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example of a good thumbtime found with thumbtimefinder

Quick and simple usage[edit]

Put in the name of the file (with or without "File:" prefix (without works for all file names)). Example: CNC Plasma Cutting.ogv


Paste the following templates to any page, fill in and hit preview - saving not necessary.

The thumbtime used is displayed as caption. Use the best thumb's value in your video link: [[File:blafoo.ogv|thumb|thumbtime=h:mm:ss.t]]


Accepts the name of the file without the "File:" namespace prefix. In most cases also the file name with "File:" prefix should work (unless you hit a limitation of {{Str right}}).

Granularity: Seconds[edit]


... to display all (60) thumbs for

  • 1:00
  • 1:01
  • 1:02
  • 1:03
  • 1:59

Granularity: 0.1 Seconds[edit]


... to display all (100) thumbs for

  • 1:30.0
  • 1:30.1
  • 1:30.2
  • 1:30.3
  • 1:39.9

Additional thumb parameters[edit]


Additional thumb parameters may be added by using the parameter |thumbparams=. Encode | with {{!}}. = may need to be encoded, too.

In this example it is used to set the thumb size. Be aware that regardless of the thumb size set your browser (with the current software) always gets the same size from the server (the original video size) - it is just scaled down in your browser.


{{Str right}}