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Just a collection of images I have made.

Topographic maps[edit]

  • Red caption means the image should be regenerated for some reason. All of Asia & South-America & Islands should also be regenerated (too ugly/dark)
    • Egypt: Israeli borders
    • Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan: Golan
    • Libya: forgot negtweak
    • Saudi Arabia: Yemeni border
    • Zambia: too dark lakes
    • Yemen: border line is not correct
  • Blue caption means that there is something fishy about the coastline.
    • The list is not complete for these; without getting better coastline data I cannot fix this

African countries[edit]

Asian countries[edit]

American countries[edit]


Island Groups[edit]

If these contain large islands, each large island should also have a separate map.

Big Islands/Regions[edit]

Topographic locator maps[edit]

Other maps[edit]

Sri Lanka[edit]

Misc Images[edit]