ballance [Search]
  47. w:zh-yue:Cosplay links to Category:Special:Search/Cosplay [Search]
  48. w:zh-yue:Yoostage links to Category:Yoostage [Search]
  49. w:zh-yue:霜 links to White frost [Search]
  50. w:zh-yue:神根 links to Schengen [Search]
  51. w:zh-yue:尹致昊 links to Author:Yun Chi-ho [Search]
  52. w:zh-yue:The Shard links to The Shard [Search]
  53. w:zh-yue:日內瓦州 links to Category:Canton of Genève [Search]
    • 1 log entries found:
      1. page was deleted at 2007-02-20T15:52:53Z; comment: (empty, not used category)
  54. w:zh-yue:宋徽宗 links to 趙佶 [Search]

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