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Hi, I'm Ryt_007. I'm a nice guy, outgoing, and friendly. This is my wiki commons user page. If you would like to see what I have uploaded, check out the ABADÁ-Capoeira site.

I was a Wrestler for five years in High School, have been rock climbing for about two years, have taken many classes in varying other martial arts, and have recently been training the martial art of Capoeira for the past year. I am studying to become an Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineer. I am interested in martial arts, reading, writing, mathematics, and the sciences (particulary aerospace and engineering). I love the outdoors and doing things outside. Feel free to talk to me, or leave comments or concerns with the work I am doing on my user talk page. I am extremely open minded.

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I was a wrestler for one year in Middle School (8th grade), and four years in High School. Wrestled in the state of Rhode Island. Placed in Freshman and JV States, but not in Varsity.

Rock Climbing[edit]

I have been on and off rock climbing for the past two years. Have been training on an indoor bouldering room, as well as spent multiple trips to a local climbing wall. I have been outside 4 or 5 times in the Adirondack Park (New York), and the Shawangunks mountain range (New York). Have performed two lead climbs of low ability. Average indoor climbing routes: 5.8-5.9. Averaged outdoor climbing routes: 5.5-5.6. Have taken a 30 ft deck.

Various Martial Arts classes[edit]

I have taken four classes with a certified Mixed Martial Arts / traditional instructor in Muay Thai (Asian Kickboxing), as well as trained on my own for several months. I have trained Nassau Silat with an instructor for several months. I have taken a class in Chinese Kung Fu.

Capoeira Martial Art[edit]

I am a student of the ABADÁ-Capoeira Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (ACRPI) club. Rensselaer Polytech (RPI) is located in Troy, NY, in the capital region area of New York state (almost upstate), near Albany. My nickname there is "Cola". We are a sister group of ABADÁ-Capoeira New York City (ACNYC), which is based in Manhattan. See the websites below for more information. I have been training for 9 months come this mid June. I am currently a corda crua, natural (blank grayish color) cord, initiante, or beginner. I have been to one Batizado, where I was "baptized". This information is directly related to the work I am doing on Wikipedia for my organization.


During training, we receive instruction once a week for two hours, and we train once a week for two hours by ourselves without instruction. I usually work out three times a week for two hours additionally on my own outside of these class times. I am also currently dieting / eating healthy. I generally create my own workout program. Sometimes I am forced to train on my own, and come up with my own training program also. I am following a diet recommended to me from a friend.

"Extreme" Martial Arts[edit]

I have recently been training several "extreme" martial arts with some fellow tricksters. These arts include tricking, parkour, breakdancing, grappling, and similar topics. Recently learned to back flip.

Wikipedia Skills[edit]

I am somewhat new to Wikipedia. I have had experience in editing and formatting Wikipedia pages in the past, but have not gotten used to the syntax completely, nor have I explored most of the tools for editing and policy pages. However, I do feel that I have strong English skills, and have a keen eye for spelling and grammar. I believe this could make me an asset to the overall Wikipedia project and concept.

As a newbie to Wikipedia, I am currently starting out small, and sticking to something that I know well, and have a burning desire for. It is the martial art Capoeira. I have a strong desire for training, and have learned much. I will stick to editing these pages for now, as my expertise in the area is much needed. I may branch out later on, once I have acquired more skills and confidence with Wikipedia editing and formatting.

I am extremely active on Wikipedia. Checking for updates almost daily.