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By Jan Pešula from Aarhus, Denmark

Weekend with a diesel railcar of KŽC Doprava (a special train tour of KŽC, Czech Train Travelers Club and its partner businesses) was organized for railfans, willing to travel in a railcar along freight-only routes in the coal-mining regions around Ostrava and Karviná in the Czech Republic. It took place from Friday 21 March till Sunday 23 March 2014.

Selected pictures taken by myself during the tour are shown below. As with other similar galleries on this website (but not linked 3rd party sites), you are free to copy and reuse them, as long as you mention me as author. If you also took photos of this tour and want to share them with others under a free licence, then go ahead and upload them. Let me know on a talk page if you want me to link to your work (free or copyrighted) from here.

I joined on Saturday - however, Friday was anyway mainly focused on museum tours.


You can follow the route in the famous Hudec's Czech Rail atlas. Click on rectangles 46 and 47, or alternatively on links named "47b - Ostravsko" and "47c - Ostravsko" to display or download the relevant parts of the map. The files are in DWF format, so you will need to install Autodesk Design Review to be able to open them.

See also: Košice–Bohumín Railway, rail line from Bohumín to Čadca (cs), rail line from Petrovice u K. to Karviná město, rail line from Louky nad Olší to Bohumín via Doubrava (cs), Coal Mine Railway from Ostrava to Doubrava (cs), rail line from Český Těšín to Frýdek-Místek (cs) and rail line from Ostrava to Valašské Meziříčí (cs). The most exciting routes (those without passenger traffic) are mainly operated by Advanced World Transport.

Saturday 22 March 2014[edit]

Route: Ostrava hl.n.Petrovice u KarvinéKarviná město - Petrovice u Karviné – Odb. Závada - Odb. Koukolná - Karviná hl.n.Bohumín - Orlová - Doubrava - Poruba - Jan Maria - Zárubek - Ostrava uhelné nádr. - Ostrava-Hrušov - Heřmanice - Doubrava - Lazy - Lazy - Doubrava - ČSA Coal Mine - Karviná-Doly - ÚZK - Prostřední Suchá - Havířov - Prostřední Suchá - Albrechtice u Č. T. - ČSM South - ČSM North - Karviná-Doly - Darkov - Louky n. O. - Český Těšín - Frýdek-Místek.

Sunday 22 March 2014[edit]

Route: Frýdek-MístekVratimovPaskov Coal MineStaříč (mine) – Vratimov - Ostrava hl.n.. A bus tour to Ostrava Mining Museum in Landek Park followed.

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See also: trip report on KŽC website (in Czech)

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