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By Jan Pešula from Aarhus, Denmark

IBSE-Sonderfahrt ab Neustrelitz (Special train tour of IBSE starting at Neustrelitz, Germany) was organized for railfans, willing to travel in a railcar along freight-only routes in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It took place from Saturday 1 March till Monday 3 March 2014.

Selected pictures taken by myself during the tour are shown below. You are free to copy and reuse them, as long as you mention me as author. If you also took photos of this tour and want to share them with others under a free licence, then go ahead and upload them. Let me know on a talk page if you want me to link to your work (free or copyrighted) from here.

I joined this event late and left it early. The parts I did not participate in are marked in the itinerary with italics.


Saturday 1 March 2014[edit]

Route: Neustrelitz HbfLalendorf Neubrandenburg - Pasewalk - Anklam - Anklam Hafen - Anklam - Greifswald – Schönwalde - Lubmin Gbf - Lubmin Hafen - Lubmin Gbf - Awst Vierow Hafen - Vierow Hafen - Awst Vierow Hafen - Schönwalde - Greifswald - Greifsw.-Ladebow Hafen - Greifswald - SRG - Stralsund Rügendamm - Stralsund Süd-Hafen – Stralsund Rügendamm - Stralsund Hafen - Stralsund Rügendamm - SRG - Neubrandenburg – Lalendorf – Neustrelitz

Business track to Anklam harbor

Former route from Greifswald to Lubmin

Branch to Ladebow harbor from Greifswald

Sunday 2 March 2014[edit]

Route: Neustrelitz HbfLalendorfNeubrandenburg – Weitin – Neubrandenburg - Neubrandenb. Vorstadt – TrollenhagenFriedland (Meckl) – Trollenhagen – Neubrandenb. Vorstadt – Neubrandenburg – Lalendorf – Neustrelitz Hbf - Abzw Bürgerhorst - Neustrelitz-Schlossgarten (Hafenbahn) – Abzw Bürgerhorst - Neustrelitz Hbf – Neustrelitz Süd – Feldberg (Meckl) – Neustrelitz Süd

No pictures published due to bad conditions (it was too dark).

Monday 3 March 2014[edit]

Route: Neustrelitz Hbf – Fürstenberg (Havel)GranseeLöwenberg (Mark)TemplinJoachimsthal – Templin – Löwenberg (Mark) – Herzberg (Mark) – Rheinsberg (Mark) – Stechlinsee – Rheinsberg (Mark) – Herzberg (Mark) – Neuruppin Rheinsb. Tor – Neuruppin West – Werder Temnitzpark – Neustadt (Dosse) – Neuruppin West – Neuruppin Rhb. Tor – Herzberg (Mark) – Löwenberg (Mark) – Neustrelitz Hbf

Freely licensed pictures by others[edit]

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